collage of mistakes

There's A Stranger Here...

Oh God, what was she doing here? Why did she let her friends talk her into this? She should be studying for her exam, not gallivanting to a party. Her friends had heard of this ‘bash’ at the apartment of the man they had a crush on. He was a wealthy son of a smart business man, who was throwing a party on the top level of the apparent new building.

More like a private apartment if Belle thought more about it.

She was pressured into going and as she listened to the pounding music, bright lights dancing over the walls and people bumping and grinding, Belle knew she had made a mistake. Collage party or not, this wasn’t her scene.

Slipping and pushing her way through the dancing party dancers, Belle was hoping she was going in the right direction, before something most wonderful caught her eye… was that… a private library?

Peeking over her strapless shoulder, Belle didn’t think anyone would care, let alone the host whom she had no idea what he looked like. Everyone was too busy drinking and trying to pick someone up.

Slipping in, Belle looked at the first volumes in awe. She couldn’t afford these even with six jobs! A Starbucks barista was not well payed… But her curious fingers reached out and held one novel in her hands, enjoying the weight of it and the familiar smell of pages in a book.

“King Arthur… ” She read the title and looked through some of the pages.


Based on this post - Thanks to angeldraco who came up with the divination class idea ♡ My first drabble, be nice xx

‘I need your hand now.’

'Huh?’ Harry wakes from this daze he sinks into everytime the divination classroom embraces him with its spicy fumes and warm, dimmed lighting.

Malfoy sighs. A subtle eye roll.

'Palm reading, weren’t you listening?’

'Oh… right.’

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