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Outfit analysis: Sailor Kakyuu

Sailor Kakyuu, the Senshi form of Princess Kakyuu, has one of the most interesting designs out of them all. Her fuku is a unique cross between her Princess dress and the Sailor Starlights’ fuku.

Head and Face:

As you can see, Kakyuu retains her Princess hat and flower accessories. 

However, the osmanthus blossom on her forehead (the planetary symbol of Kinmoku) is replaced by a beaded star tiara, identical to the tiaras worn by the Sailor Starlights.


As previously mentioned, Kakyuu’s fuku is a unique blend of her Princess dress and the Sailor Starlight’s fuku.  

It’ll be easiest to just break down her fuku into two elements: The parts retained from her Princess dress, and the parts adopted from the Starlight’s fuku.

Parts retained:

  • Necklace
  • Sleeves
  • Skirt (the poofy core is retained and a gauzy outer layer was added)

Parts adopted:

  • Sailor collar
  • Bra/bodice
  • Brooch


Her shoes are identical to those worn with her Princess dress.