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[title]: [art collab] Owen Cerulean vs Error!sans
hey there everyone! i did my first ever art collab with a friend named @1allicia it’s my persona with his fire tail and his lighting tail out fighting against error!sans! hope you all like this! please reblog and fave!~~~

so like I rewatched Jack’s vid about “who’s your youtuber boyfriend” and like he mentions that if he and Felix actually dated then WSJ would probably start writing on instead about the nazi biz. Then my friend and I thought of an au if they started fake dating to do so haha. Like their GFs are okay with the plan but how long will they keep this up?

I’m gonna cry

So Jack is finally ready to move and his recording space is now completely empty, well except for the foam padding on the walls.

I’m really gonna miss this recording space, not for the background in the videos that I’m used to but for the memories that were had there.

When Jack first moved from the cabin in the woods to this apartment, he didn’t yet have a million subscribers but it wasn’t long after that that he hit this amazing milestone!

He had his first in-person collab with one of his friends in collage (his roommate at the time)

His internet got better XD

He dyed his hair green for charity

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He grew more and more confident while staying there

He played many emotional games like Undertale (but lets never forget that one minute pee break he took XD) and also TLG (more recent but still :3)

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All those silly role plays he did in a few of his videos :D

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Not to mention all the emotions we get when Jack tells us to never give up and that he believes in us

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Also it’s where the sketches really began. So lets not forget about ze good docta

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or Marvin’s Magic

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the Christmas power hour

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and who could forget about poor Chase?

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and Chad!

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and it’s where he made a character that the fans made up come to life!

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even though they won’t go anywhere

It was the first place that Signe and Sean made a video together

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Not to mention the white board with all the positive/silly messages Jack leaves on it

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And it was where Jack started going to conventions regularly and meeting many people who look up to him

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We went on a snourney with them!

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It was where he first got to voice act a role in a game!

It’s so sad to leave the recording space apartment there


This is only the beginning of an even bigger adventure we’re gonna go on as a community family and do more amazing stuff.

Go on more adventures

Do greater things

Meet so many new people

And have as much fun while we can :D

Also laugh at the silly things Jack Sean posts for us on YouTube, Instagram or Twitter

So this journey might seem tough, might seem scary but the change it’ll bring will be SO worth it in the end <3


;//u//; I liked these pictures a lot from past drawpile sessions I had with friends so I ended up coloring them. Though I had to fix my lines (…or moreso edit completely) since I am still a noob at drawpile dklslafjdks Juicy’s lines were perfect though so I didn’t change them <3

YPT drawn and owned by @cursetale (thanks for spoiling me with his presence <3)


Art Collab what the lovely @bev-nap

We decided to do a fun art collaboration together of our wonderful OTP, Prompto and Noctis from FFXV! In this version, she did the coloring and I did the lineart! I hope I did some justice to our boys! It was loads of fun and I loved tackling another style that meshed so well with mine!  ✯

☆ You can find the sister collaboration >>here<< ☆
❧ ❧ In that collaboration you’ll find that I did the coloring and she did a fantastic job with the lineart!!

OMFG IM CRYING THE COLORING IS SO BEAUTIFUL. @rynnaminttea/@cinnaminttea and I did a collaboration (I did the lines and Ryn colored). I can’t stop scREAMING at how gorgeous she made ittttt


Don’t be fooled, they are both bad at dating.

So my good pal Jam, @jamgram, and I both wanted to collab on drawings together, and knowing us, we both settled on drawing something gay for a show we like. Haha.
They did the sketch for the Tom and Marco drawing, and I inked and colored it. Counter-wise, I did the sketch for the Star and Janna drawing, and then they inked and colored my sketch. 


“When life gives you lemons, trade them for coffee”

3 ladies, and a coffee shop. And of course @caratempelton getting excited because they have red mugs here. Ain’t nobody loves & suits red more than her. (Even her umbrella is red hahaha) So missy @itsmishamisha you believe me now?! I told you they have the best coffee & sweets!

This coffee shop should pay me cause i bring more customer haha


Happy Birthday Yoosung!!!

RFA version is drawn by @raicharu 💛💙

She drew her part first and we thought ayy Saeran isn’t there because he’s probably not so into being in a group photo just yet, but he wanted a photo with Yoosung nonetheless, and there came my part ;3c

V is the one taking the photos okay he just has to be theRE OKAY,