collar bones though

From the moment they met, Jack knew this was the man with which he would spend the rest of his life. 

“I hope y'all like pecan pie,” Eric Bittle said. He was small, blond, and southern, with a smile that could brighten a room and a pie that smelled like heaven held gently in his hands. Ransom and Holster were on him in seconds.

“Holy shit, did you make this? It’s spectacular!” said Holster, pieces of pecan flying from his mouth. He hadn’t bothered to grab a plate, or a fork, or anything resembling kitchen ware for that matter. 

“Uhh, yes?” Eric looked scandalized. Ransom and Shitty had joined in, grabbing bits of pie and cramming it in their mouths with a voracity that challenged wild hyenas. 

Jack was perched on the edge of the dining hall table, watching the chaos unfold. This wasn’t how he thought it would happen. After a moment, he rolled up his sleeve, tracing his fingers over the soul mark that occupied the inside of his arm. ‘I hope y'all like pecan pie’ was written in large loopy letters. From where Jack sat, he could see the rest of the boys converging on Bittle’s pie. He smiled at the horrified look on Eric’s face. He would be easy to love, Jack thought. 

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The Girl Who Cried Wolf

Relationship: Michael x Reader

Words: 7K+

SGFG Series

Author’s Note: This is filled with so much angst it’s quite ridiculous. I am really proud of this piece though as it’s the longest piece I’ve ever written. It’s been a week in the making and hopefully the content shows. Anyways, this is my addition to the Sounds Good Feels Good Series I am currently hosting. If you want to read other installments refer to the link above. Feedback is appreciated! 

The engagement had been fast, less than a years time. Neither Michael nor her had ever pictured a grand wedding for themselves making the planning process easy. A small gathering with their closest friends and family and an exchange of beautiful rings and the two were married three months after the question was popped and all was well.

They went on a lavish honeymoon across Italy where they ate entirely too much pizza and learned that pasta is much more than straggly noodles and red tomatoes sauce. Michael and Y/N fell more in love on the trip than they thought was possible. Paris may have been the city of love but Italy was the country of romance.

Now that the pair was back home though, the dynamic had changed. No longer were they a couple on their honeymoon unable to keep their roaming hands off each other in public. Instead, they were back to reality in their one bedroom apartment with a shitty air conditioning unit that made the California July sun unbearable. Michael blamed the humidity in their place for the wedge between the two at night, neither one of them able to cling to each other without dripping in sweat but Y/N blamed herself for not writing enough pieces for this month’s edition of her web based magazine to earn a decent paycheck.

“It’s my fault we can’t get out of this shitty apartment,” she mumbled.

It was the first night in weeks that the two were able to share a bed thanks to a random storm that was passing through the city. The television flickering light illuminating the dark room while Michael’s thumb massaged soothing circles into the place just above her hips.

“It’s not your fault,” he whispered before placing a series of open mouth kisses to the base of her neck, where her collar bones laid.

“It is though,” she huffed. “We knew when we got married that I’d be making most of the money until you make it out of those hole in the wall clubs.”

Michael knew she didn’t mean to sound rude but he couldn’t help but take offense to her words. Of course, Michael would love to be the number one provider of the household. He’d love for her to able to write whatever she wanted because she loves writing instead of having to do it for a paycheck. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been able to do that for her yet. He was trying his hardest though, taking up extra shifts as a barista in between his band’s sets at the local coffee shop and writing as many new songs as he could to gain more of a following. He knew that one day his music was going to be good enough to get out of that place but right now he was stuck and Michael hated being stuck.

“It’ll happen soon. Ashton’s been talking to a music producer in town that’s going to help us record our demo soon.”

“I’m proud of you,” she smiled, before her voice faltered and her face fell. “How much is studio time?”

“Don’t worry about it,” he said, his eyebrows furrowing in irritation. He knew they were scrapped for money, sure, but didn’t you have to spend money to make it? This demo track could make his career and if it meant he’d have to take on more shifts at the coffee shop then he would. “Besides, this will change everything for us. I promise.”

“It better ‘cause I really don’t want to have to move back home,” she teased.

At least Michael thought she was teasing but he didn’t dwell on it too much. He didn’t have time to dwell on it, not with a coffee shop shift to get ready for in the early hours of the morning.


July had faded into August and things were going okay again. Michael had picked up a few extra shifts at the coffee shop to cover the cost of the demo tape and Y/N had started a second job at the local day care by their apartment to start a savings account for their future. They weren’t swimming in money but they were getting by and that’s all that really mattered.

