Because You All Asked

Before people start sending messages asking about plant listings, I want everyone to know that this small shop is still in the very early stages and design process.

A reminder that:

  • I am only one person
  • I don’t have a large scale greenhouse supply of plants and cuttings
  • Listings come from my own plant collections
  • My plants can only produce so many cuttings/plantlets at given points in time
  • This shop will start off as a small side hobby.

I will try to post announcements on SeattleSucculents and SeattleSucculentsCo. before listings go live.

I ask for patience in this new adventure.


Yo boy is selling this for extra pet funds
(my two cats gave birth (>人<;))
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I have two of these I’m letting the other one go!

Here’s a compilation of all CC that I’ve published in September~ (& yes, I am back on tumblr)


IDOL Bandana / Fake Love Headband / Limitless Headband
Fandom Masks V/2 / GO Choker / Fire Truck Choker
Cherry Bomb Earrings / Cherry Bomb Necklace / I GOT LOVE Earrings
Velour Nails / Moon Nails / Rebel Nails
UMOX Hoop Set SMALL / UMOX Hoop Set LARGE / Equinox Earrings


Don’t Leave Them In The Car They’ll Melt (2018), Marina Constantine 

Tapestry weavings, embroidery and LipSmackers 

Cherry Cola Freeze🥤 Fanta Strawberry 🍓 Mango ☀️ Fanta Pineapple🍍 Kiwi🥝 Watermelon 🍉 Watermelon Wave 🌊 Starburst Baja Dragon Fruit 🍹 Mountain Berry 🏔 Tropical Punch 🌺 Pinky Vanilla Sugar 🍧 Barq’s Rootbeer 🍺    

Associating color and smell with memory fragments 💄