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Ten minutes ago, Luke was walking out the door, headed for a photo shoot. But you didn’t let him out the door dressed the way he was. A black button down, with the top few buttons left undone? It was as if he had done it on purpose so he wouldn’t have to go to work. He knew that having his neck wide open would tempt you to keep him at home, that you wouldn’t resist the hint of collarbone he left out as a treat. 

So now, here you are, enjoying every inch of his neck that your lips can reach. Rough and prickly scruff slightly burning, but soothed by the warm softness of his skin as you kiss lower and lower. The pulse in his veins reminds you he’s alive and real, not just a dream. And he’s yours. His gaspy breaths keep you working at a steady pace. Nibbling at every inhale, then gingerly kissing the spot at every exhale. You shower his Adam’s apple with extra attention when he swallows hard, the mild friction of readjusting yourself on his lap being an unbearable tease. He only interrupts the concentrated silence to warn you.

“If you leave a mark, I’ll get in trouble.”

“Want me to stop?” you offer, but just to be polite. Like he’s really going to say yes.

“Fuck no” he moans. “This is so worth it.”

Tilting his head back even more, he gives you even easier access. Egging you further, he slips his hands under your shirt, slowly rubbing your back. Then smiles down at you.

“Keep going, baby girl. So good at this.”

sherlock sulking sprawled across on john’s lap on the sofa, nosing into his neck and snuffling against his collarbone, face smushed against john’s neck so his nose is pulled up and his cheek is pushing into his eye, sighing hot breath down the neck of john’s shirt

agustd asked:

jeon's collarbones are killing me

the dip of his collarbones are so deep you could

  • swim a race in them
  • do body shots out of them
  • store several small food items in them for later consumption 
  • cultivate a tropical saltwater aquarium in them
  • embark on a journey to the center of the earth in them
  • find lost dreams and aspirations in them
  • explore the deep ocean in them

look at all the things that jeongguk’s collarbones are capable of. amazing. a mixture of hell and outer space –carboxyls

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“How about we put on some pants and figure this out?” + malec *wink wink* YOU CAN DO THIS SHIT I HAVE FAITH IN YOU


The sunlight spills into the master bedroom of the loft, illuminating the two figures on the bed currently wrapped around each other, mouths connected, hands roaming; exploring each other. Magnus had woken him up with open mouthed kisses across his collarbone, trailing up the side of his neck to the underside of his jaw.

Alec breaks off the kiss with a gasp, trying to catch his breath. Magnus buried his face in Alec’s neck for a moment before sucking on Alec’s pulse point, making the boy groan in appreciation. Alec presses his body closer to Magnus, trying to increase their contact. They are naked, their breaths getting heavier, their kisses getting more heated.

The bell of the apartment rings but the boys ignore it. Magnus climbs on top of Alec, his hands sinking into Alec’s hair as he sucks Alec’s bottom lip making Alec moan.

The bell rings again, longer this time and insistent. Alec groans in annoyance. Alec’s phone shrieks and he winces. He hates it’s tone but it’s useful specially when he’s home and occupied with his boyfriend.

Alec puts his hands on Magnus’s chest and gently pushes him away. Magnus roll his eyes and rolls off his boyfriend, huffing in annoyance.

‘What did you do?’ Alec says by the way of greeting when he answers his phone.

‘Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed,’ Jace replies. ‘Well if you must know, brother mine, half the Clave is at the Institute this very moment and requires the assistant of your boyfriend.’


‘Faeries,’ is all Jace says before he hangs up.

Alec tells Magnus this, watching the suspicion and surprise on his face.

‘Well, How about we put on some pants and figure this out?’ Grins Magnus.


Update: I am in a lot of pain today there’s no way I can set up my TPN by myself today. Having a line tunneled in your chest/neck to your heart does not feel good it rolls over my collarbone and it’s hard to push my wheelchair by myself right now. Having EDS make it worse because everything heals 10x slower. I’ve already had 3 groshong central lines before this one. The last one was pulled due to sepsis. I just really hope this one stays for awhile and that I don’t get sepsis again but I have faith everything will be okay. I’m really happy I have my fur baby to cuddle and I’m happy my boyfriend was able to take me to surgery yesterday. Thank you all for the support

there is so much more color in this world
than pink
and blue
i am smeared with your expectations:
coral on my collarbone,
teal in my hair,
rose branded on my chest,
and the sky
in the space between my eyes

i live with chains
cemented to my shoulderblades
ready for a trip to
drag me down
a falter
a stumble
a tripstuttertumble is all it will take
you salivate for that mistake
that chink in the armor that will reveal me–
that great Strip Tease; my
not-so-chiseled jawline
my hands,
my knees

and all i want is to be seen
to be able to breathe without feeling like an apology
and i’ve got blisters on the back of my tongue
from biting back corrections,
ripped into bite sized pieces
to fit into your box

guess what–

and i’m tired of being cut in half
like film on the editing floor
of being shoved into either/or
there is so much more
color in this world
than pink
and blue

—  s.m. ’the gender binary is gettin me down
EXO reaction/what they do in foreplay.

Hope you like it, this one is reaallly detailed xD xx 

Kai - Kai would be a massive tease, he would leave soft kisses on your thigh, neck, collarbone, stomach and when it came to both fingering and eating out he would be really slow yet pleasant just to drive you up the wall.  

Sehun - Sehun would be a little bitch, he would finger you for less then 30 seconds then give up and start to fuck your mouth instead cause it was all about him. 

Chen - Chen would be similar to Kai, he would do it soft and gentle but most time when we was fingering you, he would always smirk at you and whisper dirty things in your ear. 

Suho - Damn Suho would amazing he would do it just the way you like it, fast, slow, rough anything unless you beg for it and when it came to him you would just drive him up the wall before the actual sex stared.

Chanyeol - He would be dirty, when it came to fingering he do what he want just to hear you scream, he’d use as many fingers as possible and with his other hand be jerking himself off.

Lay - Lay would be such a gentleman, he’d always leave soft kissed on your neck and sometimes leave hickeys, he tried not to hurt you too much BUT when you gave him a blow job he would push your head down on him even further making you choke. 

Luhan - Luhan would be really naughty he would eat you while fingering you which drove you insane but he loved it. 

Kris -Kris would like his foreplay to be kinda rough, he would have speed too he would go so fast and force you to call him master on some occasions. 

Tao - Tao would be a mix with Kris and Lay, when it came to you he would be slightly more rough but when you give him hand jobs he needs to hear you whisper dirty things and call him names. 

D.O - woah he would go all out, i’m talking toys the works, it was his favourite part of the sexy times. 

Baekhyun - He’d be up for anything even if it was a bit odd, if it ended up in you two having sex then he’d be up for ANYTHING. 

Xiumin - This boy would be an animal, he would fuck your mouth, make you touch yourself while screaming his name or calling out daddy, Xiumin you finger fuck you so hard that you cum even before the actual sex begun. 

if you still believe Snape was a good guy, do you remember when Malfoy cursed Hermione so her teeth would grow long past her collarbones? Do you remember how Snape said “I see no difference.” Do you still think he was a good guy?