Play Arts Kai DC Variant Catwoman

The figure is scheduled for release in November at a price of 14,800 Yen (about $120 USD).

The figure, designed by Tetsuya Nomura, features an all new look similar to Nomura’s famed designs on the Final Fantasy series.

It will include multiple interchangeable hands, a removable tail (to be used as a whip), a gun and a figure stand. The visor can slide up to reveal the figures face underneath.


Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars Sixth Scale Figure line gets a new addition. The Sideshow Collectibles Jawa Sixth Scale Figure Set.

The set includes two fully articulated Jawa figures that stand at 8.78″ tall. Each figure comes with a cloth bandolier, light up LED eyes, multiple interchangeable hands, a blaster, a restraining bolt space thermos, welder, droid caller, and an ion blaster.

The sets sells for $219.99 and ships between March and May of 2016.

From Sideshow:.

Jawa Sixth Scale Figure Set

A curious species, bands of greedy merchant Jawas scour the deserts of Tatooine for discarded droids and scrap machinery to repair, trade, and resell. Never seen traveling alone, the Sideshow Collectibles Jawa Sixth Scale Set includes two fully articulated individuals, each packed with personality and the ability to pose in an endless variety of positions for display. Mysteriously concealed in their traditional brown robes and bandoliers, bright LED-illuminated yellow eyes peer out from beneath the dark folds of their peaked hoods. Ready to peddle their hastily refurbished finds, the Jawas are equipped with an impressive cache of weapons and accessories, including a space thermos, welder, droid caller, magnetic restraining bolt, a blaster pistol which fits neatly in a belt holster, and a droid-stunning Ion Blaster for difficult acquisitions. Scum, villainy, and moisture farmers alike will be hard-pressed to find a better selection anywhere else!


  • Bernardo Esquivel (Paint)
  • Alfred Paredes (Sculpt)
  • Tim Niver (Sculpt)
  • Amy & Brayton Carpenter (Costume Fabrication)
  • Kevin Ellis (Costume Fabrication & Development)
  • Jesse Lincoln (Development)
  • Matt Bischof (Development)
  • The Sideshow Design Team

What’s in the Box?

The Jawa Sixth Scale Figure Set specially features:

  • Two (2) different sized articulated bodies
  • Heads with illuminated light-up eyes
  • Two (2) different sized inner robes
  • Two (2) robe belts
  • Two (2) different sized outer cloaks
  • Two (2) adjustable cloak hoods
  • One (1) vest
  • Three (3) unique fabric bandoliers
  • One (1) bandolier with blaster holster
  • Ionization blaster rifle with power pack
  • Ionization blaster pistol
  • Droid caller
  • Welder
  • One (1) restraining bolt
  • Two (2) pairs of sculpted wrapped feet
  • Right pointer hand
  • Left droid caller holding hand
  • Right/Left weapon grip hands
  • Left welder holding hand
  • Right restraining bold hand
  • Right/Left relaxed hands
  • Right open gesture hand
  • Left c-grip hand

Manufacturer: Sun-Star Stationary (Bit of a redundant name don’t you think?)

Out of all the things they ever made resemble the sealing and star wands from Cardcaptor Sakura, these are probably the best. Their quality is very nice, the detailing is perfect (the star wand even has gems on both sides). The only problem is they feel a little limp and flimsy, but that’ll happen when you put a weight at the end of these little pointers. Just don’t ever fully extend it and it’ll feel fine. It’s full length is almost a meter.

Recommendation: They’re cute, but pricey. Usually between 50 and 60 for the set. The Sakura wand pointers are a cute little gimmick item and you can bet that if I ever have a panel at a convention (probably about how it’s ok for guys to love Shoujo) I will be using these on a power point.

4/5 (I’m gonna start using ratings)


Banpresto, Atsumete figures, Sakura, Keroberos, and Yue.

At long last they made merch of Kero and Yue as their true forms! As figures go they’re basic but cute. Fairly stable in their base and a grey bit of decoration to get with any Sakura figure.

Recommendation: The Atsumete line of Sakura figures are all cute. I’m not a fan of some of the colors they use but they are excellent figures overall.