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i now have one mcr cd, two p!atd cds, and three fob cds and i’m just sitting here silently cackling over the fact that i now have at least one cd from each band of the emo trinity help me it’s not even that big of an accomplishment


| 5 | Usually people are affected by Miyuki in shades, but it’s definitely a nice surprise when Eijun sees him in his normal glasses for the first time? (a.k.a. the beginning of  the many silly shenanigans I’ve thought would happen under the Sawamura roof)

City Boy and Sunflowers | 12 3 4 | City boy Miyuki meets country bumpkin mechanic Sawamura after his bike runs into some trouble during a road trip.

  • Me: Alvin??? Haha what a manchild, what a--*trips* *thousands of photos of Alvin spill from pockets* wh-what an asshole omg those aren't mine I'm holding them for a friend I-- *slips in pile of photos* fcking THEY'RE NOT MINE I SWEAR he's a liar and a traitor and totally irredeemable I hate him I-- *photos fall endlessly as I sob and try to pick them up* just listen ok JUST LISTEN--

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"You're delusional. I doubt you can eat all of it... wait..." *snaps in some dark chocolate and throws it at Roman's head* "add that to your collection. Now eat pretty boy."

Roman: alright *takes the hershy bar and unwraps it, and inhumanly eats the whole thing in one bite*