collecting rainwater

Witchy Things To Do on A Rainy Day

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  • collect rainwater, of course
  • do some self-reflection and introspection
  • make some magical tea or other warm drinks
  • any spells for washing things away, banishing, forgetting, or moving on
  • thank the sky for its gift
  • let the rain nourish you as it does the plants
  • cleaning and cleansing of the home
Modern Witches

- Nervous witches collecting rainwater in mason jars and purifying it for non visibility spells. Dousing their wrists and necks and behind their ears to prevent unwanted attention.

- Witches brewing tea and coffee and leaving it to sit for days so that the spirits in their homes will be pleased.

- Twenty year old witches squinting at their scrawled runes in a composition notebook in a cramped apartment as they study for exams.

- Witches arming themselves with non-lethal hexes and curses when they have to walk at night in the city because you can never be too careful.

- Witches adopting their black cats from shelters, and maybe several other cats that aren’t black as well.

- Witches creating fairy lights of floating candles that sometimes drip wax on the floor but will refuse to burn the witch’s dwelling.

- Familiars doubling as therapy pets and service dogs.

Moon Water Cleansing and Self Love Spell


Moon charged water (I used rainwater, but any kind that speaks to you works.)



Rose Quartz (tumbled would be best)

Incense (sage worked great for me, but rose would work well too)

Relaxing mood music (always helps)

Before you get started, make sure that your water is safe for use. Since I collected rainwater I used a filter to get rid of the nasty things I could see, then boiled it at a rolling boil for a couple minutes to get the nasty things I couldn’t see. Oh, and let it cool before use, this is supposed to be relaxing, not painful.

Set the music, light the incense, and sit and meditate as the water cools. The water already has a silvery energy from the moon, so swirl your intent to cleanse negative energy in with it. Set the rose quartz in the water (after it has cooled considerably) and mediate on how pinkish positive, self-loving energy from the rose quartz is infusing in with the silvery energy. When the water is cool enough, take the rose quartz out and fold it in with the washcloth, and dip the washcloth in the water. 

Start with your third eye, scrubbing off the gunk around it so that you can see more clearly. Wash your face, envisioning any negative energy being eaten away by the silvery energy, then being replaced by the loving pink energy. Then start to wash your body, giving extra attention to any areas that you feel negatively towards. Use the loving energy of the rose quartz to replace those negative feelings, and visualize you being happy in your body. 

After you’ve washed yourself, but before patting dry, envision the energy from the water on your still damp skin shining bright around you, as if your whole aura is glowing. Feel it burning off any last traces of negativity, and those voids being filled by the pink and silver loving and healing energies. 

Ground if you feel it necessary, and treat yourself to a cup of relaxing tea, or something else that makes you feel happy. 


Another Twenty-Two Days

Another Twenty-Two Days

HP/GW, Rated R for sexual situations and language

A/N: Because I can’t get enough of these two.

Link to Part I: HERE

I. (Everywhere)

It’s a switch being flipped, and suddenly she’s light and she’s everywhere.

Someone’s complaint one morning over burnt toast floats down the table, and Harry’s stomach flutters. He thinks automatically of Ginny, and how much she’s going to enjoy breakfast; she always picks the darkest slices.

There is a decorative vase of amber yellow flowers on Professor Sprout’s muddy desk when he goes up to turn in his essay on the benefits of Snargaluff pods. He breathes them in. They smell just like Ginny, soft and delicate and sweet.

Freesia refracta,” Professor Sprout says, nodding towards the bouquet when she notices him lingering there.

“Er, they’re nice,” he mumbles, and moves on quickly after that.

It’s pouring during Potions, and Professor Slughorn is collecting rainwater in a tin bucket in the high, open windows, and it sounds like the time they were stuck in the broom shed together during a rare summer storm. He remembers Ginny’s tinkling laughter as she rung out her sopping hair.

She’s everywhere, everywhere, and he wishes he’d been ready for her when she’d been ready for him.

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Celestial Holy Water

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By Secretcatholicwitch

Things you will need:

·      Rain water

·      Holy water

·      Sun

·      Moon

·      Blessed salt

·      Bottle (that is special to you) 

When you made this holy water, everything has to have some significant and value to you.

