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Something I made to show my appreciation for this AWESOME show that has helped me get through sad times AND has helped me make many amazing friends! Happy 10th anniversary, NC! Special thanks go to my best friend @projectsnt for introducing me to his work!

Papercraft commission! The lady on the left is the client’s character, a tiefling named Ballast, and on the right is Ianthe, who belongs to the client’s friend (and for whom this piece was a gift). Their designs were super fun to work with!


you can’t believe every story you’re told

not even the ones you tell yourself

Very, very orange around here this week! :)

Acrylic paint scraped with an old gift card. Collage. Written with a black Micron 1.0 - don’t do that. Writing on cheap (craft) acrylic paint (even if there’s no gesso involved) kills anything with a felt tip. D’oh.

🍭 senior sister “memory”gift ideas! 🍭

Q: My great grand big and grand big are both graduating at the end of this month. I wanted to make them each something, but I’m not exactly sure what. Any ideas?

A: For senior crafts think “memories” and “keepsakes.” A commemorative big/little gift sets it apart from other DIY gifts you may have made through the years. Celebrating the good times you’ve had together, and/or wishing sisters good luck with their future lives, are both excellent themes for your crafts. Most traditional big/little gifts can be tweaked to make them extra special for senior sisters. xoxo ;)

Elements to use in your crafts:

  • Sentimental sayings
  • Inspirational quotes 
  • Keepsake “scraps” 
  • Sisterhood photos

🍭 MEMORY • KEEPSAKE DIY Gifts for Graduating Sisters: 🍭 

  • USA Plaque with a sentimental saying.
  • 2 States Canvas depicting where big & little will be when apart.  
  • Memory Box decorated with sorority photos, or a favorite pattern.
  • Painted Canvas with inspirational quote. 
  • Collage Letter(s) made from sister photos.
  • Sisterhood Shadow Box filled with mementoes & photos.
  • Framed Collage of memories.
  • Sorority Tee Shirt Teddy or Pillow. 
  • Painted Cooler commemorating the sorority years.
  • Decorated Memory Mason Jar with “memories” inside.
  • Bejeweled Bottle of Wine or Champagne covered with rhinestones or pearls and a big/little photo.
  • Wish Book filled with sayings & best wishes for your graduating sister on each page. Decorate the pages like a scrapbook.
  • Wall Photo Board tied with beautiful satin ribbon.
  • Photo Collage Picture Frame.
  • Mugs or Wine Glasses decorated with “together forever.”
  • Photo Collage Flower Pot with a blooming plant.
  • Printed Photo Pillow.
  • Decorated Magnet Board, Corkboard, Memo Board, or Clipboard.
  • Future Profession themed gift of any kind.  

🍭 More senior gift Inspiration: 

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🍭 Most big/little crafts can be made senior special:

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Made a little set of collages depicting the bouquets exchanged in Lucky Child.

Kurama: Striped carnations, “I am sorry I can’t be with you.“ Tea roses, “I will always remember.” Red cyclamens, "goodbye.”

Keiko: Azaleas, “take care of yourself for me.” Chrysanthemums, “you are a wonderful friend.” Bells of Ireland, “good luck.” I also included her unused anemones, for “betrayal.”

Have been wanting to see the flowers together for a while. Thank you, online collage maker!

December 2016 // Get Messy Season of Gifts, page 1

I joined Get Messy in December but was a bit overwhelmed with the first season I jumped into. Most of the pages I made are in my moleskine journal, but I did attempt a separate journal (above) that I never finished… and don’t intend to. The seasons after this one were much more inspiring!