collaborative art in motion

“Asymmetrical Line Art”
A collaboration between Nature and The Universe. Nature, a very talented artist from Earth, has a wide ranging style with a few underlying themes found in every piece, and The Universe, is possibly the best artist ever known. It is thought by some that The Universe actually created nature from pieces of itself, but that is hard to say for mere creatures that were created by Nature. (While were on the topic, I’ve always wondered why Nature didn’t put any muscle, fat, or some kind of protective padding on the shins of us feeble creatures, but the language Natures uses to communicate seems cryptic at best, so I may never find out)
As usual, The Universe did the background for this piece, because that’s what The Universe does best, and Nature can’t reach that high anyway. I like how The Universe decided to go with clean lines, starting with circles on the left and slowly straightening the lines as they swoop to the right.
Sticking with the asymmetrical theme that The Universe started, Nature did a lot of intricate squiggly lines and made them a little more random on the left side for a nice helping of unbalance, because perfect balance can seem stale and uninteresting.
The piece was looking great, and just when I thought they were finished, nature pulled out the paint brush and made some juxtaposing lines in the sky, perpendicular to the lines that The Universes made, and they were thick, fluffy, and a different colour  to help them stand out and accentuate the beauty of a little bit of chaos in an otherwise balanced system.