collect all the feels

does anybody remember that one game???????? where the baseball man cleanses his hoolahoops???????????????

in the future, trading cards get made of the best exy players. neil buys every pack he sees until he collects all his friends. (collecting kevin’s feels like a completion to the binder he’s long since buried) (he mails matt his card with every letter he sends, because it makes him blush). he gives riko’s trading card to andrew to burn because that never gets old. he smiles every time he sees ‘andrew minyard’ on a card, but andrew likes to burn those too.

seeing the words ‘neil josten’ on a trading card, his history reduced to his achievements in exy, feels like the end of a story he never thought he’d get to tell. he keeps one above his desk in the apartment he shares with andrew and it’s another way to feel grounded. he exists. he’s real. this is real. and it’s good.

Summer Fashion!!

Skincare and Beauty Recommendations

For all you babes, I made a list of my must have stuff to look the best you can go scam an SD

 Body- Lush Ro Argan. This stuff is the bomb. It’s a body conditioner that smells like roses and honey. Smear that good stuff all over you and let it sit for five minutes. Wash it off and your body will be soft and smooth, no other products needed. I’ve used this stuff for five years and every person that gets a whiff of it compliments me. Real talk. Ps guys go crazy for this scent, especially in the bed room downtown haha.JUST GET IT! You get a shower and body cream in one! 

Face Cream- Laneige Water Bank Cream. This shit makes my face look like it’s been kissed by an angel. So dewy and soft! I feel like I look much younger when I apply this because it hydrates so well. Perfect to use if you want something that traps the moisture in your face and is lightweight. I’ve noticed the dehydration wrinkles I had around my eyes and mouth have diminished. My makeup goes on like a dream after I apply this. 

 Face- Kojic acid soap. I use this soap for my uneven skin tone and acne spots. I barely wear foundation because it cleared up my clogged pores and hyperpigmenation. Dirt cheap off Amazon. Haven’t had a major breakout since I used this the past 3 years. 

 Perfume- Tom Ford private Collection comes in 12 scents. With mainstream brands, I feel like ALL WOMEN’s FRAGRANCES smell the same and give me a headache. Too sweet, floral, romantic, too much alcohol, etc.Now, this collection ain’t cheap, so, get a sample from your local department store. They give it to you in a cute vial and box and the sales associates are super knowledgeable about scents. THIS STUFF LASTS A LONG TIME! I wear the Tobacco Vanille all year round. Literally, this scent is my confident booster, I smell unique and luxurious! And the scent projects like a beast, so a 4 ML sample will last you cause all thats needed is a small dab for the day!  I used to buy decants off eBay to save £££ until I got me a SD to buy me the 100 ML hehe.

 Sunscreen- Elta SPF 40. This stuff is the best sunscreen on the market and all the dermatologists I’ve seen recommended it. No white cast and absorbs into skin fast, it’s also super moisturizing! 

 Hair- Bumble Bee Invisible Oil. If you have frizzy, dry, damaged, natural, thick hair, this SHIT IS THE BOMB. This is the only product that works on my hair when I wear it curly and straighten it. It does the job, smells great, and my hair looks so glossy and healthy….best of all it doesn’t weight my hair down or feel greasy. 

 Mascara- Lacome Hypnose is the only thing I use on my lashes in the past six years. I will NEVER STRAY from Lacome’s mascara products. It makes my eyes look amazing and it’s easy to take off at night. Don’t like the other brands like Benefit or Too Faced which are hard to remove at night.

 Makeup Remover- Clinique Take Off the Day Balm. Your makeup literally will melt off when you wash your face with this! I used so many different brands from wipes to oil to alcohol and none of them worked as well as this. 

 Lipstick- Nars Velvet Lip Pencil in Bahama is the best nude/rosy color out there for all girls IMO. I use the Train Bleu colour (quite vampy) when going out at night and always got compliments! Because it’s a jumbo pencil lippy, you can line your lips easily and fill it in! Lasts all night! Taylor Swift uses their Dragon Girl  shade as her signature red colour according to the makeup artist that showed me.! Best secret lippies around!

 Foundation- Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk is a game changer. My skin looks radiant, dewy, and natural which no other foundation has given me. Everyone raves about it and I wish I listened earlier and quit wasting my money at MAC and Estee Lauder.

Concealer- Nars Creamy Radiant Concealer- If you don’t like wearing foundation, this concealer is all you need then. It hides my dark eye circles and any redness on my face like a PRO. Comes with a wand so you don’t need to use anything else when applying it!


“Anonymous said:  do you happen to have a pic of keanu doing a face like he know what your up too??”

Oh Sweet, sweet anon, don’t you know? You’ve come to the right place. Memes and reaction images are my specialty! 😏💖✨


A collection of all the FFXV phone wallpapers I’ve made 

Feel free to use for whatever ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Pairing: Jeon Jungkook x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Genre: Fluff, smut, angst / athlete!jungkook, artist!jungkook
Word count: 24,263

Summary: Jungkook only cares about three things: Baseball, painting and his team, but soon he’s adding you to that list when love comes flying at him fast and hard, knocking him right on his ass. 

