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I made some art I really liked today and learned there is a collage focused class at my school which I think would help me so much to integrate the kind of sketch book collaging i do that sort of brings me back to highschool/ is really expressive in a sort of instinctual way// art making as a therapeutic and incredibly personal … & making art with an audience or professional practice in mind!


The mutant son of Charles Xavier, who was diagnosed as schizophrenic at a young age. 

I know your powers came when you were 9.
I know you thought you were going crazy when it started, all the
voices in your head.
And it wasn’t until you were 12 that you realized that all the voices were
in everyone else’s head. Do you want me to go on?

Dad: Weren’t you going to play?

Me: No I have to finish homework first.

Dad: ……..

Me: …………………

Dad: *gleefully runs over to the Nintendo Switch*

Joker: I’ll protect you

Words count: 1334

Warning: Abuse/torture, curses and what not

A/N: I got this idea and I just couldn’t do anything until I finished it, so I hope you like it.

Summery: You’re Joker’s daughter, you get kidnapped and tortured. But he saves you. yeah that’s all i can say. 

Joker: I’ll protect you

Being the Joker’s daughter wasn’t easy. You were always on the run, afraid someone will find out about who you were. Always worried about your dad’s enemies. You loved your dad, but sometimes his life style got too much for you.

So when you finally turned 18 you decided to leave his lifestyle, you got an apartment a new job and even took a few classes in collage. You were so happy about how it all turned out to be. You even happier when you met Mark(random name), you met on campus. You became close in no time and started dating not long after you met. You still saw your dad but not so often and as time passed you saw him less and less.

“Mark where are we going?” You asked your boyfriend of a year, and giggled as he led you to somewhere blind-folded.

 “Don’t worry (y/n) we’re almost there.” He said kindly and you heard a door open then close and suddenly you felt a chair at the back of your knees. “Sit.”

You sat and were eager to take the blindfold off.

“(y/n), I’m so sorry.” Your smile fell and you took the blindfold off, to see you were in a warehouse. Mark and some other men stood in front of you. You stood up alert.

“What the hell is going on?” You asked feeling hurt, betrayed and angry.

“You see, I know who you are, who your father is.” A man who looked like an old version on Mark said. “And unfortunately for you I want revenge. My son Mark has been lying to you since the day you met. All to get you to trust him, love him even then get you here to threaten your father, and kill him.”

You looked at Mark betrayal in your eyes. You quickly looked around trying to find a way out of here. You quickly calculated a way to get out, and you turned and ran, just to be blocked by two big men, they brought you back to the chair and they tied your hands and legs to the chair.

“Now, that we got all this cover, shall we begin.” Marks’s father said and you looked at Mark hoping that he’ll help you, but he couldn’t even look at you. “Get the camera!”

They got a camera and a tripod they set it in front of you, and started filming.

“Now doll, why don’t you tell us who you are.” Mark’s dad Jon(Random name) said, you just glared at him as he stood behind the camera.

“Go to hell.” You spit and he smirked, and nodded to a masked man. The man punched you, your face whipped to the left and you spit blood.

“Now tell us who you are.” This time you didn’t answer, and just glared. The man punched you, again and again and again. Your face was covered with blood, and it was bruised and had cuts all over it.

“You know what, I’ll just tell everyone who you are.” He said bored of your stubbornness. “This is (y/n) she the daughter of the famous Joker, now (y/n) tell your daddy to come and save you.”

“Don’t come, I’ll be okay.” You weakly told the camera, even though you knew it was coming the punch really shocked you.

“Looks like we’re going to go to other methods.” Jon said and the masked man got out a knife.

“What are you doing?” You asked getting scared. You didn’t want to die. The masked man said nothing, he just pushed the knife through you hand, and it touched the wood of the chair you were sitting on. You let a haunting scream. Your tried to free your other arm, but couldn’t. Tears streamed down your face freely, you truly started to give up.

“That’s good, scream!” Jon said and you cried. They turned the camera off and took it away, you were guessing they were going to air it on some TV channel.

They left you with two guards, with the knife still your hand. Half an hour later they came back. Mark left not long after you were brought here, and hasn’t showed up since.

“I’m guessing it’s not too long now.” Jon said and he looked at you with glee in his eyes. “Now why don’t you scream for us?”

You shook your head and effused to open your mouth.

“Fine then.” Jon said and his time he was the one who acted. He ripped the knife out of your hand, and slammed it into the other one. You scream was so loud that Jon and a few other winced as it hurt their ears. Your sobs were loud, your head down. You were shaking so bad.

You heard gunfire, and you knew your dad was here.

“They’re here, get ready everyone.” Jon said and every single man here took out their guns. You couldn’t even raise your head to see what was happening, you just heard shouting and yelling. Suddenly the robes that held you down were cut, and you were pulled by your hair up, so you were standing. You almost fell if it wasn’t for the hand around you, something cool was pressed to your forehead.

You opened your eyes, and saw your dad. You lips started to tremble and you let out a sob and tears came out. Joker was fuming, seeing you like this broke his heart. You were his little girl.

“Now, now let her go.” J said calmly.

“So you could kill me, no way.” Jon said and held you tighter to his body, using you as a human shield. “Now, let us go and I won’t kill her.”

“GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY DAUGHTER!” J was pissed he couldn’t help it. There was a gun shot and the hold around you disappeared. You let out a breath in relief. You turned around to see who shot Jon to see Mark. “(y/n).” J called for you and you turned to find him behind you.

You fell into his arms, he was fully supporting you.

“Dad.” You cried as he held you. Your hands ached and you were in so much pain.

“Come on doll, it’s time for you to come home.” He said and wrapped a hand around your waist. You struggled to walk, so Joker carried you bridal style to the car. When you got to the house, there was a doctor waiting for you. Your hands were stitched, and you took painkillers.

You were laying on the bed in your old room, J walked in and sat next to your torso sideway facing you. You could tell that he was feeling guilty for what happened today. You weakly put your hand on his.

“Dad?” You said for him to look at you. “Please look at me.”

He did he took in every inch of your face that was bruised. You couldn’t open your right eye. Tears gathered in his eyes, and your heart broke. The great Joker was crying because of what happened to you, your father was crying silently in front of you.

“Dad, please don’t cry.” You said barley holding it together yourself.

“I’m so sorry baby girl, I never wanted anything to happen to you.” He said.

“Daddy, it’s not your fault.” You let tears fall. “I love you, and I don’t care what you do. You’re my dad, my back bone, my rock. You’re my daddy, I love you so much.”

J gently took you in his arms. He kissed your forehead and ran his hands through your hair.

“I love you too doll, and I’ll never let anyone touch you ever again. I promise you.” J whispered to you.

You fell asleep with your head in his lap and his hands playing with your hair. It was the most you felt safe for in a while, you knew that no one could touch you as long as J was there to protect you.


Hogwarts Subject | Muggle Studies

Muggle Studies is an elective class and part of the non-magical studies curriculum at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. It is exactly what the name implies — the study of the daily lives of Muggles and how they cope with electricity and not magic.

Strange Invisible Matter

design by IG: s33ingtripL3 of ig: kotaeberhardt

Upper Metal Class SS15

Sketch zaitsev in my collage class,which I had to draw the lance to how tall he is which it’s made for a normal lucario to weld it but due to zaitsev’s height (6,0) the lance is the same height he is. Zaitsev’s height used to be 5,9 but due to him growing more he is now 6,0 feet tall as well being lean but has train his self to keep fit and ready for anything.

(and i forgot his things for the back of his head ;>;)