This episode of Shelf Life focuses on the very practical problem of transporting a rare giant squid specimen. But long before they were a quandary for customs officials, these mysterious cephalopods fueled folklore all over the world. They’re not alone—many storied beasts took shape around seeds of reality. While they may not breathe fire, heal disease, or crush ships, the animals that inspired their mythological counterparts are no less fantastic. Season 02 of Shelf Life premieres November 1.


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[Item Collection Event] Anise in Wonderland
Duration: 11/1 (Tues) 16:00 ~ 11/11 (Fri) 15:59

Chance to get ☆4 Anise from the item collection event! She is obtainable after getting a certain amount of the “Trump of Hearts” item. In addition, there is a chance to run into Gaius and Muzet, who will be dropping “Trump of Spades” items. Collecting these will net you more valuable rewards from a separate reward table.

※ The first clear reward for each event stage is 100 “Trump of Hearts” items.  

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What's your issue with Alex having a motorbike? It makes sense that she has one I think.

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let me be clear:

i 136% believe that alex danvers has a motorcycle.  i am fully and completely on board with this piece of canon and i think it is excellent and appropriate and makes all the sense in the world.

what i DON’T think makes much sense is the idea that alex danvers, madam tactician and scientist and general overall smartass, who lives in a very large city that is basically los angeles and likely has similar traffic issues, would have a ducati monster.  you know?  because i’ve ridden a ducati monster, and similar motorcycles, a lot.  in cities and out of them.  you know what it’s like to ride a ducati monster in a city setting?  it’s like trying to kill a fly with a rocket launcher.  

alex seems more likely to have something akin to a ktm duke, which is significantly more manageable and useful in a city (please note that when i say “manageable” i do not mean it as a comment on her abilities, but more on the fact that the duke has a higher center of gravity and is signifiacntly more nimble, making it more suited for city riding).   

 maggie sawyer has a triumph bonneville.  this is totally realistic for living in a city.  it’s a completely reasonable choice. i personally feel like alex has a similar scrambler-type bike, maybe a moto guzzi or something, instead of a the motorcycle that broski bros who feel the need to overcompensate for various shortcomings would choose.*  @smallandsundry (who, fyi, drew this magnificent picture of alex with a motorcycle) suggested a headcanon that alex has multiple motorcycles and, being a lame nerdo with no game like she is, thought that the monster would be the best way to impress the cute ladycop she’s going to meet. i’ m on board with this headcanon and have adopted it going forward and fully believe that alex danvers has at least four motorcycles.

tl;dr as a woman who rides motorcycles i have no issue at all with alex danvers having a motorcycle, i just think that the cw made an ill-informed choice in the motorcycle type.

*this is not an indictment of the ducati monster.  i love the ducati monster and feel that riding one of them is one the most singular and magnificent experiences in the world.  for the record and all.

TAMASHII NATION 2016 @ Akihabara exhibits: Metal Robot Spirits (Side MS) 00 Raiser & GN Sword III

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GOT7’s Hard Carry EP.03 Teaser

It hasn’t even aired yet and its already a hot mess LMAO


My new canvas painting ⚡️
Gimme Danger ( 2016 )
Acrylics on canvas, varnished with Liquitex Artist Materials gloss ( water resistant, protection against UV damage, glossy) .
Size 18"x24" ( 45,7cm x 70cm ) , 1.3" depth ( 3,3 cm ) 

🔴Original is available for exhibiting and purchase , for inquiries and details mail