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Things To Love About Haruhi Fujioka

- Smol adorable nerd
-canonically does not give a single fuck what you refer to her as gender-wise ( nonbinary / genderflux Haruhi FTW)


- Always has a great bitchy comeback

- Would fight someone for upsetting one of the Hosts

- HAS fought someone for upsetting a Host

- Not afraid to call out her friends bad traits

- Thinks she’s literally dying when she realizes her feelings for Tamaki ( best fictional description of love tbh )

- Internally sighing a lot

- “ no way in hell Senpai ”

- Rolls out of bed and throws on whatever she finds first , much to the dismay of her pretty collection of rich boys

- BEST BUDDIES WITH THE TWINS, THEY’RE SO STINKING PROUD OF HER??? They introduce her to their mom I mean …..

’ Haruhi can we adopt you ’

’ No ’

’ But we’ll give you free food ’

’……No ’

’…. You hesitated. SHE HESITATED HIKARU’

- The ‘fight me’ friend (along with the twins )

- Tries so hard all the time

- Has anxiety about a lot


- Cannot dance worth anything

- Klutz

- Manages to keep her chill in a school full of hot people , how do you do it Haruhi

- Death glare to rival Kyoya’s

- Such a kind heart

- Hugs her friends a lot

- The Therapist friend , gives good advice and gentle pats

- Mood : No??????NO most of the time

-Super flustered by Tamaki flirting with her , but gets more confident around him when Kyoya tells her that Tamaki is also easily flustered ( and then she immediately surprises Tamaki with a hug and he about faints from blushing so hard it’s adorable)

- Is probably the only thing keeping Kyoya from slapping people most days tbh

- Was dragged into friendship kicking and screaming but has since decided ’ Screw you , these are MY humans now ’

- Objects to your dumb idea while also going along with it

- Broke af but not ashamed

- Fully supports her dad and his crossdressing and is not at all ashamed of him /her

- great poker face


| 5 | Usually people are affected by Miyuki in shades, but it’s definitely a nice surprise when Eijun sees him in his normal glasses for the first time? (a.k.a. the beginning of  the many silly shenanigans I’ve thought would happen under the Sawamura roof)

City Boy and Sunflowers | 12 3 4 | City boy Miyuki meets country bumpkin mechanic Sawamura after his bike runs into some trouble during a road trip.

  • Me: Alvin??? Haha what a manchild, what a--*trips* *thousands of photos of Alvin spill from pockets* wh-what an asshole omg those aren't mine I'm holding them for a friend I-- *slips in pile of photos* fcking THEY'RE NOT MINE I SWEAR he's a liar and a traitor and totally irredeemable I hate him I-- *photos fall endlessly as I sob and try to pick them up* just listen ok JUST LISTEN--