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On his last day, Shouyou made the best kind of mistake.

He’d joined Kageyama on the exercise field regularly. So far this had mostly consisted of more races, a few tosses of the spear-like javelin, and one ill-advised wrestling match that hadn’t been very strenuous, as far as wrestling went, but had still ended with Shouyou panting and red in the face, pinned to the ground under Kageyama within moments. It was not a bad place to end up, but it was still dangerous for Shouyou’s resolve, and he hadn’t asked to try again.

His attempts to persuade Kageyama into showing him how to throw a discus were a different matter.

Shouyou had been fascinated by the sport, unable to stop thinking about it in the days since he’d first seen Kageyama’s perfect form as he moved through the motions. But six days was hardly enough time to grasp the basics, let alone become competent. This made Shouyou very impatient.

“Not that one,” Kageyama said, the instant Shouyou went to grab a full weight discus, instead of one of the lighter practice versions he’d been using up until that day.

“It’ll be fine,” Shouyou said. He lifted the disk and puffed out his cheeks, adjusting his stance at the surprising heaviness.  

“Oy.” Kageyama squinted at him. “Do you remember when we first raced, and I told you to take off your shoes or you might fall, and you said—”

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Apart from being a respectable leader, he’s an outstanding and amazing friend! We’re all incredibly thankful for him…he really got us all out of bad situations. Maybe Akira’s like an odd angel?

[ Collab with Bird from @ask-akiryushima !! ]

for 25 years…
Passing levels and rings collecting.
Walking the world only on foot.
And the stars reach.
After each fall you stand up!
Giving laughs everywhere…
You’re never alone, with friendship, everything is possible.
To live and learn from our actions.
No matter the difficulty of the challenge…
I’ll show you right now that I’m capable!
You are and you will always be my friend,
Although they do not exist…
I will always keep you in my heart,
you’re my hero sonic the hedgehog <3

drawing made by me!

painted by @ashleys-doodles

Freshman Orientation ( Meet Jerome)

@preciousluv35 this thing gon be good I can feel it.

“You’d think these mother fuckers never seen porn or something. I never understood that. They’d rather watch and potentially fuck up a man’s good time. Like fuck.” Holly gave me a look like she knew exactly what I was saying and where I was coming from. Holly, she had been in my hip pocket all day. Crazy part is I didn’t mind. It didn’t even feel like we had just met today. The way her legs were shaking it was like I knew her body. Her vibe was on point too. But shit clearly, we weren’t the only ones that hit it off. My bro was getting topped off in the breeze way and it was only orientation. Perhaps the stars were all aligned just right. “Holly, you wanna lose the group?”

“You read my mind, didn’t you?” Her voice was sweeter than the smoothest melody I had ever heard.

“If you say so. Where you want to go?”

“Anywhere but here with them.” Holly smiled at me bashfully.

“It’s whatever.” I thought for a second. “How bout I walk you back to your dorm to get ready for later?”

“Ok, I mean we are way across the campus, that’ll give us a little time to talk and really get acquainted.” She looked giving me the side eye.

“So, what made you choose Southern?” She asked me.

“Man if I tell you, you’d probably deem me a fool.”

“You think so?”


“Try me.”

“We have time, so I guess I should start from the beginning.”

“Boy, I’m listening. Go ahead.”

