collecting firewood

So much More

-Max allows himself to be ten for just a moment with his odd guardian.-

“Max?” The smaller boy didn’t look up from his game, but David could tell he had his attention. They had learned each other’s body language quite fast.

“May I hug you?” He asked, his voice never once leaving it’s somber tone.

Max’s eyes tore away from his DS,  and maintained eye contact as he plopped his stylus into its slot.

“I-, Um? Are you,” Max looked around their cabin for anything that would cause David to ask such a question, “Okay?”

David looked as fine as he always was, the same smile and demeanor he kept up despite Max’s constant nagging on how annoying it was.

David laughed at the question and he sat down and crossed his legs in front of the couch.

“May I have a hug?” The older male held open his arms, Max hesitantly slid off the couch, leaving the handheld game on the cushion, and stood awkwardly in front of David.

He stared uncertainly at David who waited poised, ready to wrap the boy up in a tight hug.

Max took a deep breath, and closed his eyes as he walked into David’s chest, and almost gasped as David wrapped his arms tight around him.

He had always fought against David’s hugs, but this one felt different than all the others. David’s green hoodie had provided twice the warmth, plus it provided twice the cushion from David’s thing arms. David held him so tight.

Max wondered why he hadn’t let David do this more often.

“Your really mine, Max, aren’t you? Your my kiddo?“ David asked his words muffled by the messy curls that covered half of his face.

“Uh, yeah? You’ve had me for six months now, dumbass.” Max said as though all of this was very obvious.

David chuckled and sat his chin on top of Max’s head. “That mean’s you’re my son, doesn’t it?”

Max was taken back by the question. Not once had he ever thought of their relationship on such an intimate level such as father and son. When anyone said the word ‘Dad’, Max thought of sharp suits and cigar smoke that made the whole house reek.

Max thought of disappointing stares coming from every direction, a night shared long ago by a naive girl and a manipulative older man. He imagines a son who had to suffer for the mistakes two people made so many years ago. David was not even the definitions of what a dad was too Max.

He had a whole definition of his own.

If somewhere to say the word sweet, visions of David would swim in his head. Memories of David baking various treats, all with copious amounts of sugar and icing, stacked high on several trays. David had fussed over his weight back at camp, before he could really monitor the others eating habits. Always making comments on how he would blow away at the rate he was going at. At Max’s third doctor’s visit, the lady had announced Max was only a few pounds away from being a healthy size and David was ecstatic. They celebrated with homemade pizza and ice cream.

And if you said understanding, so many memories would jump out at Max.

When Max first arrived he had nonstop nightmares, some that’d last the entire night leaving him exhausted in the morning, and others that would require him to jolt out of bed in a panic. Those were the night David would lovingly open up the covers to let Max in, and when the temperature began to drop David lovingly made his way out of bed to prepare hot chocolate to soothe his nerves and provide Max with some very ‘sweet’ dreams. The joke had gotten a laugh out of Max.

If you said pride Max would think of their latest camping trip and how David made the best s'mores. David had been setting up the tent while Max collected the firewood. Max had tried to start his first fire while David tried to figure out how to blow up an air mattress without the forgotten pump. When Max had gotten a steady blaze built from twigs and paper, nothing matched the proud grin David had given Max. Max couldn’t stop himself from returning the gesture.

David was not a father, he was so much more.

A father was cold in both touch and demeanor. A father had a son that he considered everything but.

David was a David, and that meant so much more than any title given out by a piece of paper and blood.

Max pulled away to look him in the eyes. David’s hand fell to his shoulder and Max held them there tight.

“I’m not your son because your not my father.” Max’s tone sounded so much more childlike then David was used to, and it was such a surprise to be matched with such a grown up sentence.

David’s shoulder slumped but he kept up his smile, despite the stinging of upcoming tears.

“You’re not my dad, but that’s… That’s okay, because you are something so much better. You’re my David, and that something, so much more physical than a word, it’s right here.” Max grabbed the fabric covering his chest, and used his other hand to copy the movement with David’s sweatshirt.

“It’s right here. You’re my David because you’ve been everything but my father to me. That means so, so much more.” His chest tightened.

“But if you want to do the whole titles, I don’t have to just be your Max.” Max stepped closer, burying himself back in David’s arms.

“I can be your son, David,” Max look back up and saw David’s quivering lip and quickly tried to play off his emotional speech, “But it’s whatever, you don’t have too.”

Max found himself high in the air staring down at David.

“You’re my son, Max! You’re my entire world, you are my happiness, and that makes you my son and I’m your David.” David spun in a circle, drawing dizzy giggles from the ten year old.

“Yes, yes you’re my David!” Max confirmed, hoping that would calm down the other enough to put him down, but he could contain the burst of energy that resonated through his body making him smile and laugh.

He threw Max up in the air and grabbed him to pull him into a hug. They couldn’t help but grin and falling into each others happiness. “My Max!” He cried.

This meant something so much more to the both of them.

David squeezed the boy and fell once more to the floor. Max with his limbs wrapped around David tightly, and David stroking the smooth curls.

