When you realize that Deku and Ochako BOTH had to be at the exam that day in order for them to both pass the UA entrance exam as they indirectly gave each other rescue points.

Without Deku, Ochako would have still collasped with no one to her rescue and would have probably been disqualified with the 0 point robot over her. I don’t know how the point system worked at that certain exam, but I can only assumed you needed atleast 50 points to pass, and Ochako only had 28. The rescue points from saving Deku pushed her through the passing line.

Without Uraraka, the opportunity for Deku to be a hero would have never arised during the exam, gathering him no rescue points.

The bond is too STRONG.

I want whoever designed the overwatch uniforms fined and fired. No wonder the organization collasped. Got their agents looking like /that/.

Just A Friendly Visit

I don’t think I’ve written anything for normal Mark or Jack in a while. So here’s just a little drabble for everyone that was requested. 
I chose to write this as your Jack’s twin and you’ve gone to visit LA because you’ve never been before. But you’ve known Mark for years so he’s given you a place to stay while you visit. 
Just for a little background :)

Fic Request: 
“Can  I ask for a fic or imagine with normal Jackaboy or Mark or maybe where reader is Jack’s sibling and they’re all friends with Mark and they get invited for a video I am begging you for some interaction with good ol Markimoo” 

When writing is italics the dialogue is from a text message.

Originally posted by thekids-in-the-dark

You pretty much ran into the house when you arrived. Mark was waiting, arms open and a massive grin on his face as he scooped you into a hug. 
“The Irish-Twin is here!” He bellowed excitedly as he spun you in a circle.
You laughed as he set you down, almost getting knocked over by Amy who came charging towards you. 
“It’s so good to see you!” She squealed as she hugged you. 
The day went smoothly. After getting settled in, Mark and Amy took you out on a quick tour of the closest food places. 
There were so many choices that you let Mark choose for the first night. You all settled on an exotic restaurant that did take out. 
Neither Mark or Amy had eaten anything from there, so everything was just as new to them as to you.
Upon taking it back to Mark’s, your phone buzzed with a Facebook message from Jack. 
“The Irishman has awoken!” You declared dramatically. 
“Tell him to buzz off, we’re eating!” Mark said through a mouthful of pasta. 

Jack: Hows the vacation so far?

You: It’s good. There’s so much to do! Also, Mark says to buzz off. We’re eating. 

Jack: Tell him to choke on it! 

You spoke the message to Mark, who upon replying, swallowed a stray bit of pasta and coughed violently as Amy patted his back. 

You: He did as you asked. 

Jack: What an idiot! 

The next morning, you woke early and felt as if you hadn’t slept at all. 
You stumbled into the kitchen where Mark was making breakfast. He looked at you with a smile. 
“I see you aren’t a morning person,” He said and you shrugged. Plopping into a stool by the kitchen bench. 
“I think the jet-lagged hit me.” You mumbled, slapping your forehead onto the cool surface with a groan. “But yes, I do hate mornings.” 
“Well you better wake up fast, because after breakfast, we’re recording a video.” 
You moaned loudly, “But it’s so early!” 
Mark chuckled as he slid a plate of pancakes by your head. “Eat up!” 
And as Mark said, once you had downed the food and made yourself a coffee, you helped him set up in the living room.  He moved about so quickly, expertly arranging everything and within the hour you were ready to record. 
“Sooo, what are we doing?” You asked curiously as Mark calibrated the camera to the audio.
“Dancing!” Mark exclaimed gleefully and you rolled your eyes. 
“I’m going to need more coffee to deal with your energetic ass.” You mumbled, taking up the mug and taking a sip. 
Just as you did, Mark started his intro. “Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier. And today is a special day!” You felt a bubble fizzled in your stomach, slowly rising up your body. “I have a dear friend of mine here to join me as I make a fool of myself in ‘Just Dance’! Say hi, (Y/N)!” 
You moved into the camera’s view. Eyes scrunched as you took another sip of your caffeinated drink. Ending the silence with a loud belch. 
“I expected more from you,” Mark said, jokingly glaring. 
“I’m Jack’s sister, why would you expect anything else?” You asked with a smile. 
Mark opened his mouth, pretending to form an argument. But then he shrugged, “True.” 
You put down the drink as Mark started up the game. 