Shit I met Darryl in the first, no second grade. We actually had a fight over some damn Pokémon cards. I’ll never forget it was a holographic one too. The teacher separated us and ended up calling our parents out to the school. I knew my ass was about to be handed to me to. 9 times out of 10 it was going to be right in front of the class too. Shitting bricks for 2 hours was the absolute worst. After being tortured for 2 hours, the classroom door opened. I didn’t even look up, just heard the class go “Ooooooohhhhhhhh”. I knew this was going to be bad. My mom pierced my soul with her eyes as she approached Mrs. Fletcher. Soon as she motioned for me to come up to the desk the door swung open again. Darryl’s ole girl approached the teacher’s desk as well with an obvious scowl. It brought me a little touch of vengeance knowing he was in the same boat as me. Her face changed as she reached the desk. “Beverly?” She said, directing her attention to my mom. “Sandra?” My mom shot back. They hugged so tight and the mood instantly changed. We had just moved back to Miami from Orlando. Come to find out Ms. Sandra was my mom’s best friend back in high school. They got so caught up in their thing we had gotten lost in the shuffle. From then things for Darryl and I were completely different. The next evening mom and I had dinner over at their house. I was sure not to bring any toys, furthermore no cards. I was reluctant to play with him, still had a little heat on my chest for him. But shit at that age nothing lasted long. The more our moms hung, so too did we. Wasn’t long before we became play cousins. We began to play on all our little league teams together, where we both outshined our competition. Just I was on offense mostly and he was on defense. Shit, by the time we were freshmen in high school our moms couldn’t tell who stayed where. He was my brother and nothing or no one would change that. Also, by this time we’d created one hell a buzz from our performance. Darryl also had the help of his pedigree. His dad was the late legendary Benny Green.  Darryl having his stature and seemingly his talent Darryl was on the radar of D1 schools already. All he had to do is put up decent numbers, which were all but given. Me, I didn’t have the pedigree but my skill set was unique in its own right. Freshman year I played JV while D. played Varsity. Two games in I was moved up though. I didn’t see much playing time (PT) but I did get to learn the schemes and playbooks. Darryl was starting mid-way thru the season, while I was in the weight room and playbooks. I hated not seeing the field, but I understood the process. Already talented, I grew stronger and bigger. By the time playoffs were in the mention I had moved up the depth chart. I had put on 15lbs of muscle, I had a firm understanding of the playbook. All I needed was an opportunity to showcase my ability at this level.

When Marcus, the starting running back went down Mason couldn’t keep pace. We had our seat locked for the playoffs but we wouldn’t last long if something didn’t change. On a whim, I was shoveled into the last game of the regular season. This was no pushover opponent either. Hell, in Miami only a handful of schools could be deemed a push over. Despite the butterflies, I went in on a mission. I ripped that shit. I had 172 yards and 2 touchdowns in my first game action. It was clear that the dynamic duo would still reign for the next few years. Darryl and I would lead our school to two state titles and ourselves, we had the pick of schools really. We concocted a plan to stay together no matter what happened. He was my brother.

In school, he got more of the spotlight given his background. Even more for the fact that he really didn’t mess with the school girls. That left the girl’s imaginations to run wild. He was mister perfect, mister untouchable. In a way that only helped my stock with the ladies. They would try to befriend me to get to him. But they ended up in my bed in the process. Darryl had a sweet deal. I would have done the same thing in his position. So that was high school, for the most part. That is until shit went left as fuck. We’d early enrolled at UF in their spring semester, this was so we could get into the college way of things and as well have an immediate impact on the field. Shit was going as planned and was looking promising. Then there was graduation. That’s when my bro became the talk of the sports world. I knew of his arrangement and with Ms. Jones and how Ms. Tarver was sweating him too. But, the brawl that ensued at graduation was just the fuel the tabloids needed to tarnish Darryl’s reputation. Within a week he was no longer welcomed at the University of Florida. Not only that, all the coaches and schools  across the nation who’d professed their love for him and their want to have him join their institution had all but disappeared into a cloud of dark smoke. When the world turned their back on him, I kept my promise and we went where we were still a valued commodity.

“So you gave up a D1 ride to come to the SWAC (Southwestern Athletic Conference)” Holly was stunned as her building came into view.

“Yeah, I did.” I knew she was scratching her head. “See the thing is I believe in our talent, I know it will get us a seat at the table at the next level. We just have to show the world.”

“Hmph, I don’t know if you made the right decision, but I respect you for sticking by your brother.” She gave me a discerning smile as she wrestled with what I had just divulged. “What a gentleman walking me to the door.”

“Yeah?” I said just as it swung open and a woman began screaming at me! The rules here were so different from UF. There, it  was nothing to really impede fraternization between sexes, other than we couldn’t share a room.  I was a pro at diffusing situations, especially with the ladies! Once I had her calm I took my leave. Holly was trying hard to be a bad girl…. I really hoped she take my advice and stop trying to be like her girl. Something must have happened to make her take such a drastic turn because it was obvious this was a new game for her. But could I convince her that being with me was better than being a thot? I grabbed my phone as I was passing through the courtyard.

