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So I’m working on a long, arduous project of collecting book blog URLs for this page right here. (They’re not all linked up yet, but I’m working on it; that’s the arduous part.)

  • If you run a blog that’s 75%+ about books and would like to be added, let me know in the way you most prefer (reblog and say so, reply to this post, send me an ask or an IM).
  • If you see your blog on the page and would like to be removed, also let me know.
  • If you can confirm if any of the listed blogs in the top half have 5000+ followers, let me know so I can move them to the correct section.
  • If you know of anyone else you want me to add, tag them so I can see them!
  • Please reblog this post regardless of whether you want added or not so other book blogs can see and choose whether or not to participate!

Ratchet’s Dead End Workshop, Pre-War. 

Stay safe in the FMA Fandom!

Several of my good friends have left the FMA fandom recently due to feeling unsafe, with all the bullying going on.  I’m very sad to see them go, and I think it’s important to come together and keep this from happening to anyone else.

Unfortunately, although fandoms should be about fun and sharing and community, there are a small percentage of people who enjoy making it not fun for people who aren’t their own groups of friends and followers.  While, again, these people are not the majority, they tend to be the loudest individuals, going out of their way to harass others, usually under the guise of white knighting for supposed “groups” of which they aren’t even a part, and usually going after members of the groups they claim to be “protecting.”  I want everyone to be able to enjoy this fandom without having to deal with all of this negativity!  Here are a few ways that you can help make the fandom safer for yourself and others.

To protect yourself:

  1. Block, report, do not engage
    1. Seriously, block block block block block.  If you see someone starting drama, block them.  If someone sends you hate, block and report.  Don’t reblog posts with wank; don’t even acknowledge that these people are in the fandom.
    2. Remember, a lot of the people spreading this hatred aren’t the ones creating.  You won’t be missing much if you shut them out.  Do keep in mind, though, that not everyone has the time or spoons to keep track of who bullies and who doesn’t, so make sure not to turn into a bully yourself and send accusatory messages if you see someone reblogging their posts (unless they have asked to be notified if they reblogged a known harasser’s posts).
    3. Do not reply to asks that have hate in them. This includes passive aggression (“Oh I liked it but it would have been so much better with x”), outright nastiness (“You’re y if you ship z”), or even false concern (“Oh I’m sure you didn’t know but this makes you seem like a horrible person…! uwu").
    4. Please know that I’m not saying “oh be the bigger person when it comes to bullying! Let them keep walking all over you!” Hell no.  But keep in mind that these people have one goal: making enough noise and spewing enough hatred that the members of the fandom who don’t feel the same way they do, who don’t ship the same things they do, leave.  This is accomplished by provoking arguments and plastering them all over tumblr.  Arguing with them will do harm, not good.  By ignoring and blocking, you are not giving them a voice.  You are taking away the only weapon they have, and you are taking the fandom you love back.  (Also, it drives them crazy to be ignored.  Shut them out.)
    5. Block them.  If you run a fandom event or blog, keep in mind that side blogs don’t carry over block lists, so you will have to add them in manually.  Don’t let them participate in fandom events; they’ll just cause trouble for other members.  Remember that you can block anons, but if you need to preemptively block people, some blogs collect the URLS of people who post hate in tags, and blocking the admins and members of hate blogs such as this one can also provide a good starting point. Heck, if you need names of offenders (not gonna post them in public), message me.  I went through and blocked them all, and my side blogs stopped getting hate!  Magic!
  2. Do not rise to their bait
    1. A lot of these people will demand that you release your history of abuse or assault or whatever it is that they’re using as a “pass” to ship things, never mind that the majority don’t have this “pass” themselves.  It is a very, very bad idea to disclose such sensitive information to those known to bully; speaking from experience, a lot of the time they’ll either accuse you of making it up or perpetuating the same abuse you’ve experienced.  You can’t trust them.  Be careful. <3
  3. Find people who you can talk to!
    1. Get a support group!  Find people who enjoy the positive aspects of fandom.  Participate in a fandom event (there are tons going on or coming up!).  Heck, message that blogger that you like so much; there’s a good chance they’d love to talk to you!
    2. I know that a lot of people who are affected by this are also dealing with mental illness, and it can be very, very hard to cope with attacks like this.  I understand, and remember that your safety is paramount. Block or tumblr savior everything you need to, and remember that the things they’re saying aren’t true.  It’s not silly to get worked up about this, so don’t feel like you’re overreacting.
    3. You’re not an awful person.  You’re fantastic, and wonderful, and great, and you deserve to be happy.  The things these people are saying have no basis whatsoever.  Fandom is made better for you being in it; I don’t care if you write, draw, make gifsets, post meta, or reblog stuff you love.  Please don’t ever forget that.
    4. If you need to talk to someone about this sort of thing, I’m offering to open my inbox or messenger right now to you.  I totally get not wanting to talk with someone you don’t know, but I’m here if you need it.
    5. On that note, if you’re willing to do the same and offer an ear for someone, or a shoulder to cry on, please reblog this post with a comment saying so!