It was a work out. Right now, after five difficult dances, you were on the ground, puffing and sweating profusely. 
Mark was no better. He stood next to you, slouched over with his hands on his knees and huffing. 
The camera was still rolling and the game mocked you with the graceful, professional dancers moving about on the screen.
“So…who’s the better Youtuber?” Mark asked, looking over at you. “Me or Jack?” 
You laughed, “I’m gonna say Pewdiepie since he didn’t force me to dance!” 
Mark shook his head, “Come on! I need to win this. You’re in the lead by two points.” 
“I can’t stand!” You whined and Mark grinned. 
“Good! Stay on the ground and let me win.” Mark started to mimic the fast-moving dancers on the screen. 
You let out a long frustrated shout, and forced yourself to stand. 
“For Ireland!” You yelled as you started to dance. “And also because my brother will never let me forget that I lost to Mark.” 
Amy stood behind the camera, watching with an amused grin as the two of you wasted away into exhaustion. 
By the end of it, you and Mark were leaning against each other, sitting on the ground, panting. 
“So, that does it.” Mark huffed. Face red and shiny with sweat. “(Y/N) wins. Only because I’m such a gracious host.” 
You chuckled breathlessly. “Keep telling yourself that twinkle-toes. Do I get your diamond play-button as a trophy then?” 
“No!” Mark yelled, throwing himself towards the play-button as Amy went to retrieve it. “It’s mine!” 
You hugged it to your chest. Poking your tongue out at him as he clumsily tried to take it from you. 
But the two of you were to tired to give much of a fight. Mark huffed victoriously as he wormed it from your grasp. He playfully pushed you away and you threw back your hands as you fell backwards. Collasping on the carpet and moaning pathetically.
“Ok, that’s all the time we have!” Mark said, turning his head to the camera. “I hope you guys enjoyed our suffering.” You flipped off the camera as Mark pretended to cry as if in pain. “Thank you, (Y/N), for not letting me suffer alone.” 
“Great to be in LA, Mark!” You said sarcastically. “So much fun. Thanks for having me.” 
He laughed and kicked your foot with his, “And as always, I will see you, in the next video. Buh-bye!” 
You waved lazily and Amy flicked off the recording. “Never again?” She asked and you shook your head. 
“Never again!” 
Mark challenged you three days later. 

With your Instagram flooded with photos of your time in LA, and Mark’s channel with three videos with you in it; it was time for you to head home. 
Mark and Amy dropped you off and they hugged you tightly. 
“It’s kinda sad you’re leaving,” Amy pouted. “I really enjoyed having you with us.” 
“Yeah, anytime the Leprechaun gets too much, just give us a call.” Mark said with a wide smile. “We’ll gladly have you.”
You thanked them and pulled them into a last selfie. One where Mark and you were pulling terrible faces and Amy was caught rolling her eyes.
You waved goodbye as you entered the airport, blowing a kiss to Amy and laughing when Mark pretended to catch it mid-air.

First time with bts ( jimin, tae, kook)

Well… I may have went overboard, but enjoy it please ! Thank you noonie for requesting !

You two would already have planned for it, that you two want each other badly. So why the wait ?
You were getting ready for your date with him, he told you you should dress fancy and you did, you wore a long black dress, matched with black lace underwear that he was yet to discover.
He took you for a dinner, pulling the chair for you to sit, and showering you with compliments, how lovely you looked, and smelled.
He sat next to you, resting his head on your shoulder, occasionally pecking along it whenever you two got quiet.
After the happy dinner. You felt his hand gently stroking your thigh, making a shiver run down your spine, you bite your lip.
“ baby.. can we ?” He whispered, glancing at the elevator that would take you two to a hotel above the restaurant.
You nodded, holding his hand as he booked a room for you to spend the night in.
After reaching your room, you turned to lock the door and he pinned you over it. Rocking his hips over your ass as he whispered “ did you have fun, teasing me all night, Hm?” He made sure you felt how hard he is, and how eager he was to have you.
You moaned softly as he gripped you by the hips pulling you to the bed.
He didn’t waste no time, pulling down his boxers to his thigh and hiking up your dress, your pantie was croutchless, and it made you get an approval grin from him, he pressed his lips on you, pulling you to a passionate kiss as he thrusts into you.
The night continues, a rough round followed by another. Till you were a wercked mess.
You still had your bra on by now, but he was naked. He layed on top of you and whispered “ one more round. Baby girl.. ” he mumbles as you moan softly nodding.‬‏

It’s been about two month since you two last met. You both missed each other so much and finally, he got some free time.
He decided to surprise you, wearing his blue jammies he didn’t bother to change, driving to your place quickly.
He rings the bell, his bangs over his eyes messily and he was giggling, like the cute baby he is.
You opened the door and widened your eyes “baby! You’re here !” You hug him tightly and he lifts you up, rushing into the house “ yes I am. Jagi, I missed you so much” he pouts, shutting the door as he sat on the floor with you on his lap.
You stroked his cheeks and smiled slightly “ I missed you too handsome boy, did you eat yet ? Did you rest well? I know you’ve been working..” you day in worry.
He giggles , cheeks pink" noona~ you don’t need to worry, your baby is completely healthy" he grins.
You smile softly, it was pretty late, so you both couldn’t go out on a date or something. You stood up with him “ wanna cuddle ?” He nods eagerly and picks you up, rushing to your bedroom as you yelp, causing him to laugh. He let’s you down on your bed and looks down at you, panting lightly as he smiled.
You bite your lip, the sight of him hovering over you and panting made you think of things, sinful things.
You slowly lift yourself up and gently kissed him, he of course kisses back happily.
The kiss slowly started getting heated, and more sloppy.
You push your knee to between his legs and start to rub him, earning a frustrated groan and a low moan from him.
He flips you two over, pulling you by your hips and grinding you on him. Making you moan, eyes rolling back in pleasure.
“ noona.. I want you” he whispered, eyes hodded
You only nodded, pulling his pants down to let his erection spring feee and you kicked your shorts off.
His breath hitches as he looks at your naked lower body for the first time.
You angle him and whisper softly “ noona will take it easy on you, babyboy” you smirk slightly before you push yourself down, moaning softly as he does the same tilting his head back.
As you moved your hips, he only groans and moans, bucking his hips into yours each time you bounced on him. Before you knew it, he flipped you over to your fours, and bucked his hips into you eagerly, the sound of skin slapping against each other filled the room along with his moans and groans.
Finally, the both of you became undone, making you collapse on your stomach panting and shaking, he smirkes proudly and leans down, whispering “ does my little noona need some after care, Hm?”
“ s-Shut up, Kim taehyung”

