collage t shirt


So handful of you really liked the idea of me opening a store - so overnight I came up with a few rough ideas of what I might make for my new Redbubble shop.

🌟Phone Cases:

▪️Pink Thug (not sure how many people want Pink Thug on their phone.. lol)
▪️Safari Man (I’m thinking a nice simple flower border)
▪️Pink Guy (thinking a collage of faces & expressions)


▪️Pink Falcon (maybe? I feel like the hype for that ship has died down.. ) 

▪️Pink Thug (something with the caption: Pink Thug Life)
▪️Filthy Frank Crew (I’m thinking a design for the front and back maybe, including Fake Frank, Chin Chin, etc.. )
▪️JoeyThug (to support our friend @joey-rosenburg ;) 💕)


▪️Blushing Stickers ( @pxnkstealth I think you mentioned some stickers for the blushing challenge I did? That’s a great idea)


▪️Filthy Frank (same t-shirt idea w/ Frank on front, Fake on back)
▪️Safari Man (same phone case idea w/ flower border)

I definitely feel super ambitious with these ideas, but I’m just really excited to get started.

Also, I DO plan on making non-FF designs to sell in the future, but I want to “test the waters"  a bit with these ideas.


Some of you might have some great ideas I haven’t thought of yet, and I wanna get a good headstart on this shop!

Thanks guys 💕


001 . dark blue stylish overalls 
002 . black top with open sleeves
003 . floral two piece luxury top+skirt

STYLISH T-SHIRTS&BLOUSES : pineapple cute top // tricolor luxury t-shirt // floral print blue blouse // polkadot white chemise // nerdy rabbit t-shirt // beautiful bird print t-shirt // watermelon print white t-shirt

Miami Heat on Redbubble!  Like it?  Get it on a teeeeee shirt.  Or…. a literal palm tree block thing.  To beat your enemies to death with.  Yeah.  Clearly the only logical use for acrylic blocks.

Been trying some neat stuff with free domain and CC0 licensed images mixed with my own creations!  Never really done a lot of collage type stuff.  I think it’ll keep me interested for a while.

Inspired a bit by Hotline Miami, I don’t actually own the game yet but the aesthetic is neato.


All of these variations are for sale on Redbubble.  If you want any of these on a shirt, on a tote, on a pillow, I’ve got ya covered.

Triptych  |  Dawn  |  Twilight  |  Dusk

I originally made the top image to be a preview of the set of three, but I wound up liking it a lot and keeping it!  Triptych looks really cool as a tiled pattern, too.  I’m excited to be making colourful stuff again 8)