I’m afraid when it’s midnight

I’m a fraud in the daylight 

I’m amiss in this world that shines
I’m a mess colored outside the lines
I’m a lit match waiting to burn
I’m alight with the desire to learn
I’m a lone heart wandering in the cold
I’m alone in the promise our meeting foretold
I’m a maze with no end to be found
I’m amazed by the silence profound
I’m afraid at the loneliness midnight brings
I’m a fraud in the confidence daylight sings

Credit for the first two lines goes to @whirlsofwords whose original poem  beginning with these two lines sparked some inspiration in me.  

She never knew how much I loved her.

Everything I put her through, all the bullshit, and she stayed around.

People told her to leave, everyone, but she stayed.

The only thing was, I was already so broken before her.

She thought that she could fix me, but I knew she couldn’t, she deserved better…and I was holding her back.

That’s why I had to make her go….

Thank you for trying…. I will always love you.

—  poems-she-wrote // part two of ‘I had to leave’ written by @peacefulsorrows :)
Fire Emblem OC/Fatesone Tarot Card Collab?

I thought about hosting something like that in deviantArt already but I’m not sure if enough people would join there so I thought I ask around here :) 

The Idea:

Everyone who joins picks a typical card of a tarot card set and draws their Fire Emblem OC/ Fatesona within a fitting theme. At the end we collect everyones cards and I thought about even printing them and sending them out to those people who join c: 

Example of a Tarot Card Set:

(Image taken from Google)

I would appreciate it if you reblog/share the idea and tell me if you would be interested so I know if I should host the idea or rather not o v o // I would love to do something like that >//< so I hope people are interested xD