collarbone what


[casually drops thsi here] so anyways, 

a take on a half shifted form for adri, very close to what other mimics look like. the thing is that when he (or other mimics) transform into their “”true”” forms, the skeleton goes through explosive change, and the rest of the body cant keep up with it so they look tattered and torn for a while until the growth stops, and the body can start to repair and build itself over the frame. 

also that excessively shiny thing inside adris chest is his core. which is kinda broken, so it leaks light even through the protective wrap around it

Is anyone ever going to talk about the fact that George Washington is naked on the US quarter coin?

Look at his clearly defined neck and collarbone. He’s shirtless. Compare to Thomas Jefferson on the US nickel:

or Abraham Lincoln on the penny:

Franklin D Roosevelt on the dime cuts off at his neck, so it’s entirely possible that he’s wearing a shirt but it’s just not showing.

Why did the person who designed the quarter choose to leave him shirtless??? Why would they make the decision to leave his neck and collarbone exposed???? What new conspiracy is behind this wh


(Jimin’s crush comes over to his house to help him out after he suffers an injury that leaves him with limited use of both hands.)

Warnings: 6000+ words of smut, Jimin POV, I’ll let you guess what kind of smut takes place

“I can’t believe you managed to injure both of your hands on the same day.” Hoseok’s girlfriend, Sophie, stifled a laugh while she said it. “I can’t tell if you are dumb or just unlucky.”

 Jimin sighed.  He had been stupid and drunk when he and Jungkook went out into the street to play with fireworks.  One went off too close to his hand, burning his right palm requiring a trip to the emergency room where his injury was cleaned and bandaged.  The doctor gave him a lecture about drunk people and explosives and how fortunate he was not to have blasted off his fingers.            

While exiting the hospital, Jimin immediately tripped over the curb and landed with his full weight onto his left hand resulting in a small fracture and return trip to the emergency room to get a splint to immobilize his other hand.   Now, every time Jimin saw someone, he had to suffer the embarrassment of explaining what happened. People had a hard time not laughing when they heard how he managed to get hurt twice in one day.

 “Does it hurt much?” you asked him.

“Not really. As long as I don’t bump into anything or use my fingers too much, it’s okay.” At least you seemed to be genuinely concerned about his well-being. That’s one of the reasons Jimin liked you, you always seemed caring and sincere.  The other main reason he liked you was because he thought you were incredibly hot.  There were plenty of nights Jimin stayed up fantasizing about what it would feel like to be with you.  He wanted to ask you out, but had been waiting until there was some indication that you were even the slightest bit interested in him.  He was starting to think that maybe he had a chance with you, but he felt neutered with his injuries, unable to do things like casually touch you and see how you would respond to his advances.  Jimin resolved to make a move as soon as he had full use of his hands again.

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House Aesthetics

GRYFFINDOR the bonfire spitting stars// skinned knees and scabbed-over knuckles//sand seeping between your toes//wrists branded with matching tattoos//cigarette smoke and the pounding of drums//uncertainty tucked under your tongue like a beehive, like a knife, like something you wish would stop hurting you

{bonds as strong and as steady as the summer sun}

HUFFLEPUFF polaroids strung across your throat// dandelion seeds spinning across the skin of your palm//the sky crowded with stars//ferns reaching up to caress your face// minimalism and vintage clothes// tenacity rooted in you like a third lung// falling and the whole world tilting to catch you

{the world is as enchanted as you make it out to be}

RAVENCLAW calligraphy inked across the curve of your cheekbones// the personification of winter, all beauty and crisp edges// the flicker of computer screens// gowns sweeping across marble floors// standing still in a sea of people// the bass thudding through you like a second heartbeat

{stress cresting in a wave that threatens to drown you, but always comes just shy}

SLYTHERIN the moon hanging in the sky like a claw//fingers laced through chain link fences//girl cults and blood oaths//their bodies a staircase for your ambition//test answers scrawled across the skin of your thighs//distressed jeans and lipstick as red as your defiance// loyalty coiled like a snake across like crevices of your collarbone

{cowardly is just what we make you think we are until you give us a reason to be crafty}

tell me why namjoon looks like a quirky 30-something single mother who’s just glad her eldest son has finally graduated high school after years of driving him to late night soccer meets and science competitions i’m

Friday Night || Tom Holland

Relationship: Tom Holland x reader

Summary: Meeting eyes with a boy in a club can only lead to trouble.

