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@giornoweek2k17​ Day 1: Italy / Likes / HCs 

thinking about giorno taking a break, maybe he’d drive around the coast just to clear his head a little. the life of a gangstar —leading, conferences, decisions and deceptions— it can be a strenuous thing. maybe he’d want someplace quiet where he can think to himself, reorganize his thoughts and goals, ambition 

i was just thinking about this and im wondering if i’m just coming up with this to show that klance is real but does keith stutter more around lance than anyone else???



Tribute to Echotale by @yoralim

It was one of the first AUs I fell in love with ;u; Thank you for such an amazing story!

Please do not repost/reuse without permission.


12x14 & 12x15

I got an anon about this like halfway through the hiatus that I responded to like, yes right after 12x15 I meant to make this gifset. Ooops. I also have a whole bunch of anons I thought may or may not have been indirectly answered by other stuff on my blog but were all asking about what was going to happen to Cas, and I haven’t been able to put words to it the entire month.

Anyway these gifs after the first 2 are in no particular order or chosen to be a side by side, but possibly chronological because my gif-collecting was a haphazard mess. But the last ones are definitely “you’re a killer” and “btw Joshua” reaction shots, and I think are where Ketch and Kelvin played their cards. 

Obviously both then go with their respective offer to see what it’s all about, but my hope/assumption/tentative speculation is that this is a fairly direct parallel, based on how these two are in general with their story arcs, and also after rewatching a little chunk of season 12 I realised just how many small moments are repeated between characters, in fairly direct ways, and this is hopefully just a version where we’ve been left hanging on Cas’s side for the equivalent of the hotel scene with Dean and Ketch, to be picked up again later.

Of course Dean also then the next episode has his arm twisted to work with the BMoL anyway, at least on his terms, and Cas going along with Kelvin can crunch this parallel down into him working with Heaven in probably similar ways to Dean and the BMoL, we’ll hopefully see how that goes tonight in a way which will give us a lot of material to speculate/understand things. 

But at least these two conversations side by side, when you watch these episodes back to back, offer a pretty clear suggestion that, structurally, we have this parallel of Cas to Dean’s unsuccessful career day pitch from Ketch, and Cas is NOT ET-ing back home like he threatened to in 8x23, which seemed to be a few people’s fear… and honestly I’m still not sure what all the various main thoughts are on that still. Maybe everyone’s been waiting and doesn’t know what to make of it yet.


“Just tell me if you want me to take over.” Phil was currently sitting on the bed, an amused smirk covering his face. I shook my head determinedly.

“No,” I insisted. “I can be dominant too!” He rolled his eyes. Walking up to him, I gripped his jaw and forced him to look up. “Don’t roll your eyes at me.”

“Sorry, master. It’s just quite funny that you’d think I was submissive at all.” He chuckled. I was quickly growing tired of his lack of cooperation, anger boiling in my stomach. Lowering my voice, I leaned in close to his ear.

“Strip, or I’ll have to punish you.” His breath seemed to hitch for half a second before falling back into place. The smirk returned easily. It happened so quickly I found myself doubting if it had actually been real.

“As if you could punish me. Go ahead.”

Finally. I shoved him backwards, hurriedly undoing my belt and pulling his hands over his head. Using the belt as a restraint, I locked his wrists to the headboard. Phil bit his lip, glancing at the leather strap holding his arms up.

I brought his attention back to me by straddling his hips. Making sure that he was watching, I dragged a hand down my chest teasingly before catching hold of my t-shirt, pulling it off as slow as I could. Then I brought my fingers to the button on my pants.

Phil watched attentively as I undid my black jeans, pushing them down my hips along with my boxers. I stroked myself lightly. A barely audible whine fell from his mouth, and his eyes darkened as he stared. Parting his lips subconsciously, I watched his tongue wet them. I chuckled low.

“Eager, are we? You sure slipped into your role easily.” His cheeks turned crimson, and he averted his eyes. Moving up to straddle his chest, I brought my tip to his mouth. “Go on, sweetheart.”

Still flustered, he parted his lips. I pushed in slowly, tangling my fingers in his hair. I used the black strands to pull him further, only stopping when I hit the back of his throat. Then I pulled back out before repeating the movement.

Tears formed in Phil’s eyes as I thrusted roughly, hitting the back of his throat repeatedly as he gasped for breath. He tried his best to relax and pleasure me properly, choked moans falling from his lips. I groaned as I watched him, some unknown part of me loving how he looked when he was being controlled like this.

“Look at you, taking me without complaint,” I purred, jerking my hips hard one more time before dragging his mouth off. He gasped for breath, a few tears falling from his eyes. His hair was a mess from my fingers pulling at it. Yet he looked up at me hopefully, begging to please me further. Not a submissive, hmm? I beg to differ.

Releasing his hands, I got off of him. “Strip,” I ordered again. This time he hurried to obey, practically ripping off his shirt and jeans. Then he kneeled on the bed, waiting for my next command. I raked my eyes over his exposed skin hungrily. Phil whimpered softly, running a hand over himself.

“Please, Dan… I want you..” His voice was hoarse from my rough treatment. I glared at him. Pushing him backwards, I restrained his wrists with my belt again.

“Don’t be so greedy.”

“Sorry,” He whispered meekly. I hummed in response, leaning down to attach my lips to his collarbone. He shuddered, turning his head to give me better access. I bit and bruised his pale skin, gripping his thighs as I slowly moved down his chest. Phil had crossed his legs sometime after getting undressed, hiding himself from view. I sat up and slipped my fingers in between his thighs.

