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Could I pretty please 🙏🏼 request a friends-to-lovers with Jin?????💖

find jungkook (here), jimin (here) , namjoon (here) & yoongi (here) ~

  • you first meet because of mutual friend hoseok who’s hosting an party at his place 
  • accompanied by lots of music, food, dancing but also,,,,,his living room is packed with people waiting their turn to play mario kart on the new tv hoseok got
  • and like,,,,you’re excited to beat anyone who dares challenge you because,,,,,tbh,,,,,ur Really Good at this game. esp as mario,,,,,that’s ur boy
  • but when u go up,,,,the person you’re going up against,,,,,,picks,,,,,,mario,,,,,and so do u
  • and u both look at each other and ur like,,,,,my Mario is superior and the boy is like “please, people around here call me mariojin,,,,instead of seokjin,,,,,because mama mIA am i good at playing as him”
  • and ur like HMPH we’ll see
  • and ofc,,,,the rest of the night consists of a u and jin epic mario kart battle on hoseok’s wii u and people even gather around to watch and maybe taehyung starts taking bets u never know
  • but in the end it’s a tie,,,,,,and u and jin are still bickering over who is better that hoseok literally has to push u two out of his apartment and be like take this lovers quarrel out of my home 
  • even tho u and jin are not lovers u just met but tbh u two can’t just leave it in peace,,,,you have to find out,,,,,so you end up exchanging numbers and making a promise to meet up soon and figure out WHO is finally the better mario. worthy of the great mustache 
  • and u,,,,,,do meet up with jin,,,,but like more than once and at some point it isn’t about the battle between u two it’s just that u guys have a lot in common aside from games!!! and when you get together jin is always showing u pics of his dog and ur like telling him about this new dish u tried over the weekend and ,,,,it becomes a friendship based on competitive mario kart games and mutual interest in each others hobbies
  • you know,,,,,,,,a normal friendship
  • until it’s not normal anymore,,,,because u both find yourselfs at another party,,,,but this time it’s a wedding party,,,,,for someone you both know
  • and hoseok’s there too and when u and jin sit beside each other at the ceremony hoseok turns around and whispers behind his hand “you guys should try and catch the bouquet since ur obviously the next ones to be married ;-)”
  • and u and jin are like whAt are u talking about and hoseok’s like when people meet because they fight,,,,,,it usually means love will come in the end
  • and with that he turns back and watches the wedding and ur sitting beside jin,,,,,,who btw looks amazing in a suit,,,,,,,like u didn’t pay much attention until u see him from the corner of ur eye and hoseok’s voice rings in ur head
  • and jin,,,,,has always been attractive,,,,,but he cleans up so well in a fitted blazer and collard shirt not to mention the way his tie is just loose enough to kind of look,,,,,,sexy on him
  • and ur like no no no this is the dude u play mario kart and get dorky with,,,,,,,,,,,that’s totally nOT,,,,boyfriend material
  • EXCEPT IT IS iT one HUNDREd p ERCent is
  • and u cant belive it as ur all getting up to clap as the wedding couple comes laughing down the aisle that ur realizing ur feelings for jin right at this momenT LIKE how CORNY
  • but also,,,,u glance at jin who smiles at u and ur heart sinks a bit because,,,,he obviously didnt take hoseoks words to heart like u did
  • but as ur going over to the catering stall as everyone around u gets ready for the after party u feel someone grab ur wrist
  • and jin turns u around and he’s like “hey,,,,do u want to sit together?” and ur like sure,,,,,,,slightly sighing until u realize jin is leading u away from the masses of guests
  • and to behind a building where suddenly ur alone and it’s quiet and jin goes 
  • “so,,,,we didn’t catch the bouquet but,,,,do u want to see if hoseok was right?”
  • and u feel ur face get red and ur like ,,,w,,what do u mean and jin,,,,,who is usually either sassing u over a game or doing that squishy smile of his suddenly looks much more,,,,,mature
  • eyes serious and pretty lips parted and ur like,,,,,,,,,,swallowing the lump in ur throat
  • while jin is just like “i can’t believe ur going to make me say it, but do you want to make out at this wedding and see where it goes?”
  • and ur like ok,,,,,,,,,,,,YES
  • and u basically fall into each other with absolutely no shame and it’s great. it’s spectacular. jin can kiss even better than he can play games which is sAYing soMETHING
  • and ur messy hair and jin’s abandoned tie tell hoseok everything he needs to know when u guys go back and sit at his table and he’s just like “hmm, invite me to the wedding guys!”
  • and u and jin are like SHUT but also ,,,,,ur holding hands under the table 

Aight so everyone that knows the Fake AH Crew knows of their frontman, the Golden Boy. People in the city never really questioned when Gavino Free joined, because for as long as they can remember, he’s been associated with them. In reality, he has. It just wasn’t in the concrete way it is now.

