Two new photos in one day! Because why not? Just incase anyone was wondering if I could still pull off a five o’ clock shadow, and still be very loudly transfeminine. You can as well, if that is your thing! Be every combination of yourself! Fashion and style is all about trial and error, find out what works and what doesn’t work for you!

Never give up on being who you are!
Life is meant for living, not pretending!

-Elliott Alexzander

P.s. My top is from the Pride Collection on!
I am wearing the transgender pride t-shirt!


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A Peter x Reader where its your high school reunion!

The most Peter can manage is a polite stare when the realization hits him like a brick wall that the familiar figure is you. Suddenly, he feels 16-years-old once more, standing in the hallways of school by his locker, staring across the void to watch you place your own textbooks and notebooks away for homework assignments. He remembers the rush of excitement he’d feel as you would catch him staring, how your lips would curl up into that smile and your hand would raise to acknowledge him. You were one of the only popular girls who’d actually give him the time of day, who would actually treat him like a normal person and not raise an eyebrow to his extensive knowledge of math and science.

Just as you’re about to walk past him, Peter can’t help but say your name, trying to ignore the tinge of longing that goes along with it. “(Y/N).”

You turn to look at Peter. It’s been roughly about 10 years since he last saw you, but you’re still so startling perfect that his heart is already on overdrive.

Your eyes widen as you seem to recognize who he is. “Peter! Oh my god, hi!” You rush forward to wrap your arms around his neck in the form of a polite hug.

He holds you a little tighter than intentional, and hopes you can’t feel the quick thrumming of his heartbeat underneath the fabric of his shirt. “It’s been awhile,” He manages as you pull away and stare at him. He remembers when you were his seat partner in Chemistry, how conversations would easily flow between the two of you. Peter sees a flicker in your eyes, and it looks like excitement and something else entirely.

You grin brightly. “I know right.” You study him for a second. “You look great!”

“Y-Yeah,” He stammers, then realizes what his answer is implying. “I mean, y-you too! You look great too! Fantastic, even. Wow, yeah.”

You giggle a little. “Still slightly awkward, I see.”

“It’s just that… it’s been awhile,” Peter nervously protests.

“Yeah, 10 years does wonders,” You continue with a smile. “So how have you been?”

There, that’s it. The words that ease out the tension of worry and apprehension in his muscles because you speak so casually and easily, just like you would 10 years ago. It’s different. Peter isn’t entirely stupid. He’s had a fair share of small, seemingly insignificant dates over the course of time following high school graduation until this very moment in time, but you’re different from all of his failed date attempts. There’s something peaceful about you now.

Maybe it’s because there is no longer any pressure about social statues that come with a conversation, or no more worrying about a certain bully (Flash) looming over him with the threat of a shove or name-calling to keep him from fully enjoying a moment with you.

Maybe it’s the reassuring smile you’re giving him, like you aren’t expecting anything out of him other than witty remarks and interesting stories of his 10 years of experiences.

Maybe it’s the fact that you were the first girl he ever loved, and something about a first love stays with people forever.

The pair of you manage to ease into long, different conversations, with laughter that escapes his lips because you’re just as sincere and positive and funny as you had been during high school—only this time with more embarrassing tales  and a wider range of traveling experience. You ease in and out of different topics, and you follow along so easily and pick out different things to touch up. It doesn’t feel like there’s been a 10 year gap between your last conversation. It feels comfortable. He feels momentarily like he’s at home.

“Yeah, we got stuck in the sand dunes for 30 minutes before someone was finally able to get us out,” You say as you recall your previous experience getting to drive sand buggies across the beach. “It was super embarrassing. The guy was judging us so hard.”

“That’s hilarious,” Peter says with a grin. The pair of you are now standing on the balcony of the reunion location, completely enveloped in isolation as the party continues within the building. He suddenly looks down and plays with his fingers.

“Is something wrong?” You inquire softly, leaning against the balcony to get a better look at his expression.

Peter looks at you and finds himself shaking his head. “No, it’s just, I think we’ve spent the whole reunion party just talking to each other.”

You raise your eyebrow. “Is that a problem?”

“No, of course not,” He manages. “I really like talking to you.”

You give him a small smile. “Me too, Peter.”

“It reminds me of when we were in high school and I was completely in love with you.” It’s meant to be a joke, but it slips out too quickly, too sincerely, that he stops short and stares at you with a dim expression of horror. He’s not sure how you’re going to take this information.

Instead of walking out (like he very much expects you to do), you laugh. “You were in love with me?”

I still am. “I mean, it was stupid,” He tries with a shrug.

Your eyes hold an expression he can’t entirely place. “It’s not. It’s cute,” You reassure. “I had a crush on you too.”

His eyes widen. “You liked me?”

You bite your lip to hide your guilty smile. “Yeah, I mean, you’re great, Peter. You’re smart and funny and kind, plus you’ve just such a genuinely good person, even when people were bullying you constantly. I always felt really shitty that I was never brave enough to stand up to Flash or anyone else. I always wished people could see you the way I see you—!”

Overwhelmed by a feeling Peter can’t control, he leans forward and cuts you off with a kiss. Once the initial shock wears off from your body, you can’t help but melt into the kiss, unable to stop thinking about how much you’ve thought about Peter over the course of 10 years. He wasn’t your first crush, but he was the only crush that truly mattered to you when you were in high school. The past two hours spent with Peter have not only strengthened the resolve regarding your feelings for him, but have only made you feel more reassured about falling—this time, for good.

“Sorry,” He breathes out, pulling away much too quickly. “I’ve wanted to do that for awhile—!”

You cut him off with another kiss. “It’s okay,” You whisper against his mouth. “So have I.”