“Let me see you, baby,” I purred, using my hands to pull them apart gently. He blushed, avoiding my eyes. Hmm.. submissive Phil is shy… Trying to assure him, I leaned forwards to kiss him softly. “Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’re beautiful.” I whispered against his lips.

His blush deepened, but he did kiss me back after a moment. Taking that as a cue to continue, I leaned over him to grab the bottle of lube. But as soon as he saw what I was holding, he tensed up again. I sighed.

“What’s wrong, baby? Do you want to stop?” I asked, brushing his fringe off of his sweaty forehead. Phil shook his head, murmuring meekly.

“N-no, I just… Who’s topping?” His eyes were wide and nervous. Ohhhhhhhh…. Chuckling, I kissed him again, letting him melt against me.

“I may have some dominance in me, but I’m no top.” Phil visibly relaxed. Pouring a bit of lube onto my fingers, I began to warm it up. “Now… You get to watch me prep myself.” He moaned softly, rubbing his thighs together in a bid for friction. I glared at him until he stopped.

I dragged my palm down my chest teasingly, sliding it down and under my thighs until I felt my fingertip brush over my entrance. Then I pushed it in. Shutting my eyes tightly, I quickly added another, scissoring them with a groan.

I could hear Phil panting, accompanied with whines each time I thrust my fingers in further. He sounded so desperate, so undone. I finally understood why he had always encouraged me to not hold back the noises. Once I was finally stretched enough, I pulled them out, wincing slightly. Then I opened my eyes.

He was a mess, his cheeks flushed and his eyes dark as he struggled not to lift up his hips. I chuckled, pleased to see him trying so hard to obey me. “You’ve been such an obedient little thing,” I hummed, moving up to straddle his hips again. “Can you do one more thing for me?”

Phil nodded. I positioned myself over him, looking into his eyes the whole time. “Beg.”

His cheeks flushed even darker, if possible, but he complied. “Please, Dan! P-please… Ah… Want you to claim me…” I smirked, gripping his thighs as I began to sink down. His words broke into moans, mixing with the stuttery gasps falling from my lips.

My fingers dug into his thighs as I went as far as I could go, leaving dark bruises over his skin. He strained against the tight leather strap around his wrists. “Ple-ease…” He whined, clenching and unclenching his fingers as he pulled.

I admired the sight for a few seconds before lifting my body up and dropping back down. My vision blurred with hazy pleasure, instinct causing me to pick up a fast rhythm.

“S-so good… Dan! Ah!” As much as I wanted to close my eyes and bask in the sound of Phil falling apart beneath me, I found that I was quickly becoming exhausted with my high out of my reach.

“Phil… I need..” He seemed to get the message quickly, rolling his hips up to meet me. The sudden added friction was so good it was dizzying, heat coiling in my stomach almost instantly. I probably would have lost control then, if it wasn’t for the desperate mewl that burst from Phil’s lips.

“S-so… Much… Please, close! Close..” he rambled, hands clenched into fists above his head as he fought off his orgasm. His eyes locked on mine, a pleading question clear in his eyes.

I leaned down to bite one of the marks on his throat, earning a gasp. “You can come… Want you to fill me…” I mumbled against the bruising skin. It took a few seconds for him to register my words before he was shaking, choking out jumbled words and sounds, the clearest one being my name. Then heat shot into my body.

He whimpered as I pulled off of him. I worked my hand over myself, and within a few seconds I was spilling over his stomach with a long moan, white blanketing the red and purple bruises dotting his skin. We both breathed heavily.

I trailed my fingers over his body, collecting the mess there and bringing it up to his lips. Phil, in his post-orgasmic haze, opened his mouth and sucked my fingers clean without complaint.

“You were so good,” I praised him, brushing his messy fringe out of his eyes. It finally seemed to catch up to him what had just happened, a dark crimson blush spreading over his cheeks as he stared down at what I’d done to him. “You okay, sweetheart?” I whispered softly.

He poked one of the bites, wincing, before nodding thoughtfully. Then he met my gaze. “Can… We do that again? Sometime?”

I grinned at him, leaning over to kiss his nose. “Absolutely.”

quotes for the signs
  • aries: "life is not perfect and it never will be. you just have to make the very best of it and you have to open your heart to what the world can show you. sometimes it's terrifying and sometimes it's incredibly beautiful, and i'll take both, thanks."
  • taurus: "never apologize for how you feel. no one can control how they feel. the sun doesn’t apologize for being the sun. the rain doesn’t say sorry for falling. feelings just are."
  • gemini: "it’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. i hope you live a life you’re proud of, and if you find that you’re not, i hope you have the strength to start all over again."
  • cancer: "stop planting flowers in the yards of people who won't water them."
  • leo: "i began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it full speed ahead. embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. lukewarm is no good."
  • virgo: "do not run from emptiness. it is your life ridding itself from the mess it’s collected. once you are empty, begin filling it with good things."
  • libra: "overthinking is the biggest cause of our unhappiness. keep yourself occupied. keep your mind off things that don’t help you. be optimistic."
  • scorpio: "you've got too much soul to be handled by someone who has never been passionate."
  • sagittarius: "spend your life doing strange things with weird people."
  • capricorn: "we tend to forget that baby steps still move us forward."
  • aquarius: "do not try to be pretty. you weren’t meant to be pretty; you were meant to burn down the earth and graffiti the sky. don’t let anyone ever simplify you to just 'pretty.'"
  • pisces: "something will grow from all you are going through. and it will be you."