Gavin Free admired the Fake AH Crew from the second he heard about them, at 17 arriving bright eyed and eager in the heart of Los Santos. They hadn’t yet reached the legendary status they once would, but they were up and coming and certainly the talk of the city. A brilliant strategist, skilled pilot, eagle eyed sniper, rage in the flesh, and the devil himself being a black skull mask,They were dangerous. Efficient. Powerful. Rich.

It wasn’t easy making a living in the city. The underground was cutthroat and teeming with competitors that were eager to drop their opponents as they struggled to stay afloat. Little Gavin Free didn’t have much, a worn duffle bag and a stolen gun, but he had his brain and he had his charm. Gavin wasn’t bulky, he wasn’t a fighter. What Gavin was good at was people, twisting their perceptions, tricking them with pretty words and slight of hand. 

Thugs didn’t always stop to listen to what you had to say. Not unless you made am impression. Gavin did that with his appearance. His golden rings, necklace, shades, the sharply pressed collard shirts, the wild hair and the breezy smile. He didn’t have combat skills and an arsenal of weapons. He had an image. If that didn’t stop them, his reputation of being a Fake did.

Only that he wasn’t. Not at first. You see, it’s much easier to make someone listen to you if they’re terrified of what forces you have at your fingertips. Gavin used the name, the brand, to sow his seeds. Whispers of a newcomer with incredible talents, hand picked by Geoff Ramsey himself. The boy was pure talent. Ruthlessly efficient and as deadly as his smile was lovely. Thugs on the street had second thoughts about messing with a Fake, more willing to listen, much easier to bend and break to Gavin’s will. They saw rich and powerful Gavino Free, not the broke, scrawny, kid from England that was still bumming in  a shitty apartment building his assets.

It all worked well, using his imaginary crew to pull off heists, gather a small working of minions, build a tiny fortune. He was safe and the Fakes were none the wiser. Not until a heavily tattooed man approached him at the bar and ordered them drinks, a knowing smile on his face and careful, measured movements. Gavin knew exactly who was sitting across from him and he knew that he probably had exactly two minutes to explain before he was dead on the floor. Only surprise was when the man introduced himself as Geoff Ramsey and asked if he’d like an official invite into the crew rather than playing pretend, said that he’d been watching Gavin for weeks and was impressed. Gavin was more concerned that the Fakes had been watching him for weeks and hadn’t killed him than the fact he’d been studied. After the two shook hands, the history of the Fake AH Crew had been written, only the inner workings of the group knowing the amended version of it.

Gavin Free, Golden boy of the Fakes and the Kingpin’s silver tongued negotiator had been with the crew for as long as the city can remember, and only a scrawny, cocky little Brit knew that histories weren’t always so clean cut.

[Vampire AU] How They React When Their GF Asks Them To Bite Her (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what you want, and how you want it! <3  (MalexFemale, MalexMale, FemalexFemale)

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON:  I think he’d be really conflicted, because he’d want nothing more than to bite you and make you his forever, but he wouldn’t want to rush into it, without giving you time to think it over. It would drive him farther than crazy, but he would resist

YOONGI: He would get real close to biting you. Like he would have you pinned down on the bed (or whatever surface was closest), hips grinding down on you and fangs grazing your shivering skin- before he pulled away. Even though Yoongi could be rough, he valued control over everything else and he wouldn’t condemn you to a life of his kind without seriously talking it over first

HOSEOK: He would bite you if you asked him, but you’d have to ask him yourself first. He would never do it against your will or without your explicit permission first. Even though he knew you should talk it over first, a small bit of selfishness and consuming desire for you would take him and he’d sink his fangs into his favorite part of your neck

SEOKJIN:  He wouldn’t bite you, not right away. He’d want you to be 1695397% sure that this was what you wanted and he’d want to make it special. He’d prob propose to you first and then bite you, since you’d be his mate forever after he bit you anyways

JIMIN:  He’d be sooo tempted to bite you as soon as you asked, you don’t even know. But I really think he’d use all of his willpower to hold back, afraid of hurting you or that you’d regret your decision. He wouldn’t be able to take all of your begging and persuasion (how many wide collard shirts do you have?) and would give into you real fast, making you his forever mate

