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Growing Love -4- Suga

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Growing Love - Suga -

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Pairing: Suga x Reader

Genre: Fluff, Romance, Smut

Word count; 2.776

Synopsis: Marrying someone you didn’t know was something you never thought you’d do but as you didn’t want to defy your parents you decided to do it and when you met Min Yoongi you felt you made the right decision as you both agreed that love needed to grow.

The next morning you were up first, making breakfast. This time you made sure that there wouldn’t be any accidents. You were moving around the kitchen in a dress this time, you didn’t feel like wearing shorts today and you had a feeling Yoongi would appreciate it, seeing you in a dress. You know your relationship hit a new level yesterday and you weren’t feeling awkward around him anymore, not that you felt that awkward around him but now you knew him a bit more, which was really helpful. You wanted to get closer to him but you weren’t sure if he liked the skinship, you had been kissing but nothing more than that and with him looking the way he does, well it was hard to hold back.

“Y/N, where are you? Come back to the bed!” Yoongi whined, it made you smile but you did what he asked and you even had breakfast ready for him. “I’m coming,” you mumbled whilst walking into the room and you couldn’t help but chuckle when you saw him hogging the entire bed, with his sleepy face.

“Yah, is that for me?”

“Of course and this time no accidents.” you put the tray on the bedside table and sat down on the bed but before you could do anything he had pulled you down and he was actually hovering over you, which surprised you. He came closer and smiled before pressing his lips to yours. You responded immediately and put your arms around his neck, he lay down partly on you and as he pulled you against him, his hand went up your legs, he pulled slightly back when he noticed that you were wearing a dress, which made him smirk. He didn’t stop and went higher, making you jerk your hips a bit. His mouth traveled down your neck and stopped when he reached your collarbone, making you absolutely crazy because you wanted him to go further. His hand grazed the outlining of your underwear and that made you stop breathing for a second. “Breathe yagiya,” he mumbled against your throat and when you did that he placed his mouth back on yours before pulling back. You lay there completely out of breath and he just started his breakfast as if nothing just happened.

“Are you okay?” he was definitely feeling good about himself. You propped yourself up until you were sitting. “You must be uncomfortable.”

“Not really, I just enjoyed myself.” he kissed your nose as he got out of bed. It was a sight as he was only wearing his pajama bottoms. You had stolen his shirt halfway through the night, how you weren’t sure but you woke up with his shirt on. “You should wear dresses more often, I like them.”

“I can see that.” you walked towards him and put your hands on his chest. “Maybe we should go for a swim.” you moved your hands towards his stomach but he stopped you when you touched the hem of his pajama bottom. “Pervert,” he mumbled close to your ear and you felt a tingle go through your body. You pushed him away and hurried away from him before you really showed him what kind of “pervert”  you could be. “So no to the swimming part?”

“Shut up Oppa.” you heard him laugh, which was the best sound ever and you couldn’t help but fall completely for him every second of the day, you made a side note to thank your mother for this. You were doing the dishes when he put his arms around your waist and put his head on your shoulder. “Have you ever been snorkeling?”

“No why?”

“How would you feel if we would do that today?”

“Okay, sure.”

“Do you know how to sail?”

“I do, I have my license, why?”

“Let’s rent a boat.” he sounded so happy that you couldn’t say no. “Do I have to rent one?” he nodded cutely, which made you melt and next thing you know you shook the hands of the rental place, it was a small yacht, but big enough for the two of us. You made sure there was enough food and water to stay out for the entire day and Yoongi took care of the snorkeling gear. “Are you ready?”

“Let’s go.” You had asked the rental owner where we could snorkel and he gave you the exact map and coordinates, which proved to be very helpful. “When did you learn this?”

“I think it was in my last year of high school.”
“Really, so that’s like four years back?”

“I guess so yes.”

“Oppa, why do you always stay in the shadow, don’t you like the sun?”

“I can’t get a tan, being an idol, means you can get tanned too much and well because I don’t get a lot of sun as I burn quickly.” That did make sense, you didn’t have that burden because you were walking around in the sun almost every day. “Do you mind if I get tanned?”

“Of course not, it’s just my personal choice, you’re beautiful no matter what.” you smiled and wondered why he didn’t show this side more often to the public but then again, they would love him even more, which meant you would have to share him even more. “Oppa, look dolphins!” you suddenly yelled to him and he immediately jumped up “Where?” you pointed at the large group of dolphins and you slowed down, so you could get a good look. “This is amazing!” Yoongi was almost jumping from joy and you couldn’t help but laugh with him. “It really is.”

