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Women are Missing in STEM Fields 

“Don’t ask me; I’m just a girl.” It’s one of the most famous lines from The Simpsons. Lisa Simpson, an eight-year-old girl, is excited to get a talking version of her favorite Barbie-like doll but horrified at the words that come from her doll’s mouth. It’s a joke, social commentary and it speaks to a very large issue.

According to an infographic recently produced by Verizon, at the age of eight, 66 percent of girls say they like math yet, in college, only 18 percent of women study engineering. The problem starts early, girls begin to lose confidence in their technical abilities at a young age. Seventy-two percent of girls feel they’re good at science and math classes in middle school while only 55 percent of girl feel that way in high school.

The National Girls Collaborative Project reported that girls were more likely to have taken biology — a life science frequently viewed as “accessible” — in high school than boys (50 percent vs. 39). Whereas “hard” subjects, such as physics and engineering, were dominated by males. In college, according to the NGCP, in 2011, 57.3 percent of all bachelor’s degrees in the U.S. were obtained by women. In the sciences, women received over 50 percent of the degrees in biology. Yet, they held less than 20 percent of those awarded in the fields of physics, computing or engineering.  

By adulthood, while they compose half the population and half the workforce, only a quarter of STEM positions are held by women. Not only is this a problem — it’s a worsening one.

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The Web Experience Toolkit

From Elismatic:

What is the Web Experience Toolkit?

  • An award-winning front-end framework for building websites that are accessible, usable, interoperable, mobile friendly and multilingual
  • A collection of flexible and themeable templates and reusable components
  • A collaborative open source project led by the Government of Canada

Resources for implementing accessibility are a huge benefit to developers, since they can demystify some of the more challenging aspects: how do I use ARIA correctly–do I really need to start with the ARIA spec? What does an accessible widget look like? Is there an example to help me get started?

This open source toolkit from the Government of Canada offers a robust set of features. Modern coded demos such as an accessible input date picker polyfill, charts, theme starters and plugins can help jump start your efforts (see the whole list). It also has multi-language support, something that is often forgotten as we develop for ourselves without realizing it.

There are mulitple reasons to participate in a project like the Web Experience Toolkit, but one of the most significant is that many people are testing and contributing back to the open source library, strengthening it as a collective group. You can benefit from this effort by utlizing the resources and also contribute back through testing, reporting issues, and submitting pull requests on Github. It’s a win-win for everyone.

After the What Now? 2015 symposium comes to a close on Saturday, April 25th, don’t forget to catch these two exciting events presented at The New School as part of the exhibition Guatemala Después: Rethinking the Past, Reimagining the Now.

April 25, 6:30–8:00 p.m.: New Masculinities and Human Rights through the Visual Arts (Panel), Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Auditorium, 66 Fifth Avenue.

April 25, 8:30–10:00 p.m.: Black Banana: Exhibitions of Absence: Issues of Race and Absence in Central America (Discussion and performances), Anna-Maria and Stephen Kellen Auditorium, Sheila C. Johnson Design Center, 66 Fifth Avenue New York, NY 10003

Guatemala Después is a collaborative curatorial project between The New School and Ciudad de la Imaginación (Quetzaltenango, Guatemala). It seeks to showcase artistic practices from Guatemala that reclaim suspended histories, reveal invisible injustices, and engage in dialogues that relocate our imagination of the present.

Above: Jorge de León, Loop, 2010.

no baby it’s just a bad night i’m absolutely fine: a collaboration between the sainted max and myself


1 in 3 women will have an abortion — and these stickers are fighting the stigma 

This week, activists on 75 college campuses created a “pop-up” sticker project, in collaboration with the 1 in 3 campaign, campaign director Julia Reticker-Flynn told Mic. The stickers, which included women’s real stories of abortion in English and Spanish, were posted in high-traffic spaces on their campuses to spark personal dialogues about the role abortion plays in women’s lives. But not everyone was OK with the stickers.

Hello all!! We are happy to announce G|P’s first joint project with an artist, Nadezhda Rakitina on a side story called “Six”. Some of you may have already read this short story long ago, sampled with the single manga page Jo made for it for a convention promotion back in 2009. Almost half a year before ITW came out. “Six” will eventually align with the main ITW storyline later. 

We are working on publishing this 7 page short story with a planned 4 illustration by Yuki in time for Holidays. Tenatively, we are looking into putting the story up on KOBO for download for a ‘donation’ price of 99 cents to go toward a local food bank until Jan or Feb. Then it’ll become a free download/read thereafter.

Yuki will continue with the collaboration with G|P in THE DOLL project where Jo will be doing illustrations for the main story while Yuki will be doing illustrations for the bonus side story to be released together.

More details later. This is the cover illustration for SIX and character design for the protagonist, Yukimura.

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▲ Shiganshina Trio artbook “Drei” Preorder NOW OPEN ▲

Celebrating the best team of the Survey Corps, “Drei” is a collaborative “Attack on Titan” project featuring 15 talented artists in 44 full colour pages of brand new artwork and never-seen-before comics.

The book is perfect-bound and finished in a sleek matte laminate, and is also available with extra goodies including a bookmark, postcard and gloss-laminate sticker here.

Preorders are open until 1st May 2015 on Storenvy here (please use Paypal to check out, if possible!) and will be shipped from the UK by 15th May.

