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Mmmmmm k, but collage AU were Black hat wears eyeliner and edgy band t-shirts and thinks fedoras are still cool, and dr.flug who is a nervous collage reck and is a Lil pudgy (freshman 15!) And strives to get good grades and somehow they end up as room mates. Think of the possibilities!
-punk! Dementia who lives in a close by dorm and throws huge parties and when black hat and dr.flug walk over to tell them to be quiet, they somehow get sucked into these crazy parties
-black hat saving dr.flug from bullies and being like ‘I didn’t mean to do that, reflexes lol’ ‘not saving you, nope’ and dr.flug is just kind of awe struck and forever follows black hat around and puts up with his snarkyness b/c he can see right through that tsundere edge lord and knows he actually cares
-black hat going into business management and dr.flug going into engineering and black hat promising to hire dr.flug once his business gets started and then them working together to formulate the business all the while it becoming an ‘ours’ business even though black hat won’t admit it

Welp, That’s all I’ve got at the moment! (Yea, BH has a Lil tail, I need it man, fight me :p )


Week 8/14 |  spread of the week starring yuri from yuri!!! on ice, kei tsukkishima from haikyuu!! (because ep4 of season 3 was awesome). 

People sometimes ask me why I’d invest so much time in my bujo instead of doing something “useful”. But I don’t want to be productive the whole day anymore, I won’t aim for perfection or for other people’s absolution anymore. Bujo-ing is life :D
Do what you love to do and keep your mind healthy
. Grades are not the most important thing in life, you’re not the sum of your achievements. 

p.s. for the bujo-newbies: bullet journaling doesn’t require a lot of time but can help you using an amount of time for doing one task by another and will give you a more relaxing feeling of “yeah, I got this.” ;)

jake oettinger/joseph woll primer

Okay so Jake oettinger is getting drafted this year and could possibly be a first round pick and we all know how rare that is with goalies and such so that means hes very good. I want all of u to love him and his bff baby leafs goalie joseph woll as much as i love them and as much as they love each other. ok here goes:

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Cy Twombly,
-   Leda and the swan (part i), 1980. / acrylic and oil on paper, 47 ¾ x 29 ½ in., 121.4 x 75 cm.
-   Leda and the swan (part ii), 1980. / acrylic and oil on paper, 47 5/8 x 29 ½ in., 121 x 75 cm.
-   Leda and the swan (part iii), 1980. / oil on reverse of an artist’s proof on handmade paper, 25 ½ x 19 ¾ in., 64.7 x 50. 3 cm.
-   Leda and the swan (part v), 1980. / paper with square printing, 17 1/8 x 13 ½ in., 43.5 x 34.4 cm.
-   Leda and the swan (part iv), 1980. / poster with a black and white reproduction of a work dated 1975, folded 14.6 cm from above 17 ¾ x 19 in., 45 x 48.3 cm.
-   Leda and the swan (part vi), 1980. / oil on paper with transparent tape in all four corners, 14 1/8 x 13 ¼ in., 35.8 x 33.5 cm.


7.28.17 // 11:30am // farewell july (adios julio)

i made a simple collage+lettering page to commemorate the end of july and basically the end of summer (ok i have 3 more weeks but i’m already sad). i used one of the pages from my super old 2013-2014 lilly pulitzer planner (that i didn’t really use) and i really like how it turned out. quote is from one of my fav musicals, a chorus line. xoxo, m

hice una pagina de collage y letras de pincel para celebrar el fin de julio y basicamente el fin de las vacaciones del verano (tecnicamente tengo 3 semanas mas pero ya me siento triste). uso uns pagina de mi planificador muy viejo de lilly pulitzer de los anos 2013-2013 (que no usaba mucho) y me gusta mucho el resultado. la cita es de uno de mis musicales favoritos, a chorus line.

ps. what do you guys think about the post in 2 languages? redundant? useful? i also really need to figure out an easy way to put accents on letters on my computer but my laptop doesn’t have number pad soooooo

pd. que piensan de este post en 2 idioma? es redundante? util? tambien realmente necesito alcanzar una manera facil para poner los acentos enzima de mis letras en my computadora pero mi portatil no tiene un teclado numerico entonces……

“You’re full of drive and ambition now. That young girl will become an woman. You’re determined. Suddenly you realised that it is not necessary to conquer the world, but it is essential to satisfy yourself in some position of external or internal relevancy.

And then the interviewer asks if you take shorthand and how fast do you type?..”

Wendy Wasserstein, 1970-71.
Mount Holyoke archives.


7.9.17 // Today I tried a new library, the University Library of Naples (BUN).
I ended my reading of Hélène Cixous and I met an old friend from my Bachelor days (so happy we met again!).
The library was very nice and inspiring, we studied on the tables outside, in the courtyard, at the sunlight, while it was pouring. I enjoyed a lot the smell of the rain and the green vines growing on the walls.   


Aug 30, 2017

feat. Donghyuk (iKON) and Kai (EXO)

This bullet journal/ kpop journal spread was literally about me finding my ‘mark as an artist and my goal career wise’. I say it like that because withholding nothing, I laid out on paper really what I wanted…what I really want to be and do in life. I found these two photos of some of my favorite kpop stars in very similar settings. As if they were staged but not really, they are in makeup rooms. One of the few places on earth that can make me come alive with excitement and passion for the art that is makeup.

As much as I love art/graphic design, makeup was my first passion and still is my favorite. Still finding a way to balance all these art forms in my life. As of now, I need to focus on my art portfolio. This semester’s work will determine my future and whether or not I can move forward in the art program at my school. 

It’s only day 3 at school and I have already been submerged in work. I have had 9 hour school days and still at home I’m working constantly. I already have one photography project, two charcoal drawings, and a 2 part photoshop project. I’m taking an online world regions class and taking the quizzes and watching and reading the lectures and chapters between classes and when I have time. Thank God my Astronomy class is going to be easy. I’m already sleep deprived as well. On Thursday evening and all day Friday I have work work (my job) and I’m already dead.

So not to complain, but I’m putting everything I got into school and I’m so excited for this 3 day weekend coming up. I’m trying to balance everything and get used to my new schedule. It is harder than I thought it would be. But I’m not going to give up. I can’t. I have so much more to give and do. I have so much I want to achieve.