Warnings: S M U T (18+)

Word Count: 1730 words (it’s so short I’m sorry)

A/N: is it hot in here? its hot in here

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Okay but riding Harry in a bath tub..

Candles lit around you two in the dark room, as the scent of sweet lavender lingers in the air. You kiss Harry’s jawline as his hands rest on your bum, giving it a good squeeze when you get to the sweet spot right under his ear, blowing some cooling air on the wet mark.

He tries and lifts you up a bit, just so he can kiss your chest, wrap his lips around your nipple and suckle the sensitive nubbin. Your back arches when he flicks his tongue, making you push yourself more against his cock. He moans against your skin, his eyes closed and his wet curls combed back by his fingers.

You grind your hips slowly against his shaft, earning an angelic whimper from his perfectly o-shaped lips as his lashes flutter. You look at him, and you can see the pain his eyes trying so gard to keep his dark eyes locked with yours.

“Please, baby. Could yeh, um-” Harry trails off, pushing your hair down your back and tracing his fingers on your collarbones.

“What baby? What do you want?” you ask him, adding more pressure to your grinds this time. Harry’s breath hitches and he whimpers again, his legs slightly trembling under you.

“Plea-.. please ride me. Please baby.”

You take hold of his hard shaft and settle it to your entrance. Just to tease him, you only take in his red sensitive tip. Then you slowly start to sink down on him, his hips shifting under you, and he starts panting.

“Like this baby? Does it feel good?” You coo at him, and he bites his bottom lip between his teeth, nodding quickly.


You take Harry’s hands and guide them to take hold of your hips. As you start to get into a good rhythm, Harry’s veins and ridges massaging your wet walls, making you cleanch around him, his grip on your hips tightens and he’s trying to gently thrust up into you.

“Ungh, ahh fuck. Jus’ like tha’, slide down m’ cock, so fucking wet and snug fo’ me.”


A Shawn Mendes oneshot.

A/N: hi this is cute and I’m dedicating it to my bb @illumninate cause she’s sad and I don’t want her to be!! She deserves sunshine and happiness!! Jealous shawn is the sexiest shawn xoxo

“I was a really dorky kid.”

Shawn and I were laying naked on the hotel bed somewhere in Europe. It was well past midnight, but neither of us knew exactly how late it was, and nor did we care. We were talking about our childhoods in the dim light from the city that poured in through the window, and he was telling me about the extent of his Harry Potter obsession. 

“You still are a dorky kid,” I reminded him. Shawn made a noise of protest and strung his arm out across my face as a form of chastising me. I giggled and pushed it off, intertwining his hand with mine and kissing it lightly. We looked at each other as he tried to fake unimpressed, though his grin was deceiving him. “I’m kidding baby, don’t worry. I bet you impressed all the girls with your extensive Harry Potter knowledge,” I assured him. Shawn shook his head at me, grinning still and giving a small squeeze to my bare sides that made me squirm and laugh. With his hands still on my sides, he brought me towards him, nuzzling his head into my neck. His hair was still a little sweaty from the sex we’d just had, and the silky locks tickled my jaw. 