For example:

  • Is the rainwater collected on you birthday?
  • What is the Moon of the month or what phase is it in?
  • Is the Sun eclipsed?
  • Was the holy water from your baptism?

Things like that, it’s going to be different for everyone so make it special to you. But you will still need some of the ingredients if you want to make my celestial holy water.

Take you bottle and fill it up half way with you rainwater or holy water (whatever you have more of) then fill the rest with the other water, but make sure you don’t fill it up to the very top. Just sprinkle a bit of holy salt and put the cap on then shake it to mix well.  Put the bottle in a place where the Sun or Moon will be hitting it at all times.

Make sure to bring the water in side after you charge it, now you have your on personal holy water! 

Rainwater Collection System Build Part 2 

So the rain collection system is coming along nicely. I finished reinforcing the table that will be holding the rain water, so I can move on to the actual building of the system. Connecting the valves to the barrel an working on the gutter, Fun Process.

Rainwater Conception Spell

You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Rain water

First, collect fresh rainwater the next time it rains. Keep the container tightly sealed in the refrigerator until you have a bright moonlit night. Place the water outside, exposed to the moon beams overnight.
On the following night, pour the water through a sieve onto any woman (it could just be yourself who wishes to conceive a baby).
The best way to pour would be by pouring it over her head as she stands naked in the bathtub so that it hits most parts of her body.
As the water falls, the woman should visualize the emotion she’ll feel holding her newborn in her arms.

New in the Neighborhood - 7

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a/n: omg i uh, had a lot of fun writing this piece lol. i really hope you enjoy it! also warning for sexual content

Suicide Squad// Captain Boomerang & OFC

word count: 1,405

7. Electric Bugaloo (Claudia)

Claudia held the large bowl under the faucet, filling it with collected rainwater. She placed a clean rag in the bowl to soak as she walked back to Digger. He sat on the edge of the bed with his elbows resting on his knees, his shoulders still shaking with adrenaline.

Carefully, she set the bowl on the ground between his feet and knelt in front of him. She took his left hand, holding it in hers as she began to scrub the strangers blood from his knuckles.

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In This Rain

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Day 3 of the “Revive the Astro Fandom Day” event! Today’s featured main is Moonbin :D Omg I am so awkward every time I write about him, I NEED TO FIX THIS.

3 words to describe this scenario: puddles, bus-stop, calling

You groaned in frustration as the taxi driving by splashed into the puddle of rainwater collected by the sidewalk, splattering droplets onto your white skirt. Your sunbae had said he’d be here in 10 minutes to pick you up to the party, but 30 minutes later you were still waiting under the rain, skirt wet and hair dripping with rainwater down your face, soaking through your pink crewneck sweater.  

There was a soft jingle, and you picked up your phone to find an incoming call from your sunbae.

“Sunbae, are you here?” you asked.

“Sorry, my car had a flat tire. I’m waiting for the tow truck to come right now, I don’t think I’ll be able to drive you to the party.”

Figures, you thought to yourself as you politely told him it was okay and hoped for him to get his car back soon. I’m not surprised at all that he flaked out on me this time too.

Hanging up, you hurriedly stepped away from the sidewalk and found yourself standing underneath an empty bus stop, wiping your glasses clean as you waited for the rain to stop. What a day for it to rain, especially when you had no umbrella and the weather forecast had predicted sunny skies, not overcast rainclouds.

“Bus isn’t coming yet…”

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I like solarpunk because it’s hopeful. I like solarpunk because it’s optimistic. I like solarpunk because it’s inclusive. I like solarpunk because in a world full of bad news and pessimism and corrupt systems, it suggests that maybe - if we work together, if we organise and cooperate and support one another - we can build something better than we have now. We can turn aside the broken machine that’s been dragging us inexorably towards the brink for our entire lives. We can do things, we can change things, we can have a voice. Solarpunk’s idealism is a feature, not a flaw.

I want us to start living a more solarpunk life right now. We don’t have to wait for artificial intelligence or nanotechnology or cold fusion or FTL travel. We can use what we have in this moment, even if it’s just our wits and resolve, to move in a better direction. Put solar panels on your roof. Collect rainwater. Volunteer. Make your own compost. Plant flowers for bees. Talk to your neighbours. Grow your own food. Do something.