The clock that hung on the wall by the entrance read five in the morning when Michael crept inside after his late night shift at the 24 hour coffee shop. He was exhausted, the purple bags under his eyes contrasting with the paleness of his complexion. All he wanted to do was flop into bed and sleep for the next few hours before the routine started over, but when he heard the running water coming from the bathroom sleep became the last thing on his mind.

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Wine and Whiskey

Percy doesn’t know how it got to this point.

Nico just decided to pop in during Jason and Piper’s engagement party. Which is how Percy found out that Nico and Piper are friends, which was as much of a shocker to everyone it seemed. So just “popping in” probably isn’t the right word for it, but oh well.

Anyways, since many of them were legal, alcohol was involved. Nico wasn’t one of the legal ones.

His first drink was taken away by Hazel, which was followed by a lecture that Nico just blew off.

His second drink was taken away Mr. D as the party was held at Camp.

His third one was taken away by Annabeth with an affectionate smile and shake of the head.

The drinks were at least always half empty when they were taken away.

And after that Nico just seemed to disappear. He was last spotted talking to Piper. They all figured he had left, the Stoll’s joked that maybe he went to find a place he could actually drink without them being pulled away. Hazel didn’t appreciate the joke.

Sometime after that, Percy, being the water enthusiast he is, went to the lake to have some time alone and away from the party. And he was rather surprised when he found Nico there with an empty bottle of wine and a half empty bottle of whiskey and just sprawled out on the dock having what seemed to be little party, one that Percy definitely planned to crash.

And here’s the thing about Nico; he changed. A lot. And Percy definitely appreciated it.

The boy, now man, grew a fair amount, he almost was as tall as Percy, save a few inches. Most of his height was in his very long legs, which he liked to wear extremely tight pants with. And unlike most of the male demi-gods – and female – he was very boney, still quite toned, but more on the willowy side.

Percy always expected the already thin kid to be a thin man, but he never expected for him to turn out so nice- oh fuck it all, sexy as fucking Hades.

And Nico’s joy for his oh so tight pants and sleeveless, cut up tank tops, that showed off his collar bone oh-so-nicely.

Though Nico’s reason for covering himself in tattoos were too far off for Percy to understand why he’d cover his flawed skin in ink.

And his face. Oh sweet mother of the gods, his face. His smoldering eyes were lined with smudged black lines. His cheekbones were fucking perfect. Those lip rings just begged for them to be tugged on. And the way his long shaggy black hair fell in his face was so fucking perfect.

Percy may or may not have had a few drinks.

Percy ogled Nico as he stretched like a cat, showing off his body perfectly.

Who knows how long he watched.

Nico didn’t seem to mind.

Not one bit.

So now, Percy had one Nico di Angelo pressed up against his cabin wall as they ripped each other’s clothes off all the while kissing each other rather fiercely.

Percy doesn’t know if it’s the alcohol or if it’s his luck that decided to show up at the most perfect time. But he’ll be damned to Hades if he’s stopping now.

And all he knows right now is that the feeling of Nico’s nails scratching his back is the hottest thing he’s ever felt and Nico’s flushed, sweat covered body arching up to Percy’s is the most erotic thing he’s ever seen and his own name falling from the wine and whiskey drenched lips of Nico di Angelo is the most perfect sound in the world.

And he doesn’t regret one single moment.

Calum is a babe and here's why (in gifs)

*calum being sassy ft. lucas* they were all so pretty in this video though

literally me in math class

jesus fucking christ he has no chill

he’s like that one middle class white boy that likes to think they’re a drug-dealing gangster


Happy bby puppy ft. kitten clifford

a calum masterpost wouldn’t be a calum masterpost without this picture

External image

is the statue of liberty smalla than a bug calum

is it

External image

*stares deeply into his eyes*


External image

punk rock kiwi man child

no wait I take back the punk rock part now he’s just a smiling kiwi bby



ershterrrrnnnn (ash)

lilbrarian  asked:

Bucky with Izzy Barton and a dog or cat.

Title: Forever Home
Rating: G
Summary: Clint and Coulson probably won’t be thrilled about this.

When they arrived at the veterinarian’s office, Bucky took out the cellphone he nearly never used and called Clint.

“We’re gonna be late gettin’ home,” he said, when Clint answered.

“That’s all right, so am I,” Clint said. There was an explosion in the background. “Op went south.”

“How does an Op in Jersey City go that explosively south?” Bucky asked, distracted.