“I love you, son.” David whispered after a moment, the sentence feeling so foreign on his lips yet so good.

Max breathed in deeply, every muscle in his body screaming at him to reject the soft words, to counter it with something snide. Max forced himself to be ten for just a moment longer

“I love you too, David.” And it meant so much more.

Homestuck Camping Headcanons

John: Brought enough kites to populate a small country if the citizens were also kites. “John we’re in the middle of the fucking woods where are you going to fly a goddamn kite,” wrong question Karkat. John makes eye contact while holding a kite, floats up above the tree line, and flies his kite suck a dick everyone. Terezi tries flying one of the kites but seemingly does not know how. When John tries to show her she somehow manages to get him tangled up in the string and just starts cackling. She takes another kite from the pile and flies it perfectly. John is not pleased.

Dave: Spends the entire trip there composing raps and sick beats which is VERY ANNOYING to Karkat who is being carried five inches from Dave’s stupid rhyming mouth fuck you Dave. When they get there, it turns out mr cool kid is hella afraid of bugs, like “fuck oh fuck there’s a bug Karkat kill it please fuck oh my god someone please just kill it” levels of hate. “You know my species starts out as a bug” Karkat narrows his eyes. That is different, Dave tells him, your species can talk and have s- “eat shit, Dave.” Around the campfire, he tries to tell a scary story but it turns out the big plot twist at the end is just a character falling down some stairs and Dave saying “I warned you about stairs, bro” in a spooky voice. Roxy throws a marshmallow at his head from across the campfire.

Jade: Somehow manages to befriend every single forest creature she finds. She goes out for a walk and comes back with five squirrels, three bunnies, and a doe with her baby in tow. “Can we keep them?” She finds a nearby lake with a little waterfall and encourages everyone to go swimming, she cannonballs off the ledge obvi and a belly flop competition starts. Everyone’s belly hurts. This was a mistake. Oh god.

Rose: Finds a dark cave nearby and extends an invitation to explore it, Kanaya lights the way and Jake shows up in full on spelunking gear which ends up being pretty much useless as the cave dead ends after fifty feet. Rose is disappointed, she was hoping to find ancient cave drawings or the remains of a ritual sacrifice. Jake, who found some cool rocks and some kind of skull he might give to Dave, asks her why she seems let down. When she mumbles something about the blood of children he nods and walks a step behind her on the way back. At the campfire, Rose also tries to tell a scary story, she recounts the tale of Mothman. It is actually pretty spooky until she gets to the end and says that there probably was no Mothman and it was most likely a red sand hill crane that had wandered off its mighration course. Dave boos.

Kanaya: No one but Rose will share a tent with Kanaya (especially not Dave) because she likes to turn up her glow a little which attracts every. Single. Bug. She has an entourage of moths following her around and yes they do have names, Rose, they’re our children now you have to love them. Tries her hand at scary stories too, but it ends up just being about a troll who showed up to a white-tie occasion in a semi-formal outfit. Needless to say, the fear and outraged reaction was limited. She does end up scaring John, however. He heads around to the latrine only to see Kanaya hunched over a bag of pre-packed blood. “Uh, Kanaya? What are you doing?” She turns around with blood all over her mouth which she casually wipes away, Oh Hello John, I Did Not Hear You Coming, Is Something The Matter? The last part is said to his back as he sprints away screaming.

Karkat: Eats a bug in front of Dave just to freak him out a little, then Dave asks if it’s cannibalism and Karkat punches him in the arm. Tries to refuse swimming in the lake, but Dave jumps in and pretends to drown so Karkat freaks out and jumps in to try to rescue him. When Dave resurfaces laughing, Karkat pushes him back under and asks Dirk if this would count as a just death. Dirk says he better not risk it. While he’s asleep, Dave and John team up by squirting shaving cream on Karkat’s hand and tickling his face with a crow feather. This backfires because instead of rubbing his own face, Karkat starts swinging his arms out and manages to cover both Dave and John’s faces in shaving cream. He doesn’t notice and goes immediately back to sleep. Dave and John wash the shaving cream off and agree that this never happened, only Jane and Roxy Definitely Saw Them and also took a video.

Terezi: “accidentally” knocks one of John’s tent poles out with her cane while she’s walking, then accuses John of unfairly targeted a poor innocent blind girl. She and Vriska go to the river to try and catch fish for dinner, they end up getting in a competition to see who can catch the most fish. Everyone eats soup for dinner. Terezi and Vriska will not talk about what happened. Terezi gives scary stories a go, but it ends up being less scary and more like one of her roleplaying court scenarios. The only vaguely frightening thing is that at the end, she points up to the trees and everyone suddenly realizes that she hanged a bunch of her plushies sometime during the day and apparently no one noticed until now. She smiles wickedly and everyone feels slightly uneasy.

