Pumpkin Spice Paradise@artbylydia

My collection is an arrangement of all of the different pumpkin spice products I have ever purchased. My proudest find has been pumpkin panettone, an Italian fruitcake. However, I’ve learned from buying so many of these foods that just because it can be made, doesn’t mean it should be made.

30 Ticket Stubs, 2007-2015 @rebeccamock

I have collected most of my the movie ticket stubs since I was in high school. They are sublime objects of time-travel to me; they are proof of my existence at a set date, time, and location. I remember who I saw each movie with, I remember what I was happy about or worried about during that time. Several connect to other objects I’ve collected, a few are included here. Their significance is secret and ultimately mundane. But still, this collection is sacred to me.

“Magpie Jewels” – @lascarlatte

I’ve always been attracted to (natural occurring) textures, lines, and detailed forms. Collecting is second nature to me, and choosing one for this artwork wasn’t easy. I collect porcelain, carnivorous plants, tights, pop-up books, but my oldest collection is my jewelry. It started with a small bracelet with 4 lady bug charms on it that my dad gave me for my 3rd birthday. I treasured it in a tiny enamel box in the shape of a turtle, that soon became too small for my collection.

I collect it all, from a €2 ring with rabbit ears to a golden one with a big spinel stone, and love to take things home from my travels. I found a silver sea urchin pendant in the Galapagos Islands, a small jade ring in Thailand and a scarab bracelet in Egypt. Vintagey stuff, with natural stones and nature inspired or asymmetrical shapes are my favorites.