Hey guys! So I know a lot of you have been sending me asks about opinion outpost, and whether or not you should actually use it and if it is safe.

My answer is: ABSOLUTELY YES. I was skeptical at first (because I feel like there’s gotta be a catch when money is involved), but when I looked into it, the premise behind the site made sense. Big companies like to know what forms of advertising to use, and who/where/when people are purchasing their products. To get a better sense of this, they collect data from surveys, and sites like opinion outpost make it easier for them to find people to take these surveys.

The sign up page is super simple, and all you need to do to start earning money is click here and register and then click the activation link that is sent to your email. The surveys are easy, and most of the time I fill them out while watching netflix. Opinion outpost does ask for your address, but this is only to verify that you actually are a real person and aren’t lying. They will never send anything to your house without your explicit permission (i.e. if you choose to get a gift card by mail).

I like opinion outpost because they offer both paypal cash and amazon gift cards as some of their rewards. I find this to be so convenient, and the rewards are immediately sent to my email! As an added perk, every survey you complete gives you an entry into a 10,000 prize draw!

Opinion Outpost is available in the US, and is a completely reliable and trusted company.  So far I have had no issues with them, and have received all the rewards I have redeemed. They do not sell your information, and it takes almost no time at all to earn a reward! Here’s what they say on their website:

Survey for Yamazaki Kento fans!

Hi everyone!

I have some ideas related to Yamazaki Kento, so I have created a survey form and would like all of you Yamazaki Kento International fans to do this short survey. It would take only a few minutes of your time! Please spread this and let other Yamazaki Kento fans know about it! I will open this survey for around 2 weeks and after which I will delete it upon collecting all the responses.

Survey form:

Your help will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much!

It pains my heart how many surveys I had to delete because the person wasn’t a university student or didn’t finish the survey.

Take pity on sociologists, ya’ll. Collecting enough surveys is like pulling teeth. Ultimately half of the 1,041 surveys were usable. ~_~

Do not worry, though. That, plus respondents from my school, will be more than enough for statistical significance!

Now onto the arduous process of organizing the data and figuring out what I want the statistician to find so the statistician can just go at it.

Rutgers research study bringing in first trial participant July 13th! via /r/POIS

Rutgers research study bringing in first trial participant July 13th!

As written by Dr. Nan Wise, Research Coordinator for the POIS research study at Rutgers:

Dear Members,

Dr Nan Wise here to update you regarding our continued progress.

We will begin the first leg of our lab studies immediately following the July 4th holiday. This phase involves collecting physiological measures (cardiac variability, etc) before and after the induction of POIS symptoms via self-stimulation to orgasm. We will add the Vagus stimulation component to that protocol once we have final empirical results regarding the efficacy of the Vagus stimulation device. The final lab component -the fMRI scanner studies –will then follow.

As you know, we have been collecting extensive new POIS survey data which will be compiled. Please do take the POIS survey if you haven’t already–and also let others know to take the survey.

Thank you for your kind patience.

Dr Nan

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“Correct” Voting in Primaries

So, as I said in my comment on the “What to Make of the Bernie Sanders Surge”, political scientist often don’t really look at primaries a lot. Most of the articles I know about primaries deal primarily with if certain types of primary systems lead to more extreme or moderate candidates (tldr version: mixed results on everything). So that makes Richard R. Lau’s 2013 paper “Correct Voting in the 2008 US Presidential Nominating Elections” a rather interesting piece.

Now, correct voting simply means “do people vote for the candidate that is best representative of their own values and interests”. So Lau’s question, then, is how effective are voters in choosing the candidate that is best for them during the primary elections. Data for the paper came from the “Cooperative Campaign Analysis Project”, a 6-wave internet based survey collected between December 2007 and throughout the primary season as well. Approximately 9000 respondents were involved: about 6000 Democrats, 3000 Republicans.

