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Now my room is actually somewhat tidy I can finally take some photos of the finished bookshelf! Awkward angles are awkward because there’s not enough space in my room to stand back far enough.

I’d love to go into details about everything, but we’ll genuinely be here forever. Just know that I like young adult books, am a weeaboo (hence the manga, figures, and obsessive Gurren Lagann collection), am a nerd (hence the Harry Potter lego, comic shelf and Doctor Who shelf), like Final Fantasy, Zelda and Vocaloid (if you didn’t notice the figures and artbooks/strategy guides) and also really really like art books and Japan in general. Also notice the special Alice in Wonderland dedicated shelf.

I don’t want to think about how much this all cost…

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                                                        Regarding loss, I’m afraid
                       to keep it in the story,
                                   worried what I might bring back to life,
            like the marble angel who woke to find
his innards scattered around his feet.

Kaveh Akbar, from “Soot,” Calling a Wolf a Wolf