“Dunno, but we’re going to be mopping up for a while. Why, what happened to you?”

Bucky looked across the exam room, to where a doctor was carefully clipping the matted fur off a truly filthy stray dog, rinsing him down with sterile solution. Izzy, eyes taking up about half her face, was watching avidly.

“You wouldn’t believe me if I told you, but we’re gonna have a surprise for you when you get back,” he said. “Want me to call Coulson?”

“He is currently running this murder game we call an op, I’ll let him know,” Clint replied. “Love to the kidlet, treat her to something tasty for dinner.”

“We’ll get enough for the team,” Bucky said, and hung up the phone. “Are you annoying the doctor, Zaichik?” he asked.

“No!” Izzy said, then clapped her hands over her mouth.

“She’s fine,” the doctor replied, as she trimmed the last of the mats off the dog’s coat. “This fellow, however, needs a bath and about fifteen different antibiotics.”

“Is he contagious?” Bucky asked. The dog, who apparently hadn’t even needed sedation, gazed up at Bucky with the serene resignation of a creature who has nothing to lose.

“No, he’s actually in quite good health, under the dirt — no parasites, no mange. He was doing pretty well, at least until the car hit him. I don’t suppose you got the license plate?”

“No, we found him,” Izzy said.

“Well, he’s luckier than most. No broken bones. No collar either, though, and no chip; probably abandoned. I assume you’ll want to surrender him to the clinic?” she asked. “We can find him a place at a no-kill shelter.”

Bucky, having anticipated Izzy’s immediate pleading look, shook his head. “No, we’ll take him.”

“We can work out a payment plan for the treatment — ”

“No need. Trust fund baby,” he said, nodding at Izzy. “I have very good credit cards.”

The doctor laughed. “Well, I’ll run him through the wash, get him a cone and get you some prescriptions for him; we’ll do a few blood tests just in case. You, princess,” she added to Izzy, “can go pick out a harness and a leash for him from the reception room.”

“And a bed and a toy and treats!” Izzy said, but she at least looked at Bucky for permission first. He nodded and she jumped down, running to the door.

“I’ll be out in a minute, Iz,” he called after her. The doctor looked amused.

“Are you sure about this? You’re not going to get in trouble for getting her a dog while her father isn’t looking?” she asked. Bucky tilted his head. “I read the gossip page. That’s Hawkeye’s kid, isn’t it?”

“He won’t mind. If he does, I’ll take the dog. After Izzy, I’m sure he won’t be much trouble,” Bucky said, stroking the dog with his right hand. It turned its head and lapped at his palm. “He seems pretty mild. Besides, her family’s more or less in the business of strays.”

“Well, if you need the name of a good trainer, call the clinic,” she said. “I’ll bring him out once he’s been washed and treated.”

Bucky had to admit to a moment of heart-attack over the bill, but it was mostly contextual; he had to remind himself that a cup of coffee cost three dollars, and you couldn’t expect a dog in that condition to cost less than a couple of hundred at least. Besides, once they got him cleaned up, he was a pretty attractive creature.

“Can we have pizza for dinner?” Izzy asked, as the three of them walked out of the clinic, the dog heeling demurely at Izzy’s side.

“You just cost me a grand for a dog and now you want pizza?” he teased. “I’m not made ‘a money, Zaichik.”

“Pleaaaaase — ”

“I’ll think about it,” he replied, hailing a taxi, which took a look at the dog and zoomed off again. He threw the bird at it. “What’re you gonna call him, anyway?”

“Pizza dog,” she said, sticking her tongue out. The second cab he hailed pulled up, and the driver actually smiled when he saw the dog.

“Pets ride free,” he said, as Bucky loaded Izzy and the dog into the back. “What you call that dog, huh?”

“Lucky,” Bucky said, before Izzy could say Pizza Dog and curse the poor animal forever. “Avengers Tower, please.”

Izzy spent the whole ride back with her arms around Lucky’s neck, whispering to him in Russian. Bucky wondered if they could teach him to sidet and myesto before Clint got home.

I’m obsessed with Overwatch and I have way too much time on my hands.

So everyone has been wondering just how much of Genji is still flesh. At the very least I did. Anyway, after looking at in-game animations, the dragons short, as well as the reference kit on the official Overwatch site, I have come to the conclusion that Genji still retains his upper arms, torso, as well as upper legs.