everybody in the house is kinda scared of the spider but nobody can take one for the team and throw it out 

Mob feeds it grasshoppers and caterpillars from Reigen’s garden

also nobody knows why theres a tarantula in a bathroom in the middle of a city

(thank you anon for the superb idea!!! coincidentally it fits perfectly with the general theme of ritsu being scared of bugs lately and I just have to add a small thing for it)

and yep request is still open ayyy

Okay, so now that we know Tracer is dating someone else, and Widow was confirmed to have *some* feelings, an angsty Widowsombra/Sombramaker headcanon popped up in my head:

-Widowmaker is bummed because Gérard is dead and Tracer is dating Emily, so she feels alone;

-She’s also bummed because she feels anything at all and she’s “not supposed to”;

-She’s having a bad Christmas, guys;

-Sombra, on the other hand, is bummed because she likes Symmetra but Symmetra’s aromantic and doesn’t like her back;

-She tried to spy on McCree but got nothing from him because he’s a goofball and now he’s passed out from all the whiskey;

-She’s having a bad Christmas too;

-Sometime after Christmas, Widowmaker feels frustrated because she has no one and is feeling conflicted not only because she likes Tracer but also *because* she feels conflicted at all;

-Sombra is grumpy for the reasons listed above;

-Widow notices and since she wants someone else to feel bad, she turns to Sombra and says “What’s the matter, chérie? Moping over the pretty Vishkar architect?”;

-Sombra knows everything about everyone, however, and instantly snaps back: “Why, because you’re miserable over the husband and the cute brit?”;

-Widow gets angry and they start arguing;

-And then that turns into angry hate sex;

(-Once Widow kisses her while mocking her about how she “can’t have” Symmetra, Sombra’s like “chingate” and Widow responds with “I’d rather have you do that for me, chérie”);

-After that, Widow’s like ‘this was a mistake, you can’t act on feelings for an *Overwatch agent* you’re not supposed to have, especially with a coworker’ and Sombra’s like ‘why did you give in? She’s just using you because she can’t have Tracer’;

-So Widow’s like “This means nothing, Sombra” and Sombra’s like “I never thought it meant anything, don’t worry”;

-And things get super awkward and they start avoiding each other;

-After a mission gets botched, Sombra ends up saving Widow from whatever and asks her if she’s okay with the most worried look on her face;

-And Widowmaker notices that, shit, she’s *feeling* something again, so she just looks away and says she’s fine, don’t fuss over her, Sombra, she was doing perfectly well, she doesn’t need to be *saved*;

-Sombra awkwardly and sadly looks away and is like “Right.”;

-Widow looks at her and feels somewhat bad and says “But… thanks anyway. You had the best… intention in helping me.”;

-And Sombra looks genuinely surprised;

-After that they start getting close and Widow starts to warm up to Sombra;

-And she starts to feel scared because she feels too much at once when she should have no feelings - she feels bad for Gérard and misses him, she feels *something* for Tracer and feels awful for not being able to have her, and now she’s getting dangerously close to Sombra;

-And she notices the way Sombra starts to look at her, how she gives her these puppy eyes and touches her hand in the gentlest, most tender of ways, and that surprises Widow because behind that brash, flirty attitude, Sombra is a fucking teddy bear;

(-Sombra starts calling her “frenchy”);

-So she suddenly distances herself again and becomes cold towards Sombra, and after some time Sombra’s like “WTF Widow, did I do something? Tell me what I did” and Widow turns to face her and when she sees the way Sombra’s looking at her, it all becomes too much, Gérard, Tracer, Sombra, and she *breaks down crying*;

-And Sombra’s eyes go wide and she’s like “Oh shit, araña, what happened, are you okay?!”;

-And Widow doesn’t respond so Sombra hugs her and Widow buries her face in her shoulder and says (in French) “I can’t deal with this”;

-Sombra’s super worried (because this is *Widowmaker* and she’s *crying in her arms*) and is like “Cariño, what’s wrong, talk to me, please”;

-And Widow just kisses her instead;

-And this time it’s not an angry kiss like that one time, Widow is desperate and miserable and there’s so much *emotion* behind this kiss;

-And Sombra melts into it and kisses her back with the same intensity and is like ‘mierda, I think I love her’;

-And Widow pulls away when she feels Sombra kissing her and says “It’s too much, Sombra, why do I feel like this? Why do I feel at all??” and now she’s *sobbing*;

-And Sombra can’t take seeing her like this and she relates because she felt *so much* for Symmetra and now she feels *so much* for Widow and her frenchy who’s always so cool and collected is a sobbing mess in her arms, and she starts crying too;

-And they fall to their knees and now they’re embracing each other, crying, Sombra whispering that it’ll be okay and Widow feels *too much* and can’t understand *why* or *how* or even *when*, but she’s aware that she feels something so strong for Sombra it’s far too late to turn back now.



-Some time after that, Sombra gets gravely injured during a mission;

-Widowmaker clutches her desperately and says, in tears, “don’t you fucking dare die on me! Not after what you said! Not after you made me love you!”;

-Sombra keeps slipping in and out of consciousness and Widow, barely aware of what she’s saying anymore, chokes out, “I already lost everyone, I won’t lose you too!”