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the-dark-is-my-home  asked:

What about a switch??? Jimin is the tattoo artist instead (cuz jimin with tattoos 😍😍😍)and Jungkook is a shy bunny that thinks "i should get a tattoo". Yoongi has connections (cuz i imagine him with tattoos sometimes and its just 😍) then Jk gets scared shitless the last minute but forgets everything when he sees Jm

  • “You would look soooo good with a tattoo right here, Kook” says Taehyung, pointing at the younger’s collarbone.
  • “You know I’m scared on needles!” Jungkook pushes him away laughing.
  • “You’re a grown ass men and you are scared of needles? Awww such a babyyy” teases the other. “I’M NOT A BABY!”

  • A few week later, Jungkook is standing in front of one of the most famous tattoo studios in Seul, cluthing a piece of paper to his chest.
  • “hello, how can I help you?” a blue-haired boy is looking at him with a sharp gaze that makes his stomach twirl.
  • “Uhm yeah… Uh… I want a tattoo…?” oh god, what is getting himself into? Tae I’m gonna kill you if I survive.
  • “Oh, you have to  talk with Jiminie then. I’m the piercier. Yoongi. Nice to meet you…?”
  • “Jungkook.” he shakes the incredibly warm hand of the man.

  • “So, where do you want your tattoo?” a lovely boy asks him. Holy shit. This guy looks way to angelic to work in this place. To be  the owner of this place.
  • “Uh… on my collarbone. See, my friend Taehyung said that they’re my charming point so..” “Yeah, they’re nice, but I think your eyes are way more charming.” wait. Is he trying to flirt?
  • “I’m sorry, I tend to talk too much when I’m nervous” Jungkook plays with the hem of his yellow sweatshirt, such an odd contrast with the black of the room.
  • “No worries, we are not gonna do the tattoo today so you can relax” Jimin is smiling at him from behind his desk, pushing back his orange hair and showing the geometric figures on his arm. “Can I see the drawing you want to tattoo?”
  • Jungkook hands him the piece of paper,feeling the cold point of the other’s middle finger. A spark runs through his back.
  • “It’s nice… did you draw this?” Jimin asked, following with his eyes the delicate lines of the lunar phases impressed on the paper. “Yeah” he answered.
  • “Impressive. Come here next friday at 6 pm. I know it’s late but I’m really excited about this tattoo, so I’m gonna do it after the closing hour.” with that, Jimin said goodbye to a very nervous - and a little whipped- Jungkook.

  • “So you’re an art major? No wonders this drawing is so good” the orage haired guy tries to distract him from what’s about to happen.
  • “Yeah… I really love the moon. I love it so much that I’m getting it tattooed.” Jimin laughed, and that sound made the younger’s heart combust: such a beautiful sound, coming from a beautiful person.
  • “Well… maybe you could work here? Not tattoing but just drawing… you know… easy stuff” Jungkook scoffed “I’m sorry, you probably don’t have the time to do that. It’s just that it’s been a long time since I’ve seen such a talented hand.”
  • “I’ll take your offer in consideration, Jimin”
  • “Jimin Hyung” corrected said gy, turning on the machine.
  • Jungkook can feel his heart beating so fast it might explode. Or stop. That’s how I’m gonna die, in a fucking tattoo studio so black it seems Marilyn Manson pucked inside here and with an insanely hot guy breahing on my fucking collarbone. Wait what?
  • “Calm down, Jungkookie. I know you can do this” he hears Jimin over the buzzing noise, but most importantly he feels a hand pressing on his chest and a small thumb carressing the skin there.
  • He concentrates on that hand, and not the one that’s holding a very pointy needle (FUN FACT: all the needles are pointy).
  • He can also feel the hand on his chest being lifted. “I’m sorry, I’m a really touchy person. Sorry if I made you unconfortable”
  • “Please, keep it there” Jungkook says before even thinking about it. The hand on his chest is back, and he joins it with his own, breathing deeply.
  • When his heart is back to normality, Jimin positions his hand near the younger’s collarbone, and starts working: the pain is dull, the only thing that makes him frown is that noise that can hear over his thoughts.
  • the sound, however, can’t muffle the feeling of Jimin’s breaths on his collarbone.

