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My favorite story to come out of the internet lately: For those of you who don’t know, for April Fool’s Day, Reddit launched this massive collaborative art project where you can place one pixel every five minutes on this massive canvas, so in order to do anything meaningful you have to work together collectively to make pixel art.

/r/YumeNikki decided to put the sprite of Madotsuki onto the canvas. Because of a lack of space, they decided to put it on the yellow stripe of the Swedish flag.

/r/Sweden, despite having no idea who Madotsuki is, absolutely fell in love with her, and have taken it upon themselves to fiercely defend her from any vandals. They even drew Pippi Longstocking next to her holding her hand. They’ve also made several visits to Yume Nikki’s sub and left friendly posts.

So that’s how a small community for a relatively unknown Japanese video game became best friends with the entire country of Sweden.


Photography: “ISIS Maria”

‘Isis Maria’ is the first collaborative project by Brazilian fashion photographers Marcos Florentinoand Kelvin Yule, as the collective MAR+VIN

Created for the online platform FFW, the editorial series is a modern interpretation of the Egyptian goddess Isis and the icon of Maria, representative of motherly virtue. (via)

The Astral Body

Disclaimer: Everyone’s astral experiences are different. While the astralling community may agree for the most part on the following things, you may still experience and believe different things. And that’s okay! ;D *musical flourish*

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Your astral body can be wildly different from your physical body:

  • Sexual and romantic tastes can differ between astral and physical.
  • Gender and sex can differ between astral and physical.
  • Shapeshifting is possible with the astral body.
  • Even throughout different lives and forms, your being has a core that remains unchanged. This could be known as a “soul”.

There are different kinds of astral bodies/astral experiences:

  • Some astralling is not permanent; you make a body to astral temporarily and it vanishes/dissolves when you’re done.
  • Some astralling is semi-permanent; you have an astral self that’s “stored” in your physical body.
  • Then there’s physical semi-permanent where, on physical realms, you form a physical body but it’s only active when you use it.
  • Then there’s permanent-permanent when you’re “tuning into” another body/consciousness with its own life that does its own thing even when not in use.

Your astral body and physical body can influence each other:

  • Injury/sickness in astral can affect physical. For example, many people who have been in astral fights wake up the next morning with pains where they were hurt in battle.
  • Injury/sickness in the physical can affect the astral, but not as much as the reverse (as limbs can be regrown, the body is very “fluid”, etc.). For example, if you are sick in the physical, parasites may show up in your astral body, it may be harder for you to connect to your astral body, your astral vision may become blurry, etc.
  • You can get used to being one way in astral and then feel “off” when returning to the physical. You can have wings in the astral and then feel like you’re missing something when you return to your physical body.
  • If the astral body is killed or destroyed, it can regenerate using the physical body’s energy.

Your astral body can change depending on where you are:

  • You can remember some things better in the astral (past lives, astral experiences) than in the physical. They may be weakened, lost, or harder to recall when returning to the physical.
  • This is applicable to specific realms as well. If you have a fae-touched soul, for example, you may recall past lives while travelling to fae realms.
  • You may also experience shifts in your astral form depending on location. Some fae-touched people’s forms change when they are in their fae homeworlds.
  • Different astral realms differ in their effects on one’s astral body. Some things may be possible in one realm but not another. This can also be tied to one’s energetic makeup. For example, someone with angelic energies might have a hard time shapeshifting when in Hell.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the information!~










✨ Modern Witches - A Creative Sisterhood  ✨

I’m so happy and proud to announce you this amazing collaboration I’m starting with a very precious friend, let me introduce you to “Modern Witches” Collective! →  🔮🌿

We are Vicky & Clem, alias the Modern Witches: we are two young french illustrators and students (one in animation, the other in graphic design) who are joining their hands to give birth to a magical universe.
Inspired by Japanese folklore, the witchy fashion and by myths related to nature, we distill magic, love and good vibes in all our creations: prints, posters, artbooks, original illustrations, jewels and other goodies like, pins, stickers, charms ~

We will attend our first convention the 16th and 17th of September 2017 at Harajuku Festival at Bercy’s Park (Paris), table 47! *:・゚✧ Come and visit us! 