-She manages to keep Sombra alive until help arrives;

-They manage to get Sombra in a stable condition;

(-Widow tries to hide how relieved she is);

-Sombra was kind of feverish when Widowmaker said those things so she isn’t sure she really heard it or if it was some sort of dying halucination;

-So she asks Widow for confirmation;

-And Widow confirms the fuck out of it by simply saying “Don’t make me say it again, chérie. I’m not good with words”;

-And Sombra is fucking beaming.

Problem (Jace Wayland x Reader) *smut*

Request: Jace smut pls! -Anon


Word Count: 800

Warnings: Smut, Unprotected sex, Language

You were punching the life out of the punching bag when you felt a pair of strong arms wrapping around your waist and pull you closer to the person behind you. You knew it was Jace because as you looked down you saw his runes running up and down his arm. 

“Good morning love.” He kissed your cheek and gave your waist a light press. You smiled and threw your head on his shoulder. “Morning.”

“You’re up early.” He moved around you and held your punching bag still from swinging. “Well Hodge said that he’d help me and by that he meant that I must wake up at 5am, run around the building at least three times and start punching.” Jace stepped back and cocked an eyebrow.

“Punch who?” He asked.

“You.” You laughed. Your fists met his shoulder, gently not to hurt him. You giggled as you saw Jace holding his shoulder and making a pouty face. “That was not nice.” He walked towards you with a seductive smirk on his lips. He leaned next to your ear and whispered “You know, this morning I had a bit of a problem and you weren’t there to help me out. I had to do the job myself.” You bit your lower lip to stop the moan from escaping your lips.

“What now?” You kissed his sweet spot on his neck, making his head drop on your shoulder. “Now my problem got even bigger when I saw your ass in those leggings.” You removed your punching gloves and followed Jace to your room. But you were both interrupted by Hodge. With his arms crossed over his chest, he gave you a grimace look.  “Where are you going?” He asked.

“My room…” You looked at Jace. “With Jace.” Hodge rolled his eyes and let out a sigh. “Fine.” Hodge knew what was up. “You know what…you can take the rest of the day off.”


Jace pushed you against the cold black wall of your bedroom, pressing his lips to yours and grinding his hard cock against your crotch. You removed his jacket to feel his muscles pressing you against the wall. Jace’s lips sucked on your chest leaving a mark. He ripped your black top in two and your black pants, leaving you naked before him. You got on your knees and pulled his pants down. His member sprang free from their restraints. 

You licked your lips in satisfaction; you wrapped your hands around his throbbing cock and licked a long line along his prominent vein that was about to burst from the blood pumping. He gasped at the warmth of your tongue. You took him in your mouth, sucking on his head. “Fuck Y/N.” He cursed. His thighs went stiff and began shaking as his orgasm was slowly approaching him.

You hollowed your cheeks as you felt him twitching inside your mouth. He leaned towards the wall, his arms supporting his body as he pushed his member deeper in your mouth, making you almost choke. Some of his precum slid down your throat, giving you a taste of him when he finally released in your mouth.

His legs trembled, almost giving him away. He put one finger under your chin, signalling you to get on your feet. You connected your lips to his, letting him taste himself. It was then when he knelt in front of you and put his tongue flat against your wet lips. You shivered, making your body hair rise. “Fuck…Jace please!” You pleaded but your pleading fell on deaf ears. He flicked his tongue over your clit while his thumb slid in your entrance.

“Shit! Jace just..fuck me. Now!” You cried out as your orgasm washed over you. Jace licked his thumb and positioned his member at your entrance. “Ready?”

“Jace, you don’t want to-” You gasped as you felt Jace slamming into you. Jace looked at your facial expression and smiled. “You were about to say something.” You threw your head back against the wall trying to collect yourself. “Mess with me.” You groaned through your clenched teeth. He started thrusting inside you merciless, not giving you time to adjust to his size. “This is what you get baby girl.” His blue eyes met yours, making you melt right on the spot. 

A familiar knot began forming in the pit of your stomach. “I’m gonna come baby!” You cried out. Jace had sweat dripping off his forehead. “Come on then!” He grunted and with one last thrust you came all over his cock. Jace bit down on your shoulder as he came too, spilling his seed inside you. You pressed his forehead against yours and chuckled.

“Is your problem solved now?” You asked between breaths.

“I never had one.”

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voltron witch au

i was inspired to share my personal headcanons for @catnippacketswitch au !! their headcanons may differ from mine, but this is simply my elaboration off of their idea!