  • “Jungkookie! I have a work for you to do!” Jimin yells from his room, and the younger immediately stands up and walks towards it.
  • “yes?” Jimin smiles at him and signales him to take a seat next to him at his desk. Jungkook blushes.
  • “I want…” Jimin lays his head on his little hand covered in rings and looks at Jugkook through his heavy makeup “ to draw a tattoo for me. I could do it… but I like your style better.”
  • “Jimin… I’m flattered but… I don’t know if I can… I mean I-”
  • “I’m not asking. I’m telling you to do it.” The older winks and rufflles the other’s soft hair.

  • “What??? You want me to tattoo it? No way, Jimin. What if I make a mess? What if I ruin your body?” Jungkook is definitely panicking.
  • “You’re thinking too much. Just do it. Trust me, Jungkook.”

  • “I love it” Jimin says while watching a very focused Jungkook tattoing his ribs.
  • “It’s not finished yet. Shut up. Stop talking. Stop breathing, it makes your chest move.” The orange haired laughs at it, almost making Jungkook do a line that wasn’t supposed to be there.
  • “What the fuck Jimin?? I could have make a mistake! and then you would have it for all your fucking life! Listen I can’t do it- he was definitely panicking- I can’t, I’m not a tattoo artist, I’m just an art major, I just draw, Jimin,I can’t pretend to be a tattoo artist I ca-”
  • Something soft landed on his lips and now is pressing on them. 
  • “Can you calm the fuck down?” Jimin says on his lips, breath fanning over them “I know you can do this, baby” fuck it.
  • Jungkook presses their lips together again, earning a smile from the older who’s caressing his collarbone. That collarbone.

  • Jungkook was calm through the rest of the session, focusing on Jimin’s now inked ribs, while the guy stroked his dark hair, both of them smiling and taking breaks from time to time to kiss. God bless Tae and his crazy ideas.
Morning Time ~ Jimin

Morning sexy sex with Jiminnie. That’s literally it.

He’s needy and whiny and whimpering for your touch, just the way he should be.

It was 4.12 in the morning and you could feel your boyfriend subtly rubbing himself against your backside. You could tell he was awake by the harsh breathing on the back of your neck, arms curled tight around your waist as he murmured your name.

“Jimin,” you moan in irritation. “Get the hell off. It’s four in the morning.”

“Hard baby,” he whimpers into your ear and your stomach clenches. “Hurts.”

“Then help yourself off,” you reach behind you to pinch his naked thigh and send him jumping away with a girlish squeak.

“Babeee,” he whines. You could hear the pout in his voice, the image of his bottom lip hung and eyes shiny flashing on your closed eyelids.

“No Jimin.”

There’s a few seconds of silence. “Fine,” he huffs. You listen as he shuffles around and you think he’s going back to sleep but then you hear the gentle thud of clothing on the floor. You craved to pull on your hair and cry, you just wanted to go back to sleep already.

You listen while he glides his hands over his body, quiet sigh leaving his lips followed by a hiss. He grunts when you say his name.

“What are you doing.”

“Taking care of myself,” he breathes out, softly moaning right after. You squeeze your eyes closed, willing his noises to not reach your ears. “Mmm..”

“Be quieter,” you growl. “I’m trying to sleep.”

“Sorry,” he moans even louder. You hear slick sounds fill the quiet air and you figure he spit in his hand to make his slide easier. You can tell by the squelching that he’s moving slow, teasing himself, probably dragging his hand up and down his thick shaft. He soundly shucks in through his teeth and let’s it out in a strangled moan, whispering curses under his breath.

“I swear to fucking God,” you angrily smack the mattress and push yourself up onto your knees, twist your body around so you can slap his wrist to release his cock. “Let the fuck go.”

“Are you going-”

“Shut up,” you grumble, wrapping your fingers around his hard member and giving him a dry jerk. He moans and reaches forward to cup the back of your neck.

“I love you baby.”

