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Disney crossovers

Yes! Another collaboration with the beautiful @unisonraidd!


Guess who’s back again with another Collab!

@bev-nap and I again—that’s the answer haha! A while back I did line art for these two losers in Autumn fashion, ‘cause it was calling out to me and I had the lovely Bev do justice with her amazing coloring! We actually did this collab like a month ago, and neither of us uploaded the results, until now haha!
You can totally find the line work here
and you should totally go stalk Bev’s awesome gallery over here!

—–Also, 3 days left!

Family Picture
by @academla 

Newt, Tina, Sophia, and Theseus are standing around the beach, tired and sandy, having just reluctantly gotten dressed again for dinner. Sophia and Theseus are playing slapsies, which is punctuated by Sophia trying to play dirty and slapping him on the face instead; Newt is lost in thought, staring at the water and contemplating lethifolds; and Tina is practicing some basic Auror defense spells so as not to get too out of practice despite the current lack of excitement. Sophia has just come over and jabbed Newt in the ribs out of pure boredom when Elsie materializes with a camera. 

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Here it is!! My collaboration with LetThereBeDoodles! <3 This is something we have been working on for the last couple of weeks and it has been so much fun working together and I am so happy with what we created. We both hope that you enjoy these manips and the story that goes with them!(^-^)

We both wanted to do something new so we decided to create our own adaptation a la Disney! >:D We looked at several stories from around the world and got hooked by the story of Yuki-Onna, a mythical spirit from Japan. This is a character that has been re-imagend several times in film/TV before, so we had to take some artistic liberties in order for it to feel new and unique.

Even though this story is not historically accurate in the sense that it’s not based on real life events or people, we still did our absolute best to thoroughly research the era, culture and legends. But bare in mind that this adaptation was made by two non-Japanese creators, so errors in accuracy may be present. If this had been a real, original film project then we would naturally have hired film makers from a Japanese background to help us in it’s production. :3

DISCLAIMER: We do not own the movies which were used to created theses images. We only take credit for editing and the story.
Movies used: Brother Bear II, Fantasia 2000, Grave of the Fireflies, Lilo & Stitch, Millennium Actress, Mulan I-II, Peter Pan II, Pocahontas I-II, Princess Mononoke, Wolf Children

Story Summary:

WINTERTIDE: The tale of Yuki Onna

(developed by TheNamlessDoll and Lettherebedoodles, written by Lettherebedoodles.)

Every Winter when the snow starts to fall, the people of Japan huddle inside their homes with their families, away from the frigid white wasteland beyond the door.

Every Winter she watches them through the frosted glass, her pale skin barely distinguished from the snow around her, her eyes glinting from behind waves of long ebony hair. It is her job to see that the snow falls, that the winter comes and resets the world, preparing for the new beginning… However, human’s don’t seem to like the cold. They dread her return, and shun her when she arrives. They fear her… she is alone.

Yuki-Onna, the snow woman.

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Another year, another brilliant @1dbigbang! I am therefore delighted to present the incredible fic by @doncasterkitten and my accompanying pictures! Lovely, you have been a delight to collaborate with <3

Title: Nocturnal Creatures Are Not So Prudent
Author: @doncasterkitten
Artist: @popstar-vs-radio1
Rating: Mature
Pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
Louis spins a finger in midair, like he’s indicating someone to turn around, staring pointedly at Liam as the faucet turns itself on and the can rinses itself in the sink behind him. Liam, moon burn him, doesn’t rise to the bait, choosing instead to lean back on his stool and wrapping his hands around his own mug.
“Anyway, like I was saying and that you were ignoring, there’s this new club near my school and I want you to go with me. Could do you some good, getting out once in awhile.”

Louis is a white witch with a little black cat named Hemlock and a best human friend Liam (they’re a lot like Samantha Stephens and Louise Tate). When he’s dragged out to a new club Liam’s heard about from a friend and classmate, Louis comes face to face with that which witches do not touch: a charming vampire by the name of Harry.


inspired by jeongeunji’s pink panda challenge and gongchanida’s bana challenge!

small guidelines: you don’t have to make gifs for this challenge, nor do you have to stay consistent with the entire challenge. you can make a text post for one, an edit for another, and a gifset for the third if you like, or you can stay consistent throughout all of them. also, the number next to each prompt (1-4) dictates the number of posts you should make. for example, if you choose to make gifs for your favorite music videos, then you’ll make four separate gifsets, and so on. when captioning things like edits and gifsets, you don’t need to include the number, just the prompt.

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Kiss me, for the love of God! 

Well, this is a fanart for this great fanfic done by the amazing aleksanderenglish!! :D (hope you like it! :) )

Lips pressed close to mine

There’s an Anti-gay rally over there, do you want to make out and piss them off? (x)

homophobic language ahead, yo.

“Stuff like that just pisses me off,” Derek growls, watching as the picketers set up in a designated area outside of the festival grounds. The fact that they even have a designated aread is disgusting. The disadvantage to working across the street from where they hold Pride is having to see these guys every single year, sometimes more than once a year.

“What stuff?” Laura asks, peeking over his shoulder. He gestures at the protesters. One brandishes a “GOD HATES FAGS” sign. Cliche, over-done. They really need to think of better accusations.

“You’d think if God hated fags, there wouldn’t be enough of them to have a parade,” Derek says. The idea that homosexuality is anything beside completely natural is archaic to say the least. It’s 2015. There’s multiple psychological studies that point to biological origins when it comes to sexual orientation, and yet.

“Be a duck,” Laura says, inanely, patting his shoulder. “Let the water roll off your back. You can’t get your panties in a bunch about every homophobe out there.”