You visited the practice room, since namjoon texted you and told you that jungkook have been stressed and frustrated, the guys all left as you arrived , hoping you would put their little kid into a better mood.
You step in and smile softly when he glances over you, he was mad, clenching his jaw but as soon as he saw you, he smiled “ hey…” he said breathlessly, pulling you by your waist to him.
You smiled back and mumbled “ hey.. you know you have been pract-” you get shut off as he pins you against the wall, eyebrows furrowed as he kissed you eagerly. He was all over you, hands groping you, tongue running against yours, and his teeth chewing on your lower lip.
You moaned softly, gripping onto his shoulders for support as he groans, he moved his teeth down your jaw, and neck . Covering you in hickeys and lovebites.
“ J-jungkook, w-what are you doing ?” You whisper, face red.
He smirked lightly “ you came to help me, right kitten?” He exhales softly and mumbles against your lips “ and right now, you’re doing an amazing job at that.. staying and letting daddy mark you up.”
You moaned shyly and looked away as he behigs stripping you, he started going slow, gently stroking your chest and waist line. Making you groan softly and pull his shirt off.
“ ooho, kitten.. you want me?” He smirks, hands already pulling your pants down as you nodded “ yes… yes please .” He dropped to his knees, kissing between your thighs. Before giving a playful lick over your panties right where your heat would be. Making you whine softly and squirm around.
He chuckles softly “ bend over that table, kitten, daddy will put his condom on.” You obey, whimpering as you realized that a big mirror was in front of the table, biting your lip.
He stood behind you, naked as he smirked staring at your reflection" good view, isn’t it..kitten ?“ You moan as his hand reach to grope your chest, the other hand pinning your hips down before he took you roughly.
You were wet, and ready for him.
With each hard thrust he groaned loudly and moaned, letting all the frustration he has been holding in out .
When you both finished, he pulled out and you collasped staring at your bruised body from the mirror, whimpering, he slowly puts his shirt on you and carried you after wearing his pants ” good girl, daddy will treat you.“‬‏ (Jack x Anti Tickle Fic)

This was a really really cute prompt so I wanted to write it lol. Glad I had enough motivation. 

Idea from @catfishwierdo : Mark, Dark, Jack and Anti all live together, Dark and Mark take a vacation, and the two irishmen decide to watch movie. There’s a tickling scene, and Anti learns something new.


Warning: tickling, teasing, tickle fight, profanity

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*List features both finished and upcoming works.

One Direction


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The Path Between Fanfic


Years ago highly trained operative Y/N has been a S.H.I.E.L.D agent since she was sixteen. As punishment for a op not by the book she is sent to babysit a prince. A simple job goes wrong when Russian soldier is sent to take her out. As the man with the metal arm pursues her things shift he now needs her help.After a month on the run and his memories back Bucky and Y/N are tracked down. Y/N escaped due to Bucky’s help but Bucky was captured wiped and refrozen. Seven years later Y/N is joining Maria Hill by working for Stark after the collaspe of S.H.I.E.L.D. Late one night a man is following her from a distance she turns to confront the man only to be confronted by a ghost from her past.

  1. The Path Between: An Unexpected Friend (Chapter 1)

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

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Where the Line Blurs Fanfic


When Y/N, a reformed mercenary who worked as a SHIELD operative, is asked to rejoin S.H.I.E.L.D. she has her own agenda, find the people who betrayed her and eliminate them. With a special request of Agent Coulson she teams up with an unsuspecting Steve Rodgers, who does not fully understand the lengths this newly emerged Hydra will go to. Y/N and Steve clash due to their different perspective to handle their enemies. With a few coveted secrets of her own Y/N begins to see the appeal Captain America has and opens up. However, when Y/N discovers a traitor nestling their way into the reborn S.H.I.E.L.D agency she brings the news to the attention Steve, Sam, Natasha and Clint only to discover that they believe she is the traitor. Y/N takes it upon herself to rid S.H.I.E.L.D of the last of Hydra so she returns to her mercenary identity to infiltrate Hyrda. As the spy game wears on the only thing to be called to question is where the line blurs while the war between corruption and freedom wears on.

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External image

A/N: This is my first post with visuals, so it may not be that good.  Hopefully you’ll still like it :) It’s also based off of 1D’s song ‘Taken’ Link to song will be posted at the end

Now that you can’t have me, you suddenly want me. Now that I’m with somebody else, you tell me you love me.

I rushed into the bathroom of the club, looking at myself in the mirror. I was panting loudly, looking as if I was running from a murder by my facial expressions. I needed to leave this place before she found me. 

She is my last girlfriend that I was with, Perrie Edwards. We were together for about a year and broke up 8 months ago. I should’ve known we were coming to an end. All we did was fight constantly and she was barely home. But not being a good person and tell me to my face that we were over, she just left. It was after one of our fights. She just stormed out the house and disappeared. Me being the idiot thinking she would for the just the night, turned out she left for days, weeks, and now months. Without a simple goodbye. 

