collab pretty please

Just Imagine

Nanba Prison needs to raise some money because Building 13 uses an excessive amount of funds, thanks to escape attempts. Momoko conceives a most brilliant plan.

You know those sexy firefighter calenders the fire departments make for fundraising?

Imagine that with the inmates and guards of Nanba Prison.


{I’m 1000% willing to organize and coordinate a collaboration for this Nanba Calendar. If any Nanbaka fan artists are interested, let me know.}


Aged up baseball boys sketches! 1st year uni students + 3rd year senpais. 

Where those two grew out of the mullets. And they visit Seido one random day (cue whispers up and down the halls, ”kyaa who are they” “they were on the baseball team, don’t you know?”), to visit their favorite loud pitcher. “Ah, Sawamura-senpai? He’s usually with Kominato-senpai!” Then those two make their grand entrance down the hall cherry blossoms fall loljk wait when did this turn so shoujo and HOW DARE WHO ALLOWED YOU TO GET SO HANDSOME TALL?!

I am NOT READY for the end of S2 ;A; at the same time, I’m also looking forward to being able to read the manga once it’s done?!

Safiya Nygaard & AmazingPhil,

Why haven’t this collab happen yet? I mean it would be one of the best videos on YouTube. They are both so weird and wonderful and I want it so bad.
Plus it seems that at least Safiya really wants to be friends with Phil since she tweeted him things to wear to his “Viewers pick my outfit” video, and let’s not forget that she mentioned him in both “I dressed like it was 1987″ (”the year that us the birth of Snooki, Hilary Duff and Phil Lester”), as well as recently in her “I bought an abandoned storage unit”, she used Phil and Shane as examples of people who bought and opened a mystery box… 
Guys, just make this collab happen, pretty please? I can’t be the only one waiting to see this friendship unfurl?