This piece is a collaboration created by writers and photographers from around the world. We each photographed and wrote about the beauty of our homeland. There are 14 photos, from 9 countries, and all 6 of the inhabited continents. Friends separated by 1000s of miles worked together to show that the world, in all its variety, with all its differences, truly is beautiful!

World of Beauty 

Sprinkled hoarfrost beautifies all it touches.
Icy air highlights the silence.
I stop, imagine, forget the madness,
Realize the beauty, the wonder,
and dream to keep it for eternity.

Always I thought I dreamed to see
A land that was as strange as me,
It then came clear, I am a part
Of this strange land inside my heart.

Through the woods we go,
Called by our magical land,
Where past belles still dance.

The beauty of this place
is given nature’s grace
with snow and wonders
I stand face-to-face

Sunlight through murky layers of cloud
scatters diffused light on the ground.
Winds when blow, leaves they rustle
far away from city’s hustle and bustle.

A bay, docked with boats,
Brisk air demands, people grab their coats.
A city filled with so much beauty,
Bound by a sense of honor and duty.

Displayed under broken skies
passed without a second thought
so unlike our to and from
worlds hidden within worlds

The world barely knows this side of you;
The majestic mountains, crashing shores.
Winds blow ever constant,
Weather always perfect.
One day we’ll see each other, once again.

You rhyme everything you write.
Colors are your favorite tools.
When you speak,
Melodies are all you know.

No matter how much
I wished to drown,
you’ve always pushed
me towards the shore.

And your stones
Neon gems
Still allow
Roots to take hold

Glacial erractics
Mysterious survivors of an age of ice
Our forests, fields and hearths are lined with the bones of your mountains
The New World grew up around them

Soft plantations
Asunder from the civil? No. Enraged
Emeralds border the black stone.
Oh your harsh tropical light, and your
contrasts Abounding

@lyricsbylittle - Stanza 1; Photo 11; Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Poland 

@ellenya - Stanza 2; Photo 3; Wodonga, Australia 

@uniquelykalene - Stanza 3; Photo 5; Louisiana, (US) 

@mycosmicbackyard - Stanza 4; Photo 12;  Bærum Rykkinn, Norway

@sonador-reveur - Stanza 5; Photo 2; India

@temen-ni-gru666 - Stanza 6; Photo 7; Boston, MA (US)

@cruxymox - Stanza 7; Photo 8; Concord, MA (US)

@mortalghost - Stanza 8; Photo 6; Colombia, S.A.

@behind-the-sun - Stanza 9; Photo 13; Egypt 

@torrentialmonsoon - Stanza 10; Photo 9; Ontario, Canada 

@just-4-thought - Stanza 11; Photo 1; Kentucky (US)

@behindthelastdoor - Stanza 12; Photo 14; New England (US)

@viridian-goose - Stanza 13; Photo 4; Florida (US)

@xxmcmcx - Photo 10; Okinawa, Japan

OKAY BUT concept: Lazytown, but it’s meant for teenagers

Okay but- imagine how different Lazytown would be if it were meant for teens while STILL trying to be educational 

Like, it’s a few years into the future, and all the kids are now in middle or high school (depending on age. I like to think Ziggy 13, Stingy and Stephanie 14, and Trixie and Pixel 16) 

Of course, Sportacus, Robbie, and the other adults would all treat the children differently now that they are older. They are open to talk to the kids about more mature and serious topics 

The teens are a really confusing time to be going through, and I’m sure Sportacus would still be just as supportive and willing to save the day…he just does so in different ways now 

The show would cover and educate teens on  issues that teens might go through like 

*Ziggy being self-conscious about his weight to the point where he just- stops eating and Sportacus tells him that how his body FEELS is more important, rather than how it LOOKS (covering body positivity, eating disorders, showing that boys can have that problem too) 

