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My brother had a sub in his collage art class while his teacher was pregnant and she was the worst. She would force the students to find meaning in everything, even when an art piece had a price tag on it. She wanted to know the fucking meaning of a price tag.

The meaning is “22 dollars”

school project help

i’m doing a photo collage of real people and their beds in my psych class, and wanted random people to send just a single photo of your bed to me as it normally is.

it doesnt have to be pretty or aesthetic, it doesn’t have to be made (unless you often make your bed), it just has to be you.

Stuff I think about when I should be sleeping.

Sometime last week I had an idea I’d love for someone to do. I’d do it myself but always sucked at projects.

Since Supernatural is on its 12th season its about the same amount of years spent in school. Well besides headstart or kindergarten. I think it would be awesome for there to be a Yearbook made for them.

The teachers and other staff would be the producers and crew. Then you have the actors as the students. Since it would be way too many for each season I would say they need to be in two or three episodes at least.

Pictures would have to be taken from each season to show how much they have grown. Quotes for each season (though I know they only do it for seniors I think it’d be fun).

Also pages for “Most likely to…” an example would be “Most likely to get locked up for life"and have a picture of Adam (I am not sorry). The class collages would be stills from the gagreels. In the back baby pictures of them (my old school would do it for some seinors).

For the principles (since they can change) I’d start with Kripke and go from there. Gym teachers would be the stunt guys and English teachers would be the writers.

It would be great to make it and have them deface each others pictures. It would also be great to see someone give them some as a gift.

That’s all from me good luck and have fun!


The mutant son of Charles Xavier, who was diagnosed as schizophrenic at a young age. 

I know your powers came when you were 9.
I know you thought you were going crazy when it started, all the
voices in your head.
And it wasn’t until you were 12 that you realized that all the voices were
in everyone else’s head. Do you want me to go on?

I made some art I really liked today and learned there is a collage focused class at my school which I think would help me so much to integrate the kind of sketch book collaging i do that sort of brings me back to highschool/ is really expressive in a sort of instinctual way// art making as a therapeutic and incredibly personal … & making art with an audience or professional practice in mind!


The first installment of my vinyl shares coming your way. Aesop Rock’s Impossible Kid Double LP (Neon Green & Hot Pink). Fucking amazing album for fans of the remarkably unique. The guy is the culmination of centuries of storytelling and the evolution of Hip-Hop. I’m not blowing smoke up unguarded asses here when I say that he is the absolute greatest lyricist every to script words over a beat. Granted, there are different aspects of “great”. Some (emo kids and delicate damsels) may take “great” to mean how an artist’s words “move” them. Okay. Roll with that. lol But that can’t be measured other than in volume, as in, “how many people the song has moved”, which isn’t a fair scale because of marketing. Duh. But I’m talking about unique talent. Originality. Complexity. Design. Creativity in the art of writing. Take it from a writer. This fucking guy is a freak genius. His lyrics are extraordinary. SO extraordinary that they leapfrog over most peoples’ perceptions. He won’t get the credit he actually deserves for a few hundreds years. Maybe more. But art schools and collage-course Creative Writing classes in the far future will be dissecting this guy’s words like they do Shakespeare’s now. They are that fucking amazing. And unlike most of his earlier albums, this one comes with the lyrics and it’s more decipherable in general. I don’t want to say dumbed-down, but maybe just more “clearly stated”. One of his most obvious critiques is that nobody can understand what the fuck he’s talking about (shocker lol). This one still needs to be studied to fully appreciate, but you can pick up a lot more from it just by casually listening than you could with his past works. 

The next two albums are Aesop Rock and Rob Sonic together as Hail Mary Mallon. Great albums for sure. The two make for a team unlike any that Hip-Hop has ever known. The vinyl is undoubtedly my two favorite pieces. The picture disc is some beastly fucking dark art (The album is called Beastiary. See what I…. nvm…that’s getting old), and the green marble has hand-etched art on side D. Just fucking beautifully artistic shit that compliments they’re style of unique Hip-Hop. 

Some favorite tracks on the 4 discs for you to get introduced to would be Aesop Rock’s Dorks and Mystery Fish, and Mallon’s Kiln and Garfield. -cc