collar tips

DIY Cheap and Easy Collar Tips Tutorial from Always Rooney here. You can buy cheap book corners in lots of finishes and patterns at crafts stores (in or near the scrapbooking section) and on Etsy here. For two other really good collar tips’ tutorials go here:

There’s a word for that thing?! Yes! Pronounced jăb′ō, these cascades will give you the perfect Victorian collar, Super Sailor Moon back bow, or maybe even a fabulous jellyfish dress and much much more! Definition, collar reference and tutorial, skirt reference, and pattern for curtains that can be used for a general jabot for a bow tail or the like. Buying a curtain pattern is not necessary. You can use one of the shapes below “JABOT PATTERNS” to create a jabot tail. What shape, what type of fabric and whether or not you iron the pleats will change what the jabot looks like, so it would be a good idea to test it on scrap fabric first.