“Look they’re coming closer.”

“Don’t lean too much over the railing.” You warned him because if he fell it was his own fault. When the dolphins went away he sat back down and started to talk about them, he showed his passion for things and you were happy that he liked things like this as well. You finally had arrived at the diving spot, which was at a coral reef, you just had to make sure the yacht wasn’t moving, because that would make things difficult. You didn’t put on a wetsuit time and you had to laugh when you saw that Yoongi really wasn’t going to change his clothes. “Are you serious right now?” you gestured at the clothes he was wearing.

“I always swim with my clothes on.”

“Of course you do.” you pulled the dress over your head, exposing your bikini, at first you weren’t sure about this bikini because it showed a lot of skin but then you decided that you weren’t going to hide your body because if you would’ve been in Europe, you would not think twice about it. “Is that all you’re going to wear?” His voice was a bit lower than normal and you felt better because this meant he liked it a little bit too much. “Do you have a problem with what I’m wearing?”

“it shows a lot of skin don’t you think?”

“This is what I’m used to wearing whilst swimming, so yes this is all I’m wearing.” You left him staring as you jumped in the ocean, with your scuba gear. “Hurry up Oppa!” you yelled as you put the gear on and dived, you brought your GoPro, which was a good choice as it could go under water. It was such a beautiful sight, the coral reef, and the colorful fish. When you came back up, Yoongi was still busy with his scuba gear. “Do you need help?”

“Yes please help me.” you swam over and took the gear from him and told him precisely how he had to use everything and from that moment time flew by. Together you discovered the underwater world and you weren’t sure how long you had been scuba diving but at a certain point, you began to feel cold and your legs were getting tired. “I think we need to go back,” you yelled at Yoongi and he stuck up his thumbs. When you were back on the yacht you sailed to a little bay, which looked abandoned, that is until you found out that it was a rest stop for people who didn’t want to return back just yet. “Are you hungry?”

“I am, do you want me to prepare something for you?” Yoongi asked as you quickly pulled the dress back over your body, you definitely was a bit sunburned but mostly you were tanned. “Yah, why would you put the dress back on, I’ve been enjoying the view.”

“Well, I can’t enjoy the view so bad luck for you buddy.” he rolled his eyes and pulled his shirt off and with that, your mouth fell to the ground because you didn’t think he would do that. “Now if you don’t mind?” he gestured to the dress and when you didn’t respond he got up and pulled the dress in one swift move over your head. He pulled you closer until you stood against him, he moved the hair out of your face, whilst looking into your eyes. You couldn’t stand it and you pushed your lips against his and if he was startled he didn’t show it as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. At first, he was teasing you a bit but soon he deepened the kiss. He laid you down on the lounge area, which was covered in soft pillows. he gently caressed your side, which made you feel like you were going crazy. He didn’t stop this time as he suddenly kissed the top of your breasts, you were startled at first but his gentle touch made you relax quickly. His hand went to your bikini bottom and as he swiftly caressed your sensitive spot, you knew that you were ready to take the next step and as your hand travelled down his chest you stopped at the hem of his swim shorts, this was pure hesitation from your part but he put his hand over yours and moved it on him. The minute your hand moved he moaned softly in your neck, which was a huge turn on.

“I’ve wanted to do this from the moment I laid eyes on you,” he said through his kisses and that’s when you lost your bikini top. You were panting way too hard for a proper answer. To know that he was the reason for making you feel breathless made him smile as he kissed your breasts. His hand went under your bikini bottom and when he started to move his fingers you were lost in pure pleasure. The only thing that mattered now was Yoongi and his hands, you didn’t even know that the sun was already setting. Your bikini bottom had disappeared at a certain point just like Yoongi’s swim shorts and before you knew it, you lay on his chest completely exhausted but highly pleased with yourself. You lifted your head from his chest and noticed that the sun had gone under and you knew that it couldn’t have been more perfect than this.

“Did you really wanted to do this when you first saw me?” Yoongi smiled lazily at you and as he propped himself up against the back of the lounge, he nodded. “I did.”

“But I was wearing nothing interesting at all.”

“There was just something about you that attracted me and when I found out you were the one I was going to marry, well I couldn’t be happier.” You hid your face in his chest and enjoyed the movement of his chest whilst he was chuckling. “I felt the same way, to be honest.”