Jane: Spends part of the afternoon getting the soup ready in anticipation of a lack of fish. Realizes she forgot some of her spices at home and starts panicking until Jade takes her through the woods and helps her find some wild herbs that will taste almost the same. At one point, she goes to the bathroom and comes back with a small carapacian in handcuffs having apparently dodged another assassination attempt. She treats this very casually but enjoys being fussed over for a little bit. She tells a scary story that’s actually scary, no one realizes she’s teamed up with John in the Ultimate Prankster Duo. He is making the wind move through the trees very eerily, and right at the scariest part of the story he jumps out of the woods yelling. Everyone jumps out of their seats, some of the godtier kids accidentally fly up a good ten feet in the air they got so frightened. Jane and John high five and secretly salute Colonel Sassacre.

Jake: Jumps off the waterfall at least fifty times and has a blast doing it. Dirk is hesitant to go because he secretly is sort of afraid of heights after living in the post-apocalyptic high rises of Texas. Jake remedies this by picking him up bridal style and jumping off the ledge with him. Dirk does NOT scream or hold onto Jake for dear life because that would be uncool. Jake shows Jade some of the cool rocks he found and presents Dave with the cool skull he brought back. Dave is slightly in awe and develops a newfound respect for Jake, who promises to show him his Cool Skull collection when they get back home. Jake tells a story around the campfire that might have been intended to be scary, but ends up being more of an adventure tale, Indiana Jones style. Everyone listens intently and really enjoys it even though it’s not a ghost story.

Roxy: Can apparently climb trees like nobodies business? She had to help the carapacians in her old neighborhood get stuff out of them because they were always losing balls and cats and kites. She goes for a walk with Jade and Calliope while Jane is making dinner and they pick her a nice bouquet of wildflowers to give her when they get back. Around the campfire, she tries to tell a scary story but it ends up being about wizards and no one is surprised. Their tent is poppin’ and she and the ladies party it the fuck up all night and end up sleeping until noon the next day because they’re so exhausted.

Calliope: Loves being in nature so so so so much holy fuck. She’s lived underground and chained up her entire life that this is unbelievable. She’ll spend entire hours just staring up at the sky and pointing out cloud shapes to Jane and Roxy. She tries telling a scary story around the campfire, but it ends up being a tale about the importance of friendship and how love is the truest magic of all. There are a few tears in some of the kids eyes at the end of it.

Dirk: He and Jake go out to collect firewood and refuse to take more than one trip so they stagger back into camp with towering piles of branches and make a huge mess by dropping them everywhere. Instead of telling a ghost story, he and Dave have a rap battle over the fire which devolves into them just laughing and quoting SBAHJ until they can’t talk anymore. Karkat and Jake share a Look™ like, I can’t believe these are our fucking dorks. Dirk can name every single star, he knows the stars and constellations that transferred over from his Earth, and he knows the ones that migrated in from Alternia/Beforus. People begin to doubt him when he points out a constellation that he claims is shaped like a dick, most likely because he called it “Ursa Penis”. He spends the rest of the night trying to come up with a major/minor dick size joke but can’t think of a good one and sulks a little about it.

Sollux: Sets up everyone’s tent for them with his psiionics and goes on a walk with Karkat. They get very lost and argue the whole time about whether or not they are actually lost. John and Dave are flying above them and could theoretically help them get back to camp but they will not. Sollux thinks they’re going to die out in the woods and tries eating some roots and berries and mushrooms even though Karkat tells him that that’s the worst possible fucking idea he’s ever had in his life and yes he’s including the time Sollux suggested finding a way to combine troll and bee DNA to make the ultimate being. You mean ‘bee’-ing, Sollux says. No the fuck I do not, Karkat replies. The mushroom Sollux eats ends up giving him wackass hallucinations and Karkat definitely does not record any of the crazy bullshit Sollux starts saying.


cascading fingers, linger. water rushes and i fall into myself; find new ways to swallow tomorrow. a first born baptized, feeling capsized and there’s no other way to shore. anchors for ankles, unfound fire, untapped desire; find a way to borrow more. drift pass the hourglass, earth and dirt; debris in degrees. hubris in the mercury, certainly mine before yours. indulge in hyperbole, paint me on your skin to sin. the wind carries ashes, eyelashes; moments that left me thin.


i erase her with a word, electrons firing, she coils back in; somedays, i hide behind clouds, lapse in almond swamp, lose myself in her grasslands—she can’t discover me; leave my magnet to distract her compass, clean slate, no maps, no dots, no directions, only doubt; she collects firewood, while i work in the field, dust rises at dusk, a sugarcane reed, brocade creator, she, a revelatory supernova; we have sapphire scars, a medley of knives, she keeps score—i ask her to end this masquerade.

[a collaboration with the talented @poeticallyprofound]

Darkness spreads

Ah the Purl Empire, how planets had we conquered this year alone? ten? Twenty? ah it didn’t matter our empire grows and soon enough we shall be where we rightfully belong. The lords of the galaxy. 

I toast to our most recent successes along with my fiend Fera and commander of the second order, his force was almost as big as mine and the number of planets he had conquered was fast. But  I had done more,Truly there was no race in the universe that could face us. So many races our Empire had trodden on, so many had faced us and where are they, extinct is where they are. forgotten to the pages of history. Ah my assistants finally enters my office surly to bring some more good news.

