collapsed portal

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

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The universe didn’t always exist as one entity. There were hundreds of them out there, some were peaceful and beautiful, some were wild. They were all different from each other. Some differences were just small details, the slightly difference in coordination, but some differences were bigger, it altered the entire universe, making it unique.

No matter how different one universe was from the other, there would always exist portals, disguising as normal every day things, tucked away in a far corner, forgotten. They were the windows that connected this universe from the next one. It was rumored that if one looked into these windows, they could see their other self, could communicate with them. There would always be a glass wall that separated one universe from the other to prevent both from collapsing. But perhaps, these portals brought two universes just a bit closer together.

There were also special people out there, people who could look beyond the ordinary look of a portal to see what it really was. To be able to realize the significance of a portal, to communicate with beings of other universes. They were the chosen ones.

Dipper Pines… was one of them.

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"Sliders" AU

As canon up to the climax of Not What He Seems, except that Stan messed up as he was fixing the portal. Badly. So when Mabel presses the button, Ford comes out… it’s just that she, Dipper, and Soos gets sucked in as the Portal collapses in on itself, destroying it beyond repair. Luckily, they end up in a post-canon version of Gravity Falls rather then wherever Ford came from. Their older selves and the Stans aren’t able to get them back home, but they are able to give them a device that will randomly send them from world to world(and AU to AU) as it uses the data to calculate the way home.

Meanwhile, we turn to the homefront and a very different trio, as Wendy and the Stans(alongside a growing collection of allies) struggle to rebuild the portal, complicated by Stan and Ford’s issues(made all the bitterer by the loss of the kids) and the fact Dipper still has #3(and thus, 1/3rd of the needed schematics).

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