“Maybe not any homophobe, but a mass gathering of homophobes who quote the First Amendment and the bible to spew hatred? I can get my panties in a bunch over that all I want.”

“Whoa, panties?” someone says. Derek turns to see a guy standing at the register, eyeing him up and down. There’s a rainbow painted on his right cheek, honey-brown eyes amused. Derek’s breath stalls in his chest, like a punch in the gut. Bow lips, lick lashes, mischievous smirk. Derek’s mouth goes dry, this guy is that attractive. “You seem like a black, silk kind of guy. What do you think, Scott?”

The guy behind him chuckles and rolls his eyes. They set down five bottles of water on the counter top, sunblock, and hot Cheetos. They’re definitely here for the festival.

“Leave him alone, Stiles,” the Scott guy says. “Don’t hit on poor, defenseless cashiers.”

“He doesn’t look defenseless,” Stiles says, tone heavy with innuendo. He eyes Derek’s arms again and Derek flushes.

“The state of my panties isn’t any of your business,” Derek replies, bagging up their things. Scott hands over a card, while Stiles stares at him with a smirk.

“What if I want them to be?” he asks. Scott laughs outright and shoves Stiles shoulders, dragging the bags off the counter. As they leave, Derek can hear Stiles shouting, looking back at Derek through the glass, “this is why I can’t get a date!”

“Get a date more appropriately!” Scott says, pulling his arm. Stiles grins back at Derek, flapping his arm goodbye. Derek gives him a tentative wave in return and Stiles winks at him before disappearing.

“He was cute,” Laura says, leaning her hip against the counter. The look on her face is beyond amused, she’s totally laughing at him. Yes, he was cute. He’d look cuter sweaty and covered in bruises.

“He was annoying,” Derek deflects.

“You do like them mouthy.”

“Shut up.”

The rest of the day passes uneventfully. After the parade, there’s an influx of people buying drinks, preparing to go into the festival. There’s an assortment of attractive guys and girls, multiple people hit on him. There isn’t anyone who makes his heart skip a beat like Stiles did, so he just smiles and ignores their advances.

Stiles never comes back, the water and sunblock must have been enough to hold them over until they got inside. Derek tries not to be disappointed and fails. His stomach lurches every time the bell over the door announces a new arrival.

“I can’t handle you,” Laura says, hitting him with a rolled up magazine. Another group of festival goers came in and out. None of them were Stiles. The sun’s starting to set, painting the sky in oranges and reds. It’s almost time to go home. “Please leave. Go home or go hang out outside of Pride and see if you can spot him coming out.”

Derek scowls at her.

“That’s not creepy at all.”

“What can I say, you’re a creepy dude.”

“I’m not —”

“Leave, Derek!”

Derek sticks his tongue out at her and clocks out. He’s not, absolutely not going to go across the street to hang out and see if he can catch Stiles coming out. Absolutely not. It doesn’t stop his gaze from drifting to the entrance, just maybe.

There’s two figures coming out of the gate. It’s getting dark, but Derek is pretty sure —

It’s definitely Stiles. Derek doesn’t have any qualms about jogging across the street, nerves tangling in excitement. There’s no way he’s letting Stiles get away twice.

“Hey, wait!” Derek says, when they’re closer. Scott and Stiles both look around, confused. Derek stumbles to a halt. “Stiles, right?” He tries to control his breathing so that he’s no panting. It doesn’t work.

“Oh, gas station dude?” Stiles says, eyebrows raised. Behind him, Scott looks like he’s about to dissolve into hysterics.


“Derek —”

“Did you just run over here?” Scott asks.

“I didn’t want to miss you,” Derek says, starting to feel the slow-creep of embarrassment catching up with him. The look on Stiles’ face hasn’t moved passed “shocked” or “amazed”. His mouth is hanging open. “I wanted your number.”

That shocks Stiles out of it. His mouth clicks shut, face blooming into something happier.

“Really? Totally! I mean —”

“Get a room, faggots,” someone says. Derek jerks, looking to their right. He didn’t realize that they stopped in front of the protesters. He was too distracted by Stiles being there, sweaty underneath the street light, looking disheveled. A whole day at a festival will do that to a person. The protesters are all watching with looks of unrestrained disgust.

“There are children who walk these sidewalks,” one of them says, Derek can’t tell who. “They shouldn’t have to watch this!”

“You shall not lie with a man as with a woman. It is an abomination!”

“What the hell?” Stiles says, face crumpling into a frown before he looks angry. “You’re the one who brought the children outside of a Pride festival —”

“Stiles —” Scott says.

“No, seriously, how out of context is that quote? You’re ridiculous —”


“You’re harrassing people —”

There’s a little crowd gathering of people coming out of Pride or waiting to cross the street. The protesters are talking over Stiles, yelling bible verses and telling him he’s going to hell.

“What happened to love one another, you turds? I love all man!” Stiles says, still riled up. He flips off the protesters and grabs Derek’s arms, bringing him in. They stare at each other for a minute as the people around them get quiet. Stiles fidgets, tightening his hold, “Well?”


Derek cups Stiles’ face and kisses him deeply, not bothering to restrain himself. The crowd around them cheers enthusiastically as they make out on the sidewalk. It’s all tongues and teeth, wet and warm. Stiles tastes salty, smells like warm grass and dust. Derek wants to kiss Stiles forever, holy shit. Around them, Derek can hear the shudder-click of cameras, the flash lights up his eyelids.

When they pull back, Stiles’ mouth is bruised, the smile on his face is radiant.

“About that number?” he asks. Derek looks past him at the shocked faces of the protesters. He chuckles, sweeping his thumbs over Stiles’ cheekbones.

“I’m definitely going to need yours.”