“Did you really not know who I was?”

“I really didn’t know, I just returned from Europe and even though Kpop is also big there, it’s not that noticeable as radio station don’t play it and I didn’t really have a lot of time to look at youtube.”

“I see, you were studying right?”

“I was and I went out with friends when I had free time.”

“Just like we do, when we have time.”

“Of course, we’re all the same you know.” he chuckled because you were slurring your words right now as you were falling asleep. He quickly got up and grabbed some water and a towel, just to clean you up and when he was finished he put your bikini back on, together with your dress. He also put his own clothes on and started on dinner. You had brought a few things he could heat up with the electric grill, he could even make ramyun if he wanted. You, on the other hand, were completely out of it and you didn’t wake up until he told you to eat something. After dinner, you did have to go back, as it was getting dark. You got up and started the motor and when you arrived back at the dock you packed up everything and returned the keys.

“Let’s go home.” Yoongi grabbed your hand and pulled you along. You walked back to the cabin, not talking at all. You would think it was highly uncomfortable but it wasn’t, you were just enjoying each other’s company. “Oppa?”


“Can I ask what you did, that they made you marry?”

“Do you really want to know?”

“Only if it doesn’t hurt you.”

“It’s because of a girl.”

“I guessed something like that.”

“Let’s get home first then I will tell you.” It took forever to get home, as you were a curious person, this last part was pure torture. When you got in, you quickly changed your clothes into comfortable clothes and sat down on the couch, whilst Yoongi grabbed you something to drink. He took a deep breath before he started talking, which scared you a bit because it must be something bad right?

“I dated a girl for a few weeks but she got a bit obsessive. It became really bad but I couldn’t resist her and it was damaging everything around me. I didn’t want to see it or listen to the other members. I did everything for her and I even talked about her in public but she was only using me for my money and fame. I wanted to marry her and I even had sex with her, which I don’t do without loving a person and boy did I love her but she didn’t love me back because one day I went to surprise her and I found her in bed with another guy. Now, this wouldn’t be a scandal if it didn’t leak to the press. She made pictures when we had sex, nothing too much but enough to see it was me, so when they were posted online, all hell broke loose. Lucky for me that I’m with the best company ever and they took care of everything but It damaged not only me but also the group.”

“But why would they force you to marry someone?”

“It was actually my suggestion.”


“To make sure something like this wouldn’t happen again.”

“How did you found me though?”

“Your mother is a good friend of our boss and she told him about you and the fact that they were looking for a husband.”

“So you just went along with it?”

“Not before I saw you and if you think that time was the first time I saw you, then you’re mistaken.”

“Wait when did you see me?”

“I saw you at med school actually. I waited one day to see you and when I saw you, you were wearing black skinny jeans and a light blue sweater, you looked tired but also happy as you were walking with friends.”

“I remember that day, I got good grades for a test.” You memorized but you also remembered something from that day and that’s when you realized that it was also the first time you saw him but you just didn’t realize it back then. “Now that you mention that day, I saw you too but I didn’t know you so I didn’t think much of it” he chuckled and pulled you closer and kissed your forehead.

“Your smile that day was the reason I wanted to marry you.”

“That’s really cheesy, you know this right?” He chuckled and nodded “I’m aware of this.”

“Maybe we should go to bed, what do you think?” He didn’t say anything after that as he lifted you up and walked into the bedroom. “I was waiting for that.” with that he threw you on the bed and turned off the lights.

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NCT127 Reacting To You Being Needy

Anon: Smutty needy gf with nct 127 plz! Ily

A/N: Y’all are so thirsty I swear. Mark and Haechan won’t be included for obvious reasons.


You hadn’t seen Taeyong in a while and just the mere sight of him made you shrill with ecstasy. He sat on your couch, still in his jacket. You took in the scrumptious view of your handsome boyfriend. He smiled when he finally acknowledged your presence. As soon as he hugged you, you pulled away and attached your lips to his and let your hands freely roam his slender waist and toned back. He laughed at how needy you were, obviously enjoying your hasty movements.

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Having Jaehyun tour all over the world and not seeing you for months on end had made you impatient. For weeks you imagined his hands on you. You weren’t just missing him anymore, you were in need. As soon as he arrived, you went over to his dorm. “Y/N? I was just coming over-” before he could finish, you kissed his lips and held him aggressively. He was shocked at your behaviour and at your irritation. After a few seconds he adapted to your movements and led you into his room, glad that no one was in the dorm or things could’ve been awkward. 

