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Pixiv -  空向@京都秘封 秘3 | Art -  大井っちとデートしたい

※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.  


九酱子  |  USS Bunker Hill CV-17

※Permission was granted by the artist to upload their works.  

There weren’t any good points where you could see Carnelian’s full design, so here’s a collection of images that should be good enough to use as a drawing reference. I believe the closest thing to the “day” pallet (that is, the canon colors when not affected by excess light or shadow) is the colors she had in the halls and at the door to the ship bay, seen in the three images bordering the top left. Other images are necessary for her outfit, hair, facial features, and body shape.

The image with all the other quartzes is so the color of the diamond is clearly visible; they all appear to wear the exact same color, and Carnelian’s chest is always obscured in those scenes.

Sadly, there were few parts where her eye color was clear enough to be eyedropped in her day pallet; the exact color is probably somewhere in the middle left image where she’s surrounded by the other quartzes in the doorway.

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Photograph: K49814.

The Münchner Stadt Museum’s 41st FORUM contemporary photography exhibition (October 14, 2016 – extended until February 12, 2017) features “Atmen ohne Pause” (Breathing without pause), a sensitive and powerful work that tackles the highly charged theme of industrial animal slaughter.

This collection of images by the photographer and political activist, who works under the pseudonym K49814, documents processes that take place out of the public eye.