Any questions please contact


Cover art by Alex

Organised by Eva H

Alex  ▲  Beeb  ▲  Duckie  ▲  Eva H  ▲  Gia

Glitchikinns  ▲  Hannah Blizard  ▲  Johanna The Mad  ▲  Mawla

Anastasia  ▲  Piney  ▲  Rai S  ▲  Rose  ▲  Ruby  ▲  Suika


Here’s a video of the actual poster so you guys know it exists before I go to Bronycon. And now I sleep because all nighters make me tired…-v-

The Chorus Chorus Project

What is the Chorus Chorus Project?

The Chorus Chorus Project is a collaborative music project between Rooster Teeth fans to sing various songs together and edit it into a giant Chorus. The end result should sound really fun.

How do I participate?

  1. Look for the latest instructional post, found at the @choruschorus tumblr where Ill be posting the finished products, project updates, and if this is successful I will also be posting instructions for new projects.
  2. Have a decent mic, a recording program that can convert your audio to MP3, and a voice.
  3. Record yourself singing along to the song. Make sure its decent quality, and that you can ONLY hear yourself not anything else.
  4. Save the file as an MP3, name it URLONTUMBLR_SONGNAME and email it to
  5. I do all the rest! All you really need is a voice!

The first song we are doing is contact. Sing along with this version. The email to send your mp3 file to is

The deadline is April 21st.

This should be fun and I look forward to doing some RWBY songs later, as well as some other things related to RT (the Xray and Vav intro, Technical Difficulties song, Jerk of the Week, etc if we can relate it to RT it will work. And we may do fan-written songs as well if we can get to them later.)

I think this is going to be really fun, and look forward to all the greatness this could be. Get ready to make some music! I really think this kind of collaboration is the RT fandom’s forte! 

I find myself wearing the same outfits a lot and I still can’t tell if its accidental or if I’m just too afraid to change. I once kept a profile picture for over half a year and its not that I liked it because I really didn’t but its because I didn’t want to see myself in pictures anymore. I still bite my nails and I pretend I can’t help it but I really don’t think I’d know what to do with them if they were grown out.

Last night you called me again and I felt that little drop in your stomach you get when roller coasters start to fall - you know the one - but I still acted like there wasn’t a strange mixture of sadness and loneliness and inexplicable terror all boiling in the back of my throat. I don’t know if you bought the idea that I’m okay but I do know you were the one who hung up. I don’t know if I hate what happened because I hate it when things become different or if I hate what happened because I miss you.

We haven’t exchanged messages in 76 days now and keeping track is pointless, I know that, but I still refuse to stop counting. Forgetting numbers has always been a struggle for me because I still remember my house phone number from when I lived in a completely different state but I’m trying my best to drag yours out of my head. I’m trying my best to stop checking for your name on my phone every morning.

I miss you. I miss you. I miss you and it’s killing me.

—  Or maybe I’m just scared of what happens when I get over you: a collaboration between Alyssa (x) and Raquel.
[★] Collaboration Project: 2 Years with B.A.P

For B.A.P’s 2 year anniversary,BAP_BABYS_BASE , along with BAPYESSIR.COM (BYS), itsBAP,_STRONGBAPtsbabyzBAP_IntlCHANBAPROAD and UKBAP will have a collaboration project! 

The Ideas:

1. Supplement Drinks

  • This health products from Japan are sold as aids for people who are “incredibly tired” .This is the best health product to help the health of these hard working boys..
  • Donations Needed: $115 ($10 for 3 bottles, each member will get 3 bottles, PLUS 1 super powerful energy drink that cost $9; each member will receive one) [Each member will have a total of 4 bottles.]

2. Accessories for Winter

[Update: They have been bought ^_^]

  • Let’s prepare the boys for winter! We don’t want them to catch a cold, so we will buy them some fashion accessories to keep them warm.
  • Donations needed: $155 (+ around $100 for shipping fees) . 
  • ** The accessories has been found by Jesse from Best Absolute Style and the admins of the participating fanbases voted to select the ones we will offer to the boys.

3. Donation to “Planting Peace” 

  • All extra donations we’ll receive will go to an organization called “Planting Peace”
  • (, they are inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. We will make the donation under B.A.P’s name. Planting Peace have a lot of amazing programs for humans and environment in general.

How to Participate: 

Donate: We accept donations through Paypal ! The minimum goal is $370 for the health products and neck warmers, but as we said, all extra donations will go to Planting Peace.

To make a donation, please fill the form in the link below. The instructions on where and how to send your donation will be listed there:

There is no limit on how much you should donate. Any amount would help us achieve our goal and we hope that BABYz can participate in this project! 

[Update: We extended the deadline !]

**The deadline for the collaboration project is January 15, 2014. 

i tried to fix myself for you because
you liked girls with lips pink like rose petals
and blushing cheeks and
straight teeth so

as if each freckle represented a flaw you saw
i clipped my wings just to prove i’d never leave
but you say i took away the only part of me
you ever

nothing i do
is ever

—  Of course not: a collaboration between saturninesinner and inkskinned.

Atelier Du Peonfx x Stroom Fabriek 

In celebration of friendship which sparked from the love of the scene, way back from 2010. Atelier Du Peonfx and Stroom Fabriek decided to make a collaboration project. Since we really put high respect on craftsmanship, so we think it would be fun to make wooden cruiser decks and so later on, we called it “The Friendship Decks”.

Each decks has it own special Illustration on, “Sing! sing! Singapura!” and “Jakarta… be nice to me”. Both of illustrations inspired by our daily life living on each side of the city/country, Jakarta, Indonesia and Singapore. To know more about the project details go to PEONFX.

To know more about PEONFX, click HERE

photo credit: Peonfx and Stroom Fabriek