collecting firewood

there’s a part in that NatGeo article where Avery Jackson, the trans kid on the cover, says “Everything about being a girl is good”. The female children in the article say some really different things about girlhood. From Nawar Kagete in Kenya: “You are seduced wherever you go. You are chased by men. If you go to fetch water, you are chased; you go to collect firewood, you are chased.” From Yunshu Sang in China: “I think that something girls can’t do is to be a police officer. I want to be a police officer, but most police are men and there are no women, so I can’t.” From Tomee War Bonnet in South Dakota: “The worst thing about being a girl is that you just can’t do things that boys can do, like, it kind of bothers me how there was not one girl president.”

Like A Cat

A “Logan” fanfiction. One-shot.



Charles discovers an interesting quirk that Logan and Laura share.

Charles leaned his head on his hand and smiled at the pair napping on the couch.

Logan had fallen asleep after a day of helping the children collect firewood. From what Charles had heard, their antics had involved a large amount of tree climbing and at least two incidents of young mutants falling into a river.

Logan, with his metal-plated bones, was hardly an adept swimmer, but he’d moved quickly to avoid the possibility of the children getting swept downstream. By the time the group had made it to the cabin where they were staying, Logan had been wet, achy, cold, and irritable. He’d just managed to slip out of his shoes and wet clothing before he all but collapsed on the run-down couch they all had salvaged from an abandoned house.

Only one of his legs had actually made it onto the cushions, the other stretched out along the floor. His head sagged against the padded armrest, his grizzled hands resting on his chest. He was looking healthier than he had in a long while, the medicine the children had stolen from Transigen working its magic. There was color in his face, and some of the old scars on his face had faded to near-invisibility.

Laura was napping with him.

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Camp Rules!!


Father would always come along with us when we went away and we were thrilled to have him so close, but it was really best to have him at home in Gatchina. There we had him all to ourselves. We children would approach him so trustingly as we knew that he understood us and would go along with our interests. And then he knew how to get us going. When spring was in the air he would see to it that we were given different tasks which would force us out into the fresh air. We cleared the snow away and collected firewood. Together with him we would then make a lovely little bonfire where we roasted an apple or two which we later shared between us. And then there were the walks through the grounds and the deer park. From time to time he would make us look for antles. Then he would send us off in different directions so that we would get used to moving around on our own. That would be quite frightening because the wood was dim and gloomy. A couple of times it happened that I came across a dead animal, which had already started to decompose. I didn’t really like that, but did not say anything to Father and Misha because I was after all a ‘big’ girl. Every single evening - it didn’t matter where we were - Father would come up to the nursery to say goodnight and to make the sign of the Cross over our tired and sleepy heads. I loved that moment even though I was often only half awake, and I loved the smell of his cigarette smoke which lingered on after him when he tip-toed out of the room so as not to wake us up. That was how Father was. 

The Memoirs of Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna

Signs In An Apocalypse
  • Aries: Murdering all the zombies, making sure Cancer is okay
  • Taurus: Hiding out in a house somewhere, teams up with Aries and Cancer when they find them
  • Gemini: Driving as far as they can away from cities and towns with Leo
  • Cancer: Packing supplies, goes back to visit their family or friends and has to be saved by Aries
  • Leo: With Gemini, keeping an eye out of zombies whilst Gemini drives so damn fast
  • Virgo: Has made their way out of towns, with supplies and is living a natural life in a far away forest. With Scorpio, Capricorn and Sagittarius. Helps Capricorn collect firewood, berries and other supplies.
  • Libra: Probably running into zombies a lot, keeps bumping into Aries, Taurus and Cancer
  • Scorpio: Was the getaway driver who got Virgo, Capricorn, Sagittarius and themselves safely to a forest. Is planning forms of defence with Sagittarius.
  • Sagittarius: The one making leaf huts and tools so Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn and themselves can live in the forest. Is planning forms of defence with Scorpio.
  • Capricorn: Collecting berries, firewood and other resources with Virgo. Is secretly assessing the safety of their chosen area and piping in on Scorpio and Sagittarius.
  • Aquarius: The Lone Ranger. They kill the zombies they have to and are trying to track down government spies and forces in order to understand what's going on.
  • Pisces: Locked inside some safe house, occasionally letting people (Libra, Aquarius) in to lay low. Trusts no one, interrogates EVERYONE to make sure they're no zombies
The signs camping

