Do you ever wait till last second, till you’re alone, and then completely collapse into your bed, to cry your whole scattered soul out. Feeling the small, small, fragile, insecure person you actually are.
But then - you have to go, you put yourself together, put your clothes and make - up on and there you go…
When you walk in the room, it will always be full of friendly- charm and grounded confidence. And people are drawn to you. That’s how they all see you -nowadays. As this big, charming, lovely personality. Talented, smart, friendly and totally loved. Intimidating.
Yes, some are intimated, others are jealous? And it hurts me. What would you be jealous about? If I fought and cried myself into the person I am today.
And I’m still crying.

Two levels of a collapsing nurses’ station, Taunton State Hospital.  It’s always interesting to consider different angles on the same scene; in this case, the “scene” was the collapsing corner of the nurses’ stations on two floors inside the pre-Civil War asylum in Taunton Massachusetts.  The damage may look pretty bad - on the top floor, it’s clear where the roof has absorbed some water, but it is the floor below this that has pulled free from its joists and dropped.  In point of fact, most of the 1854 structure was perfectly sound, but that didn’t stop the state from knocking it down in 2009 to make room for a vacant lot.  Regardless, it was - as should be evident from the photographs - beautiful inside, and only occasionally dangerous, and I have many fond memories.

Print of top floor here.  Print of lower floor here.

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