Knocked out by Henry in episode 7x21 “Homecoming”

“The fans need some Captain Floor for the big series finale,” Henry said, grabbing a nearby candlestick. Hook turned, but “Wait, what-” was all he managed to get out before Henry sent him to his beloved Floor.

This is a 100% Accurate scene summary.

Honestly i just love everything that comes along with collapsing/losing conciousness. The fluttering eyes, the sudden drop, or the whumpee sliding slowly down a wall as they fight to stay awake. Eyes rolling to the back of the whumpee’s head, their loved ones holding them, trying to shake them gently awake or giving into their own panic and jostling them too hard. Physical and emotional whump all rolled into one sweet trope and i am in love with it


I can’t sleep cuz my mind keeps racing

My chest hurts cuz my heart keeps breaking

I’m so numb and I can’t stop shaking

And we all fall down
supernatural + songs / hurt!tfw + permanent vacation [5 seconds of summer]

Sickfic Shower Prompt

It’s morning. Person A has been tossing and turning all night and is having trouble getting out of bed. B thinks A is coming down with something and tells them to take the day off. A refuses and stumbles to the bathroom, saying all they need is a hot shower to wake them up. B lets them go.

While B is getting ready, they can hear the sound of the shower running. Suddenly, there’s a loud crash. B drops everything and rushes to the bathroom to find A collapsed unconscious on the floor. They feel warm and their skin is flushed, and B knows it’s not just from the shower.

When in a tv show/movie, the whumpee is badly injured, with one hand covering their injury, the other on the wall for support as they weakly stumble along, then it shows the whumpee’s pov, their vision getting blurry and dark around the edges…

They see a figure approaching from the distance, running towards them and calling their name. They don’t know who that figure is, but they seem so worried… but the whumpee has no time to dwell on that thought as they finally give in to their injuries and collapse.