A/N: …. listen…. idk how 24k happened, but it did. I can’t stand looking at this any longer lol so please forgive any minor mistakes.
Big shout out to @taechulo for helping me out with the plot for this bad boy & @jacksonsjams for being such a wonderful beta reader 💕

It could have been his imagination, but Jin swears he feels the slightest tickle of rain on his face, so he reaches out his hand, palm upturned, to confirm his suspicions.

“Hmm.” He narrows his eyes at his dry hand, then glowers up at the overcast sky and heaves an irritated sigh. The weather forecast had lied. Again. This was the second time this week that, instead of sunshine and high temperatures, they were instead given downpour and gloom. Well, it wasn’t pouring yet, but Jin wasn’t about to get his hopes up.

“Alright boys, let’s pick up the pace. I want to get in at least some practicing before it starts to rain,” Jin calls over to his team, all stretching their limbs and grumbling a collective ‘Yes coach.’ They all look as miserable as Jin assumes they feel and just the tiniest part of him feels almost sorry for making them practice. Almost. The team needs to kick their practicing into high gear if they want to be ready in time for the new season and that meant no slacking, so Jin shakes off the slight guilt with ease.

He instructs half the team to do interval throwing – a partner drill where they throw the ball back and forth - while the other half of the team does base running.

Three rows down, doing the interval drill, Jungkook nurses a wicked headache and catches the ball that comes whizzing at him from the opposite end. He throws it back and Jimin catches it in his glove easily, yawning tiredly and putting little effort into his next throw.

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Dex is a Witch

Inspired by this post.

So what kind of witch would Dex be?

The first time he realizes that anger could be a tool, he feels the world shift on its axis. He reads everything he can get his hands on, careful to clear his browsing history and ambivalent of the searching looks the librarian gives him. So many books preach mindfulness. One’s craft should always be free of negative emotions. You must practice meditation, cleanse yourself and your surroundings on a constant basis. Anger, doubt, fear, all poisons to one’s craft.

Dex begins to feel like maybe witchery isn’t in his nature.

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Masterpost On How To Improve Mental Health

Thought i would collect all the things I personally do to feel better about myself
I hope this at least helps some of you :)

•Stop overthinking
•Be kind and good things will happen
•Cry if you need to, you’ll feel better afterwards
•Cuddle with your pets or your friends pets
•Hug your friends
•Hug your parents
•Take some ‘me time’
•Take care of your body! Drink at least 1.5l a day! If you don’t like the taste of pure water, then mix it with some taste you like, but drink. Especially when it’s hot outside
•Appreciate yourself, you’re doing great!
•Walk around outside in the sun
•Sing to yourself
•Do what makes you happy!
•Smell flowers
•Eat what you like
•Buy gifts for yourself or just do so,ething nice for yourself!
•Use face masks if you like them, leave them on for longer if you feel you need to
•Dress how you like
•Use the makeup you like or none at all
•Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do
•Smile at yourself
•Smile at other people
•Love yourself
•Scream if you need to
•Go for a run
•Spend time with yourself
•Learn a new language
•Study, be a smartass
•Watch a movie
•Spend time with people you love
•Remind yourself that you are not alone!
•Talk to people if you don’t feel good! Talking about what bothers you can make you feel better
•Go out
•Watch funny videos
•Party with friends
•Go to are lonely new place
•Learn something new
•Meet new people
•Be thankful
•Lay in the sun
•Go for are swim
•Eat ice cream
•Dress well

Stony Prompt #44

Anonymous said: “The team is at some kind of event/press stuff where each avenger has their own station to talk with the fans. After some time the team looks at Tony’s station. They see that he’s trying really hard not to cry, while someone talks to him. He’s shaking a bit, biting his lip and sniffing. the team moves towards him ready to kill that person, but when they get there they realize that said person was telling tony how much he means to them and how he inspires them and Tony’s just really moved.”

I’m so sorry I’ve been so slow with writing lately! But here is your Fill - I hope you enjoy it!<3 Tony needs so much love, all the love.

Steve isn’t thrilled.

He doesn’t like press conferences that much but knows they are necessary – yet what happens right here is even worse. Instead of sitting at a table together, like the team they are, each member of the team has their own, separate station right now.

Technically, it’s not a press conference. Natasha explained it to him; it’s a “meet and greet”, as she called it. They’re meeting fans here, not reporters.

But it doesn’t really put Steve’s mind at ease. While their fans are generally less mean and harsh with their words and don’t ask as many hurtful questions as these vultures from the gossip magazines do, they do get pushy at times.

Steve glances over to Natasha, who’s swarmed mostly by male fans. He looks over just in time to see her give them a smile that promises pain before she says something and they all leave quickly. The Captain smiles to himself; Natasha has this handled. He observes for a while longer, watches her talk to a bunch of young girls before his eyes stray away, to Clint and then to Thor. They have fun answering questions.

Clint is busy making faces at the younger fans, even hands his bow around so the girls and boys can hold it once. Meanwhile Thor grins broadly and poses for everyone who asks for a picture.

It’s really busy. Steve gets distracted momentarily by talking to some newly arrived fans, signs autographs and smiles for pictures, answering questions. Suddenly, he is hit by a well-aimed ball of paper and looks around, confused; only to meet Natasha’s glance. She seems tense, all of a sudden and Steve immediately tenses up, too.

He follows her eyes when she nods over to her left – where their last team member sits.

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