So, after deriving utility scores for the respondents, Lau estimates approximately 86% of voters (who voted for McCain or Obama) chose “correctly” during the general election between McCain and Obama. However, when similar procedures were done with the primary election, performance dropped drastically to about 30% for both Democrats and Republicans. Things got better as candidates dropped: 56% for Democrats when Edwards dropped, and about 50% for Republicans when it was down to McCain and Huckabee. Still, this is pretty poor performance, suggesting people are pretty bad about choosing the right candidate for them during primaries.

Which begs the question of course as to why?

Part of it, of course, was some group-based allegiances and prejudices that affected choice. It’s been established that Democrats with negative views on race were likely to not go for Obama, and Obama also drew large support from African Americans. Mitt Romney also drew support from Mormons. Surprisingly, however, neither support for Hillary from women nor support from born-again Christians for Huckabee were statistically significantly different from other candidates.

One of the larger reasons, however, was that primaries present a challenge for voters that often rely on heuristics such as party identification in order to make their choices. Obviously, party identification is not available in a primary, and the distinction in policy between candidates is going to be less. As more and more candidates enter the race it therefore becomes much harder to keep informed and make clear distinctions between candidates. Obviously those with high political interest and knowledge will tend to do better, and the intensity and visibility of a candidate can influence the probability of a correct choice as well.

This study, of course, was for the 2008 election. This 2016 election has a seriously larger pool of candidates, especially amongst Republicans as this 538 graphic shows quite clearly:

One thing that might help Republican voters, at least, is there does seem to be somewhat a few distinct groupings. Still, with such a large number of candidates, and a lot of grouping within some of these larger groups, I have to wonder if how well they’ll perform in terms of correct voting this time around. All that is going to be clear for now, however, is that the Republican primary is definitely going to be messy for all involved.

Lau, R. R. (2013). Correct Voting in the 2008 U.S. Presidential Nominating Elections. Political Behavior, 35(2), 331–355.


A Collection of Bolding Surveys:

You’re at least a little bit cold right now.
You would decline if the last person you kissed proposed to you.

You’ve shaved your legs in the past 24 hours.
The last person you called knows your parents.
‘I love you’ was said in your last relationship.
Your best friend is in love.
There is food in your room right now.
Your friends like your current bf/gf/crush.
You always forget to put your seatbelt on.
You text the person you like.
Your birthday is past the 10th of its month.
You’ve had a bf/gf forget your birthday.
Chicken soup really does make you feel better when you’re sick.
You celebrated the one month in your last relationship.
Your best friend has had their heart broken recently.
You usually eat supper with your family.
You’ve fallen for a friends’ bf/gf before.
You’d rather eat fries over salad.
You’re a really good gift buyer.
You’ve had a cat/dog who had kittens/puppies.
You accept every friend request whether you know them or not.
You can’t sleep without a blanket.
You need very particular conditions to sleep.

You’d be comfortable going to the last person you kissed in sweats with no makeup and your hair a mess.
You bought what you wore today in the past couple of weeks.
You’d be able to name all of Santa’s reindeer.
You’ve spent HOURS getting prettied up for someone.
It takes you forever to pick out outfits for dates.
You’ve been friends with someone who moved to a different country.

Cafeteria food really is gross.
You’ve given someone a hickey before.
If you could, you’d start your life over right now.
You’ve cried in front of the person you have feelings for.
There is someone who makes you smile just thinking about them.
You’ve found a friend’s mom/dad very good looking before.
You’d rather live without TV than without makeup.
You’d rather live without your parents than without your siblings.
Someone has once told you you’re the most important person in their life.
You’ve worn a matching Halloween costume with someone before.
Your hair is in need of a wash right now.
You know that someone has feelings for you right now.
You believe you’ve met your soul mate already.
You know what you’re being for Halloween already.
Someone calls you cute/beautiful/etc on a daily basis.
There were other people there during your last kiss.
You’ve kissed someone right after they smoked pot.
You’ve dated someone at work, broke up, and had VERY awkward times there.
You can see some kind of liquid from where you’re sitting.
You’ve been set up on a HORRIBLE blind date before.
The last person you hugged is single.
You’ve seen the last person you texted drunk.
Your last relationship was ended pretty much mutually.
You wouldn’t date someone much younger than you.
You know someone but only their last name - that’s all anyone ever calls them.
Your grandparents are way too nosy.
You’ve talked to a huge bitch in the past 24 hours.
The last person you laughed with is in love.
You have blonde streaks through your hair.
You often wear ripped jeans.
When going out, you wear really low-cut shirts.
You’ve cheated before.
And it made you realize how much you loved your boyfriend.
You’re extremely blunt.
You’ve been known as a tease.
You’re not a bitch unless it’s necessary.
You take things really personal sometimes.

