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Person A was in some sort of accident and is bedridden. After they recover, they are physically weak and need to go through intense therapy to regain their strength. One day, while on the elliptical/or treadmill, person A has a goal to walk for ten minutes. Person B shows up to cheer them on. Person A barely makes their goal and the moment that they do they collasp into Person B’s arms and both fall to the floor. Person B holds Person A who is crying from joy.

I have galaxies growing
Inside of me,

Universes that was
And will be.

Stars exploding,
And Collasping.

I am,

I hold storms in my skin,
Lighting in my fingertips,
Mother Nature’s fury upon
My lips.

All this,
Caged within flimsy human skin.

I am,

laura protecting carmilla.

laura throwing herself between the dean and carmilla.

laura saying ‘if you want to hurt her, you have to get through me’

the dean laughing and saying, 'that won’t be a problem’

laura going at her and catching her off guard and knocks her down

laura recognizing that the person who vanquishes the dean once and for all has to be carmilla

carmilla getting rid of her mother.

carmilla collasping in a heap of dry sobs after her mother, idk, evaporates.

laura wrapping her arms around carmilla’s shoulders and pulling her to her.

carmilla grasping desperately at laura’s clothes and shoulders so she can hold onto her.

laura holding her until she relaxes.

carmilla looking up, dirt on her face, and saying to laura 'why would you do that? you could’ve been killed!’

laura saying 'she was going to hurt you. i just….it was the adrenaline. i couldn’t let her hurt you so i jumped in front of you’

carmilla shaking her head and snaking her hand up to cup laura’s face, saying 'god you ridiculous, reckless girl’ before she leans up and kisses her hard.

The signs as things I've said while playing Bioware games
  • Gemini:Are you a bad guy or are you nice...oh you're trying to kill me now
  • Cancer:Oh my god...look at pure...please don't die later
  • Leo:You saucy minx
  • Scorpio:Oh? You're going out for drinks with a doctor on the citadel? Cool, cool. I'm gonna go fuck Thane now you asshole
  • Sagittarius:So could you...not do that?
  • Pisces:I don't remember this version of Corpse Bride- MOTHER NO
He cheats on you with your best friend - Part 4

“Sorry” You muttered as you had foolishly bumped into a man about your age in your local shop

He had stopped playing with his son on the floor once he heard that voice and turned around, his mouth half open and his eyes wide “Y/N?" 

"A-Ashton” You gulped, you didn’t know what to say, it had been 3 years since that night and ever since then, you never spoke again even though you craved to hear his voice once more but you had stayed strong and didn’t give in to his daily texts and phone calls

“Daddy” His son called for his dad as he pulled on Ashtons sleeve, wanting his fathers attention

You gulped, Of course it seemed too good to be true "H-how old is he?“ You asked, looking down at the little boy with sandy blonde hair

"3” and that was all you needed to make you want to collaspe, you thought things would work out between you two but seeing that innocent child tore you apart and he had no idea

“He has her eyes” You whispered, trying your hardest not to cry in public as you stared at this little boy who looked just like his father with your ex best friends eyes

Ashton looked at his son guiltily “I promise it was only once”

You sighed, he had got your best friend pregnant and you didn’t care how many times he had slept with her, it was still cheating “I suppose you meant what you said then”


“You were going to leave me for her” You muttered, you had never forgotten the words your ex best friend said to you the night you found out about them cheating and ever since then you had never spoke to either of them

“That was only to stop her from telling you” Ashton argued but you didn’t look convinced “I promise”

You couldn’t believe that, you stopped trusting everyone after that night “I’m not stupid, Ashton” He looked at you puzzled “That wasn’t to stop her telling me - she wouldn’t of done that, she was in love with you, she wouldn’t of told me” You knew this all and now you had said it, you knew it was true as Ashton looked over to his son who was playing with toy cars “And the worst part” You sighed “You weren’t going to tell me either”

