“I will suffer no more.”

Humiliation Kink Masterlist

Dinner, And A Show - phan-tasising

Summary: fingering, blowjob, sex, sex in public, sex toys, handcuffs, dirty talk, pre-established semi-dom/sub relationship.

I Don’t Want To Feel Alone (ao3) - brenduckurie

Summary: Phil’s in Florida, and Dan misses him. Dan teases Phil, so Phil makes sure to punish him when he gets home. And oh, does Dan love it.

Mine (ao3) - insert_aesthetic_url, Livedliveswilllive

Summary: Dan has always looked up to the great Phil Lester. Bored with his Master Chris, he convinces him to let Phil take him into consideration to be his full-time sex slave. Phil takes in the pretty slave boy and plays with him, as Dan desperately tries to prove himself.

Pain in the Arse (ao3) - peoplearenotokay

Summary: Dan hadn’t been able to stop thinking about it. It had just been something Phil had said, probably didn’t even consider a possible thing for them to do. He wasn’t even sure why he wanted it so much; it shouldn’t turn him on that much, the thought of Phil just using him for his own pleasure and then tossing him aside, not caring if Dan came or not. The thought of being tied up, just waiting for someone to use him, ruin him completely, leave him covered in someone else’s come and his own sweat, wrists rubbed raw from rope being tied around him, holding him there so he had nothing to do but take it. He could stop thinking about it.

Struck Numb (ao3) - Neurofancier

Summary: the one where Dan and Phil try out a new toy.

What Do You Deserve? - danisnotlikingvagina

Summary: Dan and Phil both like each other, but believe that the other likes them in a totally platonic way. When Dan comes home and sees Phil and PJ doing the 7 second challenge, needless to say Dan gets a bit jealous.

Testosterone Boys and Harlequin Girls (ao3) - Furud

Summary: Phil is a kinky shit and Dan is too nosy for his own good.

The Gay Agenda : #1 - Make Dan Squirm - danisnotahobbit

Summary: Dan has a rather interesting English class , thanks to Phil Or the one where Phil sexts Dan in class and enjoys every second of it