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Doyoung wasn’t very physical when it got to relationships. Sure having the worlds nicest and kindest boyfriend had it’s perks but you needed something intense. And it didn’t help that you both only slept together once or twice every six months. Doyoung was at your place that day, looking beautiful with his purple hair and white t-shirt. You couldn’t get your eyes off his broad shoulders and lean neck and those fucking collarbones that drove you crazy. You left your work on your table then and stood in front of your hunched over boyfriend, busy on his phone. Your hands reached his soft hair, and eyes digging into his soul. He looked up in the most innocent way ever and smiled at you. You immediately pushed him back and sat on his lap, attaching your lips to his. He was surprised at first and a bit amused by your sudden actions. But he didn’t hesitate to reciprocate the gesture and give you what you needed.

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You lazily sat against Yuta as he played a video game, not paying you much attention. He had barely noticed you come in, didn’t even bedazzle you with his healing smile. You looked at you, your chin on his shoulder. You wanted him so bad but he was busy on that stupid device. You leaned in and pecked his neck and let your lips trail up to his jaw. He stopped his game and looked at you. You gave him a small smile while taking away the device and placing yourself on his lap. He closed his eyes and let you kiss him, loving the feeling. He loved it when you were like this and felt a little guilty for not paying you much attention.

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Johnny got all giggly as you kissed his neck. “Stopppp…” he said but you didn’t stop. When he realised how needy you were, he got all serious and pulled you onto his lap. You stared deeply at him before kissing him again. It was beginning to grow serious as his movements got as intense as yours. 

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What a shy puppy. He was very bashful when it came to anything sexual, he even blushed when you held his hand. But he loved it when you kissed him or initiated anything. So as you both lay in bed, you touched his soft face, your insides churning with anticipation, he kissed you deeply, knowing where this would be leading.

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Winwin would be a flustered and surprised mess. Even when alone, he blushed as you touched him, your impatience surfacing with the movements of your lips. He even smiled into the kiss, loving the feeling you ignited in him.

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Not That Biased VII

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You/JB/Jinyoung

Rating: 18+

Warning: smut 

Word Count: 2,173

Summary: You work at JYP as an analyst and are assigned to help a group of idols with their new collaboration song. Both Jinyoung and JB are assigned to the project – very distracting, as you bias Jinyoung. All of this would be fine though, if only that Im Jaebeom weren’t such a pain in your ass.

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I return from the war with an offering of some senseless fluff

Mei floated up towards consciousness as if from a deep ocean. Glimpses of sunlight danced along her eyelids as she lingered in the warmth and heaviness. Mei didn’t think she was a dreamer, and if she was she rarely remembered them. But surely what happened last night was a dream. And Mei was happy to linger in this particular dream that sent little pulses of satisfaction all the way down to her toes. 

As she broke the surface and her eyes fluttered open she registered several things. First, that it was much warmer in the bed than usual. Second, naked skin pressing against her own naked skin. Third, that what happened last night was most likely not a dream.

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Exo reacts to getting a piercing


Vertical labret

Baek would be so elated that he’d practically be vibrating as you two walked into the parlor. He’d be bouncing out of excitement and nervousness as the piercer readied the needle, shooting you excited smiles that made your heart melt. He’d close his eyes as the needle pressed against his lip, his eyes shooting open as he squawked in surprise when it punctured his skin. Once the piercing was in, though, he’d never be able to stop looking in a mirror.

“Doesn’t it look sexy, jagi?”

“I look like a real badass!”



Chanyeol would be the least calm person on the planet, he’d be constantly asking questions like if it would hurt, what if it gets infected, what if i die, in which you’d respond with “god chanyeol I dont know Ive never had my tongue pierced.” Once he was sitting on the table, he’d be squirming so much to the point where he’d be asked by the piercer to kindly calm the fuck down as he put the clamp around his tongue. Chanyeol would make the strangest choked sounds as the needle pierced his tongue, but once the piercing was in, his energetic behavior would disappear. He’d turn to you once you two left, sticking it out and flicking it suggestively with a smirk, effectively making you blush.

“I hope you know the real reason I got this, jagi.”



