A Bouquet For The Grave

“These red roses might start wilting
I do not know for whom I arranged the bouquet
or Me?”

“Perhaps their decay speaks of the roads we’ve traveled
and of the many flowers picked along such weathered paths”

“Perish the thought as the memories follow suit
the tears and blood I once had do not flow for you anymore
Is this…

“It’s apprehension to forget
reluctance to admit the beauty of dead roses
The bad taste left in your mouth when the bottle of wine is empty.
This is…
Every moment we’ve laughed ourselves to tears, bled in each others arms, and our attempt to say it meant something, despite everything.”

“Then take the petals
rip them apart and ferment their essence and make them live as a perfume to decorate your natural oils and scents
I’ll trickle what little blood I’ve left to add the taste
and enjoy the trance as I flee the thorns and plant vanilla beans”

“You’ve always been a good runner,
and at leaving me with pretty smells
My stomach is too full with your ruby tears,
because of the spikes I wear that have pushed you away
Just please take my sorrow, and I’ll keep my remorse
Grow your garden, with everything sweet,
to wash away how bitter I’ve made you”

“I left the sweet extracts at your doorstep
In hopes that you could make something new out of it
No more words,
no more tears,
I find the overflowing superfluous and this small gift all I need”

“Superfluity in regards to love is the saddest thing I’ve ever heard…
Those roses look wilted now anyways
I think they were meant for the grave
If you ever grow more just keep them for yourself
and say that they’re from me
I’ve always been bad at apologies,
and I don’t expect to be forgiven
No more words…
No more tears…
Throw the bouquet in the remains of what we were,
so we can both just walk away”

This is my first collaboration, which I did with @virgilioastram, and I’m quite satisfied with how it turned out. It was really fun to work with someone on a piece, and V’s a cool person to chat with anyway, so go pop in an’ check ‘em out.


Disney crossovers

Yes! Another collaboration with the beautiful @unisonraidd!

My collaboration with @whatthefoucault for the Captain America Reverse Big Bang 2017 @capreversebb. !!! The fic can be found on Ao3 

It’s my first time participating in a reverse big bang and it has been lovely !! Thank you so much @whatthefoucault for your enthusiasm and for this adorable domestic fic. 

Also I’ve had the pleasure to work with two authors for this event so stay tuned for another fic with nearly the same but not completely identical pic ! 


Gravity Rush 2 x NieR Automata Costume DLC will be available for free on PS Store Japan starting tomorrow. But it’ll be available only for a limited time (April 27 - May 9). It contains 2B outfits on Kat. It’ll be available on 2 versions, with and without visor. 

That Free DLC will also head to the West on May 5. Shunsuke Saito, Gravity Rush 2 character designer, created an artwork of Kat x 2B crossover in commemoration of the collaboration .