“I didn’t want to lose you” And this was the truth

You shook your head “You wouldn’t of cheated if you loved me” You sighed “We could still be together, Ash” Your voice cracked and your hand covered your face as you felt yourself about to cry

“We still can be” He smiled slightly, grabbing hold of your hand “Let me take you out tonight”

You wanted to say yes, of course you did and it took all the strength in your body to say no, you couldn’t live a lie “No, Ash, You might of been drunk when you slept with her but you weren’t when you texted her saying you needed her” You felt your voice raising in anger

“Y/N, not now, Let’s go back to mine and sort this out” Ashton said, he didn’t want all of the people in the store finding out about what he did

“Are you embarrassed about your dirty little secret?” You asked questioningly and he stiffened “You were using my best friend for sex - It wasn’t just a one off, was it?”

He gulped “I love you, I was foolish back then, I’ve changed”

You shook your head “You will never change” You whispered as you stared Ashton in the eye, those were the eyes that you fell in love with but now, those were the eyes you would never see again

“Dad” His son had stopped playing with his toys and had stumbled back over to his dad once he saw you leaving the store “Who was she?”

“Your mummys best friend” He muttered as he pulled his son into a hug, he had lost everything for his sons mum who he did not love half as much as he did you but he stayed with her to be the father he never had

Broriginals Sketchbook Comic Translation

The scans can be found here, with a big thanks to theyseemewhalin!

Shuten: You’re pretty fresh for a guy who collaspes right away in battle.
Abi: And you’re always getting in the way, jumping around everywhere. Why don’t you just jump right into the sun? Idiot.
Guen: And then I used my arm to slay down a hundred enemies–but they still kept on coming! So then I sent their general flying! Aaah, I wish you could have seen it, King!

Shuten: Alright, next time in battle, you better watch your head, ‘cause I’ll–
Abi: Don’t pull on my necklace! I will paralyze you–
Zeno: Oof–
Guen: Ah! King!!

Zeno: Gyeh–
Guen: Kiiiiiing!

Shuten: Hey! Are you alright? Any injuries? You haven’t gotten any more dimwitted or anything, right?
Abi: King…! It’s 'cause this idiot pushed me….! Um… are you mad?
Hiryuu: No… I’m fine.
Guen: King! Any injuries!?
Zeno: Owwww…
Zeno: Your Hiiiighness… Are you okaaaay?
Hiryuu (thinking): The Four Dragons’ love can be too much sometimes…
Caption: They follow him everywhere.


Nihongami (Japanese hairstyles) - part 6/12: female styles, by Shota Kotake

Kougai mage variations

Kougai is a two pieces kanzashi (hairpin) which was slipped through the hair to keep chignon from collasping.

  • During Muromachi period, upper rank women living in palaces used to tie their long hair in kougai mage for daily life (official events required Subeshi gami). While first very informal, kougai use have spread to many hairstyles and become a popular accessory.
  • Katahazushi is a kougai mage variation which was popular among palaces ladies in waiting during Edo era. The chignon was quite flat with a kougai pinned in the topknot center to hold the looping bun. Straight long hair was needed to achieve this look (as it was difficult to use fake locks to style it).
  • Sakkou was especially popular for young married female in Kamigata (Western Japan Kyoto+Osaka area). This intricated style lasted from later Edo period until the end of Meiji era.
    Hair was tied in a topknot with a bridge like lock atop of it called “sabaki bashi”. Nowadays, this style is still used by Maiko for their erikae (ceremony when they become Geiko).
  • Ryowa was popular among Kamigata area married women. At the topknot root, hair was divided in 2 and styled with loops pinned with a kougai. This stylish hairstyle was used for formal occasions (Edo/Tokyo inhabitants favored maru mage).
  • Suisho mage was only worn in Kyoto by 20s years old women. It’s a style quite similar to Shimada mage. Its main trademark is the kanoko (dappled fabric hairband) looped around the kougai pin to tie the topknot.
  • Shimada Kuzushi is a variation of Shimada mage and kougai mage. It was worn by middle age women (above 40 year old). When used by palace ladies in waiting it was called “Shi no ji age”. The chignon was big on the nape with a slopping topknot pined with kougai. From profile, this hairstyle had an S shape.
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The Path Between (Winter Soldier Fanfiction)


