collecting is my sickness

Oh man you know who I’m really jealous of? The sunnybees shippers. They’re living the best life right now, they’re an unstoppable force and nobody can deter ‘em. Too powerful. You guys rock.


REASONS WHY BRITAIN IS TOTALLY RUINED THESE DAYS, NUMBER 14,773: “Taxpayers money being spent on feeding children.”

Revenge in a Small Town.

(warning: long story)

This occurred about 10 years ago, but still is my favorite revenge.

My first job out of college was for a local government agency in the small town where I grew up. I had moved back to my hometown after college because of family considerations (my grandmother was sick) and because I didn’t want to take a job in a cubicle. As it turned out, this job involved a cubicle, but there was also field work involved, which was what I had been wanting.

Right off, my boss was a little off putting. He butchered the English language in some ways, but was quick to correct someone who might use an incorrect word or phrase. If someone in the community had an issue with our work (the agency involved in the calculation of local taxes) he would first look up their account to determine if they were “worth the time” to talk to personally, or if they should be delegated. Anyone who was “worth the time” got to visit with him personally, and would invariably get additional considerations. Anyone that he delegated had to be denied in almost all requests for relief, even if the request was identical to the issue that had been presented by those deemed to be “worth the time.”

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ART SCHOOL | Sheryo & The Yok 

Talented and world-traveling artist duo, Sheryo & The Yok are known for their massive murals and installations all over the world, inspired by their travels, cartoons, and psychedelic imaginations. Their passion for painting large scale murals and their vision for creating immersive art installations make them both inspirational and mind blowing to fans and artists alike. We’re excited to interview these spray painting nomads and talk about their travels, their art processes, and their upcoming projects which include “a crocodile temple in Singapore” and “a bat house/shack under a bridge in Berlin.”

Photographs courtesy of the artist | Top photograph by Rainer Christian Kurzeder

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Reaction gifs 3.01 [+]

He’s not my president and he ain’t my damn vice president either fuck that from now on I’m calling them Don and Penis like take all possible power from their names

the songs in Hamilton as I see them
  • alexander hamilton: kickass intro
  • aaron burr, sir: I'm john laurens in the place to be
  • my shot: uhm ham ur actually gonna throw away ur shot so :/// also holy shit
  • the story of tonight: just bros being bros
  • the schuyler sisters: I can't believe their younger sister is named "and peggy"?????
  • farmer refuted: hamilton you need to CHILL
  • you'll be back: bitter ex is bitter
  • right hand man: aaron burr doesn't like this song
  • a winter's ball: LAAAADIEESS
  • helpless: AWWW Eliza ur so cute
  • satisfied: but Angelica???? I have too many conflicting emotions rn
  • the story of tonight reprise: just drunk bros being bros
  • wait for it: I LOVE THIS SONG. aaron burr is very relatable also THE BIRDS IN THE BACKGROUND OMG
  • stay alive: washington is literally ham's dad
  • ten duel commandments: FORSHADOWINGGG
  • meet me inside: Washington is soooooooooo Hamilton's dad
  • that would be enough: listen to your wife goddamnit Alexander
  • guns and ships: I still can't rap Lafayette's part in this song
  • history has its eyes on you: beautiful harp, poor Washington
  • yorktown: it's exciting then sad and many other things
  • what comes next: bitter ex comes back to bitch about things
  • dear theodosia: awwwwww the cutest song in the musical
  • non-stop: like yorktown, lots of things going on also HOW DO YOU SING ALONG AT THE END THERES LIKE TWENTY THINGS GOING ON
  • what'd I miss: you missed the whole revolution Jefferson
  • cabinet battle #1: oooooh Jefferson chill
  • take a break: Hamilton you need some time off
  • say no to this: BUT NOT LIKE THIS
  • the room where it happens: I could write a ten page essay about this song, but for now THE TRUMPETS OH MY LORD
  • schuyler defeated: goddamnit aaron
  • cabinet battle #2: alex hamilton can roast people like no other
  • Washington on your side: daddy's calling ;)
  • one last time: washington you noble son of a bitch
  • I know him: bitter ex won't fucking leave
  • the Adams administration: SIT DOWN JOHN YOU FAT MOTHER FUCKSTICK. its mother FUCKSTICK
  • we know: we know but we won't tell
  • hurricane: I WROTE MY WAY OUT also alex noooooo
  • the reynolds pamphlet: everyone collectively hates hamilton also sick beats and DAAAAYUM
  • burn: my sweet Eliza doesn't deserve this
  • blow us all away: PHILIP NO
  • stay alive reprise: *sobs*
  • its quiet uptown: *louder sobs*
  • the election of 1800: Hamilton supports jefferson as a final middle finger to burr
  • your obedient servant: the SASS omg
  • best of wives and best of women: this musical is almost over???? also this song is too short
  • the world was wide enough: that's right also fuck You aaron burr
  • who lives who dies who tells your story: *ugly cryiNG* ELIZA YOuRE TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD

been feelin’ icky the past week or so, but Dark Magician Girl finally came in after a few week’s worth of waiting and I feel a little better!! (///´ ▽ `///)ノ err yeah she’s the last of my impulsive desires. I’m really loving the detail on her.

Emergency Vet Visit for Ollie

Ollie is showing some signs that she needs to go to the vet, according to my parrot group on facebook. Her panting behaviors that she displays when she’s happy to see me could be very serious symptoms. She doesn’t look or act sick, but I need to take my collective bird mom’s advice and take her in for a checkup ASAP. Especially because one of them warned me about the dangers of happy huts and fiber ingestion(Ollie and Pepita have happy huts).

A visit is $65.

I won’t be able to take her in until next week, since I bought her a new cage yesterday(WOW what bad timing). I’m not about to force her back into that tiny cage to get a refund, though. Her well-being is very important and she enjoys being able to spread her wings now.

I unfortunately cannot take in any commissions at the moment as I have one in my queue that I promised to finish before I take any more. I’ll be finishing that hopefully on my day off (Sunday), so stay tuned. I’ll be opening them as soon as I possibly can.

If you’d like to donate to Ollie, my paypal is

I will be taking her in as soon as I can afford it. That will be next Friday at the latest, but I can’t help but worry. She may seem fine but I can’t risk waking up to her dead for something I could have fixed.

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Edit: Exam covered! thanks everyone for reblogging!

me playing any open world game ever:
  • me: ok. this is my goal and i will achieve this within this play session
  • me, less than a minute later: time to go and sell all my garbage and do 5 side quests and go look for collectibles and max out my bonds with my companions and get a sick accessory for my dog and

I figured I’d show you guys my shotty house and the things I collect. WE GOT: My bed full of sick ass teddy bears, my pile of sick ass deathclaw hands, my sick ass special gun wall, my sick ass hard hats, my sick ass rockets, and that BITCH ASS BRAHMIN THAT SOMEHOW KEEPS GETTING IN MY HOUSE EVEN THOUGH THERE IS A SPACE BETWEEN THE STAIRS AND THE HOUSE SO THE SETTLERS CANT GET IN.


Hey guys I finally managed to hit 1k followers and just wanted to say thanks for following me. I’ve had the chance to talk to a lot of cool people on here I never even imagined I would’ve met. This is a little late since I’ve been sick, but without further ado I present to you a list of blogs whose content I thoroughly enjoy.  they are all weebs still tho


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