collage journeys

japan journal、2.

Probably the hardest thing after not writing for a long time is overcoming the guilt to do so again. Creating always starts with forgiveness, a lot has changed but this still holds true. All I needed was a touch of color. I owe Tokyo a lot, I think I learned to breath different here. It’s such a shock to think back on the months prior and realise I was waiting for something—anything—to grab me by the shoulders and will me to live again. There’s so many moments I’ve locked away inside vending machines and in between metro seats.  I’ve left pieces of myself, as crumbs in the streets to find my way back.

If you find these,
                 put them back.



December has been a hell of a month. My mom passed away after an 8 year battle with breast cancer, I travelled to two different states, and my boyfriend told me he loves me. I’m not sure how ready I am for 2017, but I’m grateful for the wonderful things 2016 brought despite all of the not-so-wonderful things that have also happened.


I made a BULLET JOURNAL VIDEO! Finally. I’ve wanted to make this for so long. Not perfect, but this creativity challenge is about DOING and saying screw you to fear! Watch it on my YouTube channel. It’s my first video, and I love waking up ready to make something new. :) Enjoy.