lance: water/sea witch

  • so many sea trinkets
  • shells, rocks, sand, driftwood, salt water, beach glass etc.
  • a lot of them are scattered around his room; on windowsills, tucked next to picture frames, decorating his workspace.
  • others he likes to turn into jewelry
  • loves making + enchanting jewelry, is very generous and enjoys giving his creations to his friends
    • “sorry you had a bad day, i added a charm to this cone shell necklace i made for you for protection”
    • “sand dollar dust for good luck! go get ‘em, buddy!”
  • meditates a lot, always trying to remain Cool, Calm, and Collected™
  • is actually A Mess the majority of the time, emotions very similar to the ocean’s tides
    • has the most trouble keeping his sacral chakra balanced (emotions, sexuality, self expression)
  • strong connection with the moon, performs a lot of rituals to better connect w + understand her
  • (though he considers himself secular)
  • aromatherapy!
  • is a very sentimental person, and strong emotions buried deep inside of him can be drawn out by certain scents
  • he’s not afraid of his emotions, and therefore has shown great interest in aromatherapy
  • often asks keith to make incense for him using his essential oils
  • cause lance is bad at it and keith is a pro (but lance’ll never admit that)
  • his grimoire is an absolute Mess
  • just a shitty torn up blue composition book covered in stickers and sigils and messages from his friends
  • he just shoves shit in it there’s no organization whatsoever
    • “lance i just wanted to compare correspondences my lap is literally covered in sand right now”
  • bath magic !!!! super into glamour and bath magic
  • has tried to make his own beauty products but found that pass-times such as baking aren’t high-up on his list of talents
  • sometimes him and hunk will make products for lance together, but most of the time lance will just buy some trustworthy and organic products from his favorite metaphysical shop or flea markets
  • lifetime supply of rosewater
  • poplar wand - feeling - (water) emotions, feelings, sensitivity, intuition, empathy, dance, instincts.
  • grip made of fabric from an old, beaten up Childhood Baby Blanket
  • is almost always humming and will 100% get a new song stuck in your head everyday
    • sings during rituals
    • sounds like an irl siren
    • beware

keith: fire/desert witch

  • lots of rituals
  • rituals involve lots of dancing (which he’s actually very good at)
  • uses his athame in every and any way possible - often incorporates it in his dancing
  • technically considers himself wiccan, but dislikes labels
  • worships the major planetary bodies in our solar system, though mainly focuses on the sun and moon
  • is a peaceful witch until provoked, then will show no remorse when he curses/hexes ur ass sorry honey
    • shiro always tries to convince him not to, but he isn’t normally very successful
    • lance and pidge are both total enablers for cursing lmao get him
    • everyone is so surprised when hunk; sweet, kind, caring hunk, encourages keith’s habit
  • (but lance could never actually curse someone, he just lives for drama)
  • (pidge could)
  • (pidge will)
  • writes everything in charcoal
  • constantly covered in charcoal
    • lance: uhh dude you got a little *points to the smear of charcoal on keith’s cheek*
    • keith: oh thanks *wipes cheek with charcoal covered hand* did i get it?
    • lance: yep yes yeah you got it buddy
  • burns written spells/sigils to activate them
  • just burns everything tbh
    • “split ends? no no, i lit my hair on fire”
  • no feeling in fingertips lol
  • makes incense for lance despite the massive headaches he gets from the strong scents
  • dabbles in blood magic
  • candles + wax everywhere
  • enjoys making different salts
  • endless supply of fire-salt
  • owns one (1) cactus
  • enjoys different textures and fabrics, therefore owns a bunch of tapestries and altar cloths
  • has world’s shittiest handwriting, but has a really cool (fake) leather-bound grimoire that he found on a road trip in the mid west
  • doesn’t remember the shop name
  • doesn’t remember the shop

pidge: green + tech witch

  • herbalism!
  • loves making jars + bottles using their own herbs
    • sometimes uses some of hunks crystals
    • or any other objects of importance, depending on the spell
  • seriously though their room is a mess it’s fllled with plants on shelves and hanging and on the floor
  • jars and bottles everywhere
  • random pieces of tech all over the place
  • do they have an actual floor? who knows
  • corners of their room are covered in mold and moss and there’s dirt all over the place
  • dirt under fingernails 24/7
  • relies heavily on their pendulum when making literally any decision ever, ranging from:
    • “should i eat this sandwich labeled ‘hunk’?”
    • to
    • “should i pack up my shit and leave to find my family (whom i cherish and love more than anything in this plane of existence), completely disregarding the safety of the entire universe and the fact that i will backhandedly and indirecting be the one responsible for the rise of the galra empire?”
  • recently got into making elixirs/potions (from hunk)
  • makes special gem elixirs to water their plants with
  • makes different ones depending on the type of plant and or what problem it’s having
  • sigils on everything
  • writes in anything they can - dirt, spit, tears, blood
  • pretty low-key tech witch, just really likes tech + adds simple magicks into their work
    • writes chants + spells in HTML
    • desktop background sigils
    • emoji spells
    • etc
  • e-grimoire that’s surprisingly pretty organized
  • only because its digital tbh they can’t keep papers and folders organized for shit
  • see: their room

hunk: kitchen/cottage + green witch

  • loves all types of cooking, but baking particularly!  
  • loves gardening
  • very generous!!!! loves giving!!!!!!!
  • bonds with pidge over plants :’)
  • has a shared greenhouse with them
    • they each have one half of the greenhouse, but they help each other out with their plants when needed
  • loves comparing grimoires with his friends
  • his grimoire is a big file-folder looking journal
  • it’s pretty tidy and he puts a lot of effort into it, but he’s not super artistically inclined when it comes to paper and pencil so it’s rather plain
  • though he is very crafty in other ways!!
  • super into knot work
  • picked up/dabbles in a little jewelry making thanks to lance
    • though he uses his crystals as jewelry pieces, not sea trinkets
  • crystal healer!
  • is! such! a! good! healer!
  • basically always has a stable root chakra
  • steady as a rock (or so he lets on)
  • always grounding himself
  • sometimes he’ll have to take off his shoes to better ground himself, but he’s become so good with his chakras that he normally doesn’t need to
    • actually experiences his emotions like a Normal Teenager should, but has taken on the self-appointed role of being his friends anchor
  • really enjoys tea and makes blends for himself and his friends
    • pidge is absolutely hooked on hunk’s tea for getting rid of cramps…God Bless………………..
    • tries not to rely on superstition, but indulges in the occasional tea leaf reading
  • his room has lots of shelves/cabinets because he likes having as much walking space as possible
  • has his mattress on the floor tucked in the corner
  • spreads out his workspaces in the center of his room on a small blanket when he needs it
  • lots of dried herbs
  • enjoys browns and oranges