*Stingy developing his very first crush on someone and becoming very clingy and possesive and needing to be taught that people are NOT like things and you can’t just CLAIM a person as yours (covering consent and healthy relationships) 

*Steph getting her period for the first time and she and the Mayor have no idea wtf is going on (cuz lbr, the mayor is kind of dumb) so Sport’s crystal beeps and they’re like “she’s bleeding!” and Sport knows what’s happening but doesn’t know what to do so they actually call Bessie for help. But after that, Sporto starts carrying pads/tampons along with him just in case cuz you gotta stick out for your friends 

*Given the amount of time Pixel spends with computers, I’m sure you can make at least one episode on internet safety with it. Pixel’s crush on Stephanie might be good material for episodes on teenage romance and healthy relationships too 

*Trixie maybe starting to realize that she’s “not like other girls” and doesn’t really pay much attention to boys like they do (covering sexuality) Perhaps she even likes Stephanie a little which could add the element of a love triangle

*Maybe in that same episode, Sport teaches them about gender and sexuality in general and he brings up non-binary gender and Robbie overhears and identifies it with himself, giving us a message that it’s never too late to come out or discover who you are 

*Imagine the drama of an episode where one of the kids gets their hands on a cigarette and Sport catches them just before they’re about to light it and for the very first time EVER, he’s visibly VERY ANGRY at and DISSAPOINTED in the kids, but it’s all out of a place of concern 

*Or an episode where Robbie slips Sport just ONE shot of alcohol in secret and given how sensitive his body is to just SUGAR, Sport instantly gets alcohol poisoning which leads to Robbie freaking out and probably asking the kids for help or something because not even sportscandy is fixing it (teaching kids to be careful around alcohol and also what to do if a friend happens to get sick) 

*Sport shown to actually be overwhelmed with worry about the safety of people in town every once in a while and having anxiety over it, and being confused because he goes outside a lot and eats healthy so WHY is it happening? And Robbie who also dealt with anxiety issues in the past actually telling him that sometimes, that’s not enough and how sometimes, medications and therapy may help (teaching that it’s okay to let people know you aren’t always ok, and that you shouldn’t hide it) 

And of course, Sport would STILL be promoting a healthy lifestyle in general. He’s the cool high school health teacher dad, who’ll talk to the kids about anything they want to know, from puberty to sex to crushes, anything. And Robbie has toned it down on the schemes a bit (since the kids are older and much less guillable now so there’s no point) and has warmed up to the kids a bit now that they are older. But, he’s still the lazy insomniac we know and love. Maybe sometimes, …Robbie might even be a better teacher in terms of MENTAL health than Sportacus even, given all the stuff that he himself has dealt with having 

…Not to mention, an older target audience opens up potential for Sportarobbie to actually be a thing? 

There’s just- so much potential that Lazytown could STILL have, even if it weren’t meant for younger kids

This is just- something that I really really want and like to think about 

EDIT: Some MORE ideas for you since I came up with more 

*Pixel’s crush on Steph just getting bigger and bigger but he has no idea how to talk to girls, so for whatever reason, he asks ROBBIE for advice on how to do that, who ends up bringing out Rottenella for him to practice on 

*That ends up being a bust given that Rottenella can’t talk, so he ends up asking TRIXIE to help him practice and even after realizing that the girl he has an eye on is Stephanie, …she helps him out anyway even if it hurts, because Stephanie and Pixel are her friends and she actually….sacrifices her own feelings for theirs 

*Sport is the one person that Trixie can talk to and vent to about her feelings for Steph, being the one guy she can trust, and then Sport totally hits us with the feels by being like “I understand what you’re going through….the person I like wants me out of town forever.” 