It doesn’t matter if people are attracted to solarpunk by the aesthetics or the fashions - it’s a gateway, and it encourages exploration, investigation, imagination. Someone starts out being intrigued by elegant neo-nouveau clothing and architecture, and from there they can find out about solar power, about guerilla gardening, about permaculture and sustainable living, about activism and collectivism.

I want people to tell solarpunk stories. I want people to imagine solarpunk societies and systems and strategies. I want people to think, “How could I make this more solarpunk?”. I want solarpunk to become mainstream, because the more people we have thinking about these beautiful solar-powered utopias - and about how to get there from here - the better chance we have of walking that path before it’s too late.

Little Star

A spell to take conflict from your home.


Glass jar/bottle with a lid
Storm water
Black candle
White candle
Red candle
Bowl of distilled or tap water

Note: this spell works best when worked over a long period of time, beginning with the waning moon and ending with the full moon. You’re removing negativity and replacing it with unconditional love. You also have to wait for a storm to collect rainwater. Plan accordingly. If you don’t have that much time, letting the jar of storm water sit overnight will do, but the spell may have to be repeated sooner than you’d like.


Collect rainwater by letting the jar or bottle sit outside during a thunderstorm. If water is dripping off the edge of your house, you can collect that; it’s faster and you’ll definitely acquire more. Once your bottle has enough water to slosh around, take it inside. With a match or lighter, burn a black mark on the bottom of the jar. Hold the bottle in your hands and visualize the negativity in your house as a black cloud of smoke, choking you and your family. Call it forth, direct it into the bottle of storm water. Imagine the water turning inky black. Let the jar sit until the new moon to absorb the rest of the smoke. Leave the lid off; do not place the lid on the jar or bottle until after you’ve completed the next part of the spell- so put it in a safe place, where it won’t be bothered, until the new moon.

When the new moon arrives, take the jar from its secret place. Cast your circle now if your practice calls you to do so. Call upon any guardians, guides, or gods. Thor and Demeter will be the ones I use. Gather the jar, the black candle, and the white candle, and place them on your altar.

Visualize the water as the darkest pitch black you’ve ever seen. The opposite of light, light cannot touch it. The sun would burn out before lightening this black. This is the conflict and anger which has been plaguing you and your kin.

Say the following incantation over the bottle of water:

“By the gods, I bind this curse
Things have gone from bad to worse
But by Thor’s will, the night will end
And Demeter’s hearth will soon light rend.

“By Earth and Air I bind you here
No more anger, hurt, or tears
With Fire and Water I seal you tight
Flee now, Shadow, from the Light.”

Visualize the brightest white light coming down from above, from the sun and moon and stars. They’ve all lent their light to you, now, and you can tap into that energy. Take from it and create your own little star, small enough to hold in your hand, but bright enough to burn away all sorrow. Imagine this little star descending, down, down, down into the jar of inky black water. It burns away the Shadow, for it is pure Light. Visualize it destroying the negativity you’ve trapped in the jar, cleansing the water of all conflict, all anger, all sorrow. Once it’s inside and in the water, close the jar. Swirl the water three times, then place it back in your safe place until the full moon.

On the night of the full moon, take the jar of water. Feel the energy within it; if it still feels dark, put it back for another full moon cycle. If it feels cleansed, you can open the jar and pour it out by your front door.

storm rising

He is lightening,
swords and daggers
from wayward cloud,
and fiery rain,
that simmer
like silk,
churning my world
with breathless winds,
he brews thunder,
that falls
like laughter
on a placid lake,

And I look up
an open vessel
collecting rainwater,
softly rippling
a quiver,
in response.

© SoulReserve 2016


— I don’t own the gifs/pictures. Happy Valentine’s Day! —

Closing the door behind you, you sneezed and shook your arms, trying to get rid of the collection of rainwater on you. Of course, it rained of Valentine’s Day. This was England, you supposed, when didn’t it rain?

Walking upstairs, the squelch of your shoes was all that could be heard and a frown grew on your face, remembering why you’d left.

Stupid Sherlock, with his ridiculous ideas. Valentine’s Day had meaning. A celebration of those you loved, romantic or not. If he couldn’t see that…

You pushed the door into the living room, confronted by a well-dressed Sherlock, who was smiling gently down at you. Behind him, there was a small table, with a homemade meal (probably with Mrs Hudson’s help), candles and a romantic setting.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Y/N.”