If a guy screws up one time, you say you’re done.
You have hair extensions or have used them before.
You wear heels with booty shorts.
You have out-played a player.
You wear glasses at night.
You’ve intentionally made a significant other jealous.
By getting another guy’s number in front of him.
You’re really short.
You and your mom are really close.
You have been hit by a guy.
You have been hit by a girl.
You stand up for your friends no matter what.
After a break-up, you haven’t been able to move on for a really long time.
You’ll dance anywhere at any given time.
You’re obsessed with pickles.
You’ve been hit on by a guy who already had a girlfriend.
You’ve been fired from a job.
You always speak your mind, no matter how bitchy you may seem.
You find it easier to give up in tough situations.
When going on vacations, you pack your shit in garbage bags instead of a suitcase.
You call yourself by a nickname that has to do with a celebrity.
You scream to get your point across the majority of the time.
You’re always in other peoples’ business, and you don’t care.
You’ve been guilty of cock-blocking before.
Fun is not something you’re a fan of.


I’m related to my best friend.
I love getting inked.
Almost every song reminds me of something/someone.
I haven’t traveled much in my life.
I have a dailybooth account.
I hate when people act like whoever they’re around. Get fucking real.
I don’t like taking showers at night.
Procrastination is my middle name.
I watch My Life as Liz on MTV.
I recently got something back I lent to someone.
I’ve been to the beach within the past week.
I fell asleep watching a movie last night.
I really like the band Circa Survive.
I use my Twitter everyday.
No one ever asks me anything on formspring.
I can roll joints like a pro.
I’ve been taking a lot of pictures lately.
I love seeing cute guys.
I don’t like it when people get drunk and call/text me.
I hate when my stomach growls in a quiet room.
I burp all the time, I don’t think it’s gross at all.
I’m missing someone I know I shouldn’t.
I watch Intervention.
I’m always drinking Coca-Cola.
I need to start working out.

I hate seeing someone I used to know and having to make awkward small talk.
Honestly, I don’t give a shit about politics.
The tattoo healing process sucks balls.
I’m allergic to my pets.
I need some food, pronto.
I don’t obsess over celebrities.
I don’t look like any celebrities.
I like rap music, but I’m not all about it.
Going to concerts or shows doesn’t really appeal to me.
Someone recently texted me that I’ve been avoiding.
I don’t really like having a boyfriend, I like being single most of the time.
I hate when I see someone I knew and they completely avoid me.
I look a lot different now than I did in middle school.
I listen to A Skylit Drive.
I watch the show Hoarders, and I’d cry if I lived in a house like that.
I can easily relate to people’s situations.
Every time I say or hear the word ‘situation’ I think of Mike “The Situation”.
I’m a fan of that on Facebook.
The thought of contacts makes me want to gag.
I think I need glasses.


I have driven under the influence
I have quit a job
I have dyed my hair a completely different color from my natural
I have stayed on the phone longer than 3 hours with a boyfriend
I have used a Snuggie
I have stayed up for more than 48 hours straight
I have had a close friend turn into a complete bitch
I have read the books Crank & Glass
I have been utterly disgusted by what I saw in the mirror
I have worn Bullhead jeans
I have painted my nails neon colors
I have bobbed for apples
I have cried just from wanting something to happen so badly
I have researched about drugs on the internet
I have worn a fur coat
I have lived in the same country my whole life
I have spent an entire day and night on the computer
I have stayed up late working on something for school
I have creeped on Facebook/MySpace
I have had a fake ID
I have rode around late at night with a bunch of friends, drunk/high
I have worn clogs
I have worn Uggs
I have eaten banana pancakes
I have owned stuff from Bath & Body Works
I have worn a scarf during the spring or summertime
I have hooked up with a random guy while on vacation
I have eaten fried Twinkies
I have eaten fried Oreos
I have ridden a roller coaster
I have woken up with a really dry or sore throat
I have hiked a mountain
I have rock climbed
I have gone skydiving
I have pretended to like something I didn’t
I have pretended to like someone I didn’t
I have been nice just to spare feelings