Me: Hey Thanks for kicking it with me, I enjoyed you.

Holly: Oh really Mr. Big Shot.

Me: Damn why I gotta be all that?

Holly: Cuz… I said so

Me: Damn Homie

Holly: No damn, Naw I enjoyed making me cum too…

Holly: I mean I enjoyed my time too

Me: Ha, you nasty

Holly: You talking?

Me: Man whateva, It’s 4:30 now, pick you up around 8?

Holly: Uh huh, make it 7:45…. I got something for you

Me: Oh really now…. Bet

Smite Pantheon Asks: Norse

Send me a God name and I will answer the question corresponding with the God

Hel - Are you more of a Positive person or a Negative person?

Thor - If you could have the Dwarves forge you anything, what would it be?

Freya - Would you ever get married?

Odin - Do you judge people by what you have been told or do you judge them upon their actions?

Ullr - Have you ever had to cover for someone else? Through work? Through a lie?

Fenrir - Are you the type of person to accept your situation, or try and overcome it?

Loki - Have you ever pranked/tricked someone? What did you do?

Ratatoskr - What’s the naughtiest/sneakiest thing you’ve ever done?

Sol - Are you a day time or a night time person?

Ymir - Death by Fire or Ice?

Sol - Are you a day time or a night time person?

Fafnir - What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for money?

Tyr- Do you always give/pay what’s due?

Skadi - If you had the chance to become a God[dess], what would you be the God[dess] of?

This is a collab series with @puchittothelimit we hope you enjoy asking us and each other the questions as much as we have writing them! The next pantheon post will be on Puch’s blog next Friday! Follow and click that little notification button for more!

Siguro kaya tayo kinakalimutan kasi kalimot-limot tayo.
Siguro kaya tayo pinagpapalit kasi wala sa atin yung hinahanap nilang kilig na abot hanggang buto.
Siguro kaya tayo iniiwan,
kasi kaiwan-iwan tayo.
Oo, nabasa mo yung sinasabi ko.
Natakda talaga tayong iwan.

Pinipilit kong habulin ang kahapon baka sakaling sabihin mong “dyan ka lang, babalikan kita.”
Huminto ako sa pag-aakalang baka totoo ang sinabi mo at bumalik ka.
Dumaan ang ilang araw ni anino mo ay di ko na nasilayan.
Sinasabi ko sa sarili ko na baka nagpapahinga ka lang, paulit-ulit kong pinipilit at nagtatanga-tangahan.

Nagbilang ako ng araw, linggo at buwan.
Niyakap ko ang dilim kahit ang sinasabi nito ay kailangan na kitang bitawan
Nilabanan ko ang liwanag, pinatuyo ang mga luhang nagsisilungan sa mga unang basang basa na sa mga ala-alang nagsilabasan.
San ba talaga tayo papunta, sa umpisa o sa hangganan?

Sa pagsabay natin sa ritmo ng mga paborito nating kanta,
Kasabay pumatak ang mga ulang umiiyak sa kagalakan, sa tuwa.
Di ko mapagtanto kung san ako nagkulang, san ako dapat huminto.
Dapat pa ba kong umurong o kelangan ko na sumuko?

Nakita ko ang mga luhang pumatak sa kamisetang suot mo nung kasama mo siya.
Nakatitig ako sa inyong dalawa na parang anino lang ako na nagbabadya nang mawala.
Ang unibersong minsan mong inialay sakin ay unti-unting nabubura.
Ganoon ba talaga siya kahalaga na handa mong ialay ang natitira mong piraso na pilit mong isinalba?

Ang ulan ay tila nagbabadya ng bumuhos.
Kasabay ng dilim ang mga pusong nagluluksa at malapit nang madurog.
Pinaglaruan ako ng ulan.
Pinaikot ikot hanggang ang maalala ko na lamang ay ang sakit dulot ng mga luhang pinipilit kong itago ng pang matagalan.