I’ve got a boyfriend now. We’ve been together for a few weeks. I don’t have honest mutual feelings for him though. I just needed someone to keep Perrie off my mind, and he was the first one to catch my eye.

Tonight, my girls wanted to take me out to the club since I hadn’t been there in awhile and they know I’ve been going through a pretty rough time. Little did I know, the person who caused my pain and distress the past few months was here aswell. 


I didn’t think it was her at first, but when I looked closer, I knew it. Everything about the way she danced, the way she sipped on her drink flirtatiously, it all just screamed 'Perrie’. At some point, she must have realized someone was staring at her because she turned her head in my direction, our eyes catching each other. She squinted her eyes, then a shocked expression came onto her face as she came into realization that it was me. I saw her start to make her way over to me, but I was quick to dart through the crowd away from her, rushing to the bathroom since it was the quickest place to go.

Just as I was about to walk out, the door opened. And there she stood, in all her glory. Same blonde hair. Same icy blue eyes. Same everything. We stared at each other for a good while, before I tried to push past her and out the door. She grabbed me by the wrists and turned me around.

“Leigh-Anne…, I-I was trying to contact you a few times. I’m guessing you changed your number or blocked mines…” I could tell she was nervous and didn’t know what to say.

“Perrie look, this is not the time and pla–”

“I know, but I just need get this off my chest and I can’t go another day without letting you know that……I-I miss you. I love you Leigh. I’m so sorry about what happened. I was just so upset and didn’t want to face you anymore, so the only way to do that was just walk away completely. I’m utterly, completely sorry because that was the biggest mistake I ever made.” She held my hand as she spoke. I could tell she meant every word, but I wasn’t having it.

I slept on your doorstep, begging for one chance. Now that I’ve finally moved on, you say that you’ve missed me all along.

“Perrie, sorry can’t fix everything. Do you know how devastated I was? How worried I was? How do you think I felt just waiting each day for you to come home, but you never did?!” I was starting to get furious by the second.

“Yes and I’m–”

“No you don’t! You don’t know because you’ve never had that happen to you before, and I’d never do anything like that to hurt you! I gave you everything for fuck sakes! When my friends found out I was with a girl, they wouldn’t even talk to me! Not even my family! I gave up every fucking thing for you and you just walked away from it all!” Tears started to sting my eyes as I yelled, Perrie tearing up aswell.

“And then you don’t even say goodbye, or any of that shit! I called you every fucking day! I texted you, hell I even called your mom and asked about you! That’s how much I love you! But you don’t even love me back!”

“Leigh-Anne, you know that’s not true. I love you, so fucking much it hurts!” Perrie said, tears pouring down her face now. I shook my head at her, biting back more tears that escaped from my eyes. 

“You don’t mean that. I’m more than positive that people around have told you I’ve got a new boyfriend, right? That’s the only reason you’re here. You don’t want me to happy at all.” I spoke harshly, not caring if it hurt her feelings at all. She stayed silent. I chuckled.

“So you’re not gonna say anything now? Now that I’m saying the truth?…….Wow, you’re really full of it.” I tried to push past her once again, but my attempt failed again. She pulled me back again, only this time with a little surprise

She kissed me.

Who do you think you are? Who do you think I am? You only love to see me breaking. You only want me 'cause I’m taken

I pushed her off of me, backing up surprisingly.

“Perrie, what the hel–” She cut me off by kissing me again. She cupped my cheeks, forcing me into the kiss. As time passed, I slowly started to kiss back, which surprised the both of us. As much as I hate to admit it, I missed the way her lips felt against mines.

As the kiss slowly began to get heated, she pulled away and pushed our foreheads together.

“Let me tell you something. I love you. With all my heart. There’s no one in this world who can love you more than I love you. Yeah I fucked up. Big time. But that was my mistake, and I’m willing to make up for it, no matter how long it takes. And I don’t give a shit about this 'boyfriend’ of yours, because I’m more than positive he can’t treat the way I treat you. And he definitely can’t fuck you like how I fuck you.” She spoke in a low voice, but her last sentence came out seductively. Without a second guess, she pushed me into one of the stalls, She locked the door and brought her attention back to me. She smirked as our lips met once again. Our tongues started to go at each other for battle quickly.

We started to feel up each other’s clothes. Since we both had on dresses, it was a quick removal of our clothes, leaving us in our underwear. We were quick to dispose of that too, leaving us completely naked.

Perrie made me sit down on the toliet as she got down on her knees infront of me. She rubbed my thighs before kissing them softly, her finger rubbing my clit.

“I’ve misses the way your pussy felt in my hands. I hope it still tastes the same.” She winked at me before digging her head inbetween my legs, waisting no time at all to start pleasing me with her tongue.

“Oh Perrie.” I moaned out, arching my back. I grabbed her long blonde hair, pushing her further down on me, grinding my pussy into her face.

“Mmmm, babe you taste so good. Just like before.” Perrie moaned against me, adding her finger in with her tongue.

I was in complete estacy. To say that I nearly hated this woman not even 10 minutes ago. Now she’s got me under her finger, fucking me with her fingers and tongue. It just makes me wonder if she’s forreal or if she’s just messing with my head.

“Perrie, I’m almost there!” I whined out, bucking my hips up more into her mouth. She added another finger, pushing me to my limit.

As I felt myself about to let go, she pulled away her fingers.

“Perrie?!” I cried out in frustration. She smirked.