To help other members of the fandom:

  1. Spread positivity, not hate!  Don’t send and try not to reply to angry asks—remember, your followers see the latter too.  There are tons of ways to spread positivity: @fullmetalpositivity​ was created for this purpose (I’m unsure if @fmapositivityproject​ is still active?), or you can just send random headcanons or plot bunnies to friends or complete strangers.  One blog I’ve seen doing this is @theroyedfairies, which encourages participation by community members.  If you know of anyone else, please let me know!
  2. If you don’t like a ship, blacklist it.  Don’t message people about it.  Don’t.  You won’t change a single person’s mind, this I guarantee you.
  3. Don’t repost art without sourcing.  This is basic etiquette!  Get the artist’s permission, too, and if it’s already been posted on tumblr, reblog that instead of reposting.
  4. Start a fandom-wide tag for wank!  If you do want to vent on your blog—totally understandable!—it would help a lot of people who want to pretend it doesn’t exist and stay in their own corner to have a fandom-wide tag, so they can block it with tumblr savior or blacklist.  I recommend #FMA Fandom Wank.  Just add that to any post containing things about negativity in the FMA fandom—including this post!  Though, since the tag is in the post itself, it’ll already catch it on anyone’s tumblr savior. ;)
  5. Try participating in a fandom event. Spreading activity is a great way to drown out the negativity.  You can check out @fullmetalcalendar for ideas!
  6. Reblog this post!  Please, please, please, if any of my FMA posts go viral, I want it to be this one.  Spread the word on how to make fandom a safe space for the people who want to enjoy it as a community.
  7. Thank you all so much for reading, and remember, you’re all awesome. <3
💖 Please block puppy-and-kitten! 💖

They are a c/g/l and pe/tpl/ay blog that seems to be mass following regressors and k/inks/ters alike, but a LOT of regressors and minors. I went through their following list and tried to collect the urls of all the regressors they are following, but I may have missed a few. (Also, some of these people are c/gl/re or “non-community” lit/tles who were included because they don’t want k/ink interaction.) If you would like your url removed from this list, please message me.


I still haven’t figured out how to do mentions on the mobile site, but if someone could reblog this and fix it so it actually tags those people, then that would be awesome! 💖


Mingyu’s love letter - drip coffee!

read terms before using

Hey y’all, it’s Yoz here with what I like to call an “Associates” Call.

Really though, my version of a mains call is really collecting a list of URLs of people who want to be associated with me.  I don’t necessarily have a “one muse per character” rule, but this list would help me create a “relationships” page at a later time, plus it gives me people I can refer to in other threads.

So please, like this post if you want to be considered one of my “associates”!


alright, so for those of you who don’t have me on peach, tonight has been a very big emotional roller-coaster. as y’all know, i’ve been hunting for a shiny wimpod in pokemon moon since november 29th! that’s been… 42 days.

i got my shiny wimpod in pokemon moon! then… i accidentally reset over it…  12,573 resets later. each reset takes at LEAST around 22-23 seconds, so the very least amount of time it would’ve taken to do this hunt was around 76.835~ hours.

right. that’s around AT LEAST 76.835~ hours of resetting gone to waste. we all know it took longer than that, though.

SO. kinda a mini crisis later, and what do you know, at 12,603 resets, i somehow managed to reclaim the wimpod. considering both games were at full odds and getting one so quickly after the other, it was kinda a miracle.

in short: wimpod sucks, full odds hunting is suffering, miracles exist, and i named him after what i wanted to drink after i reset over my first one

exactly one year ago today, lapisquad was created, making probably one of the only memorable parts of 2016.

looking back i dont know where i would’ve been without this chat- everyone shaped me in so many grand ways and i love you all for getting me here.

@alexandryt @deinos @flannelzircon @hetphobia @kananya @lionmemes @mamalazulli @omodan @rvpphire @shiny-magmar @teamgekkou @qwilfish @yuudais

i guess this follow forever is pretty short but honestly a lot of yall are some of my closest friends (and qpps for that matter). i seriously dont think my 2016 wouldn’t have been as nice as it was considering how shitty the whole year could’ve been without yall. I look forward to the future, my pupils shining with hope.