HOWEVER, I also know quite a bit about prosthetic limbs. Which is what I’m basing this off of. If you go in game and watch Genji’s animations you will notice that the ‘kneecap’ on both legs moves independently of the upper leg. Which means that both legs are bka’s (bka=below knee amputation). A bka typically means that the person retains the entire upper leg and a stump on the lower half. BKA amputees also usually have better mobility as they still have their original knees.

Now Genji’s arms are what threw me for a loop. He either is missing both of his arms in their entirety or he has a small portion of the upper arms. Again, that would leave him with better mobility for the same reasons as before only with the arms, because when surgeons remove an entire arm, they usually remove the shoulder blade and collar bone. At first, I though that he might have had the majority of his arms, but he stores his shurikens in his forearms. So that means there is no way that he still has flesh forearms.

Alright, so far I have shown what led me to believe how much of his arms and legs are still there, but what about the rest of his body? Now this part is delving into the cybernetic side of things. While I can’t get a concrete diagnosis until we all find out what exactly Hanzo did to Genji that left him near death, I will give my best guess.

I’m thinking that when Dr. Ziegler was performing the operation on Genji, she had been told to revive this man and make him a living weapon. Hence the added mobility, shurikens in the arm thing, and the cybernetics as a whole. Which means that she either completely rebuilt Genji OR she improved what was still there. Strengthening the muscles, enhancing the nervous system, raising the pain tolerance, basically anything that would turn Genji into a living weapon. Which she succeeded at.

SO IN CONCLUSION, Genji is still mostly human in that he still has part of his upper arms, his upper legs and a bit of leg under the knee, and the entire torso. The human bits that were left, however, were cybernetically enhanced leaving us with the Genji we know today.

So I was looking through headcanons for the Overwatch gang, as per usual, and I found this.…

Yes, it’s a fanfic. It wasn’t what I was looking for, but the first few lines and the interactions between 76 and Mercy in the flashbacks are what I can use to fill in the holes.

In the first line it says, 'Multiple deep lacerations, extensive burns across the torso and face, a punctured lung…partially severed spinal cord.’ So in this instance, Hanzo has dismembered him, burned him, and then left him for dead. Now from a medical standpoint, he’d be dead. A 20% burn (if I remember correctly, correct me if I am wrong) is enough to cause concerns for the burn victim’s survival. My assumption is that because his torse and face were burned that would be about…60% give or take. So the burns plus the blood loss AND the semi-severed spinal cord, means to me that he dead.

Okay, but he obviously isn’t. So how does one treat a burn? And blood loss? And severed limbs and spinal cord? Well…you don’t. At least not in our day and age. There are researchers working on stem cells and their abilities. Assuming that this stem cell research is booming in the years of Overwatch, that’s what Mercy would have used to save Genji. As well as her nanites. As for is Genji able to feel and taste? Yes and maybe.

Feeling with prosthetics is easier than one might think. If somebody wants, they can have their prosthetic limbs connected to their nervous system meaning that they can feel the world around them. So yes, Genji would be able to feel.

Now the problem with taste is the fact that I am not knowledgeable in that field. I would assume that he would still be able to taste and smell because it is part of the nervous system. If anything he can still taste and smell, but the senses may be slightly less sharp than before. Not so much that he wouldn’t be able to use them at all, but just…slightly dulled.

Taste brings me to the digestive system. I want to say that he would not be able to have a functioning digestive system, but after thinking about it for a while. He probably would. Would he prefer to eat rather than let the nanites within repair him indefinitely? Probably. Is it easier than letting the nanites repair him? Not at all. More on this later as I research this topic more.

I'll Have My People Talk To Your People (Zayn Malik Imagine for Anon)


Hiiiii! I have a request if you’re still taking them? Can you do an imagine where you’re a famous singer (not in a group or anything) and Zayn admits you’re his celebrity crush? And then he asks you out and y'all are dating 😊❤️


It wasn’t abnormal for you to wake up to a hectic twitter feed. With your music career in the upward spiral of the century, fame was hitting you harder than a bus–but you had no problem with it at all.

Your debut single had been released only three months earlier, but you were already holding the no. 1 spot for the fourth week in a row. Along with this spontaneous success, you were quickly racking up public attention. You’d been on the cover of the September issue of Seventeen Magazine and had several interviews on national television. 

Your twitter following had rocketed from something like 600 to 1.3 million…but for some reason, you’d gained another 300,000 over night. Scrolling through your feed, you couldn’t help but be confused.