“Sir, the 8th fleet has…gone”

“Gone? What do you mean gone?” i demand to know.

“We lost contact with them a few hours ago, we believed it to be a communication malfunction but they are not responding on any channel”

This is impossible, no fleet has ever simply dissipated.

“Where were they?” I ask trying to make sense of this.

“They were heading to system 1963.6″

“Well what is there?”

“A small barley inhabitable planet, other than that not much is known it has been some time since a probe was sent there”

“How long ago?”

“about a hundred years and our reports show the barley sentient race there were living in huts”

My friend suggests they are simply not responding or that their equipment has malfunctioned. But on every ship that is not likely, i order my assistant to send the 4th fleet as they should be close by, they could tell us what is happening and clear up this mystery.

10 fleets, we sent 10 fleets into that territory that should have been more than enough to destroy what was lurking in that…void. This darkness is spreading too, whatever began on that planet has spread far and worse with every victory they seem to get stronger.

 We were able to capture one of them, dead obviously they are too dangerous to be captured alive. This alien is beyond our comprehension, our scanners can’t detect it, our tools can only barley cut it, it’s like their bones are made of pure steel. As soon as one of their organs was cut open acid sprayed everywhere killing the researchers and even melting the table. Did these things evolve naturally?

The entire Empire is now mobilizing, all 182 fleets are moving to surround this darkness, we may at least be able to contain them, my fleets are but a shadow of their former glory now. Once I commanded one of the largest fleets in the Empire and now it’s been reduced to less than half strength. Worse I’m on support duty for those at the front.

The darkness has spread once more, this time in every direction, their ships we can target them, we cant even see them we fire blind in some hope we might hit them. Their ships grab ours and board our ships vomiting their soldiers inside. I am ashamed to say I fled when they broke through my section. 

The Purl Empire is gone, it fell years ago, the moment my fleet was sent to attack their home they have hunted us with a hunger that is not natural, they have devoured every planet we had, every ship we fought with. Now we hide, on this back water world with only the most basic technology to survive on. Food is scarce, the water poisonous in large quantities. I’m out one day collecting firewood, how far I have fallen I think to myself, a noise behind me makes me turn and i drop the wood at what I see.

The darkness, they were waiting for us.


A/N: For @princess-of-erebor1992​ who requested a fic based on this imagine from @imaginexhobbit​! Sorry it took a little while (and that I’m posting it at an awkward time), but here it is!

Summary: After being dropped in Middle Earth, it takes a while for you to find your voice again.

Word Count: 1471 (went a little overboard on this one)

Warnings: None, I think? Some mild freaking out, maybe.

It had been a full day since you had appeared on the forest path in front of the company, glowing like a wraith, and just as silent. The panic on the dwarves’ face at the unexpected presence was nothing to your panicked expression, your eyes darting wildly around as you took in the horrifyingly foreign surroundings. Gandalf had swooped in and collected you with very little fuss, insisting that you travel with the company. Thorin had been less than pleased at that, protesting that they knew nothing about you, that you would only be a hindrance on this very important quest. But the grey wizard merely ignored Thorin’s protestations and hoisted you up onto Bilbo’s pony, assuring you that the company would take good care of you.

Through the whole exchange, you had not said a word. You were too terrified.

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there’s a part in that NatGeo article where Avery Jackson, the trans kid on the cover, says “Everything about being a girl is good”. The female children in the article say some really different things about girlhood. From Nawar Kagete in Kenya: “You are seduced wherever you go. You are chased by men. If you go to fetch water, you are chased; you go to collect firewood, you are chased.” From Yunshu Sang in China: “I think that something girls can’t do is to be a police officer. I want to be a police officer, but most police are men and there are no women, so I can’t.” From Tomee War Bonnet in South Dakota: “The worst thing about being a girl is that you just can’t do things that boys can do, like, it kind of bothers me how there was not one girl president.”

- hello!!!!!!!!!!!! long time no lengthy life update posts!!! what’s doin
- i am officially back in melbourne, showered and in the first real bed i’ve been in for about six months, so that’s nice
- left viborg a few weeks ago and cried all the way to aarhus, v sad to say goodbye to my classmates, but also very sure i will see them all again
- katherine and i went on an Otter Spotting / Graveyard Tour of Scotland in an only mildly obnoxious wicked van. failed to find any otters but found many many old mountain graveyards next to beautiful lochs so win some lose some
- i’d like to take this time to voice my gratitude to katherine, who is probably my only friend who would walk through marsh, climb up cliffs, scramble down steep ravines, and wade around headlands for three hours and 16km on a fruitless quest for otters with me. she’s a good egg
- we spent a lot of time pretending to be gothic 19th century heroines on the lonely rugged shores of the west coast of scotland collecting firewood and living off soup. was very aesthetically satisfying but we were a bit in need of a wash by the end
- spent our last few days in london before i hopped on a plane bound for home after what my computer back up’s system is telling me was 194 days
- in spite of plans to sleep for the next year, i’ve as per usual found myself as busy as ever for the next few weeks. I’ve got commissions to finish, mimon to kick off again on monday, and oz comic con on the 2nd. as well as the two jobs i’ve suddenly found myself with. yikes friends when will i chill
- either way i’ll do my best to be around more soon enough! one thing’s for sure, i’m gonna be producing a heck ton of art over the next month or so, so i’ll be around
- hope everyone is well!!!! i’m stressed (i’m starting to think maybe that’s just my general state of being for 2017) but good. the world’s a mad but good.