TAEHYUNG: I don’t think he’d be able to hold himself back if you outright asked him to bite you, especially in the heat of a passionate moment. His fangs would sink into you before he even realized what he was doing and he would practically pin you down (not that he needed too) as he claimed you for his eternal mate

JUNGKOOK: His mind would say wait but his body wouldn’t listen. He’d practically jump on you, not having enough control to stop himself. A few seconds after his razor sharp fangs sank into your soft skin, he’d realize what he’d done and start begging you for forgiveness. There’d be no need though, since you wanted to be his mate just as much as he wanted you for a mate

a compilation of misheard hippo campus lyrics

i read the landmark lyric booklet today just for fun and realized that this is some berenstain/berenstein bears kinda shit, soooo many lyrics that i’ve had wrong this whole time, and i CANT be the only one so i wanted to make a post about it:

  • i see futures bet you won’t i see futures that you won’t (vines, 1st verse)
  • im sick of your tragedy that’s living in our status i’m sick of your tragedy that’s living in our stasis (vines, 2nd verse)
  • slow your pace down to mine slow your pace, soulful vines (vines, bridge, whistler only)
  • in the sun there is red in this sun there is red (epitaph, 1st verse)
  • you got lost in the struggle new god, lost in the struggle (simple season, bridge)
  • sometimes i call it a tuesday, sometimes i call it the best day of my life sometimes they call it a tuesday, sometimes they call it the best day of my life (tuesday, 1st verse) THIS ONE REALLY FUCKED ME UP. it’s they at the end of the song, too
  • with the palest blue eyes in a collard shirt with the palest blue eyes in her collard shirt (poems, bridge)
  • california eyes are a death witch from design california eyes are a death wise from design (poems, bridge)
  • i hear you’ve seen her over the mountain but im not staying anymore i hear you’ve seen her over the mountain but im not standing anymore (vacation, bridge)

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anytime hes in a collard shirt fucks me up

yesssssssss me too i’m dead just finding these pictures??????? like, either it’s part of a suit/paired with a pair slacks OR it’s those casual ones that always have 2-3 buttons unbuttoned, and i’m only human okay??? 

i don’t even know anymore but my inbox is still open if ya wanna yell about matt

Old Forgotten Works (1/?)

-Unedited works that I’ve never gotten around to finishing! So I decided to post them the way they are!-

-Can You Be a Good Boy, Max? Part 3-

“No!” Max cried, trying in vain to wiggle out of Petrol’s vice grip on his sash.

Pikeman sighed at the theatrics, “Snake hold his arms.”

Snake walked around to the other end of the cot, and forced Max’s hands to rest in his lap.

“I don’t want it! I don’t want it! Let me go!” Max screamed, tear prickling at the corner of his eyes. Pikeman sighed and poured the clear liquid on the rag.

Max wiggled his arm free and tried to claw away. His pupils were like tiny dots on among a sea of jade and turquoise, and his breathing came out in short pants. He struck Snake and the fight to wrangle in his arms started again.

“He’s like an animal!” Snake yelled over the boy’s screams. Max was whipping too wildly for Snake to grab his arms, the only thing keeping him in place was Petrol’s steady grip on the worn sash.

“Maxwell stop! Just let us clean it!” He hissed, but Max’s focus was on the Pikeman grabbed the smaller boy’s flailing fist, and held on tight.

“No! No! Leave me alone!” Max whined, tears were free falling now. The three scouts exchange glances. Never had Max thrown such a fit, even after his worse nightmares Max would be somewhat conscious enough to answer their questions.

“Edward I- I don’t think-” Snake dodged a sharp kick and fought the urge to return the gesture. “I don’t think he knows where he is.”

Pikeman stared at the fighting boy, every part of him screamed wild animal in this moment. His wild curls sticking out in every direction from his constant pulling and the deep cuts down his arm caused by his own nails.

“Max!” The troop leader tried to get his attention, he snapped and clapped. He even stomped his foot, but Max kept on fighting.

Pikeman tugged hard on the boys arm, and Max’s fear filled eyes landed on him.

“Maxwell! Stop screaming and focus.” Pikeman’s tone was stern, and when Max tried to gracefully kick the teen in a rather unpleasant place, Pikeman tugged even harder on his arm. Then it all happened at once.

The sound of tearing.

Then the sound of all hell breaking loose.

The strain of Max getting pulled against the already torn fabric was enough to rip the sash in half. Max leapt forward and in shock Pikeman let go, and Max ran pushing the red haired teen into Snake. The two toppled too the floor with sharp gasps of surprise and pain.

His feet hit the wooden floor, his steps echoing out as he sprinted to the door.