@yournamemusic & @zaynmalik please get together! #cutestcouple2k14

why is @yournamemusic zayn’s crush and not me? #getyourprioritiesstraight

welcome to the 1d family @yournamemusic ;) hold on tight

You yawned, scooting up in bed to lean against the headboard of your massive bed. With a tug, you disconnected your phone from the charger. Within moments, your fingers were flitting across the touchscreen.

what’s with all this fuss about @zaynmalik? #imlost

By the time you removed your thumb from the ‘tweet’ button, a crazy list of responses was appearing, linking you to whatever was causing all this racket. Randomly selecting one, you pressed the blue type and were immediately redirected to a webpage titled 'One Direction Confessions.’

A video topped the webpage and you selected it, the meaning of this still completely lost on you. As it began to play, a gorgeous interviewer sat with her legs crossed beside a line of 5 very gorgeous boys. With a smile, she faced the camera, “Hey guys! It’s Rose and I’m here with One Direction to get some great celeb gossip.” Her voice was so sweet it nearly made you vomit.

She tilted her head to face the band in front of her, “So, how’re you guys doing?”

A chorus of 'lovely’s’ and 'great’s’ answered her and she smiled, intertwining her fingers in her lap, “So glad to hear it!” she glanced back at the camera again, “We’re actually going to start off the interview with questions tweeted to us by the fans using #ask1d. You guys ready to get started?”

Once again, there was a line of nods and 'sure’s’.’ Pulling a notecard from the tiny pile in front of her, she skimmed the words with her eyes, “Alright, the first question is for Zayn,” her gaze moved to the handsome, brown eyed boy at the end of the row.

“Great,” Zayn chuckled shyly.

“Alright, @ashlove1999 wants to know who your celebrity crush is,” she smiled mischievously “Let’s hear it!”

“Uhhh,” Zayn groaned, running a hand through his tousled hair, “This is a tough one, yeah? Lotta beautiful girls out there.”

“Quit avoiding the question, Malik,” Louis laughed, nudging him with his elbow.

Zayn glared at Louis jokingly, before laughing it off, “I guess…I don’t know. I’d have to say Y/F/N. She’s gorgeous and I think the fact that she’s gotten so much attention so quickly really shows how talented she is.”

You felt your eyebrows raise as you quickly tapped the video to pause it. You? You were Zayn Malik’s celebrity crush? Not bad, you smiled to yourself. With a few taps, you were back to twitter. Your thumbs were flying across the keyboard once again, flirting shamelessly.

your celeb crush, aye @zaynmalik? i’ve yet to hear you ask for my number ;)

You knew it would cause chaos in your fan following–not to mention his–but hey, what was the worst that could happen? You were bound to get attention to help your popularity blossom a little more, and there was even an off chance you might get a date.

You were brushing your teeth when a response dinged your phone. Toothbrush poking out of your mouth, you picked your phone up from the edge of the sink. You leaning against the counter as you unlocked it.

@yournamemusic well if that’s an invitation… ;)

@zaynmalik it definitely is

@yournamemusic i’ll have my people talk to your people?

You laughed, pulling the toothbrush from your mouth and resting it beside the sink.

@zaynmalik deal.


A two months later, here you were laying in the same bed on the exact same twitter feed. There were two major differences, however. Firstly, there was a very sexy guy asleep beside you. Secondly, the tweets flooding your account were not characterized by 'you should date,’ but by 'I can’t believe they’re actually dating.’

@zaynmalik and @yournamemusic are PERFECT for each other #welcometo1d

looks like @zaynmalik got what he wished for! #amiright @yournamemusic? ;)

You smiled, placing your phone back on the bedside table. Photos of the two of you together had leaked for the first time, and you couldn’t help but feel relieved that the public finally knew. Rolling on to your other side, you smiled at the beautiful boy next to you and scooted closer to him. Snuggling under his arm, you planted a soft kiss on his chest and felt him stir.

“Mmmm?” he mumbled with his eyes still closed, turning his head to nuzzle his face in your hair.

“Morning cutie,” you smiled lazily, sliding your hand across his stomach under the sheets.

“G'morning babe,” he lifted his eyelids slowly, eyes cloudy with sleep.

“How’re you feeling,” you yawned.

“I’m alright,” he smiled, “What about my beautiful celebrity girlfriend?”

You laughed quietly to yourself, “She’s doing lovely, thank you,” you traced your fingers across his collar bone, “Even though I’m your celebrity girlfriend, I’m still your celebrity crush, right?” you teased.

He chuckled, pressing his lips to the top of your head, “Of course.”


Sorry this took so long! Having major trouble focusing lately. Hope this is worth the wait, however :)

xoxo B