“I want us to cum together babe. Wouldn’t that be so much hotter?” She chuckled.

You don’t really want my heart, no you just like to know you can. Still be the one who gets it breaking.

Even if Perrie is making me feel all good and aroused, I couldn’t shake the feeling of what happened with us. This could all be a one time thing. Maybe it’ll be a repeat. I give her my all tonight, and then she leaves for another 8 months. And thats just something I can’t put my heart on anymore.

“Babe? Are you alright?” Perrie asked, breaking me from my thoughts.

“Yeah…yeah I’m fine. Just make me cum already.” She giggled at my bluntness. She spreaded my legs apart, sitting her pussy right on top of mines. We both moaned out at the sudden feeling. We started slow, but then our grinding started to get a little faster.


“Oh my god. Leigh your pussy feels so fucking good.” Perrie growled out. I moaned out from the feeling I was feeling. 

“Perrie, just like that. I’m gonna fucking cum!”

“Me too babe, wait till I say go.” We moved even faster against each other to reach our peaks.

“Wait for it…….Go!” That was all it took. We both groaned as we came. We rode out our highs together, ceasing to an end. Perrie collasped to the floor, as I leaned on the toliet. I sighed as my mind went back to Perrie and I. Just as I was about to ask her myself, I heard some snoring. I looked and saw Perrie knocked out on the floor. I chuckled to myself.

“Nevermind,” I said to myself,“ ’s not even worth it.” I slipped on my dress and quitely stepped out the bathroom, hoping someone would wake Perrie up later. Although it would be one hell of a laugh to see the expression on that person’s face when they see this naked blonde girl fast asleep on the floor.

I sighed as I took another glance, before walking out back into the club and back home to my boyfriend. Because at the end of the day…

You only want me 'cause I’m taken.



One Direction - Taken

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Transgender Nico and Male Will... Sharkweek for Neeks? Fluffy maybe?

Being transgender was difficult enough for Nico. Only thing more difficult? Shark week. And we’ll, the pronouns, but mostly sharkweek. Now, many of the campers didn’t understand this reference, so that was good for Nico. Will, his boyfriend, understood this reference. He thought it was actually pretty funny, since well, you know. 

Nico lay on his bunk in the Hades cabin, hugging a pillow and crying into another pillow. It felt like someone was stabbing his stomach and pelvis area. Letting the pain out in heavy sobs, he lay there crying in pain quietly. His cabin door squeaked open with a small knock on the door. Nico rolled onto his side and looked at the figure entering the cabin. Will Solace stood there, watching with a soft smile on his freckled face. Nico couldn’t help but smile a little at this beauty in the darkness of the cabin. Will chuckled and walked over to Nico’s bunk, which was just a mattress on the floor in the corner, and sat down next to him. 

“How you holding out?” Will smiled softly, rubbing Nico’s back softly, tracing circles against his spine. 

“I would love to shishabob my insides.” Nico groaned and wiped his face with the back of his hands. “Then stab my self, multiple times, in the uterus.” 

“I strongly advise not to do that.” Will chuckled and wiped the tears off Nico’s cheeks. “For both of our sakes.” 

“How romantic.” Nico groaned and rolled onto his stomach. 

“Well anyways, do you want anything?” Will smiled and kissed Nico’s hair softly, “Me and some other medics are going out to get supplies.” 

“A rusty spoon.” 

“McDonalds it is.” Will stood up and walked out of the cabin. 

One trip to CVS with the medics and $10 spent at McDonalds Will returned to camp. He had a quick talk with Chiron, who agreed that he may spend the night in the Hades cabin to comfort the camper in pain. Doctors orders. Will returned to the Hades cabin, knocking softly on the door as he walked in. He walked over to his needy boyfriend. He brought a bag of candy over to the bed with the happy meals. 

“Neeks…” Will spoke softly. “I got you a Happy Meal…” Will smiled, “Well three Happy Meals. To be exact.”

“You didn’t have to get me anything.” Nico sat up and looked at Will, “But since you did, please give me it.” 

Three Happy Meals later and too much chocolate, Nico was finically falling asleep. Will sat next to him, watching his chest go up and down with each breath. He enjoyed just being with Nico, even if it was watching him sleep. Ok, maybe that was creepy, but he enjoyed it even so. Will stayed up all night, not a second of sleep, to make sure that Nico was sound.


Will: Gods I am tired.

Apollo Healer: Yea, where were you last night?

Will: Watching Nico… Its that time for him.

Healer: Sounds like a blast. Glad I wasn’t there.

Will: *falls asleep standing up* yea…

Healer: Dude, just go sleep… please. You are operating and falling asleep at the same time. Please go before you kill someone.

Will: *collaspes*

I’m confused abour why people hate Pete and Andre so much tbh. I can get Pete I guess? He’s an asshole at the beginning, definitely with everyone there, but then he proceeds to show concern, to look for his friend rather than getting himself (and his cameraman) out alive instead. Then after being captured he’s stabbed until he collaspes, but still finds the energy to literally fucking launch himself at someone about to attack Clancy and actually save said man’s life at the cost of his own.

And Andre? All he ever did was call out Pete when he was being a cunt, before getting impaled on a pipe. Literally that’s it.

Idk, I don’t understand the sins they committed I guess ???