shiro: space witch

  • Casual Astronomer™
  • eats lunch at midnight lol
  • hates coffee but needs caffeine to keep himself awake
  • hunk makes him good Wake Up teas
  • pidge has a special potion they’ve created that’s basically like death coffee
  • he only drinks it when he’s really desperate
  • he cares a lot about his health, so he tries to makes sure that he gets enough sleep
  • he’s still always tired no matter what though, the poor guy
  • has the stereotypical witch wardrobe
    • lots of black flowy clothes/dresses
    • sharp winged eyeliner
    • layered witchy necklaces
    • tons of rings
    • big floppy black hat
    • black nail polish
  • has basically all known constellations memorized and can point them out at any given time during the night
  • has a bunch of astronomy-related tattoos
  • does his own tattoos/stick n pokes
  • enchants and makes his own ink
  • has given everyone in the coven a little stick-and-poke on their wrist of their elemental symbol
  • picked up photography in his teens and has managed to get some really amazing shots of the night sky
  • plain black grimoire
  • really enjoys the dark, therefore does everything in it
  • spells, rituals, etc
  • glow in the dark stars all over the ceiling and walls of his room

allura: hedge witch

  • utterly fascinated with the Other World
  • most connected with her third eye and crown chakra
  • is always up at ungodly hours because she knows certain spirits are up at those times
  • her workspace is basically just a place where she can contact spirits and deities
    • centerpiece is an offering tray
    • grey chalice
    • her basic setup has melted white candles, though she’ll change the colors depending on who she’s planning on contacting
  • astral projects nearly everyday, mostly during the evening/early AM
  • she tends to spend around 1-3 hours in the other realm, but could honestly spend days if she could
  • she texts shiro whenever she plans on beginning, and texts him afterwards
  • that way if she does get lost or distracted and takes too long to return, shiro can come and help her out if needed
  • though there’s never really been a situation where he was needed in that way
  • allura knows what she’s doing, friends
  • probably owns a mug that reads “i’d rather be astral projecting”
  • most experienced in the coven
  • comes from a  family of witches, learned from her father
  • has the prettiest most organized, coherent, and detailed grimoire
  • seriously her handwriting is amazing
  • super good at calligraphy
  • loves:
    • palm readings
    • tarot
    • astrology
    • divination
    • aura readings
  • notices a person’s hands before anything else
  • makes her own tarot decks! they’re so pretty
  • has decks for all her friends
  • her and pidge sometimes use each other’s pendulums :’)
  • can tell a person’s sign simply by observing their mannerisms for a short period of time
    • someone: does literally anything
    • allura: ugh you’re such a [insert sign here]
First Encounter

Originally posted by stellarollins

Request - 15) Reader’s child from a previous relationship is a massive fan of the Superstar they are currently dating and they meet for the first time. 

Pairing - Roman Reigns X Female Reader + Reader’s Daughter

WordCount - 1,728

Requested By - @ashreigns 

Written By - Tacha

Key - Y/D/N - Your Daughter’s name.

Taglist -  @i-kneel-for-king-loki @littledeadrottinghood  @m-a-t-91@straight-outta-the-asylum @lip-sync @itsstephaniemcmahon @unhinged-on-the-fringe @thebutterflygirl16@youhoebag @irish-newzealand-idian-dutch@guatebabyxo @wweimagines-oneshots@xsimplynaex@macfizzle@sassyenthusiasthistorylover333@xuhwheredidkylogox@driv3mys0ul @not-that-kinda-gurl08 @harleymoxley@wwessellout @freekmode @catie-kaboom  @fucking-bandsx  @cute-face-chubby-waist @reigns420  @panic-angel3314 @blood-fells @vegan-viscacha @wwe-fluff-fic @amberhere-hi @megsjessd99 @shadow-of-wonder

When you began dating Roman you never thought your relationship would come to this point. You didn’t expect things to go so well, with each man that you had seen as soon as they got any sort of information that you had a three-year-old daughter they disappeared. Gone. Without another word. But Roman was different. When you told him you had a three-year-old Daughter he didn’t run out of the door as fast as his legs could carrying. It was the total opposite, he sat down and began to question you about your Daughter. He actually showed interest in her. After you had left the restaurant that evening, you feared that you were never going to hear from Roman again, you were shocked that next morning when you noticed a text from Roman. You had to acknowledge that Roman was indeed sincere when you had dinner the night before.

Some time passed and Roman had asked you out for coffee which was why you currently sat in the cafe waiting for Roman to appear. While the meeting or date was completely out of the blue you were content while you waited for Roman to show up. You casually flipped through your phone until a bell rung high above the door, you turned observing Roman walking through the door lifting his sunglasses to sit firmly on the top of the head. Roman searched the coffee shop for you, he noticed you he manoeuvred through the collection of tables before taking a seat on the opposite side of the table reaching for your hand instantly.

“Hey, baby girl.” Roman slipped off his jacket placing behind the back of his chair.