Maxs hands wrapped around the brass door knob, he could already feel the cool night breeze coming through the screen door, hitting his face and filling his chest with the frigid air.

But an arm was wrapped around his stomach and pulled him away from his only shot at freedom.

“No!” He moaned, and struggled even though the initial adrenaline was dissipating.

Petrol hugged the boy tight against his chest, and sat down with his back to the wall.

“Let me go!” Max sobbed, but it was useless. He went rigid against Petrols stiff frame, but eventually he went limp, his head resting against the older boys forearm.

Max’s eyes were glazed over, his tears dripping onto his dirtied collard shirt.

Pikeman and Snake detangled, they stared hard at the two. Petrol was keeping a close eye on the boy he was holding. His arms wrapped right around the small frame.

- “This is where you wanted to go?”

- Bruce looks to you, and shrugs his heavy shoulders.

- “Is there something wrong?”

- You shake your head, fingers digging into the flimsy plastic bag full of cotton candy.

- Your eyes gazing into the sparkling blue of the ocean,

- “No, it’s not that, I just figured you would want to go somewhere more extravagant.”

- He raises a thick eyebrow at that.

- “I figured you would want to go to a party, or maybe a to another bar.”

- You take another bite, while Bruce’s eyes widen.

- To be honest, those ARE things he usually takes women to.

- But he doesn’t want to be with you for the same reasons he wanted to be with those women.

- In fact nothing about you or any of those women has any correlation in his eyes.

- Nothing about you is familiar to him.

- You’re actually important to him.

- “But I guess you can’t really judge people based on just what other people say.” You say, a smile arching onto your mouth, completely unaware of the monumental discovery he’s made. 

- “I suppose that’s true.” He responds, a gentle smile curling on his own lips.

- His arms cross over on the railing, the sleeves of his crisp white collard shirt rolled onto his elbows. His tie still in the perfect Windsor knot.

- You talk about a lot of things on that pier.

- Bruce talks about his children for the most part.

- “Sometimes I worry that I wasn’t fair to them.” He sighs. “That maybe I love Damian more than the other’s because he’s my biological son.”

- There’s more to it than just that.

- It’s because he saved Damian, even after he died.

- But he couldn’t do the same for Jason

- But of course he can’t tell you that, not yet.

- “I think you made the best decisions you could, at the time you made them” You pop another piece of cotton candy in your mouth. “And that you should give yourself credit for taking care of your children as much as you do.”

- He finds you words so comforting.

- He takes in your small hands, and your wrinkle free skin. Despite your age you’re surprisingly mature. 

- He wasn’t really expecting this from you. 

- “That’s very kind of you to say.”

- You just smile back.

- Bruce finds that this urge to pull you into his arms, and hold you close.

- To kiss you senseless.

- But he feels like that may be a bit inconsiderate, so instead he just laces his hand over yours.

- Your smile only grows as you twist your hand to better accommodate him. 

- And if only for the moment it’s enough

Silence... Action!

