The elemental ability of true beauty

The affair commenced in public during a dance set to a Latin rhythm. His stance was stoic. If not for the movements of his arms and legs you would think him still. She was fluid, flowing naturally in the direction of his lead. They fit perfectly and when her thighs wrapped his during steps, it was nothing less than a fiery intensity.

He danced by following the old ways and made sure to showcase her with every wave and placement of his hands as if a magician wielding magic she would retreat, spin , kick and return to a perfect fit. Every man would want her and he was no exception.

In her mind, her hands felt cold. She feared he would think her heart dead of want and passion.  But between her thighs, a different story had begun to unravel.  Perhaps, he felt that heat.  Perhaps, he already knew. 

All of her need pulsated with an unspeakable intensity.  One only had to place their ears upon her savage heart; to place their palms over her unsteady chest to know her core hungered for him.

Beneath the lights; the steady flashing of the reds and blues on the dance floor; she  would softly, begrudgingly lift her head off of his shoulders.  Slowly, she would unhinge her long hair off his scented linen shirt, off his warmth when the tempo called for her body to be held apart from his.  She was intoxicated by his strength, and how that made her feel strangely fulfilled without ever having languished on a bed with him hours…hours after.

In that darkness, she sought for the rapture in his eyes to speak to her.  The stumbling eyes always confess what cannot be said so easily; what should not be said, and what we try to avoid. 

A body can sway when dressed in silk, as her’s did that night; and spin, as freely as her’s did under his precise control…a heart can race for many reasons; but the mirrors of the soul will always reveal truth without language…of how desires quietly accumulate, brew, and overflow in the cauldron of each man’s heart.

She let him move her. She allowed him to lead, to pace her feet and arms, and to breathe for them when she could not.  She would feel strong, free, and wanted in his embrace.  The blaring music, and crowd around her faded.  She had begun to drown, and no one else mattered.  If he could only look towards her eyes; how the brown in them glint ruby and gold in the dark.  He would know…

This dance was only the prelude.

I want to thank Wolfie/Desayunogratis for writing this beautiful piece with me.


Early preview of the upcoming collaboration between Brave Frontier and Sega’s Chain Chronicle. There will be 6 units from CC to Brave Frontier. You can see 3 of them revealed in the top image and a higher res art of the Water Unit (Name’s Uni i think). The units will only have evolution up to 6*s though.

Considering that Chain Chronicle has a global version by gumi, it should not take long for the same collab to roll out to Global Brave Frontier - Fingers crossed though.

I think this chapter came out pretty well paced. Hopefully you guys think so too. Please send me a review in the links below.

Chapter 4:

November means the nights come a little earlier. It hits 7 PM and the sky’s getting really dark. I’ve already split off from the guys. I don’t like to be home early, but it’s safer that way so Mom doesn’t flip her shit. The arcade we went to is located in the same area that all the bars and alleyways are. Mom knows that, and she doesn’t want me getting hurt by some drunk assholes or something. Fair ’s a lot less protective than she used to be. Somewhere down the line we came to an agreement, that she wouldn’t try to shelter me. That’s been working out pretty great.

Toasty warmth cradles my entire body once I step into the house, a very distinct difference from the chilly wind outside. I take off my hat by reflex as soon as I walk in.

“Welcome home, Bubbe!” I hear my mom call from the hallway. I answer her greeting with a half-hearted response, and she doesn’t come out of the hall. Probably dusting the family photos or something. “There’s some stew on the counter for you.”

Guess she made dinner early. I take a serving of stew and take a seat at the empty table. The house is really quiet, but I know why. Dad’s up in his study. And the usual sounds that I’m so used to hearing; of the TV running some over the top action movie is missing. Ike usually watches those on the flat screen. But lately he’s too busy studying for his mathlete competition.

Mom and Dad have been obsessing over that fact ever since they heard about it in September. A son they raised is going to compete something as prestigious as a state-wide mathematics competition. They’re so proud. Especially now that it’s one day away. I probably won’t see them tomorrow much.

As I eat my dinner unpleasant thoughts go through my head. Next to my brother, my adopted brother, I’m inadequate. But I know that’s my insecurities talking… it’s better to just ignore that.

Mom steps in and sits at the table with me, her hands clasped together and rested relaxed on the table. My eyes meet hers, and I start feeling this uncomfortable air. Oh god.

“So, how are things with Jennifer?” She asks. For a second I thought I’d be able to go a day - just one - without being pestered about that shit. I’m a fucking idiot.

“Haven’t texted her.” I say honestly, because in all likeliness, Mom probably asked Jennifer that same question and got the real answer. “I’ve been working on my speech.” I say, hoping to soften the blow.

“Now Kyle,” Mom starts with this scolding tone. I want to roll my eyes, but I keep a blank expression. “I know you boys are scared of relationships. But Jennifer is a very nice girl. You’re just overthinking again. Getting with a girl like Jennifer is an accomplishment, not a task.”

You sure are treating it like a task.

“And she’s local! Just an hour’s drive away.”

That’s not the problem.

“And besides, she likes you very much!”

“I know, Mom.” I say through a sigh. A brief silence ensues. I know she’s looking at me so I keep my eyes on my bowl, swirling the stew with my spoon before I decide to take another bite.

“You have to get out of your shell, Kyle. Love is a very important part of life.” She says to me. She apparently thinks I’m shy or insecure about relationships. Well… I wouldn’t know myself. But that’s not the issue here. I’m not interested in these girls she’s giving me. “Listen to me, Kyle. I want you to at least try with Jennifer.” She says, still a little firmly, but there’s some softness to her voice.

“Okay.” I answer. I don’t really like this conversation at all, and I don’t want a fight. I push my half eaten bowl off to the side.

“Good! Make sure to text her, Bubbe.” She says, standing up and taking the bowl. I start up the stairs to my room, not saying a word.

I haven’t really tried to fight her on this. Mom’s one of those people that absolutely has to win. She’d argue in circles until I was too exhausted to argue anymore. And I’d just end up in the same place I am now. She’d talk about how disappointed she is. That one son is in a mathlete competition, making a name for himself at the age of 12, and the other son can’t even get a girlfriend…

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