Jongdae would have brought the subject of nipple piercings up numerous times, eventually pestering you enough until you finally agreed that he should get them. When you did, he’d make an appointment for the next day (after speaking with the piercer, of course) and he’d be off. He’d come home the next day, his shirt off with, sure enough, two silver barbells decorating his chest. Being the cheeky shit he is, Jongdae wouldn’t stop teasing you with them by shimmying on you every chance he got and whatnot. Despite you acting impassive, you’d actually love them.

“I feel so goddamn fabulous right now.”

“I can’t stop touching them, help me.”



Kyungsoo, even though you had to spend literally months convincing him to get one, would be pretty excited about a new piercing. He’d like changing it up a bit, even if it was something as simple as a stud in his ear. He’d hold your hand all the way through it for comfort purposes, calm all the way through, and the sweet smile he’d give you as you left the parlor would surely melt your heart into a puddle.

“I’m glad you convinced me to get it. I like it a lot.”

“I think you’d look cuter with it though.”



After seeing how he looked in the Monster teaser photos, Jongin couldn’t help but want the lip ring to be permanent and of course, you agreed. You found it impossibly adorable how your boyfriend was bouncing in excitement as the piercer pierced his lip, but the instant the piercing was in, the air surrounding him changed. He went from Jongin to Kai in a fraction of a second, smirking at you with the new black ring in his lip. The first thing he did was press his lips to yours, taking your breath away with the feeling of the metal against your skin.

“I’m curious as to how it would feel on…other parts of your body, jagi. Care to find out?”



It didn’t take much convincing for this kid to agree to get his eyebrow piercing. In fact, it barely took anything at all. It went more like, “hey tao you should get your eyebrow pierced” “alright, lets go.” Despite having had piercings done in the past, he’d still whimper and whine well before the needle was anywhere near him. Once he felt the needle at his eyebrow, he’d squawk and complain, yelping out when the needle poked through his skin. He’d whine that it hurt like a child all the way back to the car, only stopping when he caught his reflection in the mirror.

“Damn, I look hot.”

“I’ll bet you even Luhan isn’t manly enough to do this.”



Kris already had a lot of ear piercings, so he already knew what to expect when the clamp was squeezed around his nostril, or so he thought. Kris was nonchalant about everything, that was, until the needle broke through his skin. He flinched, yelping out as his eyes involuntarily filled with tears from the sting. You began to laugh at his outburst, watching as his cheeks tinted bright red. Once the piercing was in and you had left, it was his turn to laugh when you ran right smack into a pole due to staring at him.

“You know I’m the only one who can pull this off, baobei.”

“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”



Luhan would come home one day with his button-up shirt wide open, followed by Sehun. You were about to ask what the hell he was doing when you noticed the diamond studs poking from underneath his collarbones. Your jaw dropped, unable to form words, until finally you managed to squeak out a sentence. “Are those real?” Luhan smirked. “You likey?” You nodded. You asked him how he managed, and before he could respond, Sehun cut in. “Oh my god, it was a disaster. He kept yelling then he cried for like twenty minutes.” You were quickly distracted, though, by the way they made his collarbones stand out.

“I know how my collarbones drive you crazy, baobei.”

“How about you give me a reward for being so brave, if you know what I mean.”



He would act calm about it just up until he was about to get the piercing done. Right before the piercer put the needle up to his lobe, his cool demeanor would shatter like glass and he’d whimper. He would clutch your hand tightly in his, howling as the needle punctured his ear, but as soon as the piercing was in, he’d flaunt it like no tomorrow. Sehun would use his ear piercings as an excuse for literally anything and everything.

“You should buy me bubble tea because I pierced my ears.”

“Sorry, jagi, but I can’t do the dishes because my ears are pierced.”



As per usual, Yixing was his usual calm-but-bubbly self during the whole thing. He’d smile his precious dimpled smile at you as the piercings were placed, wincing only slightly during the process. When the two of you were done, he would jut out his hips, watching as the metal glinted in the light. He’d roll his hips a couple times to test out the feel, knowing full well how crazy he was driving you.

“What do you think, baobei? How do you like them?”

“They really define my hips well, don’t you think?”



It took an unbelievable amount of convincing to finally get Junmyeon to get a piercing. He nearly backed out a few times right before the appointment, but you managed to keep him calm. When the time actually came, Junmyeon was freaking out. He managed to stay quiet, shooting you nervous smiles as the piercer did his work. He flinched only slightly when the needle finally went through. After the appointment, he was strangely happy, surprising you by telling you how he thinks he wants another one.

“I actually really like it! I might get another one.”

“I think it makes me look hot, honestly. I wonder what the boys will think.”



