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.crystal princess collection                                                

and the last set from this collection~ i always loved luna’s human form (so pretty!) and then i had to add her daughter :3 but then i thought i should draw kakyuu and chibichibi too so all the good female characters are here :3 i know the starlights are still missing, but i drew a little fun picture of them, i’ll post it next week :3

.please do not use without permission~

anonymous asked:

can I just say that I love you like seriously

you can say that

you know what I love like seriously? These porcelain seals I’ve been looking at on ebay 





this last one scares me and I feel almost unnerving levels of affinity for her


David Tennant and his collection of Mr. Men shirts

(I should probably tag @thingsdtwears… and add a Madison photo source)



more sappy klance stuff

  • i think keith is more ticklish than lance 
    • lance has a family who’ve always sneak attacked him with tickles, so i imagine keith isn’t used to it
  • keith “cooking my boy spag eddie. toe tap a flea” kogane
    • picture of dry spaghetti noodles on fire in a pot on the stove
  • contrary to popular belief, keith understands memes, he and his boyfriend have meme wars over text
  • they both control the other’s habits of overspending
    • lance: i bought 11 makeup products while you were gone
    • keith: ….ok why?
    • lance: you’re my impulse control
  • alternatively,
    • keith: i just spent $120 on a collection set of knives while you were gone
    • lance: what? why?
    • keith: you’re my impulse control
  • lance: self care is taking a bath, getting enough sleep, relaxing with some tea
  • keith: self care is drink fruit, eat water, rub yourself in dirt, scream
  • matching boyfriend shirts, boyfriend mugs, boyfriend hats, boyfriend pajamas
  • keith: fall out boy
  • lance, an intellectual: descend quickly elsewhere juvenile male preadolescent
  • secretly, they love the shrek soundtrack but their friends can never know that
  • they’re texting each other but they’re literally lying on top of each other
  • lance’s town in animal crossing is perfect
    • there’s a color scheme
    • has the golden shovel, watering can, butterfly net, fishing rod
    • has roses of every color, gold, blue, pink, black, orange, purple
    • honestly? just really loves flowers? everywhere you step is a flower
  • keith’s town in animal crossing is not so perfect
    • doesn’t check for months
    • weeds have overgrown
    • the town is on fire
    • tortimer is dead
    • nook is bankrupt
    • lance checks his town one time and he’s just appalled
  • them: does the bare minimum
  • them: takes a nap