Yaaaay! Sun & Moon is looking to be like a really fun addition to the Pokemon series! This is a collaboration @lay-doubt-to-rest and I did together. She drew them because she’s way better at animals, and I inked and colored. Enjoy! (°ℇ °)

Now You Can Wear This $58.4 Million Yellow Balloon Dog

When fashion and art collide, the result can either be something fashionably cool or a big mistake. From what fast-fashion lovers of the internet have been saying, this Jeff Koons for H&M collaboration crossbody bag is a must-cop! You might have already seen some of the red carpet photos of stylish stars showing off the bag from H&M’s VIP opening event of their Fifth Avenue flagship store in New York; you have to admit, the bag is sleek. The balloon dog print plus the bag’s thin strap and dainty hardware details create an adorable accessory that pairs easily with any outfit! And at under $50, it’s a lot easier to get than Koons’ actual multi-million dollar sculpture.

As for the original Balloon Dog? This is how the prized gigantic balloon dog looks when not printed on the bag:

So what do you think? Will you be lining up outside your nearest H&M store this Thursday (that’s tomorrow already!) for a chance to scoop up this bag? Let us know!

Have a stylish Wednesday!

Wantering Editors

//Alexander Wang x H&M collaboration//

So the date has been announced as Thursday 6th November and I’ve already put it in my schedule to take the day off work as I NEED to get my hands on some of these pieces.
In the past I’ve loved some of the H&M/designer collabs and was always slightly miffed when I missed out but never enough to actually make a point of doing anything about it except sign at the price everything was then selling for on eBay. Siggghhhhh.
This November is a whole different bucket of gin…. Wang is a firm favourite of mine, I seriously think he designed some of the best shoes and handbags of our time. If this collection includes footwear especially, I think I might pass out. The dilemma now is do I brave the queuing first thing in the hope the Buchanan St branch has enough for those waiting? Or chance staying at home stealthily trying to bag what I want online?!

What’s you experience of these kinda launches?

Staying Underground prsnts,
w/ Mistah Rapsey on the B side

I love DJ M. Elle’s mix so much. Alfie and I listened to it on repeat while we where on a road trip in North Cali. 

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A side: DJ M. Elle
1. Herbie Hancock - Watermelon Man
2. LAKIM -  Rent4
3. Fresh Espresso - Benihana
4. Jo Def - TookItThurr
5. Miles Bonny -  Lumberjack Soul
6. Rob Viktum - 4/17/1975
7. Flako - YeahYeahYeah
8. Billy Hoyle x Tall Black Guy - From Xangô to Work and Back (DJ M. Elle Re-Imagine)
9. Souleance - 10 Carats
10. Mop Mop - Run Around f/ Fred Wesley & Anthony Joseph (Nostalgia 77 Remix)
11. The Isley Brothers - Between the Sheets (The Revenge Rework)
12. somethinksounds - Musiq H.E.R. (PhOtOmachine Raw Edit)
14. Shlohmo - Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)
15. Brother in Arms - Take This Chance
16. Jill Scott - Golden (Kaytranada’s Life Living Edition)
17. The Dø - Slipper Slope
18. Ogiyy - Movie On
19. Crazy White Boy - Themba (feat. Nonku)
20. Shamir - Sometimes a Man
21. Mike Gao - Clangdashian (feat. Pidjeon)

B side: Mistah Rapsey
2. Nicolas Jaar & Theatre Roosevelt - The Ego
3. choiceVaughan - Giving You My Love (Girl, You Can Get It)
4. KAYTRADAMUS - Heartbreak Hotels (You Think!)
5. Kenji. - Man x Woman (Mar Remix)
6. Wu-Lu & Gillian Mapp - Greenpoint
7. Mr President - City Rocking
8. Zuper - Profanity
9. Jonah Christian - Jetson (Ft. Janusho)
10. Janet Jackson - Ain’t Got It Till It’s Done [Obas Nenor Edit]
11. Gold Panda - Clarke’s Dream
12. J Mo - The Line
13. Harrison - What I Said (Ft. Maddee)
14. SiR - The Bullet and The Gun (HMLT Edit)
15. Marcão Baixada - Bang Bang [Bento Remix]
16. Kali Uchis - All Or Nothing
17. Sango - Tell Me
18. ????with???????????? - ???? ft.???? / ???
19. Small Professor - Watermelon Spank

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