Camp Rules!!

Stranded {Part 8}

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader (Female Identifying)

Series: Stranded

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Merman Bucky AU: You find yourself stranded on a desert island no thanks to a stupid group of pirates…you happen to make a friend, however, who’s determined to show you how to survive.

Part 1 X, Part 2 X, Part 3 X, Part 4 X, Part 5 X, Part 6 X, Part 7 X

@ria132love @thepoet1975 @inumorph @chameerah @shadyphangirl18 @mirkwoodshewolf
@shadow257 @iamthemaskhewears @fandomsinabookshelf @theasparagusawakens @mundane-cup-noodles @fuckmewintertucker @fangeekkk @blissfullylostinarabbithole  @inlovewithmydreams @lloeppky @camibirdieboo @clean-and-claire @hollycornish @harrypotterlovi @magellan-88

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19/50 - “Maybe you’re not thinking hard enough.”

Fandom: All for the Game/The Foxhole Court
Characters/pairings: Neil, Andrew, Matt/andreil
Summary: Neil takes his team camping.

A/N: It’s been awhile, mostly because I deleted the last two fics I was going to post instead of queuing them and I hate rewriting things.

It was supposed to be a team building exercise. Take the entire team on a weekend camping trip, have fun puzzles and activities, bond. Neil had thought it a plan wholly worthy of former team captain Dan Wilds.

Apparently he had thought wrong.

From the get go everything had gone awry. The new freshmen Foxes refused to participate in the activities. Kevin had fallen into a patch of poison ivy trying to avoid the advances of the girl Neil had recruited his first year and had taken Aaron down with him. Jack and Sheena were already drunk and making out against a tree.

It was complete chaos and Neil needed to get away. Only he couldn’t get away because he was captain and this had been his idea.

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anonymous asked:

May I request an MC that loves to camp/grew up camping and hiking and just being outside her whole life and trying to get the RFA + V + Saeran to go camping with them °ʚ(*´꒳`*)ɞ°. It's so cute to imagine I can't even!!! XXD Thanks in advance !!!

You’re absolutely right anonny, this is an adorable idea! I tried to make this more fluffy because it is so cute to think about going camping with the RFA and friends! So thank you for the request and I hope that you enjoy!! ^^


  • Yoosung isn’t really into going outside much so he’s a little bit hesitant when it comes to camping with you
  • But you’ve been helping him study for his classes so it’s the least he could do
  • He gives his computer and electricity one final goodbye as the two of you head out to go camping
  • This poor boy can’t pitch a tent for the life of him, Yoosung refuses you help him because he’s a man and he’s supposedly got this
  • But after an hour of no success and Yoosung trying to untangle himself from the tent, you set the tent up within a few minutes, making him red with embarrassment
  • He starts helping you gather some firewood because this boy is looking forward to some homemade s'mores
  • Once the two of you get the fire going, Yoosung makes himself nine s'mores as he listens to you re-tell camping stories from your childhood
  • Yoosung isn’t too keen on sleeping alone with just the two of you in the woods but you wrap your arms around him and reassure him that you two will be fine
  • That is until a bear passes by and eats the marshmallows that Yoosung left out, both of you frozen with fear but are unharmed
  • Yoosung isn’t sure if he wants to go camping again soon but he did have fun with you because anywhere you go together is enjoyable


  • Zen immediately agreed to go camping with you as soon as you brought the idea up
  • Since he’s been receiving so many new acting roles, the two of you barely spent any time together and he figures that camping would be fun
  • You pick a more secluded area in the forest so that no media members or crazy fangirls bother you two
  • Zen helps you make the tent up and collects firewood while you get the supplies for dinner ready
  • He’s amazed at how good cooking over a fire can be and is convinced it’s because of your chef’s touch
  • Since the night is a bit chilly, you cozy up next to Zen as he wraps a warm blanket around both of your shoulders
  • You tell him camping stories about your past, the look of excitement in your eyes is too much for Zen so he giggles and kisses your red-tipped nose
  • He’s a bit nervous about sleeping in the tent alone with you in the woods so he tries to stay up as late as possible
  • Just as the two of you were dozing off, you hear a wolf howling and the two of you look at each other
  • Zen smirks as the wolf reminds him of himself, telling you that being in such a secluded area means that no one can hear your cries of pleasure
  • You can now check off outdoor sex on your bucket list - Zen genuinely loves camping with you and the two of you start planning another trip as soon as you get home


