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Levi . Erwin . Hanji


Here’s the thing!

Hanji-Aud (X)
“Careless Whispers”-George Michael
“Sensual Seduction”-Snoop Dogg


Chris Brown Sings “Stereotype” live; Talks Favorite Collaborations


 ⇑ zine (or home zine, or I don’t know what this one is called zine) is the latest collaborative work of me and Anya, and is 19 pages of prints/drawings/collages. It is available from ClitPit and also Quimby’s in Chicago.

from the back:

“this zine is a conversation on solidarity and friendship between 2 friends struggling. some words: Home, yearnin’ + learnin’, diaspora blues, queer loneliness, futurity, depression, Ancestral + recent trauma, having fallen and not being able to get up, the aching process of growing out one’s hair.”

Sorry this is so late but yesterday was crazy and by the time I got home I was too exhausted to put this together. But here we go, a list of P Stump collabs. I’m only including recorded tracks that he provided vocals for, not live performances or songs he’s written/co-written, produced, or remixed:

504 Plan, “Breathing Deep”
The CAB, “Bounce”
The CAB, “I’m a Wonder”
The CAB, “One of Those Nights”
Claude Kelly, “Feet Don’t Fail”
Cobra Starship, almost everything on “Viva La Cobra”
Cobra Starship, “You’re Not In On the Joke”
Coca-Cola, “Open Happiness” (With Brendon Urie, Travie McCoy, Cee Lo, and Janelle Monae)
Damnation A.D., “If You Could Remember”
Gym Class Heroes, “Blinded By the Sun”
Gym Class Heroes, “Clothes Off”
Gym Class Heroes, “Cupid’s Chokehold”
The Hush Sound, “Don’t Wake Me Up”
The Kill Pill, “Outside These City Walls”
Knockout, “Searching For Solid Ground”
Kristeen Young, “That’s What It Takes Dear”
Krewella, “Dancing With the Devil”
Misery Signals, “One Day I’ll Stay Home”
Motion City Soundtrack, “Everything Is Alright”
Murs, “Bummed Out Blues”
New Found Glory, “King of Wishful Thinking”
October Fall, “Second Chances”
Robert Glasper, “I Stand Alone”
The Roots, “Birthday Gal”
Steve Aoki, “Back to Earth”
Timbaland, “One and Only”
Transit, “All Your Heart”
Tyga, “Don’t Regret It Now”
Tyga, “Est. (80s Baby)”
Weekend Nachos, “Jock Powerviolence”
XV, “The Last Hero”

If anyone can think of any I’m missing, let me know.

*updated  7.31.14

new music!!

Fans of the duo will have to wait until 2016 for a new album.

“Our plan is to continue to tour throughout this year and take a lot of next year off to write and record,” said Tegan.

“We have a lot of collaborations in our back pockets [that are] going to be coming out over this year and next year so they’re still going to be getting a lot of Tegan and Sara — just not a whole new record yet.”



So when I sold the ‘Glee’ pilot and started to write down the part, I said there’s only one girl who can play this. We never found anybody else, and then you do the studio and network test, and you’re supposed to bring ten people in, and I said she’s the only one, and then she opened her mouth and sang and all the guys were crying, and they hired her, literally on the spot, in the room.-Ryan Murphy about Lea Michele/Rachel Berry

   “I just thought, wouldn’t it be fun to see Lea play something completely non glamorous and weird? And you’ll see in the second episode of all the characters, she’s obsessed with death. She’s the one that wants to go in and touch the dead body. And then she tried to steal Emma’s boyfriend. So I called her up. I’m like, you can’t wear any makeup, and you’re in a neck brace. And you’re in the worst outfits of all time, but you have a great turn. Will you do it? And she said yes, sight unseen. So she took herself out of pilot season contention. She said, ‘Okay, I’ll do it,’ based on trust, I guess.”  — Ryan Murphy about Lea Michele/Hester

HBB BUZZ | Best Band Collabs

By: Allison Lawrence, allisonbrooke93

When musicians team up to do a song together, fanbases alike go NUTS. The anticipation of how this song and video will turn out cause hysteria. Over the years, I have seen some of the best bands in the scene produce songs that became hits. Collaborations can just be so great. Here are some of the best collabs I’ve seen.

King For A Day- Pierce the Veil featuring Kellin Quinn of Sleeping With Sirens

Miles Away- Memphis May Fire featuring Kellin Quinn from Sleeping with Sirens

We’ll Be a Dream- We The Kings featuring Demi Lovato

Bite My Tongue- You Me At Six featuring Oli Sykes from Bring Me the Horizon

Kiss Me Again- We Are the In Crowd featuring Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low

Somebody to You- The Vamps featuring Demi Lovato

Bye Bye Bye (cover)- Our Last Night featuring Cody Carson from Set It Off

Two Is Better than One- Boys Like Girls featuring Taylor Swift

A Love Like War- All Time Low featuring Vic Fuentes from Pierce  the Veil