Switch Around Meme - Gemsonas by 7-Days-Luck

Did this fun meme game with my friends mindless-corporation and usikuagani who is Nyanyawoot on her deviantart.
And Cacoxenite takes the lead for being the most flamboyant gem there~ and waving their butt gem around Aquamarine is blue~ And Pinfire Opal is blinding people with colors, suitable for disco.


usikuagani did the sketch for her gemsona Aquamarine, and then did the line art for Cacoxenite and colored Pinfire Opal

7-days-luck – well I, did the sketch for Pinfire Opal, then did the line art for Aquamarine and colored Cacoxenite

mindless-corporation did the sketch for Cacoxenite, line arted Pinfire Opal and finally, colored Aquamarine


Aquamarine (or Osine) © usikuagani
Pinfire Opal © 7-days-luck
Cacoxenite © mindless-corporation

a lazy afternoon~

Summer showers are best enjoyed with a cup of tea and snuggled up in bed. 

Collab between ammeja + me! Setting forth to bring more animated illustrations to the world, one thunderstorm at a time.