  • Jaehee loves the idea of going camping with you, especially since that means no stuffy office buildings for her
  • She doesn’t stop smiling at your enthusiasm so she says she wants to have as much fun as you have
  • You take her to a local camping site where there are some other families nearby so she doesn’t get freaked out
  • Jaehee pitches the tent faster than anyone you’ve ever seen, the woman’s got skills
  • Although her cooking skills could use some improvement, she wasn’t use to making meals over a campfire and burned the first attempt
  • So she leaves that to you while she finishes gathering all of the supplies
  • Once the two of you finish eating you let her vent out her issues and worries while the two of you share a warm cup of coffee
  • She loves the idea of sleeping in a tent and falls asleep within seconds thanks to the soothing nature sounds
  • But the tent is on the smaller side and Jaehee ends up sprawling her body all across the cramped area, leaving you to huddle in the corner
  • Jaehee wakes up feeling refreshed while you tell her for the next camping trip, you’re going to teach her proper tent sleeping etiquette


  • Jumin gives you a confused look whenever you tell him that you want to go camping together
  • He thinks he’s heard of camping before, he assumes that it’s a commoner’s activity, but he’s not completely sure what it is
  • But seeing how excited you were when talking about it makes Jumin agree, although he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into
  • You pick a more open area in the forest to go camping to feel more alone but with the numerous security guards surrounding you two it’s difficult
  • Jumin asks you so many questions about everything from “Why sleep in a tiny tent when I can purchase a cabin for us?” To “How are we suppose to know when the food is done cooking since there’s no cooking timer?”
  • It’s tough trying to get this city boy into an outdoor lover but you still try
  • You find a since little secluded area to watch the sunset together and you think that Jumin is starting to get into camping
  • That is until he had to use the restroom and didn’t know where to go or what to do
  • He accidentally pees on top of a skunk nest and inevitably gets himself sprayed by the angry creatures
  • You have to cut the camping trip short and drove home in separate cars while Jumin gets himself de-skunk spray-ified
  • Jumin has to be thoroughly convinced again to go camping again, you tell him that you’ll teach him the best ways to avoid skunks for the next trip


  • Seven is completely down for camping the second you suggest it
  • This boy needs to get out of the house more so you’re glad you don’t have to drag him outside
  • He goes all out when buying gear and equipment so that the two of you have a memorable time
  • You pick out the same area as your childhood times when picking out where to set up camp
  • Seven wants to explore so he leads you on a small hike, he puts on a nature hike outfit and gives you random facts about nature
  • When you get back to your camping gear, Seven holds his hand in front of your and nods to the raccoon scouring through your food
  • He gently gets the raccoon to leave and you’re shocked that he managed to not get himself mauled
  • When nighttime falls, Seven lays out some blankets and wraps your up in his arms as the two of you stargaze
  • He points out different constellations and tells you stories about them
  • Seeing the look of pure happiness in Seven’s eyes makes you tear up, making him confused but you assure him that you’re fine
  • You and Seven end up staying an extra night at the campsite because you both have so much fun
  • Seven has a newfound love of camping thanks to you and and plans on teaching you everything there is to know about the stars


  • V loves nature so he’s all for going camping with you
  • He’s never gone camping before so he excited when you tell him that you went camping all of the time in the past
  • You take him to an area where there are some people near by so he doesn’t get too freaked out being alone in the forest
  • But since everything seems so similar to him because of the muted colors, V has a tough time maneuvering around
  • This poor boy walks into nine trees until he asks you to be his guide as you see a bruise forming on his forehead
  • He adores sitting by the campfire with you, the warmth from both the fire and snuggling beside you
  • While the sun sets, V gets tons of photos of you and the scenic nature backgrounds
  • You both get a good night’s sleep until you both woke up in the morning covered in bug bites
  • V’s almost in tears as he realizes he forgot to zip the tent up and left it open all night long
  • You two go home early from your camp trip to lather each other up with aloe vera
  • After saying ‘sorry’ about one hundred times, V takes you on another camping trip the next week
  • V makes sure to always zip the tent up and bring lots of bug spray as the two of you have a fun time camping since he’s much more prepared


  • Saeran already loves being outdoors so he agrees when you suggest the two of you go camping
  • But since he’s never been camping before, he lets you do all of the packing and planning
  • When the two of you get there, Saeran takes almost an hour to stare at the nature’s beauty
  • He loves being outdoors, especially if you’re with him, so he’s loving every second of camping
  • Saeran is a master at making campfires and heats up all kinds of desserts, trying to be romantic and shyly feeds some s'mores to you
  • Most of the day, he stares at the sky, especially during the sunset
  • He was looking forward to watching the night sky with you until Saeran notices some dark clouds pass by
  • Without any warning, heavy rain starts pouring down as you and Saeran take shelter in the tent
  • Even though he had no control over it, Saeran feels guilty for the rain but you give him a small kiss on the cheek and unzip the top part of the tent
  • A clear covering on the top of the tent reveals a newly cleared night sky to a now smiling Saeran
  • Saeran lets you know how much he loves camping but makes sure to check the weather next time the two of you camp
Like A Cat

A “Logan” fanfiction. One-shot.