Years ago highly trained operative Y/N has been a S.H.I.E.L.D agent since she was sixteen. As punishment for a op not by the book she is sent to babysit a prince. A simple job goes wrong when Russian soldier is sent to take her out. As the man with the metal arm pursues her things shift he now needs her help.After a month on the run and his memories back Bucky and Y/N are tracked down. Y/N escaped due to Bucky’s help but Bucky was captured wiped and refrozen. Seven years later Y/N is joining Maria Hill by working for Stark after the collaspe of S.H.I.E.L.D. Late one night a man is following her from a distance she turns to confront the man only to be confronted by a ghost from her past.

The Path Between Chapter I

The Path Between Chapter 2

The Path Between Chapter 3

The Path Between Chapter 4

The Path Between Chapter 5

Where the Line Blurs (Captain America Fanfiction)


When Y/N, a reformed mercenary who worked as a SHIELD operative, is asked to rejoin S.H.I.E.L.D. she has her own agenda, find the people who betrayed her and eliminate them. With a special request of Agent Coulson she teams up with an unsuspecting Steve Rodgers, who does not fully understand the lengths this newly emerged Hydra will go to. Y/N and Steve clash due to their different perspective to handle their enemies. With a few coveted secrets of her own Y/N begins to see the appeal Captain America has and opens up. However, when Y/N discovers a traitor nestling their way into the reborn S.H.I.E.L.D agency she brings the news to the attention Steve, Sam, Natasha and Clint only to discover that they believe she is the traitor. Y/N takes it upon herself to rid S.H.I.E.L.D of the last of Hydra so she returns to her mercenary identity to infiltrate Hyrda. As the spy game wears on the only thing to be called to question is where the line blurs while the war between corruption and freedom wears on.

Where the Line Blurs Chapter I

Where the Line Blurs Chapter 2

Where the Line Blurs Chapter 3

Where the Line Blurs Chapter 4

Where the Line Blurs Chapter 5

Where the Line Blurs Chapter 6

Where the Line Blurs Chapter 7

Where the Line Blurs Chapter 8

Where the Line Blurs Chapter 9



Imagines, One Shots, Fanfiction, Preferences

Luke Hemmings

Such A Tease (One Shot) SMUT

Michael Clifford

Mind Games (One Shot)


Imagines, One Shots, Fanfiction, Preferences

Clint Barton (Hawkeye)

•       Odd Behavior

•       The Game (Lemon)


Tony Stark (Iron Man)

•       You’re the Reason

•       Playlist

•       Jealousy


•       Return of a King (Part I of IV)

•       Return of a King (Part II of IV)

•       Return of a King (Part III of IV)

•       Return of a King (Part IV of IV)

•       A Long Time Coming (Part I of VII) Smut

•       A Long Time Coming ( Part II of VII)

Bruce Banner (Hulk)

•       Heartbreak (Part I of II)

•       Heartbreak (Part II of II)


•       Banishment (Part I of III)

•       Banishment (Part II of III)

•       Banishment (Part III of III)

Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier)

•       Protection

Steve Rogers (Captain America)

•       Promises Kept (Up Next)

Logan (Wolverine)

•       Threats

•       Choosing Sides (Up next)

•       Understanding (Lemon)

Johnny Storm (Human Torch)

•       Intensity

•       Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part I of IV)

•       Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part II of IV)

•       Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part III of IV)

•       Trust is a Fragile Thing (Part IV of IV)

Charles Xavier (Professor X)

•       Rewriting History (Part I of III)

•       Rewriting History (Part II of III)

•       Rewriting History (Part III of IV)