Minseok had brought up the idea of the piercing in the past and had left for the appointment earlier that day, and to say the least, you were excited to see what it would look like. Soon enough, Minseok had walked through the door and you practically jumped him. You saw the new metal bar decorating his ear and nearly screamed. Minseok merely laughed as he detached you from his body. “I take it you like it?”

“Hopefully now I won’t get teased so much for being cute.”

“You seem really flustered from this alone, I can only imagine how you’ll feel when you see what else I got.”

so some of these took a turn i did not expect, but what can you do, ya feel? anyways, i hope you like this for my first reaction on this blog! requests are always open, but please read the rules beforehand~


300 follower smut continuation (KBTBB) Revenge - 2. Luke.

[This is super long just to forewarn you. I LOVE Luke & I felt insanely bad for getting ‘revenge’ on him. BUT I can’t have Bias. However this isn’t as evil as Shuichi’s revenge (or at least I don’t think so). Tagging @teresa-yukibito cuz she’s my smut queen. ENJOY.]

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i think tonight i’ll start drawing an uncomfortably shaded comic sam winchester with just…insane amounts of muscle

i think that’s honestly my favorite thing that’s formed over the years. like, sam is average in clothes but when his shirt comes off he is RIPPED TO ALL HELL

literally nothing else changes. he just has a great bod

For You

Request: Could I have a really cute imagine between y/n and Nate I don’t care what it’s about I just want it to be cute lol. But I really like your blog love!!

Pairing: Nate Maloley/Reader

Rating: PG-13

Song inspo : For You x Skate

Gifs/pictures used are not mine; credit to the owner(s) xx


“There she is!” Nate’s raspy voice filled the room as you walked in.

“Hey everybody ” You smiled and waved to everyone.

“Nice to meet you.” He shook your hand and led you to a seat.

“You too.” You grinned.

“How you been?” He asked.

“I’m good, you?” You told him.

“I’m cool .. ready to get this song out to the world.” He smiled, revealing his precious dimples.

“Thank you for being a feature. It means a lot. Your voice is dope as hell.” He added.

“Thank you for asking me.” You blushed.

You two talked for a few more minutes and got to know each other before it was time to record.

You walked to the sound booth, took a seat on the stool, put your headphones on and lost yourself to the beat of the music. Nate and everyone else in the room were in awe. You had an amazing voice and everyone knew it.

Once you did your first take of the chorus, everyone clapped, causing your smile to grow wider.

“Oh, my gosh.” You blushed, covering your mouth.

“Damn! baby girl, where have you been all my life?” Nate laughed, joining you in the sound booth.

“Right here.” You said suggestively. 

Your words made Nate pause for a minute.

“Gah, don’t do that. You’re breaking my heart.” He grinned.

“What did I do?” You asked, innocently.

“You know what you’re doing.” He said his eyes dark and full of lust.

You continued to act a little clueless, but you couldn’t help but notice the tension between you and Nate. You and him talked over social media occasionally and you always laughed it off when your fans and his fans shipped you together, but now that you two had met things were a little different.

There was a slight shift in the air, a small sense of passion.

“Everyone take a minute, go eat. Do something.” Nate said in the mic. 

Once the room was empty, Nate looked at you and neared you.

“Nate Maloley, what are you doing?” You questioned, once his face was only inches away from yours.

“What….” He paused, holding you around your waist.

“You want me to stop lil mama? Hmm, you want me to stop?” He asked, admiring your lips.

You looked into his dark eyes and shook your head, giving him permission to continue.

Nate’s hands moved from your waist to your face. He kissed you eagerly and you returned to urgency. You pulled him closer and his hands went your ass, picking you up and holding you against the wall.

He kissed your neck, while your legs were wrapped around him.

“They’ll be back any minute.” You breathed harshly in his ear.

“I know.” He said leaving hickeys on your collarbone.

“You’re crazy.” You giggled.


Link to the next part :  For You (Part 2)

A/N: Sorry if the last bit was weird, I didn’t know how to end it ! Thanks for reading guys, Send in requests xx

Reblog if you find collar bones to be an attractive feature

Okay so putting it short my friend thinks thats me an my other friend are pretty crazy to even like notice the existence of collar bones and I want to prove her wrong. (Not talking about collar bones gained through being unhealthy but like you know…collar bones)

For You (Part 2)

Request:  I was wondering if you can make part 2 of For you I think that’s the name of it

Pairing: Nate Maloley/Reader

Rating: PG-13

Song inspo : For You x Skate

Link to the first part :  For You


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He kissed your neck, while your legs were wrapped around him.

