SSK Preliminary Results live on niconico once again! Its time for me to dredge up the old How to use niconico post and write up another one of these schedules.

The preliminary results will be announced live on June 1st at 8pm Jst from the AKB48 Theatre and will be broadcast to the sister group theatres at the same time. Since this is the case you can choose which theatre to watch it from, the link with just the AKB logo is live from the AKB theatre, SKE logo is live from the SKE theatre etc. The top link in the screenshot (with the members faces) is a broadcast from all the theatres at once i.e it cuts between the different theatres showing everyones reaction. 

Broadcast Schedule for the multi theatre stream

10am JST - AKB48 Music Video Collection

7:30pm JST - Member comment about the preliminary results (Mion Mukaichi, Yui Yokoyama, Miami Minegishi and Juri Takahashi)

from 8pm JST - Preliminary Results Announcement

Broadcast Schedule for the Single theatre streams

from 8pm JST - Preliminary Results Announcement

its usually best to enter the stream 5 minutes before the broadcast starts, and if you can I’d reccomend going premium for the event so you don’t get kicked off the stream and it will usually be better quality. Premium costs about £2 and you can cancel it as soon as the stream has finished.

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[preliminary broadcast event page here]

if anyone needs any help you can send me a message :)