Aries- *lights up a fire* *refuses help* *pitches tent* *collects firewood* *angry* *red eyes* *destroy Aquarius card pyramid* “I’M DOING WVERYTHING ALONE, YOU USELESS!!!! FUCK YOU ALL”

Taurus- *looking at the stars casually eating a hamburguer* *steps on a stick* “OMG A SNAKE” *runs* “SAVE THE FOOD”

Gemini- “HEY SAG HOW ARE YOU BRO” “HIGH FIVE ARIES” *goes to scorpio* “I don’t like to gossip but have I told you that Sagittarius and Aries met yesterday? I think they may have something but idk, did you watch the Grammy’s? What’s your favorite singer? My hair is ugly? *talks for 3 hours*

Cancer- *hugging teddy bear* “I miss my mom” *listen to Adele for the rest of the night*

Leo- “OKAY LISTEN TO ME YOUR FUCKERS DO WHAT I SAY AND WE WILL HAVE A LOT OF FUN” *leads the way* “Pisces stop trying to feed this fox with our marshmallows”

Virgo- “Oh God we could be dead in a second” *spraying insect repellent* “IS IT MUD? NO WAY, BYE BITCHES” *entering the tent*

Libra- *roasting marshmallows with Capricorn* *flips hair* “Gemini is such a bitch. She told everybody I kissed Pisces, I hate her” *gemini comes* “HI GIRL WANTS TO JOIN US?”

Scorpio- *determined* “Aries come here” ~ten minutes later~ *making out*

Sagittarius- “Aries made out with Scorpio? Oh I don’t care I didn’t like her anyway she was too bitchy” *turns to Aquarius* “LET’S FIND SOME MUSHROOMS?”

Capricorn- *reading book* *makes a joke* *nobody laughs* *sits with Libra* “Hey friend at least YOU like me, right?”

Aquarius- *talking to Virgo* “Yeah I do think Aliens really exist but they are some kind of humanoid, you know? Like they can time travel because the human race made them so they became too powerfull and dominated world” *lays in the ground* 

Pisces- *strokes frog* “Hey little butterfly you’re so cute let me give you a name” *catches it* “SIMBA”

Lost in the Dark - Part 3

Lost in the Dark - Part 3

Fic Summary: Part 3 of 5. A post-apocalyptic world can be a lonely place, until a half-frozen lumberjack bursts through your cabin door and you find yourself with an unexpected new friend. Masterpost.

Relationship: Lumberjack Ryan/Reader

Fic Rating: NC-17

Warnings: Language, Sexual Content

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Quent and I went on a sort of autumn adventure today! I slept nearly the whole morning while Human was at college, but the fresh autumn air really woke me up.

The first picture here is one I took of Quent collecting firewood while I heated up coffee on my cauldron (I had to get human to bring this out of my room for me- it was so heavy!). We built a tent from pillow cases and bamboo from the garden which was a lot of fun even though it kept blowing down. I took a whole twenty five photos while we were out so I might post another set of these later!

anonymous asked:

32 please!

You didn’t give me a pairing so I just went with what I was in the mood for. Sorry Anon! I wasn’t going to upload this one yet, but I got really impatient because I’m actually REALLY happy with this and Alistair/Roselyn’s relationship development is so slow and careful. I’m developing a huge soft spot for them. x.x;

Send help.

32. I think I’m in love with you and I’m terrified.

This got long. >.>

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Alistair x Roselyn Cousland

Alistair noticed how she seemed distracted that evening as they collected firewood for the camp. In fact, he had noticed how distracted Roselyn had seemed for weeks, since they had found the Urn of Sacred Ashes.

When they stopped to camp at night she was quiet and subdued. She did not speak much. Not to him or their companions. That she was drawing more and more into herself, spending her time with her mabari rather than him.

He wondered if perhaps he had done something wrong. If he had said something, acted some way that had upset her. He thought about it, but to his mind he did so many foolish things on a daily basis, it could have been anything. His mere presence could have bothered her.

