After singing their hearts on the Karaoke machine to some nice applause they decided to go and check out a new club that had opened recently. Celia and Lyra walked into the club, and Lyra immediately dashed down to the dancefloor and started to move. She still had some good moves from her youth but the thigh high boots she had borrowed were restricting her a little. Fuelled by alcohol confidence she called back to Celia over the music.

Lyra: Ok, watch this Celia…

Lyra crouched and with all her strength and hope Lyra managed to pull off a standing backflip. She landed with a thud on her boots. Her ankle nearly twisted and she decided no more stupid tricks. Celia just stared at her incredulously

Celia: Oh my God, Lyra Robinson you’re crazy! *she said and then she laughed out loudly* 


Lyra and Celia lingered about on the dancefloor doing their thing for a while, most of the other patrons were enjoying half price booze in hefty amounts. Lyra and Celia grooved it up with quite a few men watching in their direction it had to be said. 


Finally the music stopped and Lyra and Celia stopped grooving along. Lyra walked up to Celia a little out of breath they were both smiling happily having a nice time for the first time in a while.

Lyra: You want to have a break? I’m dying for a cigarette here.

Celia: Sure! I really need a cigarette myself and maybe some fresh air. I’m sweating here!

“PFFFT Whatever you say… SLUT!”

One of the cleanup shots I did for the new Hazbin Hotel teaser clip - Angel Intro. This fella’s fur/feather arm was quite a challenge to work on since they move at nearly every single frame. I’m pretty darn happy how it turned out in the end!

And thanks for the 1 mil views guys wow, it’s been few days only! 

Rough animation by @vivziepop
Cleanup animation by me

um but the sky and i are best friends and fuck i don’t know the universe kind of feels like it’s folding itself into my heart and i’m not too creative right now but you still make me feel like a paper plane that knows it’s doomed to down. your feet are cold and my hands are warm and if we kiss do you think we’ll melt each other. if i laugh and take apart myself in front of you will you flinch at what you see. i think you’re rain on a rooftop. i think you’re heels on a marble floor. oh no, oh no, i think i’m falling and you know who for.