“They’ll be back any minute.” You breathed harshly in his ear.

“I know.” He said leaving hickeys on your collarbone.

“You’re crazy.” You giggled.

“Tell me you ain't feelin it though?” He smirked against your skin.

“That’s not the point” You laughed, getting off his lap.

“Oh c’mon!” He protested.

“We have to get back to work.” You said, going back to your seat in the booth.


“That’s a wrap!” Nate’s producer called out.

“Aye, you wanna get something to eat real quick?” Nate asked.

“In-N-Out is right up the street.” He added.

“Yeah, I’d like that.” You agreed.

You two hopped in Nate’s car and headed to your destination. Midway through the ride, Nate’s hand made it’s way to your thigh but his eyes never left the rode.

“Oh, I’m sorry!” He said taking his hand away.

“No, don’t.” You looked at him, putting his hand back on your thigh.

He smiled, and pulled in the parking lot of the burger joint. Once you ordered and Nate paid, you said down in a booth and enjoyed your meal.

As you were eating, Nate chuckled out of nowhere.

“What?” You asked.

“You got a little something-” Nate said in between laughes.

“Here.” He said, wiping ketchup off the side of your mouth with his thumb and licking it.

“Oh” You blushed.

“Don’t be embarrased baby girl.” He reassured you.

“OH MY GOSH.” A fan interrupted the two of you.

“Y/N!” The teenage girl yelled.

“I’m a fan of both of you.” She squealed.

After you and Nate took pictures and signed things for the girl and her friends, you finished your meal.

“What are we doing Nate?” You asked.

“We’re eating.” He grinned.

“No I mean, what is this?” You questioned, pointing to the two of you.

“It’s whatever you want it to be lil mama.” He said, holding one of your hands.

“Well … I’d like to be more than friends.” You told him.

Your heart went to racing.

Oh my goodness.

Did you really just make the first move?

You immediately began to regret your decision and your anxiety flared.

“Than we’re more than friends.” He kissed your hand.


A/N : This was SO fun to write ! Thank you all for reading xx

19 (1/?)

I couldn’t wait until tomorrow. I’ve been sitting on this chapter for days now.  I don’t know exactly where I wanna take it, but its-a-movin’. 

This is rated M, you’ve been warned. 😏😈 

Dawn is breaking when they stumble upstairs, she’s giggling, and dangerously close to making him lose his mind. He takes her hand, leading her down the hall of his parents house, they’re the last two to get home, and everyone else has probably been asleep for hours. She shouldn’t have been drinking, him either. He can’t think around her when he’s drunk - and she’s not twenty one.

He shuts his room door closed behind her and she looks at him over her shoulder as she saunters to his bed. He watches as she bends down and loosens the straps of her stilettos. She closes her eyes and leans back against his pillows. He loosens his watch and sets it on the dresser along the wall where he stands, as he steps out of his shoes and moves to where she’s decided is her side of the bed.

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one: his favourite feature on you


luke loves your eyes. he loves looking deep into the colour and giving you little eskimo kisses. he loves watching you put on your makeup in the morning, and his favourite part is the eyeliner and mascara. when you moan his name and dig your fingernails into his shoulders, it’s the fire in your eyes that he lusts after. when you wake up in the morning blearily, it’s the soft tones that shine through your morning fatigue.


calum loves  your hips. he loves the curves that lead into them, the soft skin and the way his hands can send tingles all over your body through a simple touch. he finds it so sensual, so intimate. when you wear crop tops, he can’t keep his hands off you, because it’s so tempting to him that all he wants to do is bury himself with you, to be close to you.


ashton’s favourite part of you is your lips, because they can send him into another conscious. he loves the plumpness, the curve of your entire face. when you sigh, or pout, or bite your lower lip, he can’t help but do the same, and can’t help but watch your face whenever he’s in the same room as you. he thinks that you’re so beautiful, and your lips are only the start.


your collarbone drives michael crazy. he loves to kiss it, to breath his hot breath onto it and know that you are his. it’s where he leaves the most marks, and where your friends look first the morning after. it’s not the bones that he loves, it’s when they’re subtle, just seen above the neckline of your dress, or after a wild night, when you pant hard. whenever this sort of thing happens, he can’t wait to have you to himself.