“Fuck off.”

You take his swollen head into your hot mouth, tongue pushing into his leaking slit as you slowly sink down, his hips rolling up off the bed to bury himself deeper. You reach up to yank on one of his peaked nipples in a warning, earning yourself a whine when he arches his back into your touch. You pull away to grip his base with both your hands, your cheeks hollowing themselves out so your head can quickly bob up and down his shaft.

“Baby, fuck,” he groans, stomach muscles clenching and nails digging crescents into the back of your neck with his tight hold. He slides his way down your back, fingers dipping underneath the waistband of your panties to grip the fleshy globe of your ass cheek.

You moan around him and he bucks up into you, causing you to slightly choke around him.


As you’re swallowing him down and twisting your wrist around his base, he takes a hold of your thigh and turns you, brings you closer so he can smooth his hand further over your ass. He squeezes before slipping his fingers through your wetness. You moan around him when he wiggles a finger into your fluttering hole, walls clenching around the intrusion as he feels around, curling and uncurling, making your eyes fall closed. He pumps inside a few times before pushing a second in along the first, thick fingers stretching your rim.

You take him deep into your throat when he reaches far, searching for the one spot that would have your legs trembling next to him. With one thrust of his hand you have to pull off his cock, ignoring the saliva and precome dripping from your lips as you moan and drop your forehead onto his thigh.

“Fuck Jimin please,” you whimper, gripping him tightly. You pant heavily, weakly trying to jerk his shaft while he strokes over your spot with careful fingers. You bite onto his leg to keep from screaming and he hisses above you, hips fucking up into your hand.

“Fuck this,” he growls and you scrunch your face up uncomfortably when he pulls his fingers out of you. You release his leg.

“What are you-”

His hands are on your hips, lifting you into the air and you have to grab the sheets so you don’t fall. He throws you down in front of him, takes a handful of your hair when you glance at him over your shoulder. He crawls on top of you, straddles the backs of your thighs and leans down to breathe into your ear.

“I need to come inside,” he whispers, ripping your head back to mouth at your jaw while he guides himself between your cheeks. You feel his cock slide through your wetness, smearing it around until he’s slowly pushing inside. He nibbles on your ear and begins to grind into you from behind.

“Jimin,” you whimper his name.

You lay your cheek onto the blanket, giving your boyfriend room to kiss the side of your neck, his eyes flickering to the sheet that was fisted in your hands. He releases your hair, presses a kiss to your temple while skimming his way up your arm, his fingers interlocking with yours. He does the same with his other hand, all of his weight falling onto your back but you don’t seem to care, too distracted with the way he was pumping inside of you, pitched whines floating into your ear.

“Baby,” he whispers. “I have… I have to come. I’m g-going to-”

He releases you and sits up on your thighs, hands flat on your back to pin you to the bed as he fucks in hard and deep. You bury your face into the blanket and let out a string of cries, your body jerking up the bed as your hole is pounded and stretched around Jimin’s thick cock, sharp inhales and breathy whines coming from said man every time your walls tightly gripped him. His nails dig into your skin and he thrusts into you harder, angling his hips up in order to take your breath away.

When Jimin’s thighs shake with his approaching orgasm, he leans over your back again, arms hooking underneath yours and mouth back to breathing against your ear. You grab his hands and he squeezes you in a tight grip, his panting growing faster with his snapping hips, one last groan echoing around as he unloads inside of you. He sinks his teeth into your shoulder, his eyes clenched shut and fingers wrapped so tightly around yours you were losing circulation, his cock twitching and dumping endless amounts of come into you.

“Shit, take it all baby..” he murmurs, kissing the deep teeth marks he left on your skin as he carefully milks himself dry, balls still shriveled up and twitching on your thighs.

“How much did you just come?” You ask, breathing heavily. He laughs beautifully and you turn to look at him, getting his lips to your eyebrow.

“You’ll probably have about ten of my babies but that’s okay.”