I have jogged 2 miles straight
I have stayed in my pajamas all day long
I have failed an important class
I have drank something other than champagne out of a champagne glass
I have watched ‘80s TV shows
I have beaten a high score on a video game
I have been taller than 5'4”
I have carved my name into something.
I have played at a playground over the age of 13.
I have gotten a ‘brain freeze’
I have been to Cabela’s
I have been to Ron Jon’s Surf Shop
I have written longer than a 5 page paper
I have intentionally started a fight with someone
I have seen a comedian live
I have seen my favorite band live
I have organized everything in my room before


I’m on the phone.
I’m on the phone with a guy friend.
My hair is wet.
My hair wrapped up in a towel, turban-style.
I just got out of the shower.
I’m in the living room.
The TV is on in the room I’m in.
A reality show is currently on.
I have a hair tie around my wrist.
I am not texting anybody.
I’m wearing pajamas.
I’m not listening to music.
I’m on a laptop.
My laptop is plugged in and charging.
My toenails are painted.
My fingernails aren’t painted.
I’m wearing deodorant.
I’m drinking water.
My cell phone is within reach.
I’m not hungry.
I’m not sleepy.
I’m thinking about someone.
I laughed within the past few minutes.
I’m on my period.
My house smells like coffee.
I’m wearing a white shirt.
My pants are plaid pajama pants.
I’m not wearing socks.
I’m not wearing a bra.
I’m not wearing a bracelet or necklace.
Something on my body itches.

I’m procrastinating.
I have a zit on my back.
I’m sitting on the sofa.
My mom is within my line of vision.
The light is on in the room I’m in.
I should be doing something else.
I should be doing school-related stuff.
Today is Thursday.
It’s night time.
It’s dark outside.
I’m thirsty.
I’m sitting in a comfortable position.
My ankles are crossed.
My hair isn’t in a ponytail.
There’s a song stuck in my head.
I’m looking forward to something.
My lips aren’t chapped.


A Collection of Bolding Surveys:
Just passing time until I leave for the Mountain Park.)

You’re at least a little bit cold right now.
You would decline if the last person you kissed proposed to you.

You’ve shaved your legs in the past 24 hours.
The last person you called knows your parents.
‘I love you’ was said in your last relationship.
Your best friend is in love.
There is food in your room right now.
Your friends like your current bf/gf/crush.
You always forget to put your seatbelt on.
You text the person you like.
Your birthday is past the 10th of its month.
You’ve had a bf/gf forget your birthday.
Chicken soup really does make you feel better when you’re sick.
You celebrated the one month in your last relationship.
Your best friend has had their heart broken recently.
You usually eat supper with your family.
You’ve fallen for a friends’ bf/gf before.
You’d rather eat fries over salad.
You’re a really good gift buyer.
You’ve had a cat/dog who had kittens/puppies.
You accept every friend request whether you know them or not.
You can’t sleep without a blanket.

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  • Apron, Cameroon. TM 2000.31.2. Gift of Mark Rapoport, M.D., and Jane Hughes. Photo by Renee Comet.

This brightly and intricately patterned cache sexe comes from the grasslands of Cameroon. Often described as a waist panel or apron, it would be tied around the waist following traditional Cameroon female dress. Production of cache sexe became virtually obsolete after laws requiring full clothing for women were passed in 1961.

The complicated patterning required meticulous threading of tiny glass beads. The alternating direction of the stripes, and the numerous colors involved, adds a sense of movement to the pattern, which would have been augmented by the movement of the wearer.  The top row of red beads is attached to a fiber cord. The fringe contains a triangle of beads and cowry shells. Imported glass beads were, in the mid-19th century, signs of status and power in Cameroon society, though eventually become more widely available.

