Sex with Jungkook (NSFW! Series)

- Dropping hints that he wants you by pecking your neck playfully

- Then squeezes your thigh when you brush him off

- “Jagiya~” His voice gets deeper with each letter

- Pins you to the bed when you try to get away

- Goes down on you only to torture you

- Leaving hickeys all over your neck, thighs and collarbones to show how possessive he is of you

- Calling you kitten/princess when you fulfill his wishes

- Buying you a personalized collar with your name written on it

- Once inside you, he can make you see stars you had no idea existed

- Teasing you until you cry for him to give it to you faster

- Has a daddy kink even though he wouldn’t admit it at first

- The type to have a box full of sex toys 

- Using it only when he needs to punish you

- Can go all night long 

- Loves it when you pull his hair

- Jealous Jungkook is the best Jungkook

- He’s into roleplay (Officer Jeon~)

- Dancer hips, stronger hits

- Devil in the bed, Angel after sex.

A/N: Our innocent maknae grew up and is not that innocent anymore :’) At least this is how i see him. I’ve been waiting for this for so long that i’m not even sorry lol. I can go on and on about a sex life with Jungkook but unfortunately i can’t here.

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i'm incredibly, super, duper sorry that we keep asking you for the same requests! I've just been getting so giggly and blushy over the where would ____ like to be kissed/like to kiss you. I was wondering if you could possibly do where would Monsta X like to be kissed? I'm very sorry- but your little writings are some of my favorites! <3 Thank you!! <3

aww thank you!!!
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Shownu is always taking care of other people and so every now and then he’d yearn to feel that kind of protection for himself from the person he loves. Kissing him gently on the forehead and letting him rest his head against your chest or shoulder, especially in tough times, would really be moments Shownu would cherish forever. 

Minhyuk loves kisses on his collarbones. He just melts for the touch of your lips on his skin, especially near sensitive areas around his throat and lower. He’d just jolt with excitement and giggles anytime you placed a little kiss for him there. 

Kihyun likes to be spoiled and kisses to his fingertips make him chuckle, but they also make him buckle at the knees. Kihyun would probably try to pull away a couple of times, because he’d be shocked, but after a while it’d become his favorite little thing between you two. 

Wonho loves all kinds of kisses, but what he really enjoys is your playful bites. Biting his bottom lip, giving little nips onto his neck, Wonho is a fan of feeling your teeth graze against his skin. It’s a little teasing, and just enough to make him want to pull you close. 

Hyungwon’s favorite thing is waking up to you giving him kisses between his shoulder blades, like he falls asleep with his face in the pillow and you just tickle his skin by drawing patterns on it and leaving kisses up his spine to the pretty arch between the two bones and it’s like delicate, but it makes him smile and probably lazily fall back into sleep. 

Jooheon will never admit that when you give him a frenzy of kisses on his cheeks he feels like he’s reached heaven. People always have something to say about the round, softness of his face, but you - you have nothing but love for it and when you pepper him with kisses from one cheek, over the bridge of his nose, to the other cheek - Jooheon just blossoms pink. 

IM really likes it when you sneak up from behind and throw your arms around his shoulders, pressing your lips against the nape of his neck. They way you hang over him cutely and point to whatever he’s doing and keep kissing the back of his neck. IM keeps giving you piggyback rides just to feel your lips there. 

❁ - Wearing a top that’s too big for them, showing off their collarbone / shoulders

Ace was buying some groceries, he didn’t eat much but he was running out of food and needed some stuff for potions anyway. He glanced over and saw a beautiful woman, he smiled, she reminded him of a girl he used to know.

His eyes wandered over her body and noticed her shirt was slipping to show her shoulder and collarbone, he realized anymore and it might show her bra so he walked over. “Hey.” He said softly. “You should fix your shirt, your bra’s almost out.”

Left Myself in an Alleyway

Summary: pastel!prostitute!dan in an au where neither him nor phil are youtubers and they went off to university the same year despite being diff. ages. (fic inspired by “Alleyways” by The Neighbourhood)

Word count: 2.5k

Warnings: sex mention, prostitution, angst, falling outs, emotional breakdown

a/n: this one was a doozy. enjoy lovelies!

An overcast sky held itself above the chilly city of London. Nothing was unusual about the weather, of course, but the young man who walked along the grayscale streets was. Dan didn’t mind the stares of passersby. At the moment, he was content with himself and his appearance, despite the garish color scheme.

A pink bubble grew out past his lips then was subsequently popped and sucked back inside his mouth. Icy air nipped at his exposed collarbone and midriff. He grasped at the edges of the furry, pink jacket around his shoulders, pulling them around his soft abdomen. His eyes scanned the dirty streets for an even dirtier place to stay. Where would someone go if they wanted to hook up and disappear the next morning? He decided on a roach motel kitty-corner to a gas station of dubious quality. He reminded himself of where he was and retracted his distaste in the station.

Dan checked into the motel and continued to his room where he messaged the address to this night’s client. The client was a regular customer of Dan’s services, a family man, stuck in a marriage he hated, with a tendency towards alcoholism and prescription drug abuse; but he tipped and paid well so Dan didn’t complain. Plus, he wasn’t rough like some of the others. He had even said once that Dan reminded him of his teenage son which felt both endearing and a bit too creepy for his taste.

Night descended on the cloudy day. The flashing light of the neon outside became perfectly timed to Dan’s breaths. He checked his phone, pacing about the room. The client wasn’t late, but the waiting was what killed him as that time was mostly spent inside his head. This could only lead to trouble. An imaginary stone weighed down his stomach as worrisome thoughts of a friend from the past emerged. Shining blue-green eyes, porcelain skin, and a lanky figure came to mind, but were quickly suppressed as the door to the motel room opened.

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hi there! my school has a strict dress code and I'm looking for white, gray, black, green, or yellow tops that are solid colored and cover the collarbone. could u recommend some tops or stores where I might find them? thank u! xx

i would also recommend browsing through mixxmix, shein because they have quite a few plain items; and finally, going through stores in your local mall should supply you with plenty items!

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hi, can you write about alex getting jealous because a girl was flirting with kelley?

Alex stands in the corner of the bar the team had headed to after their victory over Costa Rica, having a few nights off before they made final preparations to head to Rio. She narrows her eyes slightly, watching Kelley from across the room. Kelley, as usual, has attracted a rather large female entourage and one is getting too handsy for Alex’s liking; her arm is tracing Kelley’s collarbone as she leans up to whisper something in Kelley’s ear and Alex doesn’t like the way it makes Kelley lean her head back and laugh. She considers going over to Kelley, to stake her claim or something else positively neanderthal, but then she realises that she doesn’t really have a claim on Kelley; they’d gotten close this past camp and there had been plenty of firting-movie nights cuddled up to each other, falling asleep on each other and sitting too close to each other at meetings, not to mention the way Kelley’s gaze always seems to flit down to Alex’s lips when they’re alone and the way Alex wants to count the freckles on Kelley’s body with her tongue. But for now, they’re in that almost stage. They’ve almost kissed, almost admitted their feelings, but not quite. So Alex settles for narrowing her eyes, crossing her arms and scowling.

“You know shooting daggers at the girl you’re majorly crushing on isn’t going to speed things up particularly.” Alex jumps at Allie’s voice behind her.

“I’m not crushing-that’s not what this is, we’re just…friends,” Alex mumbles out and Allie laughs.

“Yeah yeah I look at all my friends like I want to jump their bones too,” and Alex hopes the club is dark enough to hide the embarrassed flush rising to her cheeks.

Allie is right.

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