“Hey, how’s work going?”

“Good, WrestleMania’s just around the corner so I’m busy. It’s part of the reason why I asked you to meet for coffee.” A young waitress came over and you and Roman both put in your order before returning to your conversation.

“So you didn’t want to spend time with me?” You puckered your lips as you playfully pouted at Roman, rolling his eyes he leant over the table kissing your lips passionately, Roman’s warm soft lips covered yours making you forget what you had been doing.

“Baby girl you know that I always want to spend time with you. Just like I want you to be there for Wrestlemania but when we spoke about it before you mentioned that you wouldn’t be able to come because no one will be able to have Y/D/N but recently I’ve been thinking.” The young lady returned with your order as she placed it down in front of you and Roam. You quietly thanked her before she left.

“What if you didn’t have to find someone to look after Y/D/N? What if she could come with you? With us. You’ve told me that she’s a big fan of mine and it would be an honour to give Y/D/N her first live wrestling experience. Now I know that meeting Y/D/N for the first time at WrestleMania could certainly overwhelming, so how about we meet for the first time before Wrestlemania, I even have a few suggestions as to what we could do.” Looking at Roman you felt an uneasy feeling beginning to twist and turn in your stomach. You knew at some point that the two were going to meet at some point. You wanted to go to Wrestlemania to support Roman. Yet the thought of Roman and Y/D/N meeting terrified you. What if they didn’t get on? You had heard the saying never meet your Idols? What if Y/D/N meet Roman and she disliked him?

“What if something goes wrong? What if Y/D/N doesn’t like you? You know no matter how much I love you my Daughter comes first. What if-” You babbled on through your concerns Roman listened to every word. He knew that you were bound to have your concerns yet Roman wasn’t going anywhere. Roman knew that he was going to have to prove himself in order to become a regular feature in Y/D/N’s life.

“Baby girl, I know you have concerns but haven’t we waited enough. You and I both know that I can be a great addition to Y/D/N life and it’s okay for you to have all of these concerns. Please just here me out.” Perhaps you were jumping ahead negatively.

“Okay, I’m listening.” Roman began discussing what he wanted to do when he met Y/D/N for the first time as Roman went further into his plans you grinned and became convinced that it was officially time for Roman to meet Y/D/N.

The day before Roman and Y/D/N were set to meet for the first time. You were set to tell Y/D/N about tomorrow’s big adventure you had prepared her favourite kind of sandwich and cut it into triangles just how your Daughter liked before heading to the living room where Y/D/N sat at the coffee table colouring a picture of a Dinosaur. Slowly you crouched beside her as you stuck her tongue to the side, to show just how much she was focussing on this dinosaur.

“Hey Honey, can I talk to you about something?” Y/D/N quickly finished the section of the leg that she was colouring before putting the crayon down. 

“Yes, Mummy. Did I do something wrong?” Y/D/N. every time you needed to talk to her she always presumed she had done something wrong it was almost as if she had a guilty conscience or something. 

“Not unless you’ve done something wrong that I don’t know about.” 

“No. no. I haven’t done anything wrong.” You decided to ignore your Daughter’s sheepish grin, whatever she might have done will probably get out in the open sooner rather than later. 

“Okay, well do you remember how I have a boyfriend and that we’ve been seeing each other for a while now.” 

“Yeah. what about him?”

“Well, I and my boyfriend think its time that you should meet for the first time. However, there’s something I need to tell you before you meet…. my boyfriend’s name is Roman. He thinks you might know him.” You watched as the clogs steadily working in her brain. Your Daughter had luckily been given your intelligence.

“Oh. My. God. Your dating Roman Reigns! Mum! Why didn’t you tell me? Oh, my God. I get to meet Roman Reigns. My Mum is dating Roman Reigns!” Your normally quiet five-year-old Daughter was now running around the living room. You couldn’t have predicted just how well she would react as per usual she proceeded to excel your expectations. 

“When can I meet him?” 

“Tomorrow.” More squeals came from your five-year-old Daughter as she gushed over the revelation. You laughed and then suddenly realised that until tomorrow morning you would have to deal with an over excited daughter all by yourself. 

The following morning, Y/D/N seemed to have more energy than yesterday she was running around the house, there were clothes thrown everywhere as she decided what to wear, the house had honestly looked like a tornado had blitzed through your apartment, you had no time to collected and tidy the mess that Y/D/N had made. You were relatively calm, you had prepared everything for your day out made both of you breakfast, gotten ready. Y/D/N had gone overboard, she had changed multiple times, asked a thousand questions that you frankly didn’t have the answers to. She often complained that you took too long to get ready but in reality, it was her that was taking the time this morning. It was a very welcomed change. 

A hard knock on the door signalled that Roman had arrived, hearing bumping and tumbling around in Y/D/N room. 

“Y/D/N! Roman’s here” You called, the thundering of Y/D/N’s footsteps echoed through the apartment. 

“Can I open the door?” You nodded as soon as the door was open Y/D/N lunged herself at Roman, Roman laughed as he hoisted Y/D/N into his arms like it appeared to be the most natural action. 

“Well hi there. I didn’t expect to get such a warm greeting and what’s your name Princess?” Y/D/N smile could have lightened the darkest of rooms. You hadn’t seen her this happy in a very long time. 

“Y/D/N.” Y/D/N replied in a small voice, Roman caught her attention again. 