Collecting the evaluation data

The 3-month spring program is over and a new group ‘power girls’ are now walking around in the world. This week I’ve collected the evaluation data (surveys and focus groups) from the girls and parents, and the feedback has been really heartwarming. 

Now the main focus is on fundraising and preparing for the workshops coming up in August. 

Here are some of the comments from the parents (translated from Danish):

“My daughter is more comfortable with her body after the program. She does not think that much about weight and appearance anymore, and she has a greater understanding of what is normal.”

“She has become much better at say her opinion when something doesn’t feel right. The program has opened her eyes to many new things, for instance yoga and mindfulness.”

“She got more power and confidence now.”

“Although my daughter is not revealing much about what you’ve been doing during the program, she always comes home in a good mood and with renewed energy and motivation. She was very skeptical at the beginning, but now she thinks it’s fun and she feels secure.”

Finally broke the 1,000 mark!!!


Once I filter out those who didn’t finish the survey and add on the surveys collected at my university, I am excited to find out the final number.


Through its collections survey, TM staff identified roughly 8,500 objects that need special attention before the museum relocates to the George Washington University in 2014. Staff are now methodically assessing and fulfilling these pieces’ individual travel needs—which range from nesting an object in a standard passive mat to ensuring each piece is accurately labeled with its TM registration number.

Here, Assistant Registrar Tessa Sabol loosely fastens fresh labels to centuries-old tunics (top), while Registration Technician Chelsea Hick replaces legacy adhesive labels on a set of Peruvian spindles and whorls with gentler tags (middle and bottom).

  • Spindles, whorls, and implements, Peru, Chilca. TM 1965.40.45A-RR. Museum purchase.
  • Border fragment, Peru, central coast. TM 1970.7.20. Gift of Leo Drimmer-Lichtemberg.
  • Tunic, Peru, central coast. TM 1970.7.21. Leo Drimmer-Lichtemberg.

A thousand years ago, Peru’s north coast was home to the Kingdom of Chimor—and its remarkable weaving culture. Today, surviving tunics, turbans, and other textiles offer a peek into this lost tradition.

Our staff recently surveyed seven exquisite Chimu-style pieces in The Textile Museum’s collections in preparation for our move, including this miniature tabard, or sleeveless coat (top), and tunic (middle). Possibly dating from between 1350 and 1450 C.E., both pieces feature Blue-and-Yellow-Macaw (bottom right) feathers, characteristic of Chimu costume. Look closely at the small metal plaques rimming the tunic: The tulip shapes represent Spondylus shells (bottom left).

Field ornithologist Dr. John P. O'Neill, who has played a key role in identifying feathers from Chimu pieces, writes: “It is a shame that we shall never know if the magnificent feathered tabards, crowns, and other artifacts of the Chimu were used by living people or not, but even if they were made to adorn the bodies of the dead, they are among some of the finest and most spectacular examples of human craftsmanship ever created” (Rowe 150).

  • Tabard, Peru, Chimu Style. TM 1962.9.7.
  • Tunic (detail), Peru, Chimu Style. TM 1962.9.6.
  • Blue-and-Yellow Macaw, CC image courtesy of bzd1 on Flickr.
  • Spondylus princeps, CC image courtsey of Kevin Walsh on Flickr.

Ann Pollard Rowe, Costumes and Featherwork of the Lords of Chimor: Textiles from Peru’s North Coast. Feather identification by John P. O'Neill. Washington, D.C.: The Textile Museum, 1984.

Recommendation of the Week: Client Satisfaction Surveys

Here’s a #recommendation for you: send out #client #satisfaction #surveys to #collect #data. #SmallBiz

In the current business world, data collection is the most valuable process a business can implement. However, there is some concern when a company actively monitors it’s customers in order to gain that data. So how can we gain valuable data from a client without damaging their trust in us? Simple. Let’s ask them for it. Today, we recommend client satisfaction surveys. Client satisfaction surveys…

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