I came across this cute little animation, and I was inspired to put together a body stimming, animated logo with our beloved Autisticat. So here it is, bearing a REDinstead colour shade. =^_^=

As you can see, Autisticat’s favourite stim-toy is the neurodiversity symbol. :3

(The actual cat animation was created by Preloaders, but released with a free to use license worldwide for any purpose other than for inclusion in an image generator software. I release this design, hereby, into the Public Domain. Feel free to use it any way you like.)

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I’m starting a new, digital collectable card series, themed “Autistic Action Heroes”, where I will introduce a hero and name the displayed in-story traits that generally fit them on the autism spectrum. 

The first card is Newt Scamander from ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’. 

Newt shows that he is autistic by: 

* Avoiding eye contact 
* Having difficulty understanding social cues 
* Being too blunt/honest 
* Running away from social events 
* Feeling really uncomfortable with new people 
* Having difficulty relating to other people
* Feeling really uncomfortable in new environments 
* Engaging in a passionately focused, all-consuming, special interest 
* Having great difficulty expressing emotions 
* Being openly accepting of people of all characteristics and walks of life

Feel free to add your own comments and observations.


Not long ago I received a bag of very old buttons, and I was sure at least some of them were Bakelite; the first completely synthetic plastic ever created. I read that a simple way to check was to run hot water over the button. If it smells like formaldehyde or a sweet, chemical odor, they are Bakelite.

It turns out, I could have just as easily let Thumper sniff them all out for me. Being deaf, his strongest sense is his smell, and he’s proven himself a total glue fiend. Bakelite also seems to get his seal of approval, because he kept going after the ones I’d separated into my Bakelite stash.

Wish I could take this boy antiquing!