“Well, that’s an awfully pretty name for an awfully pretty little girl. Did your Mum tell you what we’re going to be doing today? Your Mum mentioned that you liked going to the Mall so I thought we could go to the Mall, do some shopping, grab a bite to eat and if it’s okay with Mum perhaps if things go well then maybe I can stay over and we can have a sleepover.” Y/D/N certainly perked up. 

“Mum can Roman stay over, please? I’ll be good.”

“We will see.” With that you, Roman and Y/D/N headed to the Mall. 

You had often been scolded by many people. You spoil your daughter too much. She’s going to grow up and become a brat. Blah Blah Blah. Today was not your fault. In no which way could you be blamed for everything your daughter had got at the Mall. It was not your fault. It was Roman’s. Whatever Y/D/N remotely showed interest in, he brought for her. No matter how you complained and told Roman that she didn’t need it, Roman shushed you and brought it to her. You sat in the living room eating pizza and watching a movie as Y/D/N began to fall asleep on Roman’s chest. 

“You know I think today went great,” Roman whispered to you, you looked up and nodded happily. After all of that initial worrying and stress, everything had gone off without a hitch. Roman kissed you softly as you melted deeper into the warmth of his body. 

“Does this mean you can come to Wrestlemania now? I’m definitely going to need both of you in my corner.” 

“Yeah we’re coming to WrestleMania but you have to be the one to tell her and help me deal with Y/D/N, she was bouncing when she met you and I’m pretty convinced she’s gonna be worse when you tell her about Wrestlemania 

“Deal.” You snuggled back onto Roman’s chest getting back into the movie, you were grateful that Y/D/N and Roman’s First Encounter had gone off without a gone off without a hitch….

anonymous asked:

if Levi had an Instagram account, he would post photos of what? Sorry if it's a too different question I just had to ask!

HAHAHAHA! I love this question!  I’m going to answer as if he had an Instagram in canon.

DISCLAIMER: This is my personal opinion. In no way am I stating what I say here is canon or completely accurate. if you disagree with my opinion, that’s perfectly fine! Everyone has a different point of view, but if you are going to send me messages trying to argue point of views with me or send me hate messages, do me a favor and please just don’t even bother.

His tea collection. His knife collection. Messes people leave around the barracks as he blasts the creator of said mess in the tags. Anyone in his squad in an embarrassing scenario. Hanji being hogged tied before being thrown in a bathtub. The massive stacks of paperwork he gets to stare at daily. The view from his horse. Piles of random animal shit that he tags Nile to. Before and afters of his cleaning fiascos. Erwin’s eyebrows. The facial reactions of people getting randomly sniffed by Mike. Dead titans. Lot’s of dead titans. How To’s vids and collages like, “How To Get Blood Stains Out of Your White Pants!”. 

One thing tho, he’d NEVER take a selfie. The only shots of him on his instagram would be temporary ones Hanji posted of him passed out in his chair as they hacked his account. They’d pay for it later once the pic was deleted xD


Lower quality than I would have liked due to some technical difficulties, but here is my updated collection of journal-type books as of March 2016.

A Summary of the GPF 2016 Men's SP

Overall thoughts/reactions:

Javi is a #ninja and can defy the laws of physics

Patrick’s SP was cleaner than Mr. Clean’s Dry Eraser

Shoma my precious son :’(

I hope Shoma isn’t hurt or disappointed I just want my smol son to be happy

Nathan…just…let’s hope for a better FS????

Adam deserved better™


Yuzuru thoughts/reactions:



Forgetting how to breathe for his entire SP

I’ve ascended


Yuzu is #unimpressed by his score

That quad loop™

Yuzu and Pooh interactions :))))))))

Brian being Brian

Best part:
The B. Esp commentators

Final thoughts:
In Jin Boyang we trust

zanbaryuujin  asked:


  • collects rocks - Deku.  Mirio messes with him by putting little things in his pockets without him realizing it, and more often than not its a little rock.  He tries to convince himself to throw em away because hey, its just a rock. (And he has alot of them at this point). But Deku is sentimental.
  • takes pictures of the other while they’re asleep - Mirio. Phases into Deku’s room to see if he’s awake.. Snaps picture. Leaves. Freaks Deku out by saying how cute he was the night before.
  • gets drunk and breaks shit - Mirio. Only gets drunk on rare occasions and has difficulty holding on to things.
  • can’t swim - Mirio can, but not well. He’s fine tho. he holds his breath really well.
  • remembers to feed the fish - Deku.
  • puts up Christmas decorations in November - Deku! Would celebrate all year round if he could, but settles for November - December.
  • sends inappropriate texts and SnapChats while the other is in a meeting - Mirio. Look at that Devious face. of course he would.
  • makes Sims just to drown them in the pool - neither. Deku plays and makes his family have as many babies as possible while his main sim works out 24/7 and becomes an astronaut.
  • brings the other coffee at work - Mirio. Despite teasing Deku all the time, he likes to do things to show he cares.
  • takes gym locker room selfies - both. Mirio does it because he’s proud and wants to show himself off. Deku does it because Mirio goads him to show himself off for his boyfriend.
  • signs them up for tennis lessons and a salsa-making class - Mirio probably.  He likes variety on dates (they probably only do each new thing once).
  • forgets to charge the other’s iPad and leaves it dead on the coffee table - Deku. He has a bad habit of leaving it at like 8%, where its working when he puts it down, but its dead when Mirio tries to use it next. Mirio doesn’t REALLy care though.