Ako, ako ang taong kasama mo sa pinagsaluhan nating nakaraan.
Ang kalawakang naging saksi sa pangakong parehas nating pinang hawakan.
Hinahabol ko ang kahapon pero tila ang pagod ay nananaig na parang lason.
Mahal, kung hindi natin pwedeng dugtungan,
Baka maari nating simulan.

Bakit? Sa isip ko'y bakit?
Iyong isipan ganyan ang nilalaman
Ikaw lang ang inibig ngunit bakit akala mo'y ganyan
Ako na ang nangiwan
Ako ang may sala
May sala kung bakit nararamdaman mo'y ganyan

Di nasilayan
Kahit anino ko man lang
Takot nasa puso ko
Kaba sa dibdib
Pintig ay di masabi
Na baka dahil sa pagpapakita ko
Galit itambad sa akin

Marahil di mo maunawaan
Mga salitang sambit ko
Dahil ako itong si gago
Walang ginawa kundi magtago
Sa sinabi ko noong “Tayo”

Sa pagsama ko sa dilim kung saan di mo nasisilayan
Rinig ko bawat liriko ng kanta
Yoong madalas kong tugtugin
Habang ika'y nakikinig sa ritmo ng awitin ko

Habang yakap ko'y siya
Sa isip ko'y iyong muka
Ang iyong yakap
Pati iyong mga halik
Marahil hindi talaga siya

Siya ang kasama ko sa paglakad
Ngunit isipan ko'y ikaw parin
Yung dating tayo
Na naging malabo
Dahil sa gagong ako
Hinayaan ka
Na sabayan ang ulan
Sa bawat patak ng luha
Na ang sinisigaw ay ako pala

Patawad mahal
Yan lang kaya kong sabihin
Ngunit ang humarap pa sayo
Hindi na kaya
Kahihiyan sa ginawa
Wala nang mukang maihaharap pa
Kaya aking sinta
Lumakad ka
At ako'y tutuloy na’t magpapaagos
Dito sa daloy ng tadhana

Umulan na nga at ang kalangita'y lumuluha na
Nakakalungkot mang isipin ngunit tayo ay nasa kategoryang—
Hindi na dapat balikan
Dapat ng bitawan
Hindi na dapat ipaglaban
Dapat ng iwanan

Oo, nakakaiyak, masakit, at nakakayurak
Oo, hindi magandang pakinggan, basahin, o maski maramdaman
Oo, isa ako, tayo sa mga taong nakalaan diyan

Mahal, ipagpaumanhin mo dahil wala na tayong dapat simulan
Ang ating dapat dugtungan ay karapat-dapat ng tuldukan
Ang kahapon at nakaraan na gusto mong balikan
Hindi na dapatpang gunitain pero tama ng ito'y ihinto natin

Wag na nating ipilit
Wag na nating isingit
Ating pagmamahalang namatay na ang init
Binalot na ito ng lamig na kailanma'y di mawawaglit

Patawarin mo ako sa ganitong kaisipan
Ayoko ng parehas tayong mahirapan
Wala na akong pakiramdam— sa'yo man o sa atin
Itutulak na kita sa ilalim ng ulan at sa isang malungkot na kalangitan

Paalam, Mahal. Paalam.

“ Ang dulo ng tayo” A collaboration of Bitterano Kada @engrhobbit @kinikxmkeem

mylineart and color concept that @leidensygdom has finished with her colors <3

I drew this like before my hand broke down )__:  I couldn’t colour it (nor I would be able 2draw in a few weeks) so she offered herself to finish it. Besides the shorter-blondie one is her OC half-drow Vor’kalth, the taller one is mine, Aiwëndil. Both rpg characters.

That never actually happened. They’re dead. That’s a happy and unreal AU. We are cruel OC owners. Wanna know more? Go to her tumblr!

proud to post this drawing from collab with lovely @sweet-childhood-dreams >w<
she did hella cute and wonderful sketch and i did lineart and color here~ it was so good time doing it and, gosh, check out her blog and drawings, not lying, you wont be dissapointed! luv her *blushes*