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Philinda + things you said when you asked me to marry you

Phil was stumbling on his words. He didn’t know how the hell he should say it. He felt ridiculous about it to be honest. He had been practicing and dreaming about this from the moment they started dating. So he wasn’t quite sure as to why this was so hard. 

Everytime he tried to say a word it would come out like a strangled cry. He sounded like a dying wilderbeast or some sort of animal who made a strange noise only to become stranger as they left the world in a dramatic sort of way.  It would probably be something to laugh about with the grandkids. But right now he was so embarassed by the lack of action on what he considered the most important mission of his life. 

“Phil are you going to say something,” Melinda said, his mission target interrupting Phil from his thoughts. Phil tried to speak again but there was another strangled cry, “You are trying to ask me to marry aren’t you?”

Phil swallowed, but he nodded his head. He knew he wasn’t going to say anything without making himself look even more foolish than he actuctually did so it was better that she basically let out the question he was trying to ask. Now the answer was up to-

“Of course I’ll marry you, you idiot,” Melinda sighed as a small smile formed on her face.

“Oh thank god,” Phil said with a deep sigh finally feeling elated collasping into her arms and holding her close.

They weren’t  a conventional couple, but they fit well enough to be with each other for the rest of their lives. 

Psychopath Part 1

Summary: Sister Winchester. Sam and Dean’s sister goes to spend the evening with her boyfriend.

Warnings: Violence, abuse.

You skip down the hall with a huge smile on your face. Your boyfriend asked to take you on another date and you were excited. Things have been going great between the two of you.

“Is it okay if I go out with Austin tonight?” You ask Dean while walking in his room.

Dean looks up from his phone. “Depends. What does your boy toy have planned?”

“He’s not a boy toy.” You laugh. “We were to going to stay at his place and watch movies and chill.”

“You can watch movies here.” Dean states.

Without you and Sam breathing down our necks.” You clarify.

     You and Dean have a silent staring contest before he caves.

“Fine.” He exhales. “Be home before midnight.”

You give your brother a kiss on the check before heading out. “Thanks, Dean.”

“Don’t scratch Baby!” He calls.

     You laugh as you grab the keys off the counter.

“I’ll be back later.” You call to Sam.

“Don’t do anything stupid!” He calls back.

    You hop in the Impala and head towards your boyfriend’s house. A short time later you pull into his driveway. He meets you at the front door as you climb the steps.

“Hey, Y/N.” He smiles.

“Hey, Austin.” You laugh as you walk in.

      You step into the living room and see a stack of movies and boxes of pizza on the coffee table.

“I hope pizza was okay.” He grins.

“Pizza’s great.” You say while grabbing a slice.

“What do you want to watch first?” He asks while you get comfortable on the couch.

“Hmmm.” You ponder. “The Ring?”

“Why a scary movie?” He whines.

“It’s not that scary.” You state. “I’ve seen scarier things.”

      What your boyfriend doesn’t know is that you have actually seen scarier things. He doesn’t know that you and your brothers are hunters. He is completely unaware to the supernatural world around him.

“What about The Purge?” You offer.

“I’m cool with that.” He announces.

     You roll your eyes as he starts the movie. He sits down next to you and you lean over against his shoulder. Munching on pizza, you enjoy the movie and getting to spend time with your boyfriend.

    Your eyes open and see the closing credits roll across the screen.

“Did I miss it?” You mutter.

“Just the last hour.” He chuckles.

“You should have woke me up.” You say while shoving his shoulder playfully.

“Nah.” Austin smiles. “You’re cute when you’re asleep.”

“That’s a little creepy.” You laugh. “What time is it?”

“11:15.” He informs.

“Crap. I gotta go.” You explain. “I have to be back before midnight.”

“No.” He whines. “Break the rules for once.”

You lean over and give him a kiss. “I can’t unless you want my brothers breaking down your door.”

He stands up and kisses you again. “Come over Saturday then. We’ll spend the whole day together.”

“I can’t.” You repeat. “I’m going out of town with my brothers.”

He becomes angry for some reason. “Why do you always go out of town?”

You run a hand through your hair. “I can’t say, okay? I’ll be back.”

He shoves you back. “Is there something going on with you and your so called ‘brothers’?”

“What?!” You exclaim. “Dude they are my brothers. That’s sick that you would think that.”

“What do you want me to think, Y/N?” He yells. “You leave for days at a time without a word and when you come back you pretend nothing happened.”

“Because I have to!” You yell back. “I’m keeping you safe by not telling you anything.”

“LIAR!” He screams.

      His hand lashes out and connects with your face. You fall back and hit the floor. Pain explodes in your eye as you try and gather your bearings. Instinct kicks in and you kick Austin in the knee, making him collasp as well. You try and get up, but Austin grabs you foot and pulls you down. He places a knee on your chest as you struggle against him.

“Austin, stop.” You plead. “You’re hurting me.”

“Good.” He hisses. “Now you know how I feel everytime you leave.”

“My brothers are going to kill you.” You gasp.

Suddenly there is a knife against your throat. “Not if you don’t tell them. I would hate to see what would happen to that pretty throat if you said anything.”

“You’re a psychopath.” You yell as tears spill down your face.

“You’re not going to say anything are you?” He questioned.

“No.” You sob.

He kisses your forehead. “Good girl.”

     He gets off your chest and you quickly stand up. Your eye is throbbing as you hastily pull your boots on. Austin grabs your arm as you sprint to the door.

