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Papercraft commission! The lady on the left is the client’s character, a tiefling named Ballast, and on the right is Ianthe, who belongs to the client’s friend (and for whom this piece was a gift). Their designs were super fun to work with!


you can’t believe every story you’re told

not even the ones you tell yourself

Very, very orange around here this week! :)

Acrylic paint scraped with an old gift card. Collage. Written with a black Micron 1.0 - don’t do that. Writing on cheap (craft) acrylic paint (even if there’s no gesso involved) kills anything with a felt tip. D’oh.

December 2016 // Get Messy Season of Gifts, page 1

I joined Get Messy in December but was a bit overwhelmed with the first season I jumped into. Most of the pages I made are in my moleskine journal, but I did attempt a separate journal (above) that I never finished… and don’t intend to. The seasons after this one were much more inspiring!

🍭 senior sister “memory”gift ideas! 🍭

Q: My great grand big and grand big are both graduating at the end of this month. I wanted to make them each something, but I’m not exactly sure what. Any ideas?

A: For senior crafts think “memories” and “keepsakes.” A commemorative big/little gift sets it apart from other DIY gifts you may have made through the years. Celebrating the good times you’ve had together, and/or wishing sisters good luck with their future lives, are both excellent themes for your crafts. Most traditional big/little gifts can be tweaked to make them extra special for senior sisters. xoxo ;)

Elements to use in your crafts:

  • Sentimental sayings
  • Inspirational quotes 
  • Keepsake “scraps” 
  • Sisterhood photos

🍭 MEMORY • KEEPSAKE DIY Gifts for Graduating Sisters: 🍭 

  • USA Plaque with a sentimental saying.
  • 2 States Canvas depicting where big & little will be when apart.  
  • Memory Box decorated with sorority photos, or a favorite pattern.
  • Painted Canvas with inspirational quote. 
  • Collage Letter(s) made from sister photos.
  • Sisterhood Shadow Box filled with mementoes & photos.
  • Framed Collage of memories.
  • Sorority Tee Shirt Teddy or Pillow. 
  • Painted Cooler commemorating the sorority years.
  • Decorated Memory Mason Jar with “memories” inside.
  • Bejeweled Bottle of Wine or Champagne covered with rhinestones or pearls and a big/little photo.
  • Wish Book filled with sayings & best wishes for your graduating sister on each page. Decorate the pages like a scrapbook.
  • Wall Photo Board tied with beautiful satin ribbon.
  • Photo Collage Picture Frame.
  • Mugs or Wine Glasses decorated with “together forever.”
  • Photo Collage Flower Pot with a blooming plant.
  • Printed Photo Pillow.
  • Decorated Magnet Board, Corkboard, Memo Board, or Clipboard.
  • Future Profession themed gift of any kind.  

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🍭 Most big/little crafts can be made senior special:

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anonymous asked:

Can I request some headcanons for Victor and Yurio in a long distant relationship with a foreign s/o???


× makes sure he calls or skypes them at least three times a week

× sends them gifts over from wherever he travels (his postcards consist of romantic poems and gushing about how much he kisses them)

× tries to fly over once a month for a long weekend

× likes to keep them updated on his new choregraphy and skating outfit designs

× likes to make a lot of pictures when they do spend time together (compulsory christmas gift: a collage of said pictures)


× lots of texting and snapping- he’ll stay awake until whenever so they can have a proper conversation

× loves sharing his new “fashionable finds” by sending changing rooms selfies (did I mention? Expect a lot of selfies!!)

× school doesn’t let him visit often, but Christmas and Summer break he makes sure to spend with them

× always leaves a piece of clothing with his scent as a comforting memory for until the next meet up

× makes a playlist from time to time which consists of songs that kind of say “I miss you loads”