He grunts when he pulls out, finally finishes emptying himself, you wince and roll over once he’s off of you. He hovers over you and pecks your lips a few times, moves to your neck and collarbones.

“What are you doing?” Your back arches up when he swirls his tongue around your nipple, twisting and tugging the other between his fingers.

“You didn’t come,” he sweetly reminds you.

“No it’s fine-”

“Shh,” he slinks up to capture your lips in a kiss, his warm muscle lapping the words right out of your mouth. He pulls away and grabs your wrists, affectionately kisses all of your knuckles before resting your intwined hands on the duvet.

Jimin goes back down, leaves a line of kisses down your stomach to your pubic bone. You push your hips up and his eyes glance up at you, dark with lust as he lovingly kisses your clit. You dig your nails into the backs of his hands when he takes his first lick, slipping over your soaked folds and pulling a soft moan from you.

He dips his tongue in and licks a long strip up your pussy, collecting your wetness that he eagerly slurps down. He pulls away from your hand so he can probe your entrance with his fingers, your own curling into his hair when two slide in. You lift your legs onto his shoulders, heels of your feet digging into his back as he languidly pokes at your walls. He twists his fingers as he thrusts, plump lips wrapped around your clit and sucking dutifully.

“Jimin,” you throw your head back and grip his hair tighter. Your hips push up into his face on their own accord. “Fuck..”

He pulls away to dust dark bruises along the insides of your thighs, fingers still pumping into you and quickly gaining speed. You feel him smirk against your skin when your breath hitches at his curling digits. Your chest rises and falls, spine curving itself as his lips return to your sopping heat, tongue ravishing you and fingers mercilessly driving into you. You’re taken off guard at the sudden pace change, sudden roughness and your mouth drops in a silent scream, thighs clenching around your boyfriend’s head.

Jimin tongues at and nibbles around the stretched rim of your entrance, tip slithering in to join his quick thrusting hand. He hooks them against your sweet spot and you cry out until your throat feels raw.

“Baby come in my mouth,” he murmurs against you, voice laced with pure seduction. “Let me taste you.”

His vibrations have you tipping over the edge, white hot heat exploding in the pit of your stomach and spreading like fire throughout he rest of your body. Your thighs tremble as they’re spiked with immense pleasure, hand tugging on Jimin’s hair and pulling whimpers from him that matched your own.

He slows his fingers down, still hooking them inside of you as you ride out your orgasm on his face until you’re squirming in overstimulation, his tongue lapping up your release and swallowing it down.

You loosen your grip and he pulls back to look at you, fingers slipping from inside and you snort at the mess on his cheeks and chin.

“You got a little something,” you tease him and he rolls his eyes with a smile, wiping your shiny come from his face. He lays on your thigh and strokes his thumb over the back of your hand. “Can we go back to bed now?”

He shakes his head, smirking.

“I think we should shower first.”

“We can shower in the morning.”

He pulls away from you, moves your legs from his shoulders and crawls up your body to slowly kiss you.

“I’m not talking about cleaning up baby girl,” he whispers. “I’m talking about a round two.”

“Round tw- no. No way, I’ll fall asleep on you-”

He pouts and licks open your mouth.

“But baby,” he whines. “I just want my Princess to be satisfied and full of me.”

“What?” You scratch his back as he kisses your neck. He moves up and tugs on your earlobe with his teeth.

“Wanna fill you up some more,” he mumbles. “Wanna have your cute tummy so swollen with my come baby, need it so bad, wanna hear it slosh around inside you when you walk-”

“Get out of here,” you push at the side of his head and he lets out a wobbly ‘whoa’ as he rolls right over the edge of the bed. He groans when he hits the hardwood with a heavy thud and you stifle your laugh, crawling underneath the blanket and laying on your pillow.

“Babe,” he whines from the floor. “That wasn’t very nice.”

“Night Jimin.”

Fuck I need submissive!Jimin in my life.