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Lighting was bad today, but I hope this is okay! Hopefully I didn’t forget anything ahahaa…..

Note: I didn’t include straps/charms/keyholder items which had a figurine on them, as I consider them more of a figurine item than strap/charm item, or any of my fanmade items!


[Collection] Hetalia: AniCap - Colourful Collection Trading Mascots

Manufacturer: Colour Collection, Movic
Origins: Japan
Release Date:
23rd January 2014
↳ 1x Denmark, 1x Sweden

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mt-fuji  asked:

ive never read hetalia but how do you translate it to english from the site?

Hi there! :)

Well, I don’t personally translate it. There are talented people in the fandom, who translate the strips, and fortunately, they’re quick with Hima’s updates!

Useful Links:

Hima’s Blog is HERE.

Hetalia on Livejournal - this is where I find the newest strips translated; for posts tagged ‘official blog’, click HERE.

The Hetarchive –  This is THE number one place for reading Hetalia. All the old strips, the non-linear stuff, the holiday events, etc. can be found HERE.

As for the actual Hetalia manga: Volumes One through Three are available in English. I bought them HERE. (I’m guessing Volumes One and Two are now out of print, but they have a print-on-demand service. Link is to Volume One.)

Volumes Four and Five have yet to be published in English (as far as I know) but Volume Five can be read, translated, HERE.

– Sorry, I can’t find Volume Four. :/

But you can read lots of scanlations, from various volumes, and the Birz comics, in the 'official scanlation’ tag, also on Hetalia Livejournal, HERE.

I hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy reading Hetalia!! :D

All the best to you!! ^-^