collaborative film projects

Actually you know what? Fuck. If there’s a Homestuck film/television concept I have to be involved, that is literally something I’ve wanted to do since I started this comic, and I’m an aspiring film maker with experience working on collaborative film projects as well as very large Homestuck collaborative projects (Beforus, [S] Rex Duodecim Angelus, Prospit Nights), many of which I have put together and run myself. I’m a competent composer, writer, editor and director, but I’ll be happy if they put me on just as a runner jfc. As soon as I find out more information about this so I know the lowdown I’m going to send a fucking resume to What Pumpkin because fuck what do I have to lose

Looking for contributors

We are currently looking for artists/fashion students/avid fashion followers who are interested in collaborating with us in our project. IDIOSYNCRASY is to hold two exhibitions in March showcasing our works. It would be amazing if we got to show the visions of people from around the world, as well as promote their work.

Please contact demeulemesster, highqualityfashion or experienceu if you are interested.

Go to our website, for more information on what we do.

– Nynne

Maleficent was the first collaboration film project with Don Hahn and Linda Woolverton since The Lion King. In fact, Woolverton was chosen to co-write the script not just because of her work on Alice in Wonderland, but also for her work on Disney animated classics Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, where Hahn and Woolverton got along very well on both of the productions.

If Shakespeare and J.R.R. Tolkien were hired by a soft core porn company to collaborate on a film project I imagine you would get something a lot like “Game of Thrones”.