collage that mother

It’s ‘preciate yo’ mama day, otherwise known as Mother’s Day, on my side of the planet. I wasn’t entirely sure I’d be able to squeeze in a piece today, since I’ll be appreciating MY mama for at least a good chunk of the day, so I made a collage instead.

Here’s a Toriel collage, featuring a lot of my favorite sketches, polished pieces (I think there’s just one of those here), and frames from the graphic novel featuring Toriel.
If you celebrate Mother’s Day, don’t forget to tell your mom that you appreciate her.

Descendants of Eve

Paper collage by Annalynn Hammond (Sold)


I was sitting while watching him cook, he was talking but his eyes were focused on the pan, sometimes he looked at me and smiled. I just smiled and nodded to everything he says, even his dad jokes. It was a estrange feeling have a date with him,  we meet each other when we were children cause our parents were friends since they were kids and of course we should be friends to, but that was a little difficult at first, we were really different, we still being different.
When we were kids our parents want us to be always together, so he could protect me but I wasn’t into the princes fairytales so I didn’t like that and also he didn’t wanted it to “Why should protect a warrior?” that was about that I loved sports, specially taekwondo so he called me “Warrior”.
When we grew a little the things didn’t get better, we were really friends even when we fought some times, it was our style, but we laughed, played, joked and did everything together, including our sibling and the children of our parents friends. Everything was right then, I knew if I was sad or needed something he was there for me even when he joked about how sometimes warriors need help too.
But that changed when we were knocked down by adolescence. He was some years older than me so he started to change, made new friends and we grew apart. He didn’t want to do things with me anymore, well he grew apart from all the childhood group, but I was the most hurt by that, I always had him by my side and suddenly he didn’t want to be with me anymore. I couldn’t process it well so I get really mad, so we grew more apart and I get even madder at him. And one day he moved to other town, his parents came to my house to say their last farewell but we didn’t talk to each other, I didn’t wanted to talk to him at that moment but I expected him to apologize or say goodbye but nothing happened…and I expended that night crying because I wasn’t able to say bye to him.
The time passed and I wasn’t mad anymore, but hurts that we ended like that.
High school passed for me too and collage arrived. It was the last vacations before start the last semester of my last collage year when my mother made a big party with her friends and there he was, taller, manlier than the little Seokjin that I had on my memories, but it didn’t changed anything for me, I was exited to him like I was every time he came to find me so we could play around. But at the same time it was different. But I wasn’t able to approach him. It was him who made the first movement.

“Long time no see warrior” he said suddenly by my side smiling, it was strange that that tall man had the same smile that the little Jin from my memories.

“Yes” It was the only coherent thing that I could say blushing a little bit.

“How have you been?”

“Well, I guess, average” I wasn’t able to look straight at him, I guess that people change but I was the same little girl, the one who fought with him, but that also liked him, that was the reason I get so mad when we become distant. He didn’t need me anymore back then and hurt me. And that little girl, even after all that time remained the same, but with less confidence, because everyone is brave when is a little kid.
“Do…Do you know who am I right?” he asked me, thinking that I didn’t recognize him.

“Of course I do,  Jin…Seokjin” I corrected myself, he didn’t want to be called Jin the last time I saw him.

“Jin is okay, Its good to see that you remember that little warrior” He smiled back at me and my heart fluttered. “My parents told me that you moved to the capital too” I nodded “Then we should meet again someday, I miss the old day, the good ones not the time I was an idiot” I looked at him surprised and he was smiling looking at me, and for the first time in a long time I did the same to him

“The  good old times, I like that” I nodded again “Yeah, why not, it can be fun”

Maybe fun doesn’t match at all. We meet again and talked a lot, started to joke again, and laugh together again, like if our puberty didn’t exist at all, and me liking him more. And there I was, sitting on his kitchen some months after, celebrating the end of my exams. And something else.  Because he confessed to me. Some days before he was walking me home and he just kissed me said that he wanted to be with me, that he was feeling like this since long ago, that he missed me even whe didn’t talk to each other this years, and that I was after all this time, his first love. And was crazy, I didn’t know what to do, I just remember that I smiled at him and kissed him again. He wanted to do something special, like an event so we can say “From today is our first day” but both of us were pretty simple, so he offered a lunch in his house. And like that we started dating and we were having our first date like this. It was confusing that the feeling of being confortable with my childhood friend was mixed with the feeling of be with a new yet old love. All was confusing. We are together since now. Or maybe we were a couple that just realized. Or I don’t know. I just know that I love that moment, I love him.


An art project for my color fundamentals project. Making collages using paint sample cards, cut up into biddy pieces and glued onto 4x6 pieces of paper. Each one has a required theme. In order from top to bottom 1.) warm/cool colors 2.) 3D space 3.) vibrating colors 4.) motion 5.) making a color look different by placing other colors near/on it (I choose yellow) and lastly 6.) blending colors. Im not sure if I nailed all the themes but I had fun doing these and made them way more detailed than necessary. 

Unit 6: This is a very recent handmade collage that I have put together in the style of Richard Hamilton. I have been doing a lot of research lately on how children look up to their mothers and I wanted to create a few collages to show the effect that it can have. I used this picture of a mother weighing herself as her daughter does the same, it’s quite shocking due to the fact that this could have a big effect on the child in the future, yet this woman seems to be encouraging her. I used this also because I want people to see that this is real and it is happening in the world, body image is a big issue and to see children following in the footsteps of their mothers isn’t always a positive thing.

Human beings do not grow in perfect symmetry. They oscillate, expand, contract, back track, arrest themselves, retrogress, mobilize, atrophy in part, proceed erratically according to experience and traumas. Some aspects of the personality mature, others do not. Some live in the past, some in the present. Some people are futuristic characters, some are cubistic, some are hard-edged, some geometric, some abstract, some impressionistic, some surrealistic! Some of their insights remain relative, and we can no longer think of a character as good or bad, but a combination of characteristics which vary according to relationship and the point in time. We know now that we are composites in reality, collages of our fathers and mothers, of what we read, of television influences and films, of friends and associates, and we know we often play roles quite removed from our genuine selves.
—  Anaïs Nin, from The Novel of the Future.