The movie was boring, I was almost falling asleep watching it, frankly I did not care much about it. The room was almost empty, only some people in the front rows were also there, they also really were into the movie, but you and I were looking for something more fun. You didn’t seemed to hate the movie as much as I did, but you certainly did not seem to really care. I passed my left arm over your head, wrapped it around your shoulders and I pulled you close to me. We could barely see in the dark room but you could feel my lustful gaze admiring your silhouette, I had found something else more fun that I wanted to do. You giggled and gave me a little kiss before returning to watch the movie. I could not let you go away so easily! So I took your chin with my right hand, made you face me and stole you a deep kiss. I kept the kiss going and I pushed my tongue between your lips. It surprised you a little and you reacted by grabbing the collard of my shirt. But, you felt the intoxicating passion of my kiss, and as our lips brush one another you allowed my tongue in. I pulled you even closer with my left arm while my right hand dropped from your chin and landed on your thighs. My hand closed with a stern grip on your leg and you could feel the warmth of my grasp on your thighs. My fingers were resting on your inner thigh holding onto your skin while I kept kissing you, you felt like melting in my arms as you let out a faint moan escape out of your mouth. You knew what I was up to and you just wanted to let yourself go and have more, but you remembered where we were. After all, there were people, it was dark but they could still see us. You did not have time to think more, you felt my hand climbing up your legs, and you felt your pussy tingling as my fingers massaged your inner thigh. You landed your hand on mine, you were a bit afraid to get caught yet you wanted more, as you thought about that the caresses on your legs heathen up your core, the warmth quickly traveled from your inner thighs to your craving pussy. My hand climbed some more while I kept licking your tongue, our mouths sealed together in a deep kiss. You felt a shiver pass through you as my hand was nearly between your legs. It teased your pussy, though I haven’t touched it yet, I just kept caressing your pubis, warming up your wetting pussy by teasing your sensitive body. I broke away from your lips and proceeded to kiss and bite your jaw. It was not discreet, you could hear my kisses faintly, but the others in the room were too focused on the movie. My hand got up your abdomen, slid down under your pants’ waistline and you felt your hips rising by themselves allowing me to dive in your pants. You were still nervous to be caught, but your body betrayed you for desire. Your hand gripped my arm as you felt me going between your legs. Moans stuttered out of your mouth, but I muffled them with my kisses. My hand went deeper and reached your panties, you felt yourself blushed as you felt yourself getting warm, you wanted us to rip off our clothes but you still had to remember where we were. My fingers reached your clit and you felt your hips buck as I began to caress it. You didn’t know if you wanted to continue, still afraid to get caught, but you felt my arm around you pulling and hugging you stronger, reassuring you that I was taking care of everything. I kept moving my fingers, you felt them wiggle their way deeper, and every inch they travelled on your skin sent shocks down your spine. I reached your opening and at this moment you realized how wet you were. Surprised you closed your legs, it was strange to do this here, people could see or hear us, but your body was craving some more. I pushed a finger in you and you moaned, you felt the tip of my finger sliding between your lips and entering you slowly, you tensed up and grabbed both my arm and collard firmly, you were clinging to my body as you felt my finger pushing deeper. I entered slowly another finger as my mouth went to bite your neck. My teeth marking you as they dug into your skin, a mark on you to remember this forbidden moment. My fingers began moving in you, caressing your insides with a delicate touch. You were dripping on my hand and we could faintly hear the wet pumping sound of my fingers penetrating you. Something not so discreet in a silence and almost empty room. I kept going, even though you were nervous of the situation I wanted to make you hear yourself drip and soak for me. My hand moved with my fingers, while my fingers were rubbing your creamy walls, the palm of my hand tightly close to your clit kept rubbing it furiously. You felt so small in your seat, merciless to my actions. You were scared of being caught as we were getting less and less discreet. You kept moaning and moaning, beginning to be so loud, I had to move my left hand from your shoulder to your mouth. I whispered to you to keep quiet, to not make a word and let me continue. You could not speak, even if my hand would not have been there, only moans and heavy breathings could have come out of your lips. People in the front row turned to look at us, they could barely see anything but you could hear them whisper about us. It didn’t stopped us, I kept massaging your clit and pushing my fingers in you. You felt my digits massaging your inner walls, you could feel them rubbing into your moistness. I told you not to worry, but at this moment you would not have stopped anyway, it was a point of no return, you were too deep into pleasure to stop now. I kept thrusting in you, deeper and faster, I could feel my hand being covered in your juice. You knew how much you were wet, you could hear it, the sloppy and lewd noise coming from your fingered pussy. You closed your legs again as they tensed up. You feel yourself vulnerable to the pleasure that filled your body and mind. You heart was beating and mine too. You could feel my heart stomping on your skin as we were holding tight to each other. You began to mumble as I kept pumping, you began to shake as I continued pushing, you began to lose control as I rapidly fingered your pussy. As you were about to let out a loud moan I took away my hand and kissed you deeply. You moaned through my lips as my tongue licked yours. The people in front were whispering some more, one even got up to come see us, but your body relaxed and I let you catch your breath as I slowly slid my hand out of your pants.

Fall Fashion for the Signs (Girls)

Aries- high waisted leggings, big sweater, crop top

Taurus- dress and leather belt, black tights, heeled booties

Gemini- jeans, top, lots of bracelets and a necklace 

Cancer- loose collard shirt, tight jeans, extra long necklace

Leo- jeanie pants, crop top

Virgo- sweater, short skirt, platform shoes

Libra- black jeans, tank top, denim collard shirt

Scorpio- leggings, white top, flannel shirt around waist, runners

Sagittarius- leather jacket, pattern scarf, jeans

Capricorn- jeans, collard shirt with sweater on top

Aquarius- maxi skirt, pattern crop top, booties

Pisces- plain skirt, fun/exciting top, tights, headband 


Here it is! This is my requested “what I normally wear to school” post. I don’t have a set type of clothing I normally wear, so this is kind of what I was planning on wearing the first week. If anyone wants to see outfit details I can post them individually if asked. This was a lot of fun and feedback would be awesome. Thanks again to the anon for requesting!!!