*Robbie going through one of his depressed states during the winter holidays (perhaps seasonal affective disorder? The episode covers depression) and isolating himself around Christmas because his self-esteem is in the gutter and he’s convinced that nobody wants him around, so he’ll spend the holidays alone, and Sport is just heartbroken and like “No, you’re very wrong, we WANT you to come be with us and we love you” and we finally get a translated performance of “Aleinn um Jolin” 

*Robbie reprogrammed Sugar-Pie to act like a normal dog, but one day he stops functioning  and is beyond repair and basically “passes away”, and everyone else is like “??? but it’s a robot, just make another.” But Sport reminds the kids that regardless, this was someone that Robbie was close to and that they should let  him grieve and be there for him (covering loss, death, and the stages of grief, which is something everyone goes through at some point) 

*Bessie becoming the unofficial mom that helps the girls out with the things that Sportacus and the Mayor might lack ability or knowledge to help in (like, bra shopping and shit like that because the idea of momma Busybody is just great, you guys) 

*Being the youngest, Ziggy is just entering high school and the older kids support him and help him get used to the transition from middle school 

*At least one episode with the trope where one of the boys is dealing with their voice cracking due to puberty (Stingy, because he would be the funniest) 

*There is still a Bing Bang at the end of each episode, but each one is different where sometimes, a different character sings it, or the music changes genres or parodies some sort of pop culture reference 

…You can make at least 12 episodes out of all this? That’s like, half a season right there 

ANOTHER EDIT: I’ve noticed how a big handful of you said that you fucking want this? Well, I’m not stopping you? Everyone, be my fucking guest if you wanna contribute to this in any sort of way. 

Actually…it might be kind of fun, making this into a sort of group project (collaborate on art, fics, etc) You guys can like, message me if that sounds cool


Incredible Aerial Photography of The Earth’s Beaches

Photography duo Salty Wings are a pair of professional drone and aerial photographers comprised of  Jampal and Michael Goetze. In their latest collaborative project, the pair has featured amazing views of numerous beaches that take shots of the tumbling waves of aquamarine blue colliding beaches and rocky cliffs.

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BTS Ships Astrology Analysis - Yoonseok/Sope

In this series, I’ll be doing full, detailed, very long compatibility and synastry analyses on various pairings in BTS. These aren’t necessarily romantic or platonic, I’ll just be looking at the dynamics of their relationship. Feel free to leave a comment of which ship you’d like to see next!

  • ah where do i start with these two!
  • i think this is an v v compatible pairing, probably one of the most out of the group
  • when you look at their charts it’s really no wonder why their bond is so sweet

Originally posted by yoonseokismyreligion

Planet Compatibility

  • hoseok is an aquarius-pisces cusp, meaning he displays traits from both signs. i think this is why he molds so well with yoongi’s pisces sun. they both have a compassionate, whimsical personality and share a similar outlook on life. and with pisces being a creative sign, there’s no wonder they create amazing music together
  • venus determines what you look for in a partner, and hoseok’s pisces venus draws him instantly to yoongi. he is attracted by the sensitive soft type, and yoongi is exactly that. in many ways, he views yoongi as his ideal type.
  • yoongi’s aries venus wants someone active, fun, and independent. hoseok’s aquarius sun and mars provide that excitement that makes him tick

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Mindspaces (Astral Temples)

photo from @surreal–memes. (i know this is a weird thing to have your pic show up in lmao)

The basics:

  • You can create your own astral realms, sometimes known as mindspaces. They have so many names: mind palace, inner temple, personal astral space, personal astral realm, mindscapes. For simplicity’s sake, I’ll just call them “mindspaces” in this post.
  • Mindspaces can be considered under/within the category of astral.
  • There are purposefully constructed mindspaces, as well as ones that are created passively. I do not have experience with the passive ones, so I will just be covering the ones you do on purpose in this post.
  • Creating a mindspace is not restricted to humankind. Spirits, gods, Buddhas, and even thought-forms can create their own mindspaces. However, it requires quite a bit of energy that some of these beings may not have the capacity for.
  • A mindspace can be accessed by outside spirits, though it’s very difficult if not given permission. (You can also ward your space to prevent this.)
  • Activity in a mindspace can affect your physical body!
  • A mindspace can deteriorate/fade if not tended to.