Eric Lehnsher (Magneto)


One Direction



One Shots

•       Promises Kept

•       Love That Lasts

•       Night Before Life Goes On

•       Our Perfect Family

•       Should’ve Chased Me

•       Meeting Niall

•       Second Chances

•       Emotionally Compromised

•       Leave Out the Rest

•       Nothing Feels Like You Niall

•       Our Perfect Family (Niall Pregnancy)

•       Love Don’t Come Easy

•       Crossing Boundaries-Niall



•       Summer Back

•       Any Other Choice

•       The Color of Jealousy Louis      

•       Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Louis 


One Shots

•       Hurt

•       Difficult Love

•       Talk To Me

•       Secret Love

•       Forcing Out the Truth Liam  

•       Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Liam  


•       Finding The One

•       Finding The One Part 2

•       Finding The One Part 3

•       Finding The One Part 4

•       Finding The One Part 5

•       Finding The One Part 6

•       Finding The One Part 7

•       Finding The One Part 8

•       Finding The One Part 9



•       Make It Through The Night

•       Picture

•       Birthday Surprise

•       You Take A Bullet For Him

•       Meeting Harry

•       None of the Rest Matters

•       The Handbook

•       Stolen -Harry

•       The Departure Harry

•       Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Harry


•       My Best Friends Wedding

•       My Best Friends Wedding Part 2

•       My Best Friends Wedding Part 3

•       My Best Friends Wedding Part 4

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•       My Best Friends Wedding Epilogue Part 1

•       My Best Friends Wedding Epilogue Part 2

•       Love Like Ours Prologue

•       Love Like Ours Part 1

•       Road Less Traveled



•       You Say You’re Fine, But He Knows You’re Not Zayn      

•       Little Mix Nothing Feels Like You Zayn    



The Arrangement (Niall Horan Fanfiction) Complete


Y/N is an intern who works for Modest Management and is being offered a higher position for the duration of her internship the catch is that the only way she finds out what her job will be is to accept, so she does. Upon accepting Y/N realizes she made an error as her bosses laid out what her new job was. When she meets Niall she realize that she shouldn’t have taken job and that he hated her already. The only question was how were they going to make the world believe they were in love when they hated each other?

The Arrangement Part 1

The Arrangement Part 2

The Arrangement Part 3

The Arrangement Part 4

The Arrangement Part 5

The Arrangement Part 6

The Arrangement Part 7

The Arrangement Part 8

The Arrangement Part 9

The Arrangement Part 10

The Arrangement Epilogue

Sherlock / Supernatural


221 B


Interpol undercover Agent Y/N Y/L/N spent years hunting down the bad guys from the shadows with training from two of the most qualified agents., that is until they both went rogue and became traitors. When Y/N receives a phone call from her old mentor and is asked for a favor. Y/N agrees against her better judgment to babysit the Sherlock Holmes and protect him for Moriarty and his schemes. However, Y/N’s own past begins to reveal itself and intrigue Sherlock. As more about who she really is shows itself it leads to questions and answers that not even Sherlock Holmes is prepared for.

221 B: A Favor (Chapter 1)

Open- Recovery //Gabriel ( Michael or Lucifer wanted)

Gabriel sighed as he saw his brother  had collasped at his feet, He dragged his older brother to a bed and lay him down. The archangel wasn’t sure why he was helping his brother. He was careful to not hurt his brother wings more and he tried to sooth his brothers apparent fever. He had no idea what the other had gotten themselves into. He was still mad at them for everything. But he couldn’t leave them to suffer. “You stupid asshat.” He was worried. What am I doing helping him.

Little Demon Boy

She had been pulling the laundry down from the line and folding it when she sw on the corner of her eye a small figure wandering around in the twilight. It was rare to see anything coming from that direction after all only woods lay there. Faina dropped her sheets and ran over as she saw it collaspe. It was a child! Only a small boy! “Oh child are you alright?”