Charles discovers an interesting quirk that Logan and Laura share.

Charles leaned his head on his hand and smiled at the pair napping on the couch.

Logan had fallen asleep after a day of helping the children collect firewood. From what Charles had heard, their antics had involved a large amount of tree climbing and at least two incidents of young mutants falling into a river.

Logan, with his metal-plated bones, was hardly an adept swimmer, but he’d moved quickly to avoid the possibility of the children getting swept downstream. By the time the group had made it to the cabin where they were staying, Logan had been wet, achy, cold, and irritable. He’d just managed to slip out of his shoes and wet clothing before he all but collapsed on the run-down couch they all had salvaged from an abandoned house.

Only one of his legs had actually made it onto the cushions, the other stretched out along the floor. His head sagged against the padded armrest, his grizzled hands resting on his chest. He was looking healthier than he had in a long while, the medicine the children had stolen from Transigen working its magic. There was color in his face, and some of the old scars on his face had faded to near-invisibility.

Laura was napping with him.

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TrekFest 2017

Word Count: 1000
Tags: @outside-the-government, @pinkamour1588
Prompt & Author’s note: So, last night, I found the amazing miracle of panties with pockets (photo at the end of the story), and well… it made my day, and yeah… so @pinkamour1588 requested a fic featuring the panties with pockets. Here it is…

It was an away mission from hell, as far as you were concerned. The weather had turned on you, you and Jim had somehow become separated from the rest of the team, comms were out, and night was falling rapidly. A night that Spock had told you before leaving would last 68 hours and had the potential of a temperature drop of 80 degrees.

You were going to freeze to death with your captain. Not your idea of a good way to go. At least you could huddle for warmth before you died? At least then you’d get in on some of the legendary Jim Kirk action you’d been hearing about since you were assigned to the Enterprise. A last request, as it were?

Jim led you toward a sheltered copse of trees and set about industriously clearing a spot, digging a small hole with his hands, and ringing the hole with rocks. He then used his phaser to start a fire with the dead undergrowth he’d collected from around you. Not to be outdone, you started cutting down branches from the soft evergreens and making a lean-to. You became aware that Jim was staring at you and stopped, turning back to face him.


“Where did you get a jack knife and twine?” He asked, a look of complete confusion on his face.

“My pocket?” You replied. He continued to look baffled, but said nothing, returning to his chosen task of collecting more firewood.

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I understand England does not get enough snow for a decent snow season, but for the moral of this story, let’s just say there is.

Also, did someone unfollow me because I posted Sam imagines? That boy is an angel.

Ship: Tom Holland x Fem!Reader
Warnings: Maybe a couple of swears
Notes: in this story you have a brother


Day 1:

Every year, you family, the Osterfield family and the Holland family go to the snow for a family trip. You and Tom met at a Billy Elliot audition. You had gone for the role as Debbie. You got it and you were in the show for quite some time. You attended the BRIT for some time as well, that’s where you met Harrison. You didn’t think acting was the best career choice for you, so you dropped out. You went to a normal high school after that. You rarely saw your best friendly and your parents knew it was bad for your mental health. Hence why your family’s started to do this as a tradition. This was about your 4th year going to the snow with their family’s. Your parents would book the lodge, everyone would come down and chill for a week, ski, snowboard, toast marshmallows, relax in the hot tub and create stupid games, like, there was this one year when your brother thought it was a good idea to see who could survive the freezing temperatures in their underwear. Mid way doing it, Harry was so cold he started to turn blue and everybody’s parents ran outside to ‘save’ you. The next day you were all grounded from seeing each other.

This year, your parents thought it was sensible enough to let the ‘kids’ all go up by themselves. You all met at the Holland household and designated drivers and passengers. You drove your brother, Charlotte and Paddy. Whilst Tom drove Harrison, Harry and Sam.
You had a lit playlist of songs on your Spotify ranging from rap, to rnb, to an occasional Disney song. Half way during your trip to the mountains, you stopped in a small town which sold the best bread, pies, parts and cakes. You grab cheap milk and last minute essentials because the milk bar on the mountain doesn’t have a lot of food.

“So, how’s everything been with you?” Tom asks.

“Meh. Okay I suppose Mr movie star.” You shrugged pulling out some soft drink out of the fridge. You walk up to the counter and pay for everything. Tom hands his card over and pays for it instead. You sigh. “Thomas…” you drain. “You didn’t have too.”

“It’s cool.” He shrugged getting the bags. You two made it back to the cars.

“45 minutes to go and then we’re there.” Charlotte was saying as she looked at the directions on her phone whereas Harry was looking at a map. You hop back in the car and start driving again. Your brother had fallen asleep in the back seat, so it was only you, Charlotte and Harry talking. Charlotte was talking about some guy she likes. You nod your head, not really listening to her.

“Just go for it. Ask him out.”

“(Y/N), are you not listening to me? He has a girlfriend.”

“Oh sorry.” You say turning your car up the mountains.

“Anyways, it’s not like I should take your advice. You didn’t take mine.”

“And what was that again?” You asked her confused.