How do I go about making (and maintaining) one?

  • It’s not really about how much energy you put into when initially creating it, as it is about having, keeping it, and interacting with your mindspace. Coming back to it frequently over time, to reinforce it, keeps it sustained. Kind of like a thoughtform.
  • Reinforcing its boundaries, in particular, is also a big help.
  • Letting spirits, godforms, or other magically-inclined individuals who you allow Changes can happen here that you are not personally or actively creating, and that can happen based on other beings or even your unconscious self making them for you. 

What are the differences between a mindspace and the “open astral”?

  • Mindspaces can be more in tune to your energies than the open astral is, which makes them easier to manipulate, and easier for you to see/perceive things in them.
  • You have much more control over your mindspace than open astral, and can reshape it.
  • The open astral is more “full”–there are more things that you can do, more places to go, more beings to interact with. Of course, these beings are not always friendly.
  • A mindspace is typically less dangerous than the open astral. It feels safer, like your physical house, and stepping into the open astral is like going out in town or to a new city. The energy is usually clashing, but not in an unpleasant way, it just makes it harder to adjust.

Further reading:

“Tips for building mindspaces” by @driftwood-in-the-sun

Astral body

Thanks to everyone who helped!


Mod Fire from @spiritionary






Would any of you knitters of tumblr be interested in contributing to a knitting zine? I am looking for submissions. Your imagination is the limit. Anything to do with knitting will be considered. Be political, be edgy, be yourself. I would love to see inspiration pictures, free patterns, illustrations, comics knitting tips, poems, pictures, drawings, blurbs, stories or anything you can think of. The only parameters are that it must make sense in a 4.25”x5.5” printed format and should be one or two pages. I would be willing to consider longer submissions. Email me at if you would like to contribute or would like a copy of the final priduct. Include your name and insta url or blog url so you can receive credit for your work. Deadline for submissions of the first issue is Monday September 25th.

Yuuri!! on Ice alternate aesthetic 1/?

Yuuri Katsuki

and so it begins this new project: a collaboration between me and the amazing artist @feiuccia, we’re going to recreate my aesthetics with some of her gorgeous drawings :D
I really love this project and I really hope that you will do so as well *^*
Thanks again to @feiuccia for this lovely idea <3

Ed Sheeran song masterpost (edited in italics 10th edit because my boy doesn’t rest )

The Orange room EP

Ed Sheeran EP

Want Some? EP

You Need Me EP

Loose Change

Songs I Wrote With Amy

Live At Bedford

No. 5 Collaborations Project

One Take


iTunes Festival: London 2011

The Thank You EP 

  • (I can’t find the separate songs ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ again why is youtube betraying me )

The Slumdon Bridge

iTunes Festival: London 2012

Red (Taylor Swift)


Sons Of Anarchy

Multiply Single EPs




Songs Written by Ed

Studio Covers


This set is part 1 of a collaboration project between me and @daer0n . Thanks to her I found motivation to start making meshes, so we found ourselves a nice project to work on! :) We both worked on this set for a whole month and eventually made more than 100 new meshes (that’s one of the reasons why I’ve been very silent here on Tumblr) .

One object (a lips sign) that is included in this set, is not previewed, but the rest is. Most of the items (except wall decorations near the vending machine and hanging lamps) that are shown in the previews, but not included in this part of the set, will be shared soon in part 2/3! :)

Included items in this set are: booth benches (1 is a mirrored version), table, dividers, blinds (10 in total, 1-tiled and 2-tiled blinds), double door, napkin holder, neon signs (4), open sign and lips sign, bubble gum machine, menu card, soda bottle, sugar dispenser, ketchup mustard and mayo bottles, coffee cups (empty and filled version), coasters (stacked and single version), payphone, filled glasses, plant and vending machine.