collage montage


Quirky Collage Art by Kurt Cobain

Kurt was fascinated with meat. He cut out numerous color pictures from magazines, which he used to make collages like this one here. There’s also The Visible Man and Kurt’s beloved Chim Chim -monkey, which is also pictured on the back cover of the Nevermind album. (Source: Cobain Unseen by Charles R. Cross)

“He had an outlet. His creativity. And if you look at it, it’s dark, and then there’s always some, like, mutilated body, some kind of organ, some kind of anatomy going on. In a lot of ways, it’s very beautiful. I mean, it’s well done. But something’s not right. It’s all off.” - Krist Novoselic

“He had a big collage on the wall with pictures of diseased vaginas and then, like, people or just random things that he made. I was just, like, "oh great”, you know?“ - Tracy Marander (Kurt’s ex-girlfriend)

"It’s all anatomy. Like, supermarket ad fliers come in the mail, and there’s all that meat. He’d cut that out, you know, and just make these collages. I don’t know. The id is driving him, like, underneath the surface. It’s anatomy, or it’s just meat.” - Krist Novoselic

Source of quotes: Kurt Cobain, Montage of Heck -book, (2015)

I was born in Scotland , now living in the South of England . I am a graduate in Fine Art of St Martin’s Art School , London.

I use a small Fuji bridge camera for spontaneous work and macrophotography , and a Nikon D3330 for everything else. I edit most of my work , and also make collage and montage pieces.I work mainly in monochrome - black and white and sepia , and work across a range of genre : landscape , still life , interiors , animals , macrophotography and photomontage. I also make tea- toned gelatin silver prints.

My work is influenced by 19th century photographers such as Eugene Atget , and twentieth century Americans such as Stieglitz , Coburn , Cunningham ,Weston and White . I also look at Bill Brandt .I have a strong interest in Japanese aesthetics .The contemporary photographer who inspires me is Masao Yamamoto .I am also influenced by drawing , sculpture , printmaking and calligraphy.

My photographs have a strong feeling for the physical world of nature - stones , the sea , forests , leaves , clouds .appear regularly in my work. I also shoot very small objects : shells , fossils , and pebbles

Recently I have made a set of photographs about a traditional Japanese garden , entitled “ Kyoto Garden ” - this series is near completion , comprising 50 shots. I have endeavoured to bring these photographs as near to the look of Japanese prints as I can.

Photography preserves moments , events and objects against the flux of time - this makes it a unique art form.


We are looking forward to Katy Collier visiting Stamps School this week as a Roman J. Witt Visiting Artist 

Lecture and color woodcut demo
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Individual critiques with students
Thursday, September 22 1:45pm - 4:30pm, Printmedia Studio, Room 2143