Roselyn was not someone who could be pushed into revealing their feelings. He had discovered that quickly. She spoke in her own time and when forced into something she became aggressive and resentful.

Her silence was driving him mad. That she would not allow him near annoyed him. If he sat with her, she put space between them. If he offered her his hand to help her over a ditch or a log, she refused it. It was like he was fire to her, that he burned if her came too close.

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Campfire II Demi + Selena

The thought of Selena bringing alcohol honestly terrified her. Usually people wouldn’t tell her what they were bringing, Demi would just show up and be in the thick of it, but being pre-warned somehow made it worse. She was already tipsy by their meeting time - not that she could let anyone know - and Demi was more than worried that she would slip up and end up drinking something where someone could see her. If it got back to Nick that she’d started drinking again after all these years, she knew there would be trouble. 

Not that she really deserved to be berated by him; he was the one who had been the cause of it all. Still, she tried to push the thought out of her mind as she pulled on her bikini under her dress, just in case things got closer and closer to the shoreline. She’d been at the beach collecting the firewood earlier, and so when she got there it was already arranged on a careful bed of sand, all she had to do was wait for her friend to show up.

Kristoff leaves the cabin to collect firewood from outside. It’s snowing heavily and when he comes inside he’s covered head to toe in white powder.

Stomping his boots and brushing himself off, he proceeds to build up the fire that has died down to embers. Once it’s bright and crackling, he sits back on his heels and holds his hands out in front of him. As the feeling creeps back into his fingertips, a rustling is heard from the far corner of the room.

The heap of heavy blankets that cover his bed is wiggling. “Kristoff,” comes a lilting call from the bed. “I’m getting lonely over here.”

He should probably go check on Sven. They brought a satchel full of carrots from the castle for the reindeer, and after the long journey the evening before, he deserves a nice bunch of them.

“Kristoff, come to bed. And take those pants off please.”

On second thought Sven is getting kind of fat.

for grace, having some crappy shirtless Neverland!CS fic. (and i’m expecting a better one from you soon)

Well, Emma thought. She had indeed told him to collect some firewood.

She was most definitely not spying. Not at all. Why would there be any reason to be hesitant? They’d only kissed. That was all. At any moment she could walk out and strike up a conversation, or tell him to haul ass back to the group. Sure, Emma could do that. No problem. 

Spying on a shirtless pirate hacking away at logs from behind Neverland’s many tall trees was another option. 

It is hot as hell out here, she argued. 

Why was she even debating the removal of Captain Hook’s upper clothing?

She drew her eyes back to his crumpled shirt and jacket and silently cursed.  It’s your own damn fault for wearing leather to a jungle, idiot.

But here he was. And here she was. And Emma couldn’t. Stop. Staring.

He was muscular, but that was beside the point. It was the tension in his shoulder blades, the way they moved slowly as he bent to organise the wood into a neater pile. His broad shoulders hunched in deep thought, the frown he wore almost as noticeable as his lacking state of dress. He swung the sword and his muscles tightened, showing off years of training and fighting experience. He stretched and Emma bit back a moan. 

The temptation to run her fingers along the pirate’s back was almost unbearable, and Emma dug her nails into the tree to hold back the trembles - No, I am not shaking. For god’s sake, get over it. You’ve seen tons of guys without shirts. They’re all the same.

But Killian’s imperfect torso was slick with sweat, lined with scars and yet still she felt a desperate craving and a heat crawl up through her body. Into her bloodstream like a cure only Killian’s touch could give. 

Why the hell had she come back?

Emma couldn’t remember. All she could see was trails of dark hair waiting to be tangled among her hands, and the slow torture of wanting to touch his bare skin was an ache she could feel in more than one place. It was primitive, heated and unquenchable. 

All because I told him to get some firewood. Happy now? 

She was.

She was not happy at all. The conflict between wanting to embrace him, and wanting to distance herself as much as possible was heading for a collision. It was waiting to be decided; fight or flight.

Not today, she thought. A little sadly, but not without careful thought. Her son needed saving and she needed to focus. She was the Saviour, and Henry was counting on his family to bring him back home. 

Emma stole one last glance at Hook, who was now scooping up his clothes and shrugging into them like armour.