“Don’t say anything.” He warns. “I’ll make it ten times worse for you if you do.”

You nod and he places a sloppy kiss on your lips. “Come by when you get back.” He orders.

     You nod and sprint out the door to the Impala. Slamming the car door, you lock it and start the engine. You throw the car in reverse and spin tires to get out of there as fast as possible. Sobs rack through your body as you try to keep control of the car.

“Stop the car before you wreck.” A voice orders.

      You scream and hit the brakes praying that no one hit you from behind. Looking next to you, you see Gabriel in the passenger seat.

“What the hell?” You yell while trying to calm your nerves.

“Calm down.” Gabriel soothes. “You don’t need to be driving like this.”

“I’m fine.” You lie.

“That black eye says otherwise.” Lucifer chimes in from the backseat.

“How many Angels are in this car?” You snap.

“Just us.” Gabriel concludes.

“Leave me alone.” You say while wiping away the tears.

“Highly unlikely.” Lucifer smirks.

“Are you going to tell Sam and Dean?” Gabriel questions.

“God no.” You declare.

“Why not?” He asks. “That boy hit and threatened you.”

“You don’t understand.” You mutter. “He was just mad.”

“What’s gotten into you?” He snaps. “Any other guy would have been laid out in the floor dead.”

“We’ll go back and take care of him.” Lucifer offers.

“No, Luci.” You say. “He didn’t mean it. Please don’t say anything to my brothers.”

“You need to.” Gabriel insists. “Your brothers can handle that pip squeak.”

“NO.” You snap while hitting the steering wheel. “Don’t say a fucking word to my brothers.”

“Fine.” Lucifer huffs. “Tell them when you want, but if it goes too far, we’re stepping in.”

“Whatever.” You say.

     You put the car in drive and continue down the road. You feel the swelling in your eye and think of how to hide it from Sam and Dean. Stopping in front of the bunker, you wipe the rest of the tears away and check your reflection in the mirror. There was a bruise forming around your eye, but most of the flush in your cheeks was gone.

“I just have to get to my room.” You say outloud.

“Good luck.” Lucifer laughes.

“It’s 11:58.” Gabriel adds.

“Shit!” You exclaim while jumping out of the car.

     You run into the bunker and make a beeline for your room. You reach your bedroom as Dean walks around the corner.

“I’m home!” You yell before slamming your door.

Dean knocks on the door. “You okay?”

“I’m great.” You say to the door. “I’m going to bed.”

“ ‘Kay.” Dean says before walking off.

     You turn around and find a box on your bed. On top is a folded note.

Stuff and instructions to hide that black eye. Hopefully you won’t need it for long.
– Gabriel and Lucifer
P.S. Grow a pair and tell your brothers. It’s for the best.

     You can’t help but smile. Those two were like the extra brothers you never wanted, but were grateful for. You open the box and find a makeup kit with instructions. No wonder they mentioned instructions. They know that you struggle with girly things like makeup. You walk into the bathroom and change into your pajamas. Setting the box on the floor, you lock your door and hope to get some sleep.

I will have more parts to this up soon. Let me know what you think!!!

Liam - Heat. Pt.2

Character- LiamxReader

Warning: Smut, Knotting, Marking, 

Liam’s body weight felt as if it was nothing in the moment all you could concentrate on was his soft lips, moving against the deepest creveases of your body. One sloppy kiss after another left you hot, the heat only increasing in between your legs. The mix between the pain and pleasure was a toxic addiction that left wanting more.

“Liam..” You beg, as his finger tips dig into your shoulder, his hand fisting around the top of the tank top, ripping the shoulder piece off, then to the next side, causing the shirt to fall onto your stomach, revealing your bare breast.

Liam’s lips instantly found a rose bud, sucking gently, his hand messaging the breast he stole it from. As a whimper left your mouth, a groan from him followed soon after, “You are so beautiful.”

You couldn’t help but smile at the compliment. Liam’s hands caressed the back of your thighs lifting you up so you straddled his bare thighs, his hard member touching your stomach. With a few kisses to your neck, he lifts you more, sinking into your pussy.

The moan that left both of your lips was beautiful. The heat wrapped around Liam’s cock left him panting already. He’s never been with a she wolf on heat, actually never has been with a werewolf at all, but just the smell of you was enough to make him cum there.

He likes this angle, he saw your face, felt your nails digging and threatening to break the skin of his back. He started slow, thrusting up once and softly, causing you to whine due to finally feeling something.

This pace wasn’t enough for you though, you needed to feel Liam, really feel him. “Liam more, Please.” You begged, and that very second, a quick, hard thrust penetrated you.

“Oh my go-” You were cut off, as Liam pulled himself out of you. Flipping you around, with your ass in the air.

He didn’t know why he did, he couldn’t control it, the wolf deep down in him wanted it, and knew you did too. His first thrust left you whining, but he continued his assult on you, pounding deep inside you, his cock filling you up, hitting the right spot.

You whine his name, as your ending quickly made it’s way. Pushing your ass even more into Liam’s cock, his finger nails digging into the skin of your ass, his lips dangerously close to your neck. Without warning he bit into your neck, a loud growl coming from him. 

Liam knew he couldn’t pull out, your heat wouldn’t go away without his knot. With one final thrust he came inside you, filling you up. You both collasped, embrassing each other naked.

