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Desire (Gryffin Remix)

DeepDream goes mainstream with Years & Years music video put together by Brian Harrison, Samim and Roelof Pieters making it the highest profile creation using creative artificial intelligence:

An Artificial Experience Music Motion Picture by Brian Harrison

If you are someone who keeps up to date on the latest technologies sweeping the planet or if you are a Sci-Fi fan, then you may have heard of Artificial Intelligence or “A.I”. In recent years, A.I. systems have begun to come of age - finding practical applications in science, business and beyond. These systems often use something called Artificial Neural Networks – real machine learning inspired by the human brain.

Artificial Neural Networks are, just like the brain, based on interconnected ‘neurons’. Given lots of data, they can learn underlying patterns, create a model of the world and predict the next steps. These types of intelligent systems are transforming human processes and perceptions in profound ways and we are on the verge of a genuine human-machine collaboration.

While Artificial Intelligence gets the headlines, what you probably have not heard of is the newest application of machine learning: “Creative Artificial Intelligence” that can actually generate art and design. These systems turn Artificial Neural Networks on their head, using them to paint, dream, hallucinate, design and complete other creative tasks.

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 Quora Question and Answer Web Site Review

Source: All Things Digital

If brief communications like Twitter’s 140-character messages, Facebook status updates and text messaging leave you longing for more substantial discourse, you may be in luck. This week, I took a look at Quora, a question-and-answer site that encourages thoughtful—even long-winded—discussions. Quora ( was launched about six months ago by two former Facebook employees who wanted to create a forum where in-depth questions could be posed and answered. Users vote answers up or down according to how good they are, the idea being that the best answers get pushed to the top of the queue by the community of users. Few of these questions can be answered with a simple yes or no. For example, one question asks, “What role did social media play with regards to the revolution in Tunisia?” (See here for the answer with the most votes: