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leaders with magikarp hat

probably actual canon

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What does a person's favorite sufjan song say abt them?

Fuqq I meant album

carrie & lowell: they have severe clinical depression but they’re pretty chill and probably don’t have too many weird fetishes.

the age of adz: LOTS of weird fetishes. campy shit is their lifeblood. they love big wild tacky things and they are constantly filling their place of residence with random ugly broken shit they found in antique shops or thrift stores. probably a functioning alcoholic. has a weird relationship with their religious upbringing.

all delighted people ep: they’re very language-oriented and at risk of becoming an english major. they love thorough analysis. they wish they could be louder and campier but they’re too anxious to potentially attract the attention of other people. they really really like birds.

illinois: at risk of already being a fan of neutral milk hotel. either a late-20s straight man who takes unnecessarily attentive care of his beard and thinks too much about beer, or a socialist-leaning woman who’s still not over her ex-girlfriend.

seven swans: has a REALLY weird relationship with their religious upbringing. 

michigan: just wants to retire to a small, energy-efficient woodland cabin somewhere up north with the multiple large dogs they will own in the future that they have already picked out names for.

a sun came: has collected or will one day begin collecting knives. thinks performance art gets a bad rap. definitely a stoner.

My Music Academia 

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Hey there buddy, you wouldn't happen to have any Peter and Rita headcanons, would you?

i’m running with the assumption that this means headcanons about the two of them together

  • Rita stops flirting with him immediately after noticing the way he looks at Mr. Steel because FINALLY, it is ABOUT TIME someone noticed the boss like that, and wow they’re clearly so in love and she gets to WATCH
  • Peter goes to her book club one time and in the course of an evening learns how to read palms and wiretap an encrypted comms line, adds several questionable paperbacks to his endless pockets, and starts reading as well as doodling in his downtime
  • he tends to doodle in the margins though
  • Rita does not inquire about his real name, and Peter does not ask about her last name. they have a perfect understanding
  • Peter is the only person who can actually follow along with Rita’s plot summaries. Every time he stops by he asks her to fill him in on the last few episodes of Beyond The Seas of Venus (which is the one with the shipwrecked twins and the pirate and the lovesick king, right,)
  • he keeps bringing her pairs of earrings, and interesting and exotic snacks from various places he visits,  and really nice pricey moisturizer, and expensive limited edition show merchandise
  • she gives him a lot of advice about Juno. he is considering her suggestion that they acquire a kitten.
  • mani/pedi movie nights? yes?
  • presuming that this isn’t some kind of Hell Future and The Princess Bride is still a beloved cinema classic, they have seen it together at least five times, because both of them are romantic losers
  • both of them can and will fall asleep anywhere and at any time and Juno has found them sprawled across one another on the sofa in front of a still-playing movie and snoring more than once
  • they have elaborate and incomprehensible in-jokes which are this point are more like some kind of code
  • they’re not allowed to play pictionary anymore
  • they’re actually not allowed to play any board game, because the combination of Peter’s flawless, calculated, but ridiculously overdramatic planning and Rita’s totally unpredictable game-breaking strategies made Mick cry and Juno shoot the game board
  • also, the way Peter plays Risk is… disquieting
  • He taught Rita how he cheats at cards and she taught him how to count cards
  • Juno’s “bad art collection” consists entirely of drawings that one or the other of them have done on various cases

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it's cool about the idea, but did you saw Bendy in an adorable summer wear, including the little sailor cap X3 He looks so adorable that you can just take him home!

I’m ready for fun beachtimes and summer!!

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Hey, can you cite evidences that Sokka is Suyin's daughter? I'd very much like to believe that also!

Suyin’s skin being darker than Toph’s and Lin’s. Also her oldest son looks like the spitting image of the adult sokka. And Huan has a passion for making (bad) art lol. There’s also Suyin’s hobby of collecting raw meteroids and we know that Sokka gave Toph her first one. Plus Suyin was shown to be able to handle herself with a weapon like Sokka.

Her father being unknown left it open to interpretation so it’s really not up to anyone to say it is or isn’t possible for them to have gotten together in the future.