“Paddy cover your ears.” She said turning her head to Paddy.

“I’m not a baby. I’m not even listening to your conversation anyways.” He said taking the ear phones out of his ears. Harry covered Paddy’s ears with his hands.

“Whatever.” Charlotte smiled and turned to me.

“You never confessed to Tom about your feelings.”

“Please don’t bring this up again.” You sigh blushing.

“Oh come on. He totally has the hots for you as well.”

“Do people say that?”

“Seriously, just tell him. You should’ve told him before he did Spider-Man.”

“Charlotte, it’s not that easy.”


“Every time I’m around him, I get nervous. I turn into a giggling mess and blush every time he talks to me. I’m trying to block out those feelings I am for him, because I know he would choose anyone other than me. I’ve known him for years, he wouldn’t choose me if we were the last two people on earth.” You mumble to her as you read a sign saying that you need to put your chains on your tyres. You pull over and hop out of the car.

“Whatever then.” Charlotte rolls her eyes and gets out with you and opens the boot of the car and gets the chains out.

“Do you lovely girls need any help?” A guy came up and asked you.

“Could you please. That would be amazing. Thank you.” You smile to the kind stranger as he teaches you how to put the chains on your tyres.

Tom’s car was right behind yours. The boys were giving him crap for not asking you out yet. Charlotte had texted Harrison about what she was discussing in the car with (Y/N).
“Dude. I’m too busy for a relationship these days. You know that.”

“No you’re not.” Harrison poked his tongue out at his best friend.

“Plus, she’s probably into someone else from work or whatever. I’m totally not her type.”

“Oh come on. You’re Spider-Man. Any girl would jump at the chance to date you.”

“Yeah any girl but (Y/N). God, if I could have her for one day, I would. You know.” Tom shrugged as he followed your car to park near and out the chains on his tyres.

“Dude, you better Spider-Man it up. I think she’s got an admirer.” Harrison said playfully slapping his best friends chest and point to you and Charlotte who were flirting with the stranger helping her out the chains on her tyres. Tom couldn’t help but look at your smile and just stare at you. It was probably a bit creepy. He watched your every move. “Go on. Save her day. Be her night in shining armour.”

“Yeah Tom. Save the day.” Sam butted in.

“Don’t encourage him!” Tom groaned to Harrison and Sam. Tom walked over to your car and crossed his arms.

“Hey Tom.” You smile leaning against the car twirling your hair with your finger.

“Hey. So, uhm.” Tom stopped.

“Sup brother.” Harry said and smirked. “Do I have news for you.” You glare at Harry, because he promised he wouldn’t say a word.

“Whoa. The sexual tension head is so high, it’s higher than the mountain.” Harrison joked.

“We’ve got ten minutes left.” Tom said and whistled to the boys. “Let’s go.”

“Ooo, someone’s angry.” Sam laughed and Tom glared at him.

“We’ll met you guys there.” You smile calmly. “I’m just going to get some firewood-”

“I’ll get it. I’m great and collecting firewood. You could call me a firewood collector.” Tom said proudly and Sam began laughing.

“Loser.” Harrison smirked. You thought it was cute.

“That would be amazing Tom. Thank you.” You gleamed heading back to your car and starting the engine, so did Harry, Charlotte, Paddy and your brother. You drive up the mountain and eventually made it to the lodge. You park your car in the garage and may your way inside.

“It’s so cold.” Paddy chatters his teeth carrying his bag inside. You go to put the heater on with the cold of sticks you had from the last residents in this lodge. You find some matches and light the fire in the fire place, hoping the boys had found some good wood to bring back.

“I’m going to make some tea. Anyone want some?” Charlotte asked.

“Please.” You smile as you hear the boys car arrived at the house. You skip down the stairs and open the door for them.

“Thanks (Y/N).” Harrison Thanks as he carries the wood inside.

“I thought Tom was -”

“He got a splinter and now he thinks he dying.” Sam added as he walked into the house.

“I’m not dying.” Tom rolled his eyes and Sam and walked inside. Tom lips began to turn blue.

“Tom. Are you okay? You uhm, you look cold.” You tell him rubbing his arms with your hands. You had never felt how strong he was until now. His muscles were so defined under his warm and cosy jumper he was wearing. “Go into the lounge room and keep warm in front of the fireplace.” You smile at him.

After a couple of hours lounging around, Paddy suggests and chooses a movie for you all to watch. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire played on the TV. You sat down next to Tom and passed him a bowl of chocolate covered pretzels.
“Want some?” You asked him and he took a handful. You handed the bowl around to the rest of them. Tom shuffled in his spot and placed his arm around your shoulders hoping no one would notice. Well, Harry took a photo of the two of you together and sent the photo to everyone except you and Tom. You gave the bowl of pretzels to your brother and he shared them around with everyone else. Tom’s hand careful grazed your arm as you placed your head on his shoulder. You have seen this movie over 1000 times. You yawned and Tom whispered in your ear.

“You’re exhausted. Go to sleep. I’m not moving.” You nod and fall asleep in his arms.

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