Liam’s finger’s run against the mark he created, the bump swollen and purple. “i-.” He says breathlessly, “I don’t know what came over me.” 

You smile softly, “You marked me Liam.” He smiled to himself. he couldn’t let you go, he didn’t want to see you Scott, and that’s why he did. Just as Scott crossed his mind, he began to panic. What is Scott going to do? Liam mated with his Luna. 

“Liam?” The very angry voice in the door way asked.

The first time.

Requested - yes - a remus lupin smut and first time they have sex.

A/N: SMUT. Requests are open!

“Remember that day where we all went swimming in the Black Lake?” you asked as you rested your head on Remus’ shoulder.

The two of you laid in his bed in the marauders dorm. It was a quiet thursday night - most people were at dinner but the two of you weren’t that hungry tonight.

“How can I forget?” Remus laughed slightly, running his fingers through your hair. “We got together that day.”

“It’s been almost seven months.” you whispered, frowning slightly. Remus and you never went any further than just kissing. Which, of course was alright but in the last few weeks you’d began doubting youself. Was he really that into you?

“Seven wonderful months.” Remus agreed - a loving smile on his face.

You sat up and faced the sandy haired boy. He was the most beautiful guy you’d ever laid eyes upon and you never wanted to lose him. He was too precious and kind.

“Do you actually like me?” You regretted the question right away when you saw the look on his face.

“What kind of question is that?” he asked, sitting up as well. “I’m crazy for you, love.”

“I know - but,” you felt awkward bringing your non-exciting sex life up. “It’s silly actually.”

“Tell me,” Remus encouraged you. “Nothing you say is silly.”

“Well,” you started. “We’ve never gone any further than kissing and I thought that maybe you’d never want too. Is there something wrong with me? Or do you just don’t want too with me.”

“Oh, y/n” Remus sighed. “There’s nothing wrong with you. You have no idea how much I want to have sex with you. I just didn’t want to force you into it.”

There was a small smile on your face and a dark red blush on your cheeks. “I really want to, Remus.”

Remus leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. The familiar feeling you’d always get when he kissed you filled your stomach and you wrapped your arms around his neck.

He smirked slightly and leaned forward so you fell back onto the bed. His body hovered over yours and lips never leaving your plump pink ones.

His hands roamed your sides before going to your buttons. He looked at you to ask for permission and you nodded your head. His long fingers worked your buttons and your blouse fell onto the floor.

His lips moved down your jaw and to the exposed skin of your neck. Leaving you panting slightly as his hand grabbed your breasty over your black lacy bra.

Your hands roamed his back and you pulled at the material of his jumper - he pulled it over his head quickly before going around your back to unclasp your bra. He slid the straps down your arms and leaned down to take a nipple in-between his lips.

“Remus,” you gasped as your hips bucked up to meet his. A low groan escaped his lips sending vibrations through your chest.

Remus gave every breast the same attention before sliding his hand under your school skirt and running his long fore finger over your clothed core.

“Ah, fuck.” you muttered, as you closed your eyes.

“You like that?” Remus mumbled as he pushed your panties to the side and running his finger up your slit.

A loud moan escaped your lips as you bucked your hips harder. Remus smirked and pushed his finger in slowly - making you arch your back.

“Remus… Please.” he stopped his movements and slid your panties along with your skirt down your slender legs. Within moments his jeans and boxers laid on the floor forgotten as well.

“This may hurt, love.” he whispered as he pulled on of your legs around his waist to get better acces to your core.

“I don’t care.” you moaned, as he placed his lips to your jaw again.

Slowly he pushed into your core - making you squeeze your eyes shut and whimpering under his touch. It hurt, yes, quite a bit. But at the same time it was such a special moment.

“I’m so sorry,” he said, kissing the pain away. He moved in further so you could adjust to his size.

“Please move,” you moaned after a few moments.

Remus began thrusting in and out of you. Low moans escaping his mouth as he did so. The feeling was wonderful - even louder moans escaped your lips as you clutched onto him.

“Fuck,” you moaned as you threw your head back in pleasure. “Remus,”

“I love you so much.” Remus panted in your ear.

“I - I FUCK!” you screamed as you came loudly. Remus growled as he came as well. Both your breathing was ragged as he thrusted a few more times before collasping next to you.

Your chest moved up and down rapidly. “That was - that was,”

“Amazing.” Remus finished for you.

“I love you so much, Remus.” you whispered as he pulled you closer while pulling the covers over the borh of you.

“We should’ve done that a long time ago.”

“Agreed.” you smiled, nuzzling into his chest.

Pillow Talk — S.Coups

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A/N: so this is kimbapkiddings’ first smut imagine written by yours truly, admin japchae! I rly hope you guys like it. I was super inspired by pillowtalk by zayn bc c’mon, pillowtalk?? s.coups?? they gO TOGETHER so here’s this imagine. have fun ;-)

Plot: The tension between you and Seungcheol had already been there when you became his close friend as a new backup dancer for Pledis. It only escalated once the two of you were paired for a sexy lap dance routine. When he looks into your eyes during the lap dance, he can see it all: your body underneath him and your pillow talk late in the night.

Word Count: 2,298 words
Song: “Pillowtalk” by Zayn
